9 Phenomenal Women Making History In STEM

9 Phenomenal Women Making History In STEM

– Did you know that March
is Women’s History Month? Watch this masterclass to
meet nine women in tech to celebrate this month and all year long. For the best women in tech advice, subscribe to our channel and hit the bell to be notified when we post
a new video every Tuesday. March is Women’s History Month, and we are here for it! It is a month-long celebration
of all of the incredible accomplishments of women throughout time, since the dawn of time, and at Somerville, you guessed it, we are specifically
celebrating women in tech. By the end of this masterclass, you will have met nine incredible women that not only pioneered their fields in science and technology, but also made room for
more women to join them. At Somerville, it’s kind of our thing, and now it’s your turn. First up, our namesake, Mary Somerville. She was the first woman appointed to the Royal Astronomical Society. She was Ada Lovelace’s
math tutor, and fun fact, the first time the word
scientist was ever used, it was used to describe her. Prior to Mary, it was only man of science. Our second woman in tech we
are celebrating this month is Katherine Johnson. You may know her, she is a NASA legend. Her calculations and her
work were responsible for putting the first American into space, putting the first American into orbit, launching the Space Shuttle program and she worked on the very
first mission to Mars. When NASA switched over
from human computers to electronic computers, Katherine Johnson was
the person they called to make sure the math was right. Third up on our list of
amazing women in tech is Grace Hopper. She was a Navy admiral,
she was a mathematician, and a pioneer in computer science. She developed one of the
first programming languages using English as its base
rather than machine code, and it is still in use today. Also, she coined the term bug, and therefore debugging,
when she found an actual bug, a moth, in an actual computer at Harvard. Now, if you are feeling super
inspired about these women, and I hope you are, make sure to check out our masterclass on how to be a tall poppy so you, too, can go after all of the incredible things that you want in life. Next up on our list is Cierra McDonald. Cierra is the Principal Program Manager for Xbox at Microsoft. She’s in charge of something
called Project Scarlett, which by all accounts is supposed to make Xbox the fastest, coolest, best, most fun gaming experience of all. When she’s not at Xbox,
you can also find her hosting her own intro
to game design workshops for organizations like Girls Who Code, DigiGirlz and YTech. Number five on our list
of amazing women in tech is Mitchell Baker. Mitchell is the Executive
Chairwoman and CEO of the Mozilla Foundation
and Mozilla Corporation. A lawyer by training, she is
in the Internet Hall of Fame for pioneering and legitimizing open source internet applications, making the internet not only safer, but accelerating our progress
of development and innovation. If you know an amazing woman in tech, please comment below and
tag them in the comments. We would love to meet them
and hopefully feature them in another video just like this. Number six on our list is Jenny Lee. Now, Jenny is not a scientist. She is in fact a venture capitalist. She’s a managing partner at GGV Capital and under her tenure there, they have invested in some of today’s biggest, boldest, brightest, most profitable tech startups. Companies like Airbnb, Alibaba, Houzz, Lime, Slack, and Square would not be here today
without funding from Jenny and her venture capital firm. So the next time you sleep
in a stranger’s house, buy something with your
credit card at a market, rent a scooter and then leave it wherever, you have to thank Jenny. Next up on our list of
inspiring women in tech is Vanitha Narayanan. Vanitha is the Chairperson of IBM India. Prior to that she was the
Regional General Manager for India and South Asia. Now, what makes her
extraordinary is not only her technical prowess
and leadership skills, but also her work in the
leadership development space for the women at IBM. So she has led several
diversity initiatives and leadership development programs, and she’s also the executive sponsor for developing the women’s
leadership pipeline at IBM. Number eight on our list
of inspiring women in tech is Debjani Ghosh. Debjani, if you don’t know,
is the President of NASSCOM. NASSCOM is India’s largest
and most premiere trade body that has 2800 different member companies from India and all over the world. She is the first woman
to lead the organization, the first woman president, and she’s also a huge
champion of inclusive growth and development. She developed the strategy to lead India’s digital
transformation as a country, as a nation, and she
also, prior to NASSCOM, spent 12 years at Intel,
where she worked her way up to being the Managing
Director of South Asia. Fun fact, she started
as a marketing manager. Last but not least on our list of inspiring women in tech
is Yasmin Belo-Osagie. Yasmin is the co-founder
of She Leads Africa. It is a digital media company for the modern, millennial African woman and it is all about helping
women grow their careers, their businesses, giving them the network, the confidence, the tools,
the education that they need to build great careers in businesses, serve as community leaders and eventually take over the world. The community is already
600 thousand women strong and is represented in
47 different countries. Now you know nine different
incredible women in tech and hopefully that means
you are super inspired to put your own dent in the universe. If a career change into tech is for you, make sure to check out our free training on how to become a woman in
tech in four simple steps. The link is below. If you would like to join
your very own network of inspiring women, the Somervillage is where it is at. It is our Facebook group for women going after big goals in life, in work, in all of the ways, so make
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  1. Sooo cool that you’ve honored these women in this way….definitely learned some new pioneers in this video‼️Thank You👏🏾👏🏾

  2. Yes! I worked for a great lady CIO in the luxury online fashions industry. She combined compassion with firmness and clarity in a way that is greater than I'd seen before.

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