12 Rules For Life by Jordan Peterson 📖 Book Summary

12 Rules For Life by Jordan Peterson 📖 Book Summary

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  1. this is for “visual learners” aka the non gifted children you went to school with. read the damn book and think for yourselves.

  2. Was hoping for a more in-depth analysis of the themes in the book. Found the video rather boring. (In comparison to the actual insight I got from reading the book)

  3. Well… kids are not stupid
    There is Never reason to slap em. talk to them they are far smarter and understanding then you imagine.. as for the plug example, grabing the fork may work just fine. But it will do nothing for future silly kids actions if you do not spend the time of explaining the why..

  4. Although I like your videos, I would recommend to anybody to read the actual book.. you cannot even scratch the surface of this book in a 10 minutes video… trust me, – a random guy from YouTube.

  5. hanging out with people, trusting them and never getting away only because you know them for a long time is one of the biggest mistakes a young person could make

  6. What to do if your kid is trying to fork a plug socket?
    Step 1. Get something to record the situation.
    Step 2. Set up recording device so the situation can be watched later.
    Step 3. In a calm but firm voice say, "Please refrain from trying to fork that plug socket.
    If the child ignores you, wait for the ZAP!
    Zap! The little idiot lives.
    They'll never do it again.
    Zap! The little idiot dies.
    They'll never do it again.
    Problem solved.

  7. Dude, good video but don’t tell viewers to get you hits by tweeting the original author. Your essentially trying to redirect value to yourself. I can only imagine the cognitive dissonance in your head.

  8. “If you fulfill your obligations everyday you don’t need to worry about the future.” – Jordan Peterson

  9. Nice animation but far too simplistic of a summary of a book which does pursue more complexity and rationale. This video is less than the reading of Cliff Notes in substitution for reading the actual book.

  10. I've just reveived my book in french. i am very dissapointed since i discover it's a religion book. I am not a beliver, I have the sentiment that i lost my money! Every 3 pages, he talks of the bible !

  11. Hitting kids is fine. Face isn't cool but that ass tho, is all game boi. Don't hit too hard. And only in dangerous scenarios or when they do extremely dumb and screwed up shit.

  12. Peterson didn’t say to “make your own meaning”, Nietche did. (Peterson would object to the idea that you can make your own values)

  13. well Indian parents won't think for a second for hitting you..though what is necessary is combination of both is needed subtle as well as strict when required..bcz one shud love as well as respect their parents

  14. I totally failed to understand what he says in the example where he takes the dog to the vet. I just cannot understand his accent and I suspect that even if I did, I would still fail to understand what the hell was being said re the doctor and the vet. I also suspect that pursuing it wold not be worth the effort. Anyway, like an idiot, I tried listening another 3 times and still; not a bleeding clue what the hell he is talking about other than something about distrusting the vet as much as the doctor??????? Yet again, regarding the final Rules 10 and 11, I could neither understand his terrible accent nor what the hell point was being made.

    As usual Peterson has the ability to make the basics of life sound like Quantum Mechanics, rendering most of what is said totally incomprehensible. I come away from listening to this video still scratching my head, wondering what most of the rules were about. Then again…should I care???

  15. Ill throw something on boy face to stay him away from current and latter explain him politely that this thing is harm for you and scare him so latter he won't do that

  16. Having read the book a year ago and then watching this video to recap the rules I'm very impressed with this summary. Naturally a lot was dropped so that the video wasn't 3 hrs long but the main points and general narrative of each chapter was successfully captured in my opinon.

  17. Congratulations Brandon on getting through your existential crisis and as well for having the courage to share with others your struggle. I'm sure this inspires others facing similar challenges and I trust that by now you realize your work brings a lot of value to other people's lives, probably far more than you can imagine. Keep up the good work!

  18. I think a slap in the face in order to save a life is more than justified. Making this suggestion is putting a lot of faith in the listener, which is great. However, I'm wondering what are the limits of such faith. How many people are going to take it the wrong way and hit children when they aren't in serious danger?

  19. There is no reason ever to hit your children and it won't make them better persons at all. If you hit your child it only shows you are not in control of the situation. And it will only show your child that violence is a solution. You really have to find other ways to show them right from wrong. Hitting someone is always wrong. Can't believe grown up people even question that. It makes me sick.

  20. quick, kick Jimmy in the neck, before he electrocutes himself and you have to call 911 who will in turn call the ambulance and the police who will in turn complete a report that either says you are a negligent parent because you didn't follow your first instinct, which was, (ironically), to kick him in the neck.

