90 günde okunabilecek 12 kitap

90 günde okunabilecek 12 kitap

Colleague exams has been finished and summer holiday is started. I feel myself incompletely all around. Do you have suggestions to youngs that feel like me? I want to improve myself about art and cinema. Is there any books you can suggest? YES! Dear Hacer wrote that comment below my last video’s that name”Why statues are white?” speech part include on my web page Hard to believe! I have this kind of web page. I write there what I talk here. Furthermore I add links to resources I use. I add because some of you may search more detailed to continue from specific point. On that time I can give you book lists for summertime that I created after these kind of similar comments. “Noo, is the book read in summer?” :S Don’t say that! Of course, it is read. You even can crush the lists! Are you in the challenge against to books? That is challenge time I challenge with you, you can finish totaly that list has 12 books included in summer. How I can be so sure? Today is 19 June 2019. If you watched the video on published day, you have already known. Since today, there are 90 days to 16 September 2019 monday morning. These 12 books was taken your 89 hours and 14 minutes. I mean if you read 1 hour in each day you can finish it easily. I can say how I measured 89 hours 14 minute also in audio book application Storytel the sponsor of the video All of the books have audio version by professional voice actors. So you don’t have any excuse to not read. If you say I cannot read, you can listen. For 14 days it is free then each day when you listen for 6.5 hours you can finish these 12 books in 14 days. But I don’t recommend that much. Because permanent habits occur by acts everyday at the least. To kill a few birds with one stone, I suggest: In first half of 1 hour, listen the book Keep in your mind the professional diction of audio book. After that, read aloud by own. If you can make that exercise for 90 days from local and foreign, classic, modern, fictional, nonfictional books, you will finish them also the one hour reading time is pass like water and your vocabulary will expand to make good speech you will get important points at the end of the 90 days. What did you say? Are you in? So we can start which books I chosed and why… “Don Quixote ” Why? Because in litterature it is starting point for novels and lots of writers accept that book is most meaningful one all the time You would be read or watched before But don’t forget good books should be read more than one. Don Quixote have fight with reality and at the end he accepts the necessity of die. Read the story from that view. In every scene of your life you can find another means and more important thing is you will remember some parts from that book when you have same situation in life, I am sure. Original one has 2 tomes and huge monument. But that version I chosed for you have been prepared and got shorter by Reşat Nuri Güntekin. So you can finish in 5h 55 min. After foreign ficitonal book we can look for local nonfictional modern book. “50 Soruda Yapay Zeka” “Is there anything that people can but machines cannot?” Can people create a machine that can think? Is only 0 and 1 enough? Who is Turing? What is Turing test? What is the programming language of nature, life and people? How AlphaGo won against World Go champion? questions like that also similar in my videos let’s listen from Cem Say that instructor of Boğaziçi University andprofessional on that subject “What is man?” The book from Mark Twain is not a novel, it is trial about adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn For first time, it was published 250 pcs. Form of the book like dialogue between young and old man. In Storytel, two different audio versions have been recorded. So reading and also listening can be enjoyable. “People can be fascinate to other machine and they praise it effusively, don’t they?” “