예측불허 황실입궁기 [궁] Princess Hours 신의 주변에서 효린의 흔적을 발견하게 되는 채경

예측불허 황실입궁기 [궁] Princess Hours 신의 주변에서 효린의 흔적을 발견하게 되는 채경

Hello, Officer Kong You know, for the trip to Jeju Island
with Her Highness I was wondering if I can take
Shin’s camera with me Yeah, I sorta need it I was wondering if you can tell Shin for me Really? Then I’ll go look for it You have to make sure you tell Shin, okay? You’ll never know what he’ll say
with that temper of his Okay, thanks Neener-neener-neener! Ah, I’m so dumb He probably put it in here, of course Here it is One , two, three Open, open, open, wide! A-ha! It’s opened I wonder where it is What HR? Remember the necklace I gave you last time? Do you know what the words
on that necklace means? It means sadness in Spanish Sadness Just like how my heart is right now At the bookstore, remember
I asked you to just be my side? If you do, Then I’ll be by your side forever too What? Are you crying again? I’m not crying Did you find the camera? I heard you called Officer Kong Is she still that important? What are you talking about? Is she important enough that you need
to keep everything she gave you? Do you still like her? What are you talking about? What’s wrong with you now? Huh? Your Highness, Her Highness the Queen
is asking for you Crown Prince, be more kind to
the Crown Princess I know she’s prone to mistakes, But when I think about how lonely she must be after entering the Palace at a young age, I can understand her If you don’t give her much attention,
she’ll be even lonelier You know what kind of a marriage this is It’s an arranged marriage I know you two are still young,
and treat each other like a friend But once she reaches the age,
she will be the mother of your son who will take the throne someday Did you say that the Crown Princess and Prince Eui-Sung are in the same class? Yes, why? Nothing If the two of you can’t love
each other wholeheartedly, the both of you will be unhappy Please take care of her

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  1. ههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه كيوت يازينها يون ايون هي

  2. why did she ask him abt hyo rin?? i mean she should have just let it go…. and should have made herself a bit mysterious….

  3. Yool makes her smile shin makes her cry..but still the tears are more meaningful than smiles..we cried when the one ee live hurt us..

  4. Not on your side this time Chaekyung. That was private and you violated it. Can't act hurt when you know what kind of marriage you have and the relationship he had with HR. You shouldn't have gone through the box when you realised what it was. You hurt yourself. Shin didn't hurt you.

  5. 역시 주지훈이 연기는 젤 잘한다
    율이 미모가 솔직히 윤은혜보다 더 예뻐ㅠㅠ
    채경이는 맨날 울기만하고 떠 금방 풀려,주지훈한테 안기고ㅠ하하하핳하

  6. 아 나 황후 젤좋아ㅋㅋㅋ 채경이 혼낼땐 혼내더라도 애들 관계 안좋다싶으면 잘해주라고 따뜻하게 충고도 해주고ㅋㅋ

  7. 채경이 존나 고답이임 나였으면 머리채부터 잡았다 질질짜믄 뭐가 해결되냐 편지찢고 난리난리를 쳤을텐데 황인뢰가 연출한 드라마는 여주가 맘에 든적이 없어..

  8. 지금 보면 이래도 그때는 내가 다 아련+속상 최고드라마였음ㅠ 지금 정서에 맞게 좀만 바꿔서 리메이크하면 대박날듯ㅜ

  9. 신이가 언제 옆에 있어달랬어,, 민효린 개 발암,,,, 글구 황제도 서화영이랑 사귀다가 황후랑 정략결혼 한 덜테니까 황후가 공감하는 면이 있는 거 아닐까,,,

  10. 아니시발ㅋㅋㅋ남의 물건 왜 뒤졌냐 그게 먼저임? 아내가 버젓이 있는데 아내 기분나쁠만할 물건 소중히 간직하는게 더 좟같은일이구만

  11. 근데 난 궁에서 효린이가 제일 불쌍한 것 같아… 2년 사귄 남자친구가 진지하게 청혼하는 것도 아니고 자기가 고등학생이고 한창 발레하는데 저걸 진심으로 받아들였겠어..? 그리고 생각할 시간도 안줘놓고 다른 여자애랑 덜컥 결혼한다니…;; 진짜 억장 무너지고 배신 당한 기분일듯…
    그리고 2년 동안 만난 감정이 한번에 정리 되는 것도 아니고 어떻게 보면 뺏겼다는 생각 충분히 들 수 있을 것 같아.
    그래서 포기 못하고 계속 신이 마음 돌리려고 하는 것 같고
    신이도 2년 만났는데 결혼했다는 이유만으로 효린이에 대한 감정을 한번에 접을 수도 없는 노릇이고 천천히 정리해가고 있는 것 같고 둘이 바람피고 그런 것도 아니고
    그냥ㅠㅠㅠ황실들어와서 고생하고 의지할 곳 없는 채경이도 불쌍하지만, 자기네 집 빚갚으려고 들여온거고 얘는 얻어가는거라도 있지
    효린이는 다 잃어서 너무 불쌍해…. 신이가 제일 못된 놈임. ㅠ 중간에서 처신 똑바로 하던가

  12. 채경이.. 판도라를 열었구나.. 전여친과의 추억이 나오면 울지말고 그냥 해원맥 머리끄댕이를 잡으면 된단다

  13. actually, i hate this scene! i hate seeing chae kyung cry without knowing the truth T_T anyway, i will include this scene in my playlist since he put all the pics in the box so, that's forgiven XD

  14. Its clip showed on my YouTube randomly since then i am continuously watching it. But i don't understand, why they make such short Clips 😡😡😡😡😡

  15. The Queen is so nice, for sure she feels thatway very lonely not receiving the love she wants from the king

  16. 근데 채경이 입장이 아주 이해 안 되는건 아님… 남편이라도 해도 정략결혼이지, 본인만 신이 좋아하는 줄 알지, 신이랑 채경이 사귀던 사이에 중간에 방해꾼이라 생각하는데 어떻게 따지냐ㅜㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  17. I don't know about this crown princess, she never learn how to act properly, she's always acting stupid dumb,you better go back where you coming from,your character always ghaito, you grow up in commonly area you acted like dumbass, ignorant stupid idiotic brainless,

  18. This is similar to Princess Diana – Prince Charles – Camilla love triangle hahahhahhaha but i like this story better if only Charles wasnt so mean, Diana would have been alive today

  19. 그냥 아무리봐도 신이랑 효린이랑 잘 되고 율이랑 채경이랑 잘 됐으면 다 해피엔딩이었을텐데 할아버지가 정략결혼한게 다 문제야ㅠ

  20. The Queen has such a difficult job…on one hand she is the mother of the future Regent and has to groom him as such…on the other hand she is a woman, who is seeing a younger woman likely to suffer as she does, and trying to protect her by telling her son about being a responsible husband.

  21. A scene is cut out when the Queen mother invites CK to an appreciation ceremony which is why she needed Shin's camera. The subtitles for that scene are at the end of the previous episode.

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