  21. http://www.threelly.com/ Threelly uses state of the art A.I. to analyze videos for key insights: topics, scenes, people, sentiments, and much more.

  22. 5:08 – "Pursue please, lie, cheat…", 5:35 – "Tell the truth, or at least don't lie". Illustrates how much of a scam motivational crap and self improvement books and "10 ways to become a better shmuck" videos are. I like your series, please pick another topic, that would make US better.

  23. This does not pay justice to the book, the book is much richer and engaging. I would recommend people to read it.

  24. What a missed opportunity, this video could have looped for 10 hours but you can only be bothered by 9 minutes lol!

  25. I love that you did an entire video of J.P. but you didn't mention Carl Jung. Didn't think that was even possible. Props to BRANDON

  26. I doubt that ive ever met anyone that wanted the best for me. Most male friends just want friends as a means to an end which is actually getting girls. 🙁

  27. I think you should have actually explained rule 11, simply because not everyone would know what the quote was supposed to mean. I surely didn't

  28. An l s d trip on a bus gave me nihilism for 2.5 years until the age of 23 when I started thinking of my value and future contributions to the world.

  29. I really enjoyed reading this book. Your Summary is a good refresher. Thank you One Percent Better. I have a book coming out in December of this year, I hope that I will find enough success for you to to review it one day! hahah. It is called "All the Reasons I Hate My 28-Year-Old Boss."

    Here is a link to a motivational video I think you will enjoy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nw8kha4m8D0

  30. What do you mean he "supposedly" criticized the legislation? He has been an outspoken critic of it. He released a YouTube statement (Professor Against Political Correctness), testified before a Senate committee and has spoken on countless podcasts/news shows about it.

  31. Aug 2019
    …JP is NOT direct in his answers. He assumes a lot. Almost all the chapters had me asking, YES, BUT HOW? He does not really help you apply the rules in a practical way. And there are statements that seem contrdictory.
    Another thing: in his topic, Rescuing the Damned, he was NOT clear on WHEN is the right time to help a person? Anyway, JP is just another self-help guru. He's intelligent though.

  32. I heard a dig on kratom in there that supplement has been with me through major life changes for the better remember its how u use it

  33. thanks. i was worried that this book people were recommending was just mom advice. you confirmed it. man, i got to write my own advice book and start a cult. it cant be this easy

  34. Rule 1: He said "shoulders back", not "hands on hips". It helps to know what a spirit is. (:D The Holy Spirit can convict my conscience and subdue my flesh, while comfortingly blowing through my soul…

  35. Everyone has a unique way of thinking, there are no two people the same. We all try to coexist, and the best ways are the ones that are in general good for everyone. The way he delivers his message is more like of a father figure, speaking loudly with pathos, and is what resonates with the male audience. He is saying a lot of good things, and some that I don't find as the best ideas or solutions to some dominant problems people have these days. But, if he helps some people with these "rules" good. I just have a few remarks and additions to these rules which from my experience are beneficial.

    2 better said: you are responsible for your own happiness. Treat yourself with respect, which may be a rule of its own.

    4 aim always for the best you can be. And, if you want to compare yourself to someone, compare yourself to who you want to be, not the yesterday You unless you want to get stuck in the past and what to creat same old.

    5 is highly debatable, you are fickle, people are fickle, and that's not a measure to teach your kid good social skills. You don't like lots of things, you have bad days, other people have their own agenda, so if you teach that kid that "you have to behave the way I like it or else…" later he will get crazy by trying to please you, or everyone, in order to be accepted. That's a recipe for disaster, especially if you are an aggressive parent, that's the way to create a people pleasure, or a neurotic child. Rule 5 should be: teach your child values( supposing you know some ) and don't let your kids do things that you know will be hurtful for them. If it happens that you want to stop the kid doing things you don't like, be authoritative, not aggressive, and don't slap him. That will teach him the same technic of reacting to others, that's the way to create a bully behaviour in your child.

    12 indulge in light, playful things, don't do only stressful, boring things, don't take life too seriously. It may also say, be kind whenever you can with everyone, pets or humans. Indulge in gestures of kindness, which stimulates the production of serotonin making you happier.

    I think another important life rule to abide by is, treat others the way you want to be treated because everything in life goes full circle. What you give is what you receive. But let's say, simplifying life down to a few good rules, is a good start. Sincerely from Toronto, with one R 🙂

  36. Slapping the child is okayed here because the person advocating the slap was beaten as a child.
    The answer:
    It's just as easy to grab the fork as to deliberately cause a person (even a little person) pain.

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