15 Ways to Save Money 💵

15 Ways to Save Money 💵

Hey everyone! Welcome back to Lavendaire. It’s Aileen. One of my favorite parts of creating your dream life is having financial freedom
and creating financial abundance. That means having enough money so that
you don’t have to worry or stress about how you’re going to pay your bills, having more than enough money so that you
can live comfortably and happily. To make it super simple: Two ways to make more money is to
1) make more money, or 2) save more money. So today I’ve partnered up with Ebates to share 15 ways that you can save more money in your life. So let’s start with 1) Use cash instead of credit cards. We live in a digital culture where it’s so
easy to swipe your credit cards, buy something online, even pay your friends
back using your phone, that we sometimes don’t realize
how much we are spending. It just looks like a random number and you’re like,
“Okay, click click click.” It’s super easy. So using cash instead of using your credit card will help you realize how much you’re spending, and when you see that amount of money in cash, it just seems like so much more money because
of the physical paper. It just feels more substantial and more real. Also, when you use cash, you’re spending money
that you already have. And when you use credit cards, you’re kind
of using borrowed money, money that you don’t have to pay at that moment
and that can be very dangerous: making you spend more than you actually have
and you can go down that slippery slope of getting into credit card debt which is
the worst type of debt to be in because it’s so high interest and you’re just
going to be paying so much extra money that just does not make sense. It’s not smart. Pay your full credit card bills off, you guys. 2) Write down all of your spending,
all of your expenses, on paper. Take time to look at your past transactions and really keep track of how much you’re spending. See where your money’s going. How much are you spending on food? How much are you spending on Amazon or groceries? It can surprise you, and this is your chance
to bring awareness to this area so that you can see where you can start to cut back. From there you can start to set new budgets
for yourself and kind of make it like a game. See if you can spend maybe $100 less
on food this month or whatever categories you think you might
be overspending in. This brings me to my next point which is
3) Cancel any unnecessary subscriptions. You might just be subscribed to something that you don’t realize you’re subscribed to or something that you don’t use anymore, that
you can technically cancel or put on hold. For example, I realized that I haven’t shopped
on Thrive Market as much anymore, so I’m planning on cancelling that annual subscription. And I also use Audible, but because I’ve collected
so many credits for audiobooks over time, I realized that I can actually downgrade my plan into paying every other month for an audiobook,
vs. every month. So that suits me better and it saves me money. 4) Always Google a coupon code. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve saved
money using this trick. I never check out without Googling
for a special promo code first because I just know that there are so many
promos and coupon codes out there. So for example: There was this YouTube convention
last year that was pretty pricey. Say, the convention was $400 to attend. I was about to pay that $400 to attend that event,
but instead I was like, “Hm, let me Google this and see if there’s
any coupon codes out there.” So I ended up finding this guy
who was speaking at that event, and he turned out to have a special code for
his followers. So I just took that code, inputted it, and my ticket came out to be half the price. So I saved $200 just by a quick Google search. Tip 5) Use Ebates to get cash back on your purchases. You can actually get up to 15% cash back when
you shop online through Ebates. If you haven’t heard of Ebates,
it’s the largest cash back site which partners with over 2500 of
the biggest name brands like Sephora, Amazon, Adidas, Urban Outfitters,
even Coursera, to bring you cash back coupons and promo codes,
all for free. I’ve been using Ebates since 2015. I love that it rewards you for shopping at places that you would normally already shop at. So it’s kind of a no-brainer to use. It feels like free money. Using Ebates is super easy. I personally like to use the Google Chrome extension so that whenever I’m doing some online shopping, then there will be a pop-up letting me know
if that shop has Ebates Cash Back. So there’s just a button that says “Activate Cash Back”. You click it and you’re good to go. You can also get cash back by shopping through
the Ebates website. When you go on the website, there are tons of brands. You just click through it and then you’ll be on the road to getting cash back that way as well. If you want to sign up for Ebates, you can
click that first link in my description box for a $10 welcome bonus after you join for
free, and there’s also a giveaway. So click that second link if you want to enter my $100 Visa gift card giveaway,
cosponsored by Ebates. So you must be an Ebates member and subscribed
to my channel to enter. But it’s free money. How exciting, right? Now for the sixth way to save more money:
6) Start building an emergency fund. An emergency fund is a sum of money that is
about 3-6 months-worth of your expenses. So calculate your average monthly expenses
and times that by 3-6. It just depends on whatever number makes you
feel good, whatever number lets you sleep at night. That is your emergency fund to dip into whenever
there is an emergency. The way you start building this is to make a plan to start setting deposits to that emergency fund. You can make this automatic, or it doesn’t
have to be automatic. Start to consciously think of ways to save that money, and then actively transfer it to your emergency fund. Trust me, once you start thinking about it,
the ideas will come and before you know it, you’ll be on the way to building that emergency
fund safety net and you’ll be good to go. 7) Schedule your shopping allowance. This is a way to limit your shopping habits. So instead of shopping whenever you feel like it or whenever you’re bored,
set a schedule for your shopping. Allow yourself to buy clothes once every other
month or once every three months. Maybe every quarter when there’s a new season,
that’s your opportunity to start shopping. Whatever, you make up the rules that work for you. What you can do is start adding items to your
shopping list. Just use any list-making app, and write down things that you want to buy
as you think of them. Don’t buy them right then. Just put them on your list like, “Oh, I need new socks,”
or “a new blender”. Put these all in your list and schedule a day in your calendar to let yourself shop. That will help control any impulse buying. And it will help you be a more calculated
and planned-out shopper. 8) Wait it out. So if you don’t like the previous tip on scheduling
your shopping allowance, you can also apply this tip to “Wait it out”. Give yourself 14-30 days after you want to
