【周墨】利用小孩泡妞,還教他隨地小便!這樣的爸爸太不稱職了!《冒牌老爸》/《Big Daddy》

【周墨】利用小孩泡妞,還教他隨地小便!這樣的爸爸太不稱職了!《冒牌老爸》/《Big Daddy》

Zhou Mo is coming, watching movies. Hello everyone, I am Zhou Mo, welcome to this issue [Zhou Mo to watch movies], Today is the American comedy movie “Big Daddy”. The hero of the story is Sonny, who is from law school and has a very good academic background. However, he is not lazy in taking advantage of this advantage. Instead, he is getting more and more childish. Then smirk at the cartoon, some people ask, such a big person does not have to work, indeed, Sonny is not young. The classmates of that year have already achieved a successful career, but he only has one day’s toll collector every week! Where does the living expenses come from? When he injured his right foot two years ago, he lived on compensation! Dad cheers him up, he only winds his ears. Xiu’s moment is gone! But it’s such a person who is doing nothing, actually smirking his roommate’s girlfriend. She has worked as a waitress! Please, the waitress is jealous, and the waitress is working very hard. Even Sonny is a law school It’s still a social locust! When a roommate had a birthday, his girlfriend carefully prepared a birthday surprise. As a result, Sonny broke the atmosphere ahead of time, everyone said, wasted! Seeing his girlfriend so sad Roommates comforted and then prepared to marry in public! The momentum has just brewed, and Sonny asked aloud Are you asking for marriage? At this moment, everyone wants to kill Sonny! In addition, not only do these people dislike Sonny There are also girlfriends who have been in love for many years! They are together at the university, and they have witnessed Sonny’s arrogance from being high-spirited to being lazy. The girlfriend is tired, she wants a mature boyfriend, a boyfriend with a life plan, not a child who grows up. After the girlfriend left, Sonny regretted it! Getting along for so many years, saying that no feelings are deceptive! Suddenly came to a stranger the next day. After leaving a letter, He left a little boy here! Open the letter and see, fortunately, fortunately. This boy named Julian is a roommate! Julian’s mother was unable to raise her children, so he was sent here. In view of the fact that the roommate is still unclear about the situation, and on the road to travel, Sonny said, give it to me, you work first! Then He call the Child Protection Center and the phone is not answered, because today’s holiday! Ok, anyway, Sonny is fine. Do you want to go out to play? Julian stopped at the roadside, how can youwalk without the hand, come to the lake Sonny likes to watch other people fall here, just throw a branch and fly out when someone is roller skating! Go home and watch TV Seeing Julian holding the diver’s doll, he asked, there is a game tonight, how about I take you to the bar? With a child to the bar, it is estimated that only Sonny can think of it! Fortunately, he did not let Julian drink alcohol. Instead, he called two glasses of soda. His mother never let him drink soda. It was not good for the teeth. Sonny sneered after listening. Anyway, you will lose your teeth sooner or later! When I got home late at night, Julian suddenly asked, are you my father? Sonny, who has always been a good-natured, suddenly silenced. It’s not a bad thing to be a father of Julian, not to adopt Julian. Just make a fake dad before he finds his real dad. Before, everyone didn’t say that he didn’t have a sense of responsibility. With Julian, as long as he shows enough responsibility, his girlfriend may change his mind and maybe change. So he called the Child Protection Center directly and lied that he was a roommate. Julian had settled in, just like this. The fake father and son began their lives. When Julian was wetting the bed, lay a few newspapers and continue to sleep. When Julian blamed herself for milking, Sonny was still spreading the newspaper, then pretending to step on the diver and licking him. Julian really laughed, the diver is amazing! On the way to breakfast, Julian wants to pee, no toilet is fine. The corner can be solved. Sonny saw Julian embarrassed, joined in and finally came to McDonald’s. As a result, the breakfast supply time was over, and the impatient Sonny got angry on the spot, then scared Julian to cry! How do you marry? When Julian smiled, Sonny took the initiative to hit the car, and the child was a small case! Sonny thought so But soon he realized the trouble, he wanted to watch the game, Julian had been messing around in front of the TV. Finally, Julian had enough to eat and sleep, and at the match point, he suddenly woke up. He wanted to watch “Kangaroo Song”, please. This is extra time! Julian, no matter what, he will listen to “Kangaroo Song”, well, you are the boss. Sonny succumbed, after all, he had to rely on Julian to recover his girlfriend . Walking on the road. Julian was a little worried that Sonny’s girlfriend didn’t like him. Sonny let him wear sunglasses, as long as he put it on, others would not see you. If you like each other, pick it up again! Then Sonny also pretended not to see Julian with acting, Julian laughed again. Come to his girlfriend’s house, this time he will be able to win! However, his unconceived state is too deeply rooted in his heart, his girlfriend, not right. It is an ex-girlfriend! The ex-girlfriend quickly found someone who is truly responsible. It’s okay at a old age, as long as it’s better than Sonny. This relationship is completely ruined. It is useless to keep Julian. How can this sound be so dangerous? In short, all in all. Sonny now only wants to give Julian to his mother! But the Child Protection Center said that Julian’s mother had just passed away. If Sonny does not accept him, Julian will be sent to the orphanage. At this moment, Sonny is a little intolerable. Julian is so cute, sending the orphanage is pitiful, and there