10 Unexplained Archaeological Discoveries

10 Unexplained Archaeological Discoveries

10 Unexplained Archaeological Discoveries NUMBER 10: THE DEVIL’S BIBLE The Codex Gigas [Codex Gee-gas], also known
as The Devil’s Bible, is an object surrounded by myth and mystery. Legend has it that the text was written by
a 13th century monk on the orders of the devil. The monk supposedly wrote the book in a single
night, and Satan marked it with a portrait of himself. It is estimated that such a manuscript – which
was written on over 160 animal skins and requires two people to lift – would have taken approximately
30 years to write. Bizarrely, analysis found that the handwriting
remains remarkably even throughout the bible, implying that it was written by a single person
over a very short period of time. NUMBER 9: THE PIRI REIS [Pi-ree Rays] MAP Discovered in 1929, this curious map was written
in 1513 by Piri Reis [Pi-ree Rays], an admiral of the Turkish navy. The map depicts Europe, North Africa, the
coast of Brazil, and even Antarctica – although it’s thought that the continent wasn’t
discovered until more than 300 years later. Mysteriously, the map describes Antarctica’s
features in meticulous detail, including areas that have been covered in ice for the last
6000 years. Scientists are baffled by how Piri Reis would
have been able to map out the landscape beneath the ice as accurately as he did. NUMBER 8: THE ANTIKYTHERA MECHANISM [Anti-kith-era] The Antikythera [Anti-kith-era] Mechanism,
dubbed the ‘first computer’, is a clock-like machine that was discovered near the Greek
island of Antikythera in 1902. The 2000-year-old instrument is believed to
have been used by Ancient Greek scientists to predict astronomical positions. Its design
is so complex that its discovery forced a re-evaluation of our understanding of ancient
engineering capabilities. What is especially mysterious about the mechanism
is that no contemporary documentation mentions it, nor have any earlier prototypes been discovered. Also, the technology behind the mechanism
was strangely forgotten, as no comparable inventions existed until the fourteenth century. NUMBER 7: THE RONGORONGO WRITING Believed to be a form of early writing, the
rongorongo glyphs are a series of wooden carvings discovered in 1864 on Easter Island. Despite several attempts by experts, nobody
has ever been able to decipher the meaning of the symbols. If the cryptic symbols do turn out to be writing,
they would constitute one of only three or four times that humans independently developed
systems of writing. Some scholars also believe that translating
the glyphs may offer an insight into why the early civilization of Easter Island collapsed. But, with translation efforts exhausted, it
looks unlikely that we will ever be able to find out their true meaning. NUMBER 6: BAGHDAD BATTERY The Baghdad Battery is a ceramic pot that
was found near Baghdad in Iraq, along with a metal rod and a tube. It was speculated that it may have been used
for coating silver objects with gold, through a process called electroplating. Modern experiments
on replicas of the vase show that this would have been theoretically possible. As the items have been dated to between 250
BC and 224 AD, the existence of such technology could evidence an understanding of electricity
much earlier than previously thought. Another possible explanation for the pot is
that it was a storage vessel for sacred scrolls, but there is no absolute proof for either
theory. NUMBER 5: ROMAN DODECAHEDRONS First reported in the early 18th century,
116 dodecahedral Roman artifacts have been discovered in various locations, ranging from
Wales to Hungary. The bizarrely-shaped objects are all made
of either bronze or stone and range from 4cm to 11cm in size. There is a great degree of mystery around
what the objects were used for. Because many were found in temples, some speculate
that they are of religious significance. Other ideas include children’s toys, instruments
of war, candlestick holders, or even knitting aids. However, because there are no accounts of
them in Roman records, historians are unable to definitively prove what their purpose was. NUMBER 4: THE LONGYOU GROTTOES [long-yoo grott-oze] The Longyou Grottoes are a series of manmade
caves in China, which date back to 212 BC. Covering a massive 30,000 square meters and
including a series of rooms, bridges, and pools, their discovery in 1992 represented
one of the largest underground excavations ever. Archeologists, engineers, historians, and
geologists have all investigated the grottoes, but – mysteriously – no one has any idea
how they were constructed. It’s been estimated that it would have taken
1,000 people, working day and night over six years to complete the caves. Yet no tools
have ever been found in the area and there isn’t a single reference to them in any
documents from the era. NUMBER 3: YONAGUNI MONUMENT [Yo-nah-goo-nee] The Yonaguni Monument is an underwater pyramid-shaped
structure that was discovered off the coast of Japan in 1986. Leading experts disagree on whether the structure
is man made or a natural rock formation. Professor Masaaki Kimura [Mas-are-key Kim-oo-rah]
of the University of the Ryukyus [Ree-ooh-cus] points to the structure’s steps and columns
as evidence that humans constructed it when the area was above sea level some 10,000 years
ago. But Boston’s Dr Robert Schoch [Shock], on
the other hand, argues that water erosion and earthquakes could have caused these formations. There is insufficient evidence on both sides
of the debate to offer an undeniable conclusion. NUMBER 2: COSTA RICA STONE SPHERES Ranging in diameter from a few centimeters
to over 2 ½ meters, these perfect stone spheres are among the world’s most famous unexplainable
discoveries. They were first noted in the 1940s and since
then over 300 have been found, scattered throughout the Costa Rican jungle. They date back to
between 500 and 1500 BC, and no one knows what they were made for. One theory is that they were distributed by
people familiar with astronomical alignments, because of the way they were carefully arranged. However, since the majority of the spheres
have been moved from their original locations, it is impossible to further test this idea. NUMBER 1: THE SEWER OF BABIES In 1988 archaeologists excavating an Ancient
Roman sewer under a bathhouse in Ashkelon, Israel, made a haunting discovery: the skeletons
of nearly 100 newborn babies. None of the bodies showed evidence of disease
or skeletal malformation, implying that they had not died of natural causes. Due to the regularity of female infanticide
in Ancient Rome, initial suspicions were that the sewers had been used as a mass grave for
unwanted daughters. However, when it emerged that a large proportion of the bones belonged
to boy babies, archaeologists were stumped. To this day, nobody knows why such a large
number of bodies would be found in this specific location.

