$10 SURVIVAL CHALLENGE IN THE WOODS (24 Hour Box Fort Survival)

$10 SURVIVAL CHALLENGE IN THE WOODS (24 Hour Box Fort Survival)

the ham Logan do Cabos small ham in part
two of a survival series we’ve been surviving here and just a minute ago
they were literally tire wolves outside gaston okay wolves are well they are
mixed between coyotes and wolves and we just heard a bunch outside we were
having a lot of fun with all these dollar store items until Jake brought a
can of ham put it outside and I guess attracted some kind of wolf or there was
something outside and a fourth it seems like they’ve gone away but uh so yeah
guys as of right now it is 11 p.m. at night this is part of our 24 hour
challenge if you got didn’t see our last episode we you’re surviving in the woods
with only $40 worth of dollar store item so as you guys can see we have our fort
here Logan’s got his section over here I’ve got my side here I’ve got a yoga
mat for my mat down here I’ve got pillows blankets even got mr. fluffy
over here and some food which might have been the issue that got us into this
situation right now I did buy a can of ham that may have smoked really bad it
may have attracted some sort of animals and considering we have to stay here for
the rest of the night and for a good part of tomorrow Logan we need some
defensive actions in plague and quick Logan you’re eating chips all right well
as of right now we’ve just kind of been chilling we still have a long time left
in a challenge but I don’t think I’m going to bed anytime soon knowing that
there’s some stuff out there we do have some defensive items like I do have a
bow and arrow over here if you also have a drum set that I can you know used to
scare away the Kiowa when I heard whatever that was outside I kind of
froze up I should have grabbed either the drum kit here or even our air horn
to kind of scare my way other than the coyote wolves so guys everything that’s
been going pretty well so far it has been extremely cold out it is
completely dark outside I can actually show you guys a little bit outside here
we’ve got our flashlights so as you guys can see it is pretty much pitch black we
do have a little bit of a creek over there which is kind of where we’re
surviving by and just sticking my hand out here it is freezing out type of
weather you want to be inside with a hot cup of cocoa Logan why why are you
playing with the slinky right now man cuz it helps with the stress name
are you good I thought that was something jumping in water or what I
heard something outside know if you guys heard that I think we have another
problem and grab my shoes gonna see if I cheat let’s see do not go out there guys
I can’t believe Jake’s going out and I’m not really seeing anything right now as
far as I can tell there’s nothing in here but we definitely heard in the
previous episode like some sniffing or something there was some sort of animal
outside of our fort that was like smelling around I think it might have
been in the canned ham that I brought so right now though I’m not seeing anything
out here all right that works hi guys Logan gave me the massive light
to kind of do a double check he is freaking out in the floor right now so
I’m gonna go over here see there was definitely something outside of our fort
like okay there was definitely something outside of our fort whether or not it
was a bear or coyote or just a raccoon I know when we first started to do in
these I was scared of raccoons but now I really wish it was just a raccoon let’s
go check over here guys check out this massive wall whoa Chris yeah I know
those are rocky something moved from up above okay okay okay maybe we don’t go
over and check out this ball maybe we just go back maybe we just go back okay
Lord open we’re coming back I don’t know what that was that something’s moving up
there something every time I turn in fact you hear it I
know if it’s my mind playing tricks on me or what but something’s here I can
literally hear wolves howling over there the door I don’t think a wolf’s gonna
break our cardboard and maybe we just don’t think about it I
there’s wolves in the forest that’s that’s what a forest is look that’s the
whole reason we’re doing this challenge is because we want to do an epic
survival mission in the winter we want to go dogsledding or winter camping and
we if we can’t do it dollars return to the woods then we can’t do that
I’ll play some play some music on the jumps to make us relax that’s good but
it’s not relaxing I got for two dollars I’m actually
pretty impressed that we found as a dollar store all right I’m gonna stay
here at mr. fluffy he’s gonna protect me I’ve got my blanket oh you got your
blanket hopefully wolves can’t break down
cardboard I mean why would they break down a carpet even if they thought there
was food in here which there is I mean there’s ah we have the horn the horn is
