#4    Full Stack Web Development(Get your free unlimited web hosting)

#4 Full Stack Web Development(Get your free unlimited web hosting)

in this video you’re going to set up your free web hosting so far you made some really good progress you understood the structure of a website and you built your very first website but at the moment your website is sitting on your computer as you are using the file protocol which is used by the browser to explore files inside your computer what you would like to do you’d like to place your file in remote server so that people can access it from anywhere in the world so that’s why you need web hosting the result is going to be something like this where people just type a URL and can access your website from anywhere so in this example Facebook has got a file index.php which is placed in the root directory of the facebook domain the extension of this domain is dot-com and we can tell that we are using the root directory because straight after the fourth slash coming up to the domain we’ve caused our file index.php now we are using the HTTP protocol instead of the file protocol HTTP stands for hypertext Transfer Protocol and will allow the browser to communicate with the server and exchange plain text hyper or hypertext is referring to the facts that will cause hyperlinks which are referencing other text inside our texts now the s which you see there stands for secure which is just adding an extra layer to the Transfer Protocol so that when you are exchanging data between the browser and the server it cannot be intercepted by somebody so now before we set up the warehousing we’re going to understand the difference between a domain name and web hosting to do that we’re going to use a simple analogy from a simple real-life example so let’s say but you’d like to buy a book from a bookstore so first you get the address of the bookstore and then you try to find the bookstore probably using a GPS so if you find it you will enter the store and look for your book now depending on whether the book is available or not you may take the book home and read it at the end so this simple example can be converted to the example of a domain or a URL typed by a user to access a website so what’s happening is the URL has got a domain name and a file with the file location on the server when you type this on the browser the browser is going to look for the domain name first now the domain name is the equivalent of the address of the book store so every single domain on the internet has got its own address now if we find the address then we move to the next step which is to check the file location on the hosting server so you’re going to check if this path has got a file called file dos HTML as an example if we find that file then we’re going to download it on our computer or download a copy of it and displays on our computer and this is how it works so to summarize a domain is like an address on the internet web hosting is like a store or a storage area where you place all your files and you webpages so when somebody types a URL with your domain and a path to a file then the browser is going to look for the domain first and then look for the file afterwards in the web hosting now you may buy a domain from one company and web hosting from another that’s absolutely fine all you need to do is make sure that you point your domain to the web hosting you’re gonna be using by using the name servers and that’s something we’re gonna come back to in a bit now just a couple of comments the error that you might find here if the domain is not found is going to be returned by your internet provider because the internet provider is the one trying to find the domain or the address for you at this stage if the file is not found then you’re gonna get an error from the hosting server instead alright now you are ready to set up your free web hosting so to do this you just need to go to the complete web hosting website register and then log in so I’m already research so I’m gonna log in using Facebook and then you just need to go to services order new services and here I’m gonna go for the Platinum package alright so now is gonna ask you to choose a domain so at this stage we chose a web hosting package which will help us upload files to a server and also manage different things like databases emails and so on now the domain again is going to refer to our address on the Internet you can either really set a new domain if you don’t have one which will make you look really professional when sharing projects or work with clients or potential employers if you’ve got a domain already lets you bots with another company you can transfer the domain right if you don’t want to transfer it you can just point the domain to the complete web hosting named service and we’re gonna come back to your name servers in a bit now if you don’t want to use any of those options you can just use a free subdomain from this website now you will need to find a subdomain which is available so I’m gonna try code votes off your code code at UK so let’s see if this one is available all right it’s perfect so this one is available now we will need to enter a promo code to turn the price to zero so you just need to go to the complete web hosting comm four slash students those PHP so if you click on URL then view public profile that’s your URL so just copy it and paste it right there now if you click on passcode let’s make sure you are logged in she looks into udemy you’ll get your passcode so just copy it and PC there now click on gets poacher unless your voucher this click on copy voucher and validates code all right so now the price has turned to zero just click on checkout so just leave everything as it is and complete order congratulations you have just set up your free web hosting so now if you click on continue to claim clients area you will see your domain or subdomain right there so normally you will see only one service I’ve got two because I had one before placing this order all right so in the next video you’re going to explore different features of your hosting package and then you’re going to use a tool which will allow you to exchange files between your computer and the server

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