buy something to actually buy it. This also helps curb that shopping impulse,
if you don’t do any impulsive shopping. So when you want to buy something – say you want to buy a new camera or a new laptop –
really sit on it. Don’t buy it immediately. Take your time, I would say 14-30 days. And then after those days, if you still feel like you want to buy it then make your purchase. That way, you’ll make more informed
and smart choices. 9) Only buy what you really need and what
you’ll really use. I kind of want to counteract the popular belief that shopping in bulk is a way to save more money. Yes, in some cases, it is. But I see a lot of people kind of go overboard with it, people who like to save money like to buy
bulk everything, like “Let me buy 20 paper towels,” or all of this toilet paper or all of these hand creams, all of these bananas, just because they’re on sale. And yes, it might be cheaper per piece, but really think about what you’re going to use and what you really need because if it’s food,
for example, I’ve seen people go crazy with buying a lot of food but the food will eventually expire and you might not eat it all even though it was cheap. I’ve seen my friends buy a lot of hand creams
because they’re all on sale and then they think that they’re going to
keep using those hand creams forever, but they just forget about them and they become
storage and clutter. So really think about buying what you’ll really
need, what you’ll really use. Reconsider buying too many things at once. I just don’t think that you always save that
much money. Plus, it’s just always better for managing your things. 10) Use your public library. This is something that I am looking forward to exploring more because when I was growing up, my mom would take us to the library every
week and we used to check out books. And I really enjoyed that experience, and
when I grew older, I kind of forgot that that public resource
was available to us. I forgot that I could get a library card and
check out books without having to buy them on Amazon or Audible,
and that can actually save a lot of money. Books can get expensive,
especially if you like reading. So consider finding your local library. See if you can get a library card because most libraries have all the books that you want to read. And libraries also have DVDs, movies,
audiobooks, audiotapes. They got more than you think. 11) Plan your meals around grocery store sales. This was a tip that I picked up from a friend recently, and I just never thought about it before. If you look at your local grocery store, they
always have certain items on sale. Maybe you can find the coupons you get in the mail. And plan your meals around what’s on sale. My friends invited us over for dinner. They cooked this steak – and it was a huge
steak that they got for like $6.99/lb, which if you were to order that at a restaurant,
it’d be like $50-60. And it was because that steak was on sale
and they shopped based on what was on sale. And they were like, “Oh yeah, come over next time!” And then we asked, “Oh, what should we cook?” And they’re like, “I don’t know,
whatever’s on sale that week!” So I was like, “Oh! That’s actually pretty smart.” And I think that’s a tip that you guys can start trying out and let me know how it goes. 12) Buy used instead of new. This is a common tip, but I think there are a lot of used things that we don’t typically realize is used. For example: If you look on Poshmark,
there’s a lot of makeup palettes and things like that that aren’t really used – they’re just opened and the people don’t use them – so they resell them on Poshmark for a lot cheaper. I personally bought a lot of things new and
realized that I didn’t like it or need it, but I wasn’t able to return it,
so I just sold it on Poshmark for a lot cheaper than I got it and it was
better for both parties because it’s new but it’s cheap for the customer, and I didn’t need it anymore and I still made
some of my money back. So whether you’re on either ends of that spectrum, you can definitely save money by buying used or selling something that you don’t use anymore. 13) Make your own vs. buying. DIY whatever you can. Usually DIY does save you money. In some cases, you spend more money trying
to DIY things, buy just to put it super simply: cooking at home, making your own food vs. buying your own food. Making your own clothes if you’re so talented
at sewing vs. buying clothes. Making whatever you think you can. Personally for me, I like making hand soaps,
cleaner sprays, things with essential oils. That’s because I’m more comfortable with that realm. But I’ve definitely made clothes for myself. I’ve definitely made a lot of random DIYs. Artwork, I’ve DIYed. There’s a lot of ways you can get creative
if you’re willing to put in the work yourself. 14) Learn to cut or do your own hair. You can save a lot of money from going to
the hair salon by just cutting your own hair, whether it’s trimming your own bangs
or doing a full chop. There are so many YouTube videos teaching you how to cut your hair, how to layer it evenly. Or if you’re not comfortable with that, you can always ask a friend to help do it for you. Personally, for the past 4 or 5 years,
I’ve dyed my own hair. I would bleach it, I would tone it, put color in it. So I learned all of that myself, just through
looking up hair forums and YouTube tutorials. This is my first year of letting someone else do my hair because I’m luckily more financially abundant, I can pay for someone to do my hair so I don’t
have to mess up my own hair. But for a good amount of years, I was doing
it myself and saving so much money. I still tone my own hair and color my own hair too. The only thing I get done is the bleach because
that’s tough to do yourself in the back. For example: Toning my hair at home costs like $10, just using the products I can buy off Amazon. Toning my hair at a hair salon costs $100, so you can see how much money I save just
by toning my hair myself. I cut my bangs myself. I tone and color it. I still do a lot of those things myself. My last tip for today is to get social and 15) Swap with a friend, whether you want to
swap clothing, swap books, swap – I don’t know – a vacuum? Cleaning supplies? Whatever you can swap, lend out, borrow,
do that with a friend so that you don’t have to buy everything for yourself. You can save so much money by sharing items
that you don’t normally use every single day. That could also be a great opportunity to
bond with friends and get to know them on a deeper level because
you’re sharing the same things, always calling each other up, sharing your styles. It could be so much fun. Alright, I hope you liked this video on 15
ways to save more money. Definitely, definitely share your tips on
how to save money down below in the comments. I want to learn new tricks, new tips and strategies
to save money. So feel free to share! I will see you guys next time, and don’t forget to click the link down below to try out Ebates. And also enter that giveaway for the $100 Visa gift card. I love you guys so much. See you next time. Bye!

