❤️ When you have too much clutter 💜 Abraham-Hicks 💕 Clarity, Receptive mode

❤️ When you have too much clutter 💜 Abraham-Hicks 💕 Clarity, Receptive mode

well one thing about having so much that
it’s oppressive is that it causes you to put into your vortex what what do you
think that you’re putting into your vortex when you feel overwhelmed with
too much piling it on top of you nothing what you’re asking for is more ease more
clarity more order more alignment focus on ease and clarity so sometimes you
know what we were talking about earlier about how this receptive mode terms to
these kinds of things and this receptive mode trims to these kinds of things and
so don’t feel bad about it there are many who in the not mastering alignment
which is what you all crave and want and relished and naturally know there is a
tendency sometimes to try to fill the void of not being connected here with
stuff and when you think about it every bit of that stuff you gathered up with a
little bit fun when you did it in other words you weren’t out there in misery
shopping so don’t be hard on yourself
don’t look at where you are and say oh look at this big mess I’ve made instead
say ooh a lot of fun was had by me during the process of accumulating this
mess it was the path of least resistance for
me in many steps along the way in other words it was something to focus upon
something to think about it was something to do and so don’t beat up on
yourself because beating up on yourself or being mad at yourself for the clutter
automatically takes you to a place that you can’t have clarity and do you know
you can have clarity even in clutter but you’ve got to step back from it a little
bit the clutter that we feel in your vibration is not about the physical
manifestations the physical manifestation of course is in your way
but it’s the absence of clarity that you’re really feeling and the clutter
just seems like a representation of it yes just like someone might be having an
argument with someone and blaming that argument for the way they feel when
really the way they feel is the reason for the argument so the way you feel is
the reason for the clutter so it’s not likely that you could just box it all up
and ship it all off somewhere because there’s a lot of stuff in there that you
want and it’s not likely that you will have much success in trying to sort it
out right away because when you sort it out you just
get more bogged down in it think how many times you’ve tried to do that and
how you’ve just made a bigger mess and then closed the door and walked away
from that yes and so what you’re wanting to do is to get into the receptive mode
and then and the first order of business to get into the receptive mode is you’ve
got to stop beating up on yourself about it because you can’t find clarity when
you’re mad at you can’t say oh look at this big mess I’ve made I seek clarity
in order to clean up the mess it’s not ever gonna happen like that
so start as best you can and you can’t really withdraw from it
either because things that you need and want from this clutter is a daily part
of your experience so you can’t really just turn your back and walk away from
it either but you could think more kindly about
and as you think more kindly about it you will start to feel your vibration
raised in other words stand in the middle of that clutter in one of your
closets and look at something that you really like and be glad that it’s in
there and maybe even look for a few things that you really like and move
them all to one part of the closet feel appreciation that they’re there and then
compliment yourself on all the sifting and sorting you did in order to find
these treasures you were looking the entire face of the earth to find them
it’s no easy feat to find these wonderful things in the glut of things
that are out you want to see clutter go to any department store that’s clutter
you want to see clutter and go to amazon.com
that’s clutter everything in the world is there you see and so you got to be
nice to yourself about it first that’s the first thing and then what you’ll
begin to notice is that you’ll feel different about it because all you have
to do is be a little bit nice to yourself about it and you’ll get an idea
about something and that idea may have enough momentum going if you’re nice to
yourself about it long enough that you’ll feel like doing something about
it and before you know it you’ll find yourself moving the clutter away from
your experience we offered a process some time ago it’s in the ask and it is
given book is one of the processes in the back of the book it’s called
clearing clutter for clarity we would like to say finding clarity so that you
can clear clutter not clearing clutter for clarity finding clarity so that you
can clear clutter not clearing clutter for clarity so once you’re a little bit
nice to your stuff and you get into a little bit of clarity you might begin to
feel one of the things that we showed Esther and it helped her very much we
said set up some boxes she likes those banker boxes that you can get at the
office supply that have lids on them set up some boxes and stand in a room that’s
