27 Words To Avoid In Sales

27 Words To Avoid In Sales

When it comes to sales, when it comes to closing, there are
words that you wanna use to close, to sell more of
your products and services. And there are words that you
absolutely want to avoid. Today I wanna teach you
something very, very practical. I’m gonna teach you 27 words that you want to avoid in sales. Here we go. Number one, to be honest with you. Have you ever heard of that
one before from a salesperson? Comment below. Just to be honest with you. Right, this is the best
price that we could give you. To be honest with you or
we never give this deal to anybody else. Now, what happens is right after usually to be honest with you,
what you are telling the prospect is, well,
all the conversation you’ve had up to this
point, it’s a lie, right? ‘Cause to be honest
with you, it means what? You have not been honest with
me this whole time, right? You’ve been lying to
me, is this what it is? Or how ’bout this one? To be frank with you. It’s the same idea. Oh, means that you have
not been up front with me? You have not been frank
with me this whole time, the last two hours, the last one hour, or since I’ve known you,
is that what this is? Don’t use that word. Number two, trust me. Have you ever heard of that one? Just trust me on this. Yeah, this is a great
deal, just trust me, man. Trust me. Usually, when people have
to say, oh, trust me, do you trust them? No, right? It’s like, yeah, I’m a
Christian, just trust me. It is such a bad word to use. If you want someone to trust you and if you’re trustworthy, do you have to tell people trust me? No, because your action
speaks louder than your words. Your action would show through. Your action would
demonstrate if a prospect or someone should trust you or not. So don’t use those words,
don’t use trust me. Here’s another one, sorry to bother you. Sorry to bother you. Then why the hell are you bothering me? If you feel so sorry about it then just don’t bother me in the first place. Sometimes I get these phone calls. Oh, you know, sir, sorry to bother you. Then don’t call me, don’t bother me. Like, you hang up. Why are you calling me in the first place? Why are you bothering
me in the first place? Why are you wasting my time? Before you do anything when it comes to closing in sales, usually
the prospect has the power. The closer, the salesperson,
doesn’t have the power. In order to close, in
order to be more effective as a closer, you wanna flip
the table around, right? There’s always one party
that has the higher status than the other party. You wanna level that up, right? The minute you are apologizing, before you say anything, before you
even propose anything, before you give them any solutions, before you find out if you could help them or not, oh, sorry to bother. You see how that immediately
puts you at a lower status. You don’t wanna do that. So don’t use sorry to bother you, don’t have to apologize for what you sell, don’t have to apologize what you can bring to the table, don’t have to apologize if you gonna offer them something. Why? If you believe in what
you do, don’t apologize. Your time as a closer is just
as valuable as the prospect. Just because they give you money, just because they would transact with you, doesn’t mean that your
time is not valuable. People only buy from you
because you could help them solve a problem, that your product or service could help
them solve a problem. That’s it, right? It’s a value and money exchange. You’re not begging. You don’t need to be
apologizing for anything. Another one, just following up. Now, as a salesperson have
you ever used this before? Are you guilty of using these words? Sir, I’m just following up with you. When we talked like three months ago, we talked last year,
I’m just following up. The word follow up, now, you might think, well, what’s wrong with that, Dan? I mean, a lot of people use it. I use it all the time. The problem is this. Think about when someone says that to you. I’m just following up with you. The words follow up, it’s
been used for so long by so many salespeople,
automatically it triggers a response that oh, you’re
trying to sell me something. That’s the problem. Last time you didn’t close
me, you didn’t sell me. Now, this time you wanna sell me. Just following up. Oh, I don’t have time for this, right? Think about you. When someone calls you to
I wanna follow up with you. Oh, my God, right? No, don’t use the word just following up. Go directly, find out what the problem is. You can ask better, more
effective questions. Go watch my other videos. I’ll put a link somewhere here. Watch my other videos
on sales and closing, and you will see there’s so
many better ways to do this. Here’s another word, buy. Buy. See, people love to buy,
they hate to be sold. Even though they love to
buy, but they don’t like the idea of buying because the word buy means that oh, it’s gonna
cost me money, right? Like, I have to spend money, right? So we do love the action,
the act of buying, but the word itself
triggers oh, when you have to buy something I’m
gonna spend money on it. So don’t use the word buy. Do you wanna buy this now? No. Like, oh, like, the minute, even if you kinda wanna buy it, but the word buy just triggers, like, a
lot of, like, uh, tension. So instead what should you say? Own. Own. Or take this home with you. So imagine if I’m selling you this, hey, do you wanna buy this? I don’t know. Would you like to take this home with you? Sure, right? I wanna take this home with me. Would you like to own this? Oh, sure. Would you like to take advantage of this? Oh, sure. Would you like to move forward? Sure. Who doesn’t like to move forward, right? You’re moving forward in life. Oh, would you like to buy this? I don’t know, let me think about it. It triggers a lot of resistance. It triggers fear. So would you like to
take this home with you? Sure. Like, if you’re selling
a car, would you like to take this home with you? Sure. Would you like to buy
