2013 Project for Awesome:  Expanding Your Horizons

2013 Project for Awesome: Expanding Your Horizons

Hello Everyone. Today is December 17, which
means it’s time for the Project for Awesome!!! It is thus the perfect time for me to introduce
you to an organization that is near and dear to my heart: Expanding Your Horizons, or EYH.
EYH is a day-long conference designed to inspire middle-school-aged girls to become scientists,
technolog-ists, engineers, and mathematicians – basically to inspire them to pursue careers
in the so-called STEM disciplines. These conferences take place all over the United States. There
are even some held in Europe and Asia! All of them are about doing science. These girls
aren’t just sitting through a bunch of lectures. They’re thinking about the physics of bubbles,
dissecting brains, examining pen inks with chromatography, programming robots, and feeling
around cow digestive tracts, among other things. These girls are engaged, and they’re realizing
that STEM fields are accessible to them, even if societal cues continue to tell them otherwise.
And, of course, they’re having fun. I’ve included ALL THE LINKS! below if you’d like to learn
more about EYH. In particular this includes a list of all the ninety-or-so EYH conferences
that are held every year. So check it out, tell every middle-school-aged girl you know
about your local EYH, consider making a donation or volunteering the day of the conference,
and like everyone involved in Expanding Your Horizons, Don’t Forget to Be Awesome. Happy
Project for Awesome Everyone! End screen plug for EYH Cornell! I’m the Media Chair for the
2014 Cornell Expanding Your Horizons conference, so if you’d like to watch an EYH-in-action,
you can follow EYH Cornell on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

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  1. You guys have to stop doing really awesome and interesting visual stuff on the livestream while we're supposed to be over here commenting.

  2. butterflies are badasses. They have scales, and drink blood, and if only they could breathe fire then they would be modern day dragons…My god I think butterflies are Dragons! Tiny beautiful dragons! 

  3. Colorful tabs, people. Instead of reading, you can just (for example) remember that your P4A tab is red, your livestream tab is blue, etc.

  4. such an awesome cause- as a high school junior (or Y12 if you are from england) this is just the kinda thing i wish i had known about when i was younger as i attempt to apply for STEM courses at university 🙂

  5. Sweet!  Thank you for posting this!  We need to encouraging girls and women to join the STEM fields more!  Pretty sure Emily Graslie is gonna love this if she sees it.  @thebrainscoop 

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