【周墨】愛上好兄弟的哥哥怎麼辦?在友情和愛情之間選擇,她太難了!《接吻亭》/《The Kissing Booth》

【周墨】愛上好兄弟的哥哥怎麼辦?在友情和愛情之間選擇,她太難了!《接吻亭》/《The Kissing Booth》

Zhou Mo is coming, watching movies! Hello everyone, I am Zhou Mo, welcome to [Zhou Mo to watch movies] Today‘s movie is the American campus comedy
“The kissing booth”. The two main characters of the story are a pair of childhood sweets They were born in the same hospital on the same day. Even more coincidentally, the mother of them are good friends for many years As a result, the girl Ayr and the boy Lee grew up at the same time. Learn to ride, learn to swim, fight, and use ice cream to reconcile! Oh, yes, dance, they both like to dance. Of course, childhood is naturally a quarrel with others And at this time, Lee’s brother Noah came out! Whenever someone bullies them, Noah will come forward! If no one bullies them, Noah will come up and practice. There are two of them, Ayr’s childhood is really fulfilling! Until the age of 11 years, Ayr’s mother detected cancer And everything was so sudden Not long after, her mother’s condition deteriorated sharply! After bidding farewell to her mother, Ayr was accustomed to Noah’s figure without knowing it Sad for his fight, worship for him riding a motorcycle! Ayr knows that she is obsessed with Noah But she and Lee had an agreement that They could not fall in love with the other family! This point of onion is actually out of Lee’s selfishness! After all, the “shadow” shrimp that lives in the fascinating brothers except that Ayr is not Noah’s, Noah has everything else! Anyway, they came to 16 years old together! Enjoy the sunshine at Lee’s villa She really hopes that time will stop at this moment, so she will not have so much trouble. The phone rang and the troubles soon came. Students union ask all departments to donate opinions for fundraising! The official opening of the school the next day, Ayr’s school uniform is no longer fit her A sound of rip, the pants broke! She had to put on a short skirt. She didn’t care Lee’s laugh But the overturned figure cause other’s evil eyes Especially when someone extended her salty pig’s hand Just at this time, Noah rushed out. And then the teacher was appear Noah feels like someone is going to invade his sister, it’s disgusting! Ayr was speechless after listening to it. Am I just your sister? At lunch time, Ayr was surprised again, And the “three bitches” of the third year actually took the initiative to say hello. Unsurprisingly, it is because of Noah! Who let Noah be the “Prince Charming” of the school. And today is Noah’s first time fight because of girl! No time to smash, fundraising is a must! After some discussion, the idea of ​​”The kissing booth” appeared in unison, and as long as five dollars can kiss the volunteers! And as long as you persuade the campus stars to be volunteers, the kissing booth must be popular Later, because of the last fight, Ayr entered the repentance room for the first time. The groper and Noah were also there. The groper wanted the phone number of Ayr And Ayr promised! The condition is to let him wear women’s clothing in public! Ayr’s reason for answering is very simple She feels that the salt pig’s hand has apologized sincerely, And she has reached the age of dating! The salty pig’s hand did not appear, is he playing with me? Is it really no one wants to date with me? Lee wants to comfort her, the groper appeared He came to apologize, the reason is that Noah announced in the school, no one can make a date withAyr! What is the situation? Why does Noah decide who I am dating? She called Noah to curse him. The next day, Ayr and Lee joined the fundraising proposal. When their “the kissing booth” idea was put forward Everyone came to interest. Otaku asked Ayr, would you be a volunteer? And the girl asked, will Noah go? Lee just wanted to deny but Ayr promised it. No way, if there is no Noah, this proposal is not expected to pass. Moreover, she also hopes that Noah will appear! The question is, will Noah go? I don’t think so After dressing up in the evening, Ayr came to the party! Lee is her best friend, and Noah is also her brother on the face, she has no reason not to come! After being filled with a glass of wine by the “three bitches” She took the courage to ask Noah to have no interest in the kissing booth! The answer is simple, don’t even think about it! Ayr is so depressed, he had to vent with alcohol, a cup and a cup, Ayr, who had never drunk so much wine, she was drunk suddenly And even want to swim naked! Finally, she was brought back to the room by Noah! Just bring back to the room, Noah sleeps on the sofa. He will not be willing to do anything to Ayr! But Ayr can’t stop to think, does Noah really only regard himself as a sister? Oh, I’m sick! Back to school, in the face of the “three bitches” appeal, Ayr had to lie that Noah likes one of them, As long as that person is willing to go, Noah will go! “Three bitches” excitedly can’t wait to call Ayr father, no, call Ayr mother! Soon, the fundraising finally began, and Ayr tried again to invite Noah to participate. After the disappointment, the kissing booth officially began. Volunteers will wear eye masks And others will kiss he or she with only five dollars. For a time, the business is extremely hot And some people even want to give more money for kissing more time! However, there are still many people who want to kiss Noah! Lee took the initiative to stand up, anyway, he and Noah are a surname! As a result, many people have to leave! When Lee is awkward, a girl walked up Lee was very happy. This is the first favor he has gained under his brother’s “shadow”! Seeing that they were leaving together, Ayr smiled happily. Because there is a rule between them, they are happy for the achievement of each other. At this time, “three bitches” appeared. They didn’t kiss Noah, they would let Ayr play and be ready to watch the show! To their surprise, Noah came here! When Ayr still ridiculed herself that it was her first kiss, Noah kissed her, and the audience was stunned. The “Three bitches” exploded Ayr opened her eye mask and smiled shyly! But Noah said, it was just a kiss, right? Ok, it seems that I think too much Looking at Noah and other girls talking and laughing, Ayr Run back It was raining, Noah riding a motorcycle appeared. As the rain grew bigger, the two stopped to hide from the rain. When she tangled, Ayr didn’t want to think more, she just wanted to kiss Noah Noah said softly, you are the only girl who is unmoved by me, you make me crazy! When they are intimate, the guards appear!
