🇪🇸🇲🇽The Indisputable INJUSTICE of SOCIALISM & MEXICAN Violence (Spanish Español) ~Pastor Cioccolanti

🇪🇸🇲🇽The Indisputable INJUSTICE of SOCIALISM & MEXICAN Violence (Spanish Español) ~Pastor Cioccolanti

do you think that if we exercise the justice because we don’t do it I mean I’m learning I even find sometimes difficult to start being more I don’t know bring more power into my prayers but do you think that that we as Christians are responsible for some of the evil in the world for know bringing judgment on what we see happening all around us so that’s my question do you think that we as the body of Christ are responsible for not calling out certainties happening around us and saying in the name of Jesus you know I curse you you know you have an example of that what you’re thinking of I was reading an article two weeks ago on the number of politicians that have been killed in Mexico by what the year goes the cartels are basically kill about 113 politicians and there are elections coming at the end of the year and I just been thinking where is the church what is the body of Christ the I I mean all these politicians are being killed because you know they took a stand against the cartels but where is the body of Christ to say you know in the name of Jesus Lord you either this men and women come to you or just get rid of them because they’re destroying a country basically the the level of violence in Mexico it’s it’s crazy it’s out of control is something that we haven’t seen and he’s getting worse and worse and worse I think people pray it only when they’re totally fed up and oppressed I saw the church in Malaysia finally pray against politicians because the only way that Christians pray is Lord bless them Lord forgive them so you are making peace with evil you’re actually helping evil to continue I don’t want to bless a judge that legalizes the murder of little children I have no blessing for them I say Lord I put them in your hand you judge them and avenge the blood of the innocent that’s the way that I would pray according to what I see in the Bible the Christians argue about everything I mean they still not even sure about basic things like speaking in tongues laying out of hands is their churches that I cannot even go and speak to because if they know that I speak in tongues if they know that I lay hands on people publicly already that’s a no-no so where we at we’re at such an infantile stage of the church we get everything that they teach but they cannot handle what we see in the Bible and teach from the Bible so at the very least we gotta bring the church to the place where we say we’re not arguing denomination or doctrine we just want to get back to the Bible I’m staking my life on the Word of God and if you can do that as a church the church would be very strong anytime you get into an argument any time you get into well they set this and then why you preach that and why does your pastor what does the Bible say it’s not a preference it’s what the Bible says well there are different interpretations we’ll let the Bible interpret the Bible you got the most scriptures and they harmonize that’s the one we’re gonna go with amen so in the case of Mexico it’s it is tough to generalize but I would say they would get farther along if they start praying like the Malaysians did which is get rid of the corrupt expose the evil exposed the thieves expose the pedophiles change the government even though it’s never happened in 60 years do a miracle frost Lord and God did and the same thing happened in America where people got so fed up with eight years of Obama eight years of Lies eight years of socialism they finally said God get don’t give us Hillary Clinton because she’s gonna appoint a Supreme Court justice that will truly be a disaster for the country because she as a supposed Christian it’s a it’s an oxymoron but she supposedly as a Christian believes in abortion that’s not possible that’s your litmus test you cannot and killing babies and call yourself a Christian they just then a millstone should be hung around your neck and you should be cast into the depth of the sea like Matthew 18 says right Jesus already said this so America enough Americans got fed up if we can get everyone back to the Bible it won’t be so tough because we can prove from the Bible there is another way to prayer pray I call it the tenth prayer I taught you nine kinds of prayer in the Bible this is the tenth I believe that God believes in freedom I believe that if you look through the Bible there’s no question that God believes in freedom some people even say mistakenly that the Bible endorses slavery well I beg to differ because the very you know opening story of the Old Testament is God frees a bunch of Jews that are under a slave economy and put them into a free market so the idea of free market is becoming less and less popular and becoming almost like it’s not taught because schools have become indoctrination zones but the idea of free market and freedom economically freedom financial freedom economic freedom this must be reinforced among Christians because we actually help create the prosperity that is around the world it used to be called the Protestant ethic the Protestant work ethic was responsible for the economic boom in America can trace it directly whenever there was revival there was Whittier inventions there was heart working people less cheating more honest people suddenly all these things work right free-market economy assumes that there is a bunch of moral people and if we don’t teach values and morals and people are not Christian any more then yes it looks like free market doesn’t work but free market on the foundation of good morals of trust of people keeping contract of people not lying not cheating not stealing basically the Ten Commandments it really works and I want to tell you this because Australians think this that if the government steps in they always make it better and I think what the government is is unqualified is made of a bunch of bureaucrats who don’t really know each of the problems and the solutions in each field so how could they do a better job than someone who dedicates their life to that field so I want to give you an for an example imagine if the government stepped in and said a hundred years ago said we want to guarantee vote for us we want to guarantee the right of every citizen to a kerosene lamp kerosene lamps are better than candles everyone needs light therefore we will enshrine the right of every Australian citizen an American citizen we should say to a kerosene lamp well if the government had done that despite all good intentions they would have ruined the normal market mechanism of inventing of problem and solution solution finding inventions to solve problems and getting paid a reward for it so the government had done that imagine if there was an outcry like today we want this right and we want the government to guarantee it the effect would have been Thomas Edison would have gone bankrupt you can’t compete with the government collecting twenty thirty percent of everyone’s money when they step in they change the price mechanism it’s called the price