definitely our best defense beep hearing things guys okay let’s just go to bed
okay I’m gonna sleep with this let’s not think about it it’s already late guys
it’s getting close to 12 p.m. so Lula will head to sleep hopefully nothing
happens through the night and update you in the morning but I just got okay wake up wake up oh no I got on the
new Papa Jake merch dude you destroy it smells so bad yeah last night was was
scary it was one of these scariest nights I’ve ever spent in a box for it
but we are up it was extremely cold I did stay nice and warm though and this
pillow actually helped me out a lot he slept days I also had mr. fluffy here
keeping me warm so that was good but yeah we are up brand new today
Oh last night as you guys know there was some wolves or something outside oh no
you guys come let us know in the comments what you think those were we
also noticed in the middle of the night that you a lot of bugs were starting to
come in here I don’t know there’s any left but there was like a ton of ants
crawling in here there’s just ants like crawling around on the ground not gonna
lie the ham might have been the worst idea it definitely definitely made the
survival challenge harder it’s a brand new day so why don’t we uh why don’t we
go outside and see what it looks like and see how the fort held up overnight
all right guys let’s go check what it looks like outside Wow now that is the
perk of surviving a night in the forest Logan check out that view man look at
that look the beautiful view we get to wake up to look so let’s go outside it
is cold outside guys there’s no I gotta get Jake back for that prank that’s just
you know that’s absurd we’re gonna have to get Jake back here
we are guys brand-new day just finished the night and it is really chilly
outside the box fort actually got really warm during the night it was definitely
cozy I’m not even kidding like it’s the same as surviving in a tent but as you
guys can see waking up to the nice Creek here it’s like we’re we’re gonna have
our morning breakfast you know beside a creek and fort held up really nice
didn’t have any issues with it during night other than the wolves I also don’t
think it rained at all but it kind of got like damp so I’m actually really
glad that it held up and didn’t have any issues but now that it is morning time
guys I think it’s time for us to have some breakfast and kind of get ready for
our day surviving also last night when we were falling asleep and you and Logan
we’re talking and guys we had a really cool idea all right I know we’ve done a
bunch of 24-hour challenge before in the forest and stuff like this but what
would you guys think if we did like a three day to four day survival challenge
in the woods you guys know we’re doing this to get ready for some winter
survival challenges but what if we did something like this but for three days
and every day we added on to the fort you know we could have a bunch of time
so you know today we could add on make a route for the four we could expand it we
can make a fire pit you can make like some defenses and traps so we don’t have
to worry about wolves or bears or anything like that let me have you guys
think you’ll be like minecraft in real life but Papa Jake survived it for three
days if you guys think that would be a good idea comment down below and smack
that like button let’s try and crush forty thousand likes on this video but
yeah won’t be a litlle let’s go get Logan oh yeah oh you got a little
something on you no all right yeah so I think the one thing that I learned after
this challenge guys is if we do another dollars for a challenge like this we
need to spend eat a lot more of our budget on food I was spunky last night I
mean I did mess up with that ham but we definitely could have brought more food
maybe some more legit meals but I’m really excited because I saved something
super awesome for breakfast Logan what’s on the menu for our breakfast today
today’s menu for breakfast is the brand-new merch you got a cop it just
came out whoo guys check out the description down below and let me know
if you guys do grab submergent be sure to tag me on instagram at Pappa jte if
you do pick up something I’ll be following you guys over there yeah I’m a
real know Jake breakfast equals Froot Loops okay all right so Logan’s having
Froot Loops for breakfast but I decided to have a more at luxurious meal I’m
gonna be having my can of beans cooked over a nice survival fire all I need to
do is find some twigs it’s a bit wet out here but I think I can find some and
we’re gonna cook this bad boy up old-fashioned style plus Logan you don’t
have any milk I can eat those the dollar store didn’t have milk so it’s dry
cereal for me today well we also have some nice luxurious Perrier cuz Logan