” Hey, new girl!” Well, it turns out that this is the place where Noah always dates! After breaking up, Ayr is not sleeping all night! She wants to convince herself,what Noah said is all true. What can be the reason? After that, the class reunion, everyone was crazy for a while, and Ayr also completely released herself! She needs this, in order to get rid of those messy ideas, but in this way, there are people who are ill-intentioned appeared. For example, this fool, although Ayr has explicitly refused, he still has to take Ayr to take a bath. Then Noah appeared! Looking at his fierce eyes, the fool giggled and asked how’s the feel of like your brother’s girl After the farce, Noah broke the shackles Do you think I want to like you? Then he brought Ayr to his secret stronghold. He has never taken any girl to come here, Overlooking the prosperous city, Ayr is obsessed! Finally, she said, can’t let anyone know, especially Lee Noah promised, and he all agreed, even if Ayr did not adapt to the current rhythm. However, Ayr still offered his first time. Then there is a romantic date, while hiding everyone and enjoying the world of two Riding a motorcycle, watching Ayr’s matches, and Noah “stolen”, they left a trace of love in many places. And all this made Ayr forget herself. However, Lee felt the recent anomaly soon. In fact, Ayr wanted to tell him, but she managed to get courage and was interrupted by Lee’s girlfriend. Until one day, he met Ayr and Noah were kissing. Ayr let Noah left, and then quickly chased!
She does not want to lose this good friend. Lee is angry, not only because Noah is a playboy, he does not want his brother to harm Ayr But also because Ayr lie to him! But Noah cares and chaos, and still chased out Ayr is crying, and Noah and Lee started to fight Finally, Lee left, and Ayr did not want to see Noah again. She doesn’t know how to face the brothers! In the next few weeks, Noah didn’t go to class, and Lee didn’t answer the phone. Ayr even thought of asking for forgiveness with ice cream. But Lee smashed the ice cream! Sad for a long time, finally one day, Ayr met Lee in the game hall. After stuffing in a game coin, Lee stuffed a game coin Smiled and tacitly danced They both found the feelings before Now Ayr doesn’t want to think about Noah again. She does not want to lose Lee, her best friend! Soon the prom dance came, walked through the memory corridor, watching the bits and pieces of high school, The girl’s heartbeat burst again! Resist the excitement of the difficult journey until she come to the kissing booth! As a feature, the kissing booth was perfectly preserved! Lee is naturally to meet her girlfriend’s hot kiss. When it was Ayr’s turn, Noah appeared. In a burst of exclamation, this well-known playboy said in the public that I love you But Ayr still left, She did not want to hurt people who care about her! And Noah, he was frustrated to find Lee to apologizing for the last fight. And he is about to go to college, Sorry for the possibility that he will never have a chance to be with Ayr again! A few days later, it was the birthday of Ayr and Lee and Noah was ready to go to school. Surrounded by the lively atmosphere, Ayr is getting more and more lonely, Recalling the moments of the past, she can’t hold it anymore! She loves Noah, she also loves Lee But if Lee really does not allow her and Noah’s love, then this friendship does not need to exist. Because she can’t lie to herself! Silence for a long time, Lee said, I will take you to the station, it should not be too late. After Lee got on the bus, Ayr excitedly said that I must let him know what I thought. Suddenly, Lee said, I already know it! Uncovering the mask, he is Noah! It turned out that Lee complied with the friend’s agreement: happy for the achievement of each other They are tightly held together. Ayr doesn’t want anything Just want to enjoy the world of two people before Noah goes to college. After that, she certainly hopes to go on smoothly. And Noah’s eyes told her that she would succeed! The film is called “The kissing booth” A very easy and touching movie A typical American campus love comedy the plot is very simple, the only uncertainty is that I thought Ayr and Lee will develop from friendship to love I didn’t expect that in the end, it’s Mary Sue, but it was also reasonable. This is also the development we hope. Regardless of the rating, first of all, thanks to the recommendation of fans not long ago, Bright colors, moving plots, full of youthful atmosphere! There is no car accident, no abortion, And running away from the movie is slightly more open than ours This kind of love story, there should be no more people who can refuse. If there is, then you really “grow up”! Oh, yes, Ayr and Noah in the movie are also lovers in the real world! Ok, today’s [Zhou Mo to watch the movie] “The kissing booth” is over, If you like to remember to like, follow, forward! I am Zhou Mo, let’s see you next time!

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