discovery of goods they change it because they interfere with it so then everybody would get kerosene but then Thomas Edison while he’s inventing a motor for DC power would go bankrupt and nobody would ever get the light bulb which is much better than kerosene much better for the environment cheaper more abundant everybody enjoys it so now what if we say well now we learn our lesson the politicians have learned their lesson kerosene is no good so now we want to step in and guarantee as a human right the right to everybody to have DC electricity we will subsidize or provide for free DC electricity so every home will have the right vote for me I will give you free stuff if that had happened that would have put Westinghouse out of business and whose Westinghouse he was the investor in Tesla’s invention to use AC electricity DC is very inefficient every mile you have to put in another power plant you put power plants all over the place and every mile you’re losing the power he found through a vision given by God alternating current he found how to harness alternating current and don’t even generate you know the rubbing of meadows which creates heat doesn’t even generate any Heat some heat alternating current well if the government had stepped in and said it is the right of every one of you to be guaranteed DC power Westinghouse investment would have gone belly-up and Tesla would have never introduced to the world the AC electric motor and that that invades cooler life this is how bad this is how bad the phone is I did not touch that phone did you see that when I said AC motor it was listening to me and then it started responding to me you saw my hands did not touch anything this is what Facebook got in trouble for you would speak things and then Facebook would then send ads according to those words so all your phones are surveillance devices that’s crazy that’s crazy that God wanted that to be recorded so you see this is government and these businesses that that when government gets big and interferes with a lot of regulations what happens is then the government is in bed with the big corporations because the big corporations give money to the politicians and ask them to protect their industry with laws and regulations the whole price discovery mechanism is destroyed the whole free market is destroyed that is not capitalism that’s called crony capitalism so I want to give you another example what if then we said Thomas Edison has invented phones oh no not Edison Alexander Graham Bell invented phones phones are wonderful everybody needs to communicate we want to enshrine this as the right of every American to get a free phone paid for by taxpayer money if you do that then radio waves would have never been invented and that would have never allowed wireless mobile phones that subsidy that that interference of the politician no matter how well-meaning it is always creates a waste and inefficiency because when people are free to do whatever they want they will spend money on the best solution for themselves that’s what the free market is and extra laws and regulations and the government stepping in ruin that so it’s not truly free so I want to say that as Christians I don’t see how you can believe that God wants other people to come in and control what you want to do with your money that just does not seem like a Christian idea at all and in fact it seems a very unprecedented science and business if government continually stepped in thank God in the past government’s couldn’t because they had their own problems but now as the countries get richer and richer as a side benefit of Christianity Christianity brings in order order brings in peace peace brings in prosperity Christianity is the one that caused all these Western nations to prosper and as they prosper too much now the government wants to come in as Big Brother and say we know better than you we know what technology is good we know what which way is good and you know what what the failure has been we have enormous waste billions of our taxpayer money in Australia are now wasted on we instituted NBN National Broadband Network put all these wires in all over the country and then somebody invents wireless network how stupid how stupid of the government these bureaucrats who have no degree in engineering or science no experience in business wanna just do good really just get votes by giving away our money to put in a whole wire network which now nobody really needs it can all be wireless and who knows what’s coming after that there should be and I predict there’s going to be technology where calls will be made not up into the air and then back down but if we made right through the earth the shortest distance will be just right through the earth and there are particles like neutrinos and others that people are researching that can already do that we just haven’t harnessed it yet it would be stupid again if the government says all will forget the wired network we should have subsidized Wireless yeah but after that somebody will invent something else as long as you give people the motive to produce a solution and a reasonable reward they must get rewarded financially to do it then we’re going to keep progressing we also did it in Australia with the desalination plan how catastrophic was that waste billions of dollars of our money which could have been given to us I could have kept the money we could have all bought homes right how much money was that instead they wasted on a desalination plant because the government thinks that suddenly they’re in the desalination business and they’re not look how much rain we have you know when the rain came when John Howard repent it and say it would with the church pray for the nation I remember that day as long as they made fun of prayer Oh God’s not gonna do anything nothing happened but when the leader of the nation repented and said we need the prayers of the church please the rain came and hasn’t stopped we’ve not had any drop we just need to pray we need to trust God we need to give other people freedom to do their business it is not a Christian idea to elect people to tell other people what to do with their own house our own money their own business I just think this idea that we can entrust godless government Antichrist politicians anti church politicians with our lives it’s it’s overgrown too much Australia has this indoctrinated in our schools and we are standing as I think the last voice of reason and voice of biblical wisdom of truth people need freedom than they make progress get out of our lives stop regulating our lives and we will know what to do with our lives our selves because you will make the best decision for your family wouldn’t you right you live on our property you’re gonna cut down all the trees and have no trees no you were gonna make more trees you’re gonna plant more trees if you like fruits or whatever it is that you need you need to be told by Big Brother how to do those things so that’s it I think that we need to apply the Bible to how we live our lives and how we see the future of our nation if we do that the country will be better and we will make progress [Music]