cluttered and look at the clutter and ask yourself is this necessary to my
current life experience like am i likely to use it in the next month even and if
the answer to that is no tossed it in the box and into a tape recorder or onto
a notebook right red bikini that I haven’t worn since
1894 Mach number one and you can sort of put things that are like each other in
the boxes in other words magazines or whatever it is but still up ten boxes or
20 boxes with a record of where you put them so that then later it’s kind of fun
while you’re watching television or doing some you can record into some sort
of an index or a card file where that red bikini is if you look under bikini /
red and you pull it out and you see box one you’ve never lost track of it so you
don’t have the feeling that you’re going to get rid of something that you may
want but what you’ll notice as you fill up those boxes and stack them on a wall
somewhere that doesn’t matter or in a storage building or unit somewhere that
doesn’t matter you’ll notice that you rarely go back to any of that but now
it’s out of your experience you have found more clarity and then if you want
to you might just discard all of it you could realize that box number one holds
nothing in it that you want anymore so you could remove it from your experience
all together but to say to yourself I need to get rid of this stuff before
you’ve had a chance to get into the place of even discerning what you really
want to keep or what you really want to let go of all it does is split your
energy further you see we have played with you in these gatherings before you
by saying to you that you are the creator of your own reality and you are
all really wanting manifestation of things and someday we will be having a
seminar called D manifestation because so often you think the
manifestation of things is what you really want for your happiness and we’re
not saying that it isn’t it is wonderful to have something beautiful that you can
focus upon an experience these beautiful things are an extension of beautiful you
and beautiful alignment we are not for a moment wanting to suggest that things
are not spiritual that material isn’t part of a manifesting process of spirit
energy you’re out here on the leading edge and that’s what you intended you
intended to turn your align thoughts into align things so the question is how
aligned are the things with my current thoughts and if you’re down here mad at
yourself you’ll never know so when you get all tuned in tapped in turned on and
appreciating so many of your beautiful things it will be so easy for you to
discern which ones you want to maintain a relationship with and which ones you
would like to release from your experience but the law of attraction
will take care of that in a more easy way for you the ideas will occur to you
and so instead of being at a stalemate or confused or just turning around in
circles or spending a lot of time and getting nothing done instead you will
act with purpose and it will unfold easily and it will be fun and you will
find that sometimes repurposing that there are so many others who are eager
for much of what you are no longer eager for and there is this lovely law of
attraction that will move it from you to them in ways that you can’t even imagine
right now you see it’s not even about boxing it up and taking it somewhere
where someone else can pause through it that doesn’t sound fun at all to you
it’s about trusting that Law of Attraction knows who’s looking for what
you’re ready to let go of and law of attraction and Source Energy within you
who knows what pieces you are ready to let go of some might think that this is
a frivolous conversation but this is the most important conversation that we’ve
ever had with any of you about anything because you are trying to sort out
you’re trying to understand the differentiation between the things that
have turned to things the experiences the things that have
turn to things and what your true spiritual nature is now and a lot of
what is in your experience does match who you now are it matched who you
once were but as you drag it from place to place with you
it doesn’t match who you now are and that really is what this conversation is
about more than anything yes have fun with this

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  1. “Finding Clarity So That You Can Clear Clutter” sounds so much better than “Clearing Clutter For Clarity”! Thanks, Abe!

  2. Much appreciation for the 'like' my comment received b/c it brought me back for another listen!
    EXACTLY what I needed to hear… AGAIN.
    +This time with a little more clarity.
    ♡♡♡ it so much I say "Hana ho!"

  3. The last 10 seconds in this video made my day.

    Abraham said that Esther has an airplane hanger full of stuff.

    Wow all that clutter and she is still a truly leading edge manifester.
    That is hilarious and good to know and makes me feel better.
    Clutter isn't the main excuse for whether someone manifests or not.

    Many people are paying money to store their clutter.

    Yes I will release things that are no longer necessary to my current life experience.

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