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  1. I love using my local library – the more we use them, the better their services could get! If they don't have the item in you want, request it and they may purchase it!

  2. With hair and beauty treatments – get it done by an apprentice as they need people to learn on and either charge a small amount or offer certain services for free

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  9. There is a website called honey, it has a Google chrome extension and basically what it does is it finds coupon codes for you before you complete check out. Sometimes you do have to look for codes but this makes it a bit easier.

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  11. I'm lucky, I come from a decently rich family. My parents gave me a house, and I rent it out for 2.5k a month. I dont really know what its like to struggle financially. The problem is saving my money, that's something I need help on, thanks.

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  16. https://www.ebates.ca/referrer?referrerid=Vd8B%2F6Vi%2B4c%3D&src=Link this link can help you save money on Ebates .ca plus you get 5 dollars for signing up

  17. But for tip 1: I use my debit card instead of cash so in a sense I'm still using the money I have. However I do plan to get a credit card and I will start making small purchases with it, because I know if I have a good credit score I may get a lot of benefits in return.

  18. I disagree with #1 because 1. with credit cards you get cash back through point rewards 2. It helps build your credit 3. If you lose cash you’re out of luck, if you lose a credit card you can just cancel the card and sometimes even fight the charges if the card is stolen. 4. It’s a waste of time always going to the bank and getting cash. I personally don’t find I spend any less when using cash.

  19. Some of the best ways I saved money was by going minimal- l used to shop for leisure before at factory outlets thinking I was saving money- and cooking at home- I downloaded this app called mealime which lets u select meals with recipes and then totals up your grocery list so u can do a one off shopping trip for your entire week. I also cut down on my meat intake to 2-3 times a week when previously it was practically everyday.

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  29. Honey Coupon is a great resource – it browses all the coupon websites when you're at checkout to find the best deal! I use it all the time, especially when ordering food delivery.

  30. I would like to add one more tip, for saving money, use cash instead of debit cards also, as when you spend with actual cash, it pinches more to spend that much money than if you are spending via electronic means.

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