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  2. Thank you very much pastor Steve . So true ,the church needs to pray for real christian leaders to be elected in legislature,executive n judiciary . This is what we lack in our system ,the region im from . I learnt a lesson today on how to pray .Thank q ,i appreciate it . God bless u n yr family

  3. Our media is so biased…I only hear about how bad Mexico is, instead of hearing how bad things are in Mexico, I had no idea. Thank you Brother Steve for your insight and news from other countries. God Bless and safe travels

  4. AAA I do like your sermons but, Steve there is severe drought in NSW. Why are you saying there is no drought, Have you been following what is going on farmers are struggling.

  5. The Lord says, that He hates sin, and we are to hate sin as well. We are to call out, and confront sin. That is part of true christian living.

  6. I thank you so much for your love for Jesus and His word. Thank you for your teachings. I have forwarded to my contacts and friends to know the truth and pass it on. We can only overcome evil with good which comes from God. I don’t know how else I might help to have our own news station and Christian stations without being under government editing our use.

  7. YESSS!!! Why cant we pray for justice? Warning to the church… fight injustice or risk becoming irrelevent… especially today where injustices around the world has gotten so thick, just hearing of 1 more makes one vomit…

  8. Hello pastor Steve, thank you for your message, as always a great video. I have a question and was wondering if you know about it and what you think of it. Have you heard of QAnon? I call it the Q movement. If yes can you talk about it maybe in a video and how it may relate to the prophecies of the bible?
    Thank you 🙏🙏

  9. I like what you do Pastor you do great but I think it's totally about the Ten Commandments in its entirety and not taken out of context. Its not about the Bible but the Bible preaches about the man who brought the Ten Commandments.. because the Ten Commandments should be obeyed mentally, physically, spiritually, financially, in every way… think about it…. now let's pray and repent, asking for forgiveness is the only way we can make it .. and we must be obedient to his Ten Commandments
    so be it…..

  10. We come AGAINST the powers of DARKNESS and principalities against peace in high places We WAR not with flesh and blood I STAND on the promises of the AL.MIGHTY GOD bless everyone today IJN AMEN king 👑CROWNED with thorns and the THRONE

  11. I just spoke on pro life today we my county alpha omega center saved 75 unborn children in my county alone🇺🇸 3k babies a day slaughtered per day so elite can look young 👊 we do whatever it takes to save that life ALL GLORY TO GOD not us ok and if GOD doesn't reach a young girl before she hits an abortion clinic he's there on her way out with arms wide open with TRUE REPENTENCE which equals sackcloth clothed in sackcloth is not clothes its outward CHANGE nothing to do with garments I just learned the 2 witness 2 olive trees and lampstamds its not Moses n Elijah WRONG the SAVED jews and gentiles 2 witnesses 2 lampstands = 7 churches the woman who thursts for blood of martyrs of JESUS ok martyrs = WITNESS The KINGDOM COME and come safely 👑🖒🔥Elijah already came spirit of John the Baptist

  12. Prophet David Owuor walked around Mexico and warned the church for the big earthquake that were to come as a result of sin in the church (sexual sins, drinking, in the church). But church leaders responded back to David that God does not speak warningly like that in the New Coventant.

  13. Here's a thought, why don't we help Mexico then maybe all those people would stay in there own country instead of fleeing in ours..just a thought….

  14. Pastor Steve is right. You don't pray for evil or godless people to be blessed. You pray that they be changed or get rid of by God. Get back to the bible to get it right!

  15. Hi Pastor. That is just what I’ve been praying for America. However, HRC is a Satanist, a Pedophile, along with the Obama administration and many corrupt in our gov. I believe this is not a Political War but a Spiritual War and it’s world wide. God Bless You, Pastor Steve!