this expensive luxury car? No. Would you like to sign a five-year lease so you make payments every month? No. Or would you take this home with you? Sure. Simple, here’s the key right there. Now let’s do the paperwork. See how that works? Another word, contract. That’s right, contract. Now, when I say the word
contract, what comes to mind? Comment below. Oh my God, I’m signing a contract. It’s like 20-page document,
I’m signing my life away. All right, it feels too
serious, it’s too heavy. So instead of say hey, are you ready to sign this contract with me? Like, it’s like, are you
ready to sign your life away? No. Don’t say contract. Agreement. You see, from contract, agreement. Okay, yeah, we can agree on something. Like, just agree. That’s okay. Like, it feels less intimidating,
it feels less pressure. Or I like to use paperwork, right? Instead of hey, would you
like to sign this contract? How ’bout we get the
paperwork out of the way? You see. Oh, paperwork, yeah,
do you like paperwork? I don’t like paperwork. Let’s get it out of the way. Oh, awesome, let’s do that. What does that mean? It means same thing, you’re
signing the contract, you’re signing the agreement. But when you say it,
let’s get the paperwork out of the way, oh, yeah, sure, let’s get the paperwork out of
the way so we can focus on what’s important. See the difference? Another one, I haven’t
heard back from you. I haven’t heard back from you. Now, it may sound so normal,
and a lot of people use it. I haven’t heard back
from you in sales, right? But the thing is, when
you ask that question your prospect knows why you have not heard from him or her. Because they don’t want
you to contact them or they don’t wanna contact you. They already know it. Why do you say something
they already know? Yeah, I have not heard back from you. Yeah, ’cause I’ve been avoiding your call ’cause I did not reply to your texts. Of course I know, right? Why do you bring that up? Automatically it creates
resistance between you and the prospect. So don’t use that word. When you contact your prospect, especially the ones who have not
converted in the past, when you contact them, don’t make them feel guilty, don’t embarrass them. Instead, add value to what they do. It goes beyond then in today’s video, but add value to what they do. When you make a contact, when you do a touch point, always offer something. Always offer something. Don’t make them feel guilty. Offer something, offer something. And then when they are
ready to do business with you, they’ll be like this person has been stay in touch
with me for a long time and adding value. Of course I wanna do
business with this person. It’s a no-brainer now. Another word that you wanna
avoid and that is individual. Individual. Is it individual is a very
cold, institutional word. It’s very, very cold. Oh, I know you are a busy individual. I know you’re a very
successful individual. Do you talk to your friends that way? Hey, do you, individual,
do you wanna go watch this movie together? Do you talk to your wife
this way, individual, right? You don’t do that. So that’s not how you
talk to your friends. That’s not how you talk to the
people that you care, right? It’s a institutional word,
it’s a very cold phrase. Don’t use it. Use more casual, more
conversational words. So eliminate individual
from your vocabulary. Last few words you wanna avoid, and that is we are better
than fill in the blank. We are better than our competitor. We are better than ABC company, right? We are better than him,
we’re better than her. No, never ever put down your competitor because the minute you
do that, you may think well, we are better. We provide better service,
we provide better product. Even though that might be true, even that’s a fact, you
don’t want to say it because your prospect is
thinking oh, of course you’ll say that because you want my sale. You want to close this
sale, you wanna make that commission. Even though it is true,
you don’t wanna say it. You want your prospect
to come to their own conclusions that it is true. So never put down competitor. If anything, I would always
praise the competitor. I do the opposite. When someone tells me, well, you know, what makes you better than ABC competitor? I always reply, I never say,
oh, we are better than them. We’ve been in business longer, we have more experience,
we have better people, we have better quality. Never ever say that. I would say okay, ABC,
they’re good people. Have you ever talked to them? Okay, and how do you like them? So what’s stopping you
from going with them? You see, I don’t have to put them down. There’s a reason why the prospect is on the phone with you,
even up to this point. It means he or she has
not made the decision. That’s why they’re on the phone with you. Otherwise they would’ve
gone with them already. They have not made a decision, they have not pulled a trigger, it means that they are still looking. You are there on the phone with them, so don’t need to put down competitors. Your prospect is thinking. All you need to do is to demonstrate that you understand their problems and you can solve their problems better than whoever your competitors are. Don’t need to tell it,
don’t need to say it. Ask questions and find out. Those are the 27 words you want to avoid in sales or any closing scenario. If you want to learn and understand the exact words that
you actually want to use in sales or closing, click the link below and book a time with
one of my top students, one of my graduates, one of my closers, so they can answer any
questions that you might have. Maybe you want to learn
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for a few golden nuggets that will take your
game to the next level. Or maybe you’ve never
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that you are serious. I believe in there’s no skin
in game, there’s no game. So if you’re actually
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    15 Contract –> Agreement/Let's get the paperwork out of the way.

    21 I haven't heard back from you.

    22 Individual.

    27 We are better than _____.

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