thought that sparkling water is what you drink on a camping trip because we’re
gonna have some of that and orange juice now that actually makes sense
but before we get into this guys if I’m gonna have my nice warm
I need to go and get some firewood cuz I gotta start a fire now luckily I did
spend one of my dollars at the dollar store on some matches this is all I
could find so I’m really hoping that I’m able to start one with this normally we
have like a fire start or something like that but let’s go ahead into the woods
and start looking for some firewood also Logan I was thinking after breakfast
dude how cool would be to have a little target practice challenge with my dollar
store bow and arrow oh and I could use my nerf gun I go look for some wood you
start making a targets when I get back after breakfast we have a little
challenge alright guys no the key to finding some
fresh nice ripe firewood Papa Jake is you need to look for dry and dead sticks
there is a lot of dry and dead sticks I also won’t need that many because I only
need a small fire to actually cook these beans so let’s uh let’s go around and
see if we can find some it is like a massive kind of like a ravine leading
down here and look what I found no idea what that is I can’t really get down
there because it is kind of a steep hill it’s a little bit hard to see on the
camera but check that out guys let me know in the comments do you
have any idea what that could be that thing looks really interesting to find
out here in the middle of the forest alright guys so I made it back and I
grabbed some firewood here I got some larger pieces as well as some smaller
twigs so I think what I’m gonna do is I’m actually gonna make the fire in this
kind of little basket here so it’s easier to control and also keeps
everything all in one place I know it’s got our fire going now we got a nice
little cooking fire on the way so I’m gonna open up a can of beans and start
heating this up over the fire this is gonna be so good all right guys let’s
get our beans nice and propped up here on the side and we’re just gonna let
that heat up while Logan eats his fruit loops
alright guys like I said fruit loops for breakfast is the best breakfast mmm
fire just about 1l but they’ve got the beans nice and toasty as you can see
it’s almost like bubbling at the top here they’re kind of boiling a little
bit I can enjoy some nice beans Wildside my box for while surviving in the woods
I don’t know what more you can want on a nice breakfast Ted how is it Jake
those are delish is it everything you hoped weren’t perfect and before I put
the fire out I do want to remind you that if you are ever making a fire make
sure you have parents supervision and make sure you always have a way to put
out the fire because something like that could turn into a big fire very quickly
so we got our water here I’m gonna use to put out the fire to make sure it’s
all nice and out and then we’ll get to target practice by the way Logan I hope
you know this but did you know there was a kidnapping in these woods
kidnapping it’s okay though he woke up oh you mean there was a kid taking a nap
in the forest funny joke alright Jake so while you were out getting sticks for
your bean fire I was making this target so I thought we could have a target
practice with my nerf gun versus your bow and arrow you think my dollar-store
fallen arrows can’t take on your dollar store plastic blaster things do we each
get three shots from this side of the fort let’s pretend that this target over
here is a bear coming and attacking or forth now we’re gonna see whose item
would have been better closest to the target wins we add up the points after
three shot shot number one where you cut that out right nope there’s no cutting
that out that was shot number one G and so far you are definitely losing right
shut number two shot shot number two shot number two number number three
well that one goes bark now it is time for my blaster and I mean I just gotta
hit the target to win in three two why miss miss miss miss oh yeah it looks
like Logan may have won this challenge I mean these are dollar store items so
next time though maybe I lost two maybe I’ll have to step it up buy something a
little bit different but but guys I think this is where we’re gonna be
ending off this 24-hour forest survival challenge it has been a bunch of fun it
has been really cool it has been really scary we have had so much fun and
learned a lot of experience and of course guys like I mentioned below if
you guys think we should do like a survival week where we keep adding on to
the fort and keep expanding hit the like button down below because guys we are
ramping up so that we can do a winter camping slash dog sledding challenge it
is gonna be so on and we’ll see you guys next time for another awesome video

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