5 Minute Bedtime Story | MR STRONG MR MEN Read Aloud by Books Read Aloud for Kids

5 Minute Bedtime Story | MR STRONG MR MEN Read Aloud by Books Read Aloud for Kids

Mr Strong By Roger Hargreaves This is the story of Mr Strong. Mr Strong is the strongest person in the whole
wide world. The strongest person there ever has been, and probably the strongest person there ever
will be. He is so strong he can not only bend an iron
bar with his bare hands, he can tie knots in it! Mr Strong is so strong he can throw a cannonball
as far as you or I can throw a tennis ball! Mr Strong is so strong he can hammer nails
into a wall just by tapping them with his finger. Strong by name and strong by nature! And would you like to know the secret of Mr
Strong’s strength? Eggs! The more eggs Mr Strong eats, the stronger he becomes. Stronger and stronger and stronger! Anyway, this story is about a funny thing
that happened to Mr Strong one day. That morning he was having breakfast. And for breakfast he was having…eggs! Followed by eggs. And to finish, he was having – guess what? That’s right. Eggs! That was Mr Strong’s normal breakfast. After his eggy breakfast Mr Strong cleaned
his teeth. And, as usual, he squeezed all the toothpaste out of the
tube. And, as usual, he cleaned his teeth so hard he broke his
toothbrush. Mr Strong gets through a lot of toothpaste
and toothbrushes! After that he decided to take a walk. He put on his hat and opened the front door
of his house. Crash! “What a beautiful day,” he thought to himself
and, stepping outside his house, he shut his front door. Bang! The door fell off its hinges. Mr Strong gets through a lot of front doors! Then Mr Strong went for his walk. he walked through the woods. But, he wasn’t looking where he was going, and walked slap bang into a huge tree. Crack! The huge tree-trunk snapped and the tree thundered
to the ground. “Whoops!” said Mr Strong. He walked into town. And again, not looking where he was going, he walked slap bang straight into a bus, we’d get run over. Wouldn’t we? Not Mr Strong! The bus stopped as if it had run into a brick
wall. “Whoops!” said Mr Strong. Eventually Mr Strong walked through the town
and out into the country. To a farm. The farmer met him in the road looking very
worried. “What’s the matter?” asked Mr Strong. “It’s my cornfield,” replied the farmer. “It’s on fire and I can’t put it out!” Mr Strong looked over the hedge, and sure
enough the cornfield was blazing fiercely. “Water,” said Mr Strong. “We must get water to put out the fire!” “But I don’t have enough water to put a whole
field out,” cried the worried farmer, “and the nearest water is down at the river,
and I don’t have a pump!” “Then we’ll have to find something to carry
the water,” replied Mr Strong. “Is that your barn?” he asked the farmer, pointing to a barn in another field. “Yes, I was going to put my corn in it,” said
the farmer. “But…” “Can I use it?” asked Mr Strong. “Yes, but…,” replied the perplexed farmer. Mr Strong walked over to the barn, and then do you know what he did? He picked it up. He actually picked up the barn! The farmer couldn’t believe his eyes. Then Mr Strong carried the barn, above his head, down to the river. Then he turned the barn upside down. Then he lowered it into the river so that
it filled up with water. Then, and this shows how strong Mr Strong is, he picked it up and carried it back to the
blazing cornfield. Mr Strong emptied the upside down barn full
of water over the flames. Sizzle. Sizzle. Splutter. Splutter. One minute the flames were leaping into the
air. The next minute they’d gone. “However can I thank you?” the farmer asked Mr Strong. “Oh, it was nothing,” remarked Mr Strong modestly. “But I must find some way to reward you,”
said the farmer. “Well,” said Mr Strong, “you’re a farmer, so you must keep chickens.” “Yes, lots,” said the farmer. “And chickens lay eggs,” went on Mr Strong, “and I rather like eggs!” “Then you shall have as many eggs as you can
carry,” said the farmer, and took Mr Strong over to the farmyard. Mr Strong said goodbye to the farmer, and thanked him for the eggs, and the farmer thanked him for helping. Then Mr Strong, just using one finger, picked up the eggs and went home. Mr Strong put the eggs carefully down on his
kitchen table and went to close the kitchen door. Crash! The door fell off its hinges. “Whoops!” said Mr Strong, and sat down. Crunch! The chair fell to bits. “Whoops!” said Mr Strong, and started cooking his lunch. And for lunch he was starting with eggs. Followed by an egg or two. And then eggs, And then for pudding he was having… Well, can you guess? If you can, there’re no need to turn this
page over to find out that he was having… Ice-cream! Ha! Ha!

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  5. This is such an amazing book!!!Ive listened to this about 3 times!So great!I canโ€™t wait to see what great book you pick out soon๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘

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  8. I love these characters book. Love love. My mom said Iโ€™m little miss sunshine โ˜€๏ธ hope you can read that someday. Love the story

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