6 Most Bizarre Kids Books

6 Most Bizarre Kids Books

Reading can be fun…damentally demented. Let’s talk about that. ♪ (intro music) ♪ – Good mythical morning!
– Sometimes being a kid can be downright confusing but thankfully, there are a
bunch of bizarre books out there to make it even worse. I mean, better. I mean,
now I’m confused. It’s time to play… ♪♪ Okay Rhett, how many kids do you have? – Two.
– Check. And what current reading level are you at? – At least sixth grade.
– Okay Rhett, that’s all you need to know – to ascertain whether these book titles–
– That’s right, sixth graders. these book titles that I’m
gonna give to you are real– – An actual book.
– Factional or fake– – You made ’em up.
– fictional books that I– – Okay.
– made up. If you get five out of these right, you win a fully customized
children’s book about you. – Wow.
– Not for you but about you. – There isn’t already one of those?
– Are you ready – no – are you ready for this? – I’m ready.
– Factional or fictional: – Is that a real book?
– That would’ve been helpful for me. Ooh your dad is watching.
You’ve made this weird. Uh…you know what, I’m
going to say that that is… factional! That’s right, Rhett. You know what,
it is. Check it out right here. The Night Dad Went to Jail.
I’ve bookmarked a little excerpt. – Is the dad a rabbit?
– (reading) This is one of my before drawings. Before means
before my dad went to jail. – (crew member laughs)
– He had a lot of fun with dad before he got locked up! – We went fishing now we can’t even touch!
– Alright Rhett, you’re not on a roll yet because there’s only – you only
answered one question– – Okay.
– so far. That doesn’t count as a roll. – Okay, alright.
– You just got one right. It’s just a little blip. Factional or fictional: (laughter) Why are we laughing – why am I
smiling why are you laughing? I’m not. I mean, that’s the problem. Uh… I don’t think that’s how you would say
it if it were real. So I’m going to say… fictional! I got news for you and I got the book for you.
(Rhett) Really? (Link) I Wish Daddy Didn’t Drink
So Much by Judith Vigna. Read a little bit for you here. (Link reading) Daddy was asleep when we
got home, but next morning he said, “Thank you for your card, sweetheart – I love
it, and I love you, too! Sunday we’ll go sledding, I promise.” I didn’t really believe
him about Sunday but I guess it’s okay. – (laughter)
– I’ve heard that before, daddy. Sledding. That’s never happening unless by sledding
you mean you just sit there and drink. (laughing) Let’s take a moment of sadness.
Okay, let’s move on. Factional or fictional: Wow. Derek. Now that’s definitely believable. There’s a lot of Dereks who
are moving in on the scene– – Mhmm.
– out there. It’s a popular name– – Mhmm.
– for a guy who likes to move in on a family. – Mhmm.
– Fictional. You did the reach. – Well, uh oh, faked you out?
– Yeah. I mean that was– – That was too obvious.
– way too much of a tell. I’m gonna reach over there, he’ll
think I’m reaching for Derek. Hey, that just reflects
what I think of you– – Okay, alright.
– I’m sorry, I apologize. But after those other two books, I think it’s
gonna be in development soon. – Please do that for Derek’s sake.
– It is fake. Factional or fictional? You know what, we’ve talked about this,
about how you’re gonna outlive your pet – most likely and your kids need to be prepared for that.
– Yeah we talk about this a lot. – Yeah, yeah about dead dogs quite a bit.
– Yeah, it’s cool. – It’s a cool topic.
– Sparky’s Last– (Both) Breath. Sparky, though, Sparky. That is the
quintessential dog name. Oh the reach. (crew laughs) Reverse psychology doesn’t work on me, Link.
That is factional! Break it out and read it! (laughs) I made that one up. – But we should write it!
– So if there’s a name in there, it’s made up. Derek, Sparky. Got it.
I sense a pattern. (crew laughs) – Is that a statement or is that a book?
– Yeah, I was just talking. No, that’s a – – that’s a book. Factional or fictional?
– It Hurts When I Poop, is this like a hemorrhoid help thing?
Kids don’t get hemorrhoids. Or do they? I guess there are other
ways that poop can hurt. (crew laughing) – I think if I just be quiet–
– It Hurts When I Poop. – you’ll say–
– It Hurts When I Poop. some more stupid stuff,
which is great for the show. Oh gosh. Uh, full disclosure, it
does hurt when I poop. Fictional. Fictional.
You made this – gosh! – Really?
– It Hurts When I Poop. – Yeah ’cause there’s a dinosaur in your lap.
– A story for children who are scared to use the potty. (Link reading) Sometimes it came out as
hard little balls. Other times, it came – out as one big ball.
– Yeah, right. – (crew laughs)
– The little balls, that’s just fun, – (crew laughs)
– you know? That’s like, I’m a rabbit today! – I always loved – or a deer.
