#13 ‘My Dream Is To Travel With My Second Hand Book Shop’ (Daniel)  [ENG subs]

#13 ‘My Dream Is To Travel With My Second Hand Book Shop’ (Daniel) [ENG subs]

My name is Daniel De Jesus For more than 10 years I work with used books in Paraty. We call it ‘sebo’. I already worked at fixed places. I had a book shop, but I could not pay the rent anymore. The rents here in Paraty are very high. Too high for me. So I was looking for a bus. As I wanted to buy a newspaper kiosk… it’s very expensive. This is impossible for people like me who work on the street. So I had the idea with that bus. The motor of this bus burnt down. So I made a deal with the ex owner of that bus. I saved all the money I made in a whole season, went there and gave him the money for the bus. …and I did book shelves. It took two years more to restore the bus: The sunblind, the stage on top… So the goal is to move the bus from time to time. And I already did move the bus to other places. And now my Dream: My Dream is to buy another bus with an engine. In order to go for a city drive and reach other destinations.

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