  16. I agree with you one this subject as I do on most everything I have listened to that your have said. I believe that you are Spirit filled and that God has a greater plan for you. Just keep on with what you are doing and it will be fulfilled. Also, I wanted to let you that when I became a Christian I used to go into religious book stores and books would drop into my cart. I gave them all to my sister, after reading them so she would have a library, but alas she moved with her family so many time I do not know where they are. But it did re buy the Believer's Authority by Kenneth Hagin and it was so profound afain that I recommend every Christian re or reread it. Jesus gave us his Authority when He ascended into heaven and we have his mind and now we are the Body of Christ and must use the Authority He gave us. God bless you Pastor Steve.

  17. I thought that very thing when our government made the law that we had to wear seatbelts. I believe that it is up to the individual to decide rather to use seat belts. Yes it is probably in our best interests to do so. But what right does the law or government have to make that decision for us. Just like smoking in a car with children. Come on people need to use common sense!!! The government is making money off of our stupidity!!!

  18. #Walkaway
    Is very easy to back up his question with the answer from the Bible. And the answer is yes. Many are falling away from the word 301 priests accused of child abuse recently in America. No MEDIA, coverage except a little on Fox

  19. Dios lo bendiga hermano Steve,no solo esta pasando en Mexico,en Puerto Rico esta igual y aqui en Florida peor,es en El mundo entero,see esta cumpliendo la,Biblia Al pie de la letra,esto son profecias que en los ultimos tiempos los hombres se matarian Uno's a otros.

  20. El Unico que va arreglar esto es cuando, Nuestro Señor Jesucristo venga,los cistianos tenemos que orar para que Nuestro Señor Jesucristo no's proteja y salve Las almas.

  21. Steve
    Do you believe that all scripture is inspired by God 2 Timothy 3: 16? The earth is flat with a firmament over her and the sun moon and stars are in here with us. The earth is fixed it does not move. Don't believe these lying lientist. The stars will fall to the earth just as our Lord God has said that makes the earth big and the stars small, amen, hey do I here amen brother?
    With love Elly

  22. At 13:31,,, talks about a wireless-network running through the Earth. Well, possible/surely it's going to be by using every-walking/sitting person? By all the smartphones/tablets ECT! That we posses on our person's or setting somewhere? Or possibly also,,, even through us, the human (body) (human antennas) if you-will?… We are electrical-being's

  23. Christians have lost way too much authority since the early medieval age after the fall of the Roman Empire. That was when Christianity had gained a lot of power.

    However now the people of a God have become cucks. Our ancestors literally split skulls of enemy infidels and made them into drinking cups. Go and read on Byzantine history

  24. Unfortunately the church establishesment in Mexico ( not the people who are really the church ) have been busy making money and hurting children ( Pedofilia) . Priest go and bless the houses, the guns, land of criminals for a good amount of money, they go "baptise" and wed their kids and feast with them so they will definitely Not pray for justice and won't condenm them. Trump said that he was getting along with the President elect and said "We will do something – Very – drastic" I'm paying good attention this what that might be, that gives me hope for real change another negative thing is that the people pray for the criminals regardless of the evil they create because of the little bit of " help" the get from them. It is like the estocolm syndrome

  25. Pray to expose wrongdoing and wrongdoers in government. Christians are loathe to curse anyone, but exposing evil is not a curse. Also pray that evil and evildoers be expelled from positions of authority – this is no curse either, because those evildoers in authority can get jobs somewhere else.

  26. Please also pray for the Chinese churches in China, who are being severly persecured by the Chinese government officials.

    Churches including Goverment approved ones and the underground churches have been shut down and crosses on the church buildings are burnt. People who attended the church services were arrested for no legal charches laid and Pastors been beaten up.

    We urgently need people's prayers towards this matter. And believe GOD will intervene.

  27. the more i listen to pastor Steve the more i love him. One of the best preaching in our most recent modern times. Talking about the very enemies we been watching that needs to be get rid of.
    Yea totally open my eyes on how we should pray.

  28. Great message, Steve. Democrat politicians could learn a thing or two from your knowledge of economics and keeping a small government.

    Turn off all the hands free and voice stuff on your phone! Disable siri and everything you can so they don't listen as much.

  29. Por favor, traduzcan al español TODOS los videos de este pastor, pues lo de habla hipana nos estamos perdiendo sus enseñanzas acordes a la Bublia.

  30. Pastor Steve Cioccolanti, thank you for your messages of wisdom and hope! ❤ I appreciate your frankness and adherence to God's Word as it relates to me as a believer. I pray God continues to use you to teach the truth and expose evil.

  31. Muy bien expuesto , muy razonable,…..SI LA GENTE RESPETARA A DIOS, el Pastor esta en lo correcto , bien , bendiciones

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