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  1. The Devil's bible is downright creepy af…
    The way they explain how it was done… Its clear something mystical happened here… Its such an implausible story… Yet here it is…
    Very creepy….
    One of THOUSANDS of items & monuments from the ancient past that we have no explanation for…
    If you beleive we have been lied to at worst or misinformed at best… Check out DTTV Studios… They have some amazing videos… Approx 20-40 min long… SO SO GOOD!!!

  2. that is not what the devil would look like. Lucifer was an angel of the lord, the one with the most time spent on creating. he would be beautiful, not hideous

  3. No one truly knows are history there are alot of things that they hide n tell us wat they want to hear . N the fact that the u.s. really think that they can tell other races about there history

  4. 40000 years later archaeologists find a box of glittery fluffy slime
    Archeologist: what is this non sticky substance that looks so fascinating

  5. Wow there is a fountain here in Lincoln Nebraska where the old courthouse is. Two columns have something similar to this. Leaves under a pine cone top. If you look closely one of the leaves below it is missing an acorn. Must be representation of souls.

  6. Unfortunately, archaeology is limited only to about 3200 BC. Before that, everything is mysterious. Even the ancient writing and pictographs can’t be deciphered. There’s a lot of history in those lost and forgotten years.

  7. May be we are reliving again and again on this matrix of birth and death. The previous civilisations developed, reached a level of technology and boom , it is the nature of everything around. It ends, it comes back and goes again and then come back again.

  8. the last one is that this place was for throwing babies actually. prostitution has always been the oldest job. unwanted child were born and the prostitutes needed to live. hence this sewer

  9. Number 1 likely has to do with the birth of Christ, and when King Herod had all the male newborns put to death in an attempt to kill Jesus….

  10. lol at the section about the sewer babies, and the video footage and pictures of nothing but adult skeletons. Was someone too precious about baby skeletons and complained, like history isnt full of gory stuff.