are reasons for it. He wants to prove himself to his father who looks down on himself. He is a father who must be more competent than his father! His dad has been telling himself what to do, not letting himself think about life. Now he is doing the opposite and let Julian do whatever he wants, except to teach him how to play and slingshots. Julian can think about how to wear, how to eat, how is the effect of such an education? In front of a friend, Sonny asked him what he wanted to do. Julian said that he wanted to go to school.Did they saw it? This is the charm of stocking! The most powerful thing is that Julian soon learned the skills of the machine and saw the beautiful girl,he will say, If you don’t date my dad, he will hit me tonight, this girl named Lyra laughs,it’s a very good way to talk. So in the evening, Lyra and Sonny sang songs to Julian, and then listened to the bands they liked together. Seeing that Lyra smiled so beautiful, Sonny was moved! So in a few days, he again asked Leila. In this wonderful place in the laundry room, two people talked about a lot of topics, and for Sonny to take care of Julian’s practice. Lyra also appreciates that she thinks Sonny is a very loving person, and then the second date happens naturally. After the end, Sonny sent Lyra home, he could not help but say, maybe we can try to kiss, see if there will be feeling Lyra agreed, and it feels good! I came to the school the next day and saw Julian so happy here. He is very pleased! Only the teacher quickly talked to him. Julian did not clean up the things at school, only covered with newspapers. After stumbling others with a stick, he not only apologized but also laughed, and then he urinated everywhere! Seeing the teacher so serious Sonny finally realized the importance of the problem, he can not be freely made by Julian! Let him write homework while playing the game If you don’t obey, vote!Seeing Julian still laughing and joking, and finally Sonny put on the costume of the diver. Said to Julian, you can join us as long as you eat, bathe and write homework on time. Julian nodded happily, then put on new clothes, what a bad boy, and Julian had nothing to do with it. After that, he was taught to read the words and reminded others of the slippery road at the lake. A series of changes made Julian board the stage of the school. Seeing how good he is, how happy Sonny is, just, happy time is short! Child Protection Center is coming to the door! They already know the identity of Sonny’s fake father, now he wants to take Julian away. Otherwise, Sonny will be detained! On the occasion of the farewell, Julian cried and said, I will not make trouble anymore, don’t drive me away. Sonny is also very sad. These days, he has fallen in love with Julian, but he can’t do anything, wait. What if I apply for Julian’s custody?Lyra is also a lawyer, can help, but Lyra said she has no time. The helpless Sonny regained his legal profession and kept preparing for several days. He was so scared that if he didn’t have himself What will Julian’s life be like! If he don’t have Julian, what will his life be like! Soon, he finally got a court session. The students of the law school came to help, and other friends came to testify that Sonny is a qualified father, and more importantly, Lyra came,she can push her case to help Sonny, Sonny is really touched, roommates are coming, it’s okay, interrogation continues Lyra asked Julian, in the past month or so, you like to be with Sonny, do you want Sonny to be your father? The nervous Julian nodded with sunglasses and the other lawyer said, is there not a witness against Sonny? Really! Sonny’s father! Sonny said, if I can convince my dad, I believe that I really love Julian. Then you should have nothing to say! Afterwards, in the face of his father’s accusation of his leisure, Sonny did not deny Then said, I know that you are so strict that I am afraid that I will fail, but I will not, I love Julian like you love me. You have always done your duty, but now, this is my responsibility! At this moment, the entire court was touched. Everyone calls their father to report peace! Only the judge, he is the most calm, impersonating his biological father Equivalent to illegally detaining children, Sonny is about to be detained! At this time, the roommate stood up and said that he would abstain from the lawsuit against Sonny. Finally, the judge awarded the custody to the roommate, recalling the bits and pieces of the past. Sonny hugged Julian and said that no matter who is your father, I am your family! At the end of the story, more than a year later Sonny is no longer idle, he regains legal work and he becomes an urban white-collar worker. He and lyra also form a happy family. And Julian and his biological father are also very good, the story is so perfect. This movie is called “Fake Dad”, the work of Adam Sandler in 1999, the style and the later movies are similar. As long as we have a relaxed attitude, Adam Sandler will not let us down! The actor in the film is a lazy The “social scum” of doing nothing, the purpose of his initial admission to the boy is not simple, but ultimately The male leader is frivolous and the three views are very positive. As he gets along longer, he begins to think about how to educate a child. And through these processes to produce reflection, with these preparations, the actor can complete the transition from boy to man The true feelings are constantly revealed, and the prodigal son is gradually turning back! After all, no one wants to set a bad example for children. And if we have children, we will definitely do or not do it. Many people have thought about this problem! Ok, this issue [Zhou Mo watching movies] “Fake Dad” ends here. If you like,remember to pay attention to forwarding, I am Zhou Mo, let’s see you next time!

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