– No, that still hurts for kids, man, Or a goat. The little balls are the best, man.
It happened to me all the time as a kid. – Never happens now, what am I doing wrong?
– (crew laughs) – It’s like put ’em in a shotgun shell.
– Yes. No. I’m not doing too well, am I? How many have I got right? – I got two right.
– Two right. Oh I gotta get two – I gotta
get five out of eight. I gotta get – I gotta sweep. Sweep it up, buddy. – Oh gosh.
– (crew laughs) Whose Bottom Is This? is like
identifying animal butts? I’m just looking at the title of an
actual book that I’m reaching for. That is a good idea for a book. Almost too good. Hasn’t happened yet. Fictional. Whose Bottom Is This? (Rhett) Okay, what is that? It’s a white-
tailed deer, no? That’s the black-tailed deer. It’s a white butt. It’s a white scrotum. – It’s a bighorn sheep.
– Oh bighorn sheep. That’s a bighorn down there.
Okay, here we go. – Oh, no excerpt, just a picture.
– Yeah I just wanted to show you the back of a bighorn sheep. I know what that looks like now. Factional or fictional: Unicorns are Jerks. While true, I believe that
as title, it is fictional. – Final answer?
– Yeah. Really? What if it was
like a coloring book? – Would that make it–
– I don’t know if you’re being a friend or – a jerk at this point. But the name of the book–
– Am I a unicorn? – The name of the book–
– Do I have a coloring book? is Unicorns are Jerks. I’m gonna
stick with my guns and say– But what if it was a coloring
book that I’m reaching for? – You don’t – you always trick me, though.
– (crew laughs) You always trick me.
I’m gonna say fictional. It’s a coloring book. Unicorns are Jerks. This page,
which you can– – So you’re being a friend now.
– color later. (Link reading) Unicorns eat your leftovers.
You were saving that! Why are we supposed to hate unicorns?
What good – what good does that add to the world? Hey that’s your homework, buddy.
That’ll answer your question. – What good does this add to the world,
– Alright– – Theo Nicole Lorenz?
– This is just for– – Theo Nicole, what kind of name is that anyway?
– Don’t belittle them ’cause you didn’t – you didn’t believe it was real. All or nothing, Rhett? It’s all coming
down to this. Who cares about the score? Personalized book ’cause we’ve already
made it. You win it if you get this one – right. The House That Crack Built.
– The House That Crack Built? – Crack Built. Like the drug.
– There’s no way that that would be real. – But I’ve been so wrong.
– You’ve been so wrong. Is there another book over there? – I’m reaching for something.
– I think I saw another book. Yeah, I’m gonna say this one’s factual. You’re right, Rhett! The House That Crack Built.
Check this out. (Link reading) And this is the crack that
numbs the pain, bought from the boy feeling the heat, chased by the cop
working his beat, who battles the gang fleet and elite, that rules the street of
a town in pain, that cries for the drug known as cocaine, made from the plants
that people can’t eat, raised by the farmers who work in the heat, and fear the
soldiers who guard the man, who lives in – the house that crack built.
– Doesn’t even rhyme at the end. – (crew laughing)
– Nothing rhymed with built. Well it’s a parody. It’s a
parody of a famous– – That wouldn’t have been on the book mobile–
– book– – at Buies Creek Elementary School.
– that also did well. We would have not let that
be on the book mobile. – Alright Rhett.
– Tell you that right now. – Well I lost big.
– But you know what, I will reveal your – personalized book that I’ll read to my kids.
– Okay, you get to keep it. Alright. Watch out, kids! Thanks for liking,
commenting, and subscribing. You know what time it is. – Hi, I’m Tom.
– And I’m Becky and we’re from Washington state. – We’re vacationing in Victoria, BC, Canada.
– And it’s time… (Both) to spin the Wheel of Mythicality! I’ll tell you what is factional, the fact
that we got a Good Mythical Morning t-shirt available for you at
RhettandLink.com/store. Click through to Good Mythical More.
Click that ‘i’. We’re gonna remead – read – – remead? We’re gonna–
– We’re gonna immediately read. dramatically read It Hurts When I Poop. Rhett thinks the mic is a tiny person. – I have someone I would like to introduce you to.
– Okay, do you? Sure, I love to meet new people. His name is Mike. Uh… – Don’t, don’t–
– Hello? Don’t talk about his appearance. -Uh, you mean this microphone?
– He likes to be whispered into. (whispering) He likes to be whispered
at like this so get in there. (whispering) It hurts him
if you don’t whisper. (whispering) Hey Mike.
It’s nice to meet you, dude. (whispering) He likes to be licked
like an ice cream cone, too. Captioned by Lovely Luna
GMM Captioning Team ♪ (outro music) ♪