  11. Nah man, those spheres… made by Kaioh’s before attaining the title. Only hands and feet are used to give the stone a spherical shape

  12. Hello my brothers and sisters look what Jesus promises to those who will pray this prayers! God bless you all! https://www.theworkofgod.org/Devotns/bridget_12years.htm

  13. The sewer of babies. The only explanation I have for that was back when Rome was conquered 410AD the enemies rounded up all the boy babies so Rome couldn’t ever rebuild its self cause back then Women DIDNT FIGHT IN WAR. So the killed off the city of boy babies so they couldn’t rebuild its army.

  14. A good chunk of these would probably not be a mystery if the library of Alexandria would have survived. Thanks to the "religion of peace" we were set back a couple of centuries.

  15. During the narration about skeletons of newborn babies being found – footage of adult skulls with full rows of teeth is shown. Not the best photo to pretend to be an illustration for this narration. Just totally wrong.

  16. Easter island's society is said to have collapsed because of complete deforestation of the island causing the land to erode into the ocean.

  17. First of all most of the items they're talking about they carbon dated in order to try to figure out how old they are except carbon dating has already been proven to be a hoax in order to carbon-date something they have to know exactly how much carbon was in the atmosphere when it died it's a giant guessing game they have no idea what they're doing it's been that way forever just like archaeology it's a giant game they don't know anything of what they're talking about it's like dinosaurs they'll find one bone and then they believe this is what the thing look like but they have no clue if it's what it actually looked like this is the problem with believing stuff without doing any research on your own

  18. Again this so-called battery you cannot date these things it's impossible to do that carbon dating is a form 13th century Alchemy it is a laughingstock, do not believe most of the stuff they say in this video because most of it is bull crap

  19. This is… inaccurate or misleading in several cases. The Piri Reis map doesn't show Antarctica, it's a faulty rendering of South America, hence the warm features mentioned. Scholars have agreed on this for a long time. Your research is intentionally shoddy for sensationalism.

  20. Codex gigas is Latin of big book, that book is big and exists in national library of Sweden in Stockholm…

    Is old manuscript, is between old and New Testament codex gias..

  21. We can’t tell if those patterns are a language or not? They were repeating patterns though. There are algorithms to detect if repeating patterns are language or not. It’s used in SETI. So I don’t know why we do not understand whether or not those patterns are a language.

  22. The sewer of babies was actually the boys that were killed by the pharaoh in moses' time. It was stated in the qur'an that the pharaoh was given a prophecy that a boy will emerge and oppose him. After that he ordered his men to kill all newborn boy babies to avoid this prophecy. But the mother of moses hid him in a chest and put it in the river. Then the wife of the pharoah found moses and told the pharaoh to not kill tha boy baby if he truly loves her, then moses grew up to be a prophet and the story goes on.

  23. In number 1, remember that when Jesus was born, Herod attempted to assassinate him, so he ordered the deaths of all males who were 2 or younger. This also took place in where modern Israel is located, so its possible that all those skeletons found in the sewer were all the babies killed by Herod.

  24. People, do keep in mind that most of the claims made in this/these videos are false, twisting of reality, or plain inventions . They do not cite sources, they do not verify their claim. They don't give a crap about being true or honest: they're in for the views only.

  25. 1:50 Always claiming other people's inventions. If the ancient "greeks" did it then how come the modern greeks have no clue. Simple…the "greeks" stole that too.

  26. 5:22
    …if home depot was abandoned for three hundred plus years, would any tools be found in the area?

    Think people. Don't let these morons do it for you.

  27. Some guy from the future: "The Nokia" a strange ancient cellphone that is believed to be unbreakable most people think that it is made out of "bedrock" which is a block from Minecraft but nobody can exactly explain how it is made or what it is made out of

  28. The sewer of babies could be from when in biblical times ancient Egyptians threw the newborn baby Hebrew boys into Rey joke to drown and the bodies have floated down to Israel’s
    Sorry I know I’m wore just a theory

  29. When i look at this stuff, it's like people forget the Library of Alexandria existed. Like that thing was FILLED to the brim with forgotten knowledge. Ancient people were smarter than us now but folks don't wanna have that conversation.

  30. In the time of Moses, people used to bury their sons instead of daughters so that the rulers didn't have any enemies from the land. This explains the last one 💁🏻‍♀️

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