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  1. I just spat out my tea😂 "It hurts when I poop"😂 I wasn't expecting that. I laughed so hard, I kinda hurt my clavicle! I think maybe it could hurt to poop if you ate a lego.

  2. I actually have a kids book about me its about i'm about to have a boiled egg and a raptor comes out and my face is never shown "I was and still am a huge dinosaur fan"

  3. On diary of a wimpy kid the ugly truth a bizarre kids book apeared in there so it's about puberty in boys so when Greg got home from school is mom Susan gave him a present and it was a stick of deodorant and a book called "what the heck just happened to my body?" By Darlene Wade Ph D. And the cover showed a shirtless boy looking down at his body and Greg thought that Susan gave it to his brother Rodrick when he was his age cause Greg claims he's seen it in his junk drawer and Greg through the book in the trash cause he's read it before and he didn't want to see those disgusting pictures a second time.

  4. There’s this book about animals’ butts for children and it describes their butts.

    I read it…

    Here’s some lines from the book

    “Elephants have grey, wrinkly bums”

    “Baboons have bright red bums”

    “Sheeps have woolly bums”

    Honestly, why is this even a book….

  5. I work at a library and put away books. I got 7 out of 8 of these. There are even crazier books out there that I've put away. Lol.

  6. So wild that I started watching the show this morning. Guess what? I live on Vancouver Island in British Columbia Canada and the capital city of BC is Victoria where I also grew up in my teen years into adulthood! What a craaaazzzzy coincidence or what???!!! That totally blew me away! Anyways I have found out also that I really enjoy watching you guys. I couldn't believe the very last book you read! I know there are kids who are unfortunately growing up in crappy neighborhoods all over here in Canada and in the USA and it's very depressing. But do we need to have books written about it? The parents could tell the kids about that stuff when they get a bit older because kids are smart now days and they can handle the truth a lot better than we give them credit for. That's my take on that. Anyhoo! Keep up the great content guys and keep the vids coming! Cheers:-)

  7. Wow I know this sounds ridiculous bit I really could have used that "it hurts when I poop" book as a kid im 22 and I swear to god I just recently got over the fear of taking painful shits in the last few years. No joke 😂💩

  8. Unicorns are jerks
    They will attempt to murder your best friend
    They have more hair than they know what to do with and keep it to themselves just to tick humans off and they beat you up when you try to take it they lie and they are self entitled

  9. When I was almost 2 we moved out into the country and we had a small dog named Sparky. My Mum let him out for his morning pee, and she had me out on the unfinished deck when a pack of large dogs came rushing up to the deck. My Mum barely had time to get me safely inside before the dogs were there. They tore our small dog apart. My Dad ended up having to put Sparky down and since then he will never have another dog in the house.

  10. I want to read “the house that crack built”. It sounds so beautiful and poetic displaying the difficulty and painful cycle of drug addiction and poverty

  11. Can someone else?? https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/threelly-ai-for-youtube/dfohlnjmjiipcppekkbhbabjbnikkibo

  12. Unicorn’s are Jerks! Gravity Falls is mixing with the real world

    Reality is a illusion the universe is a hologram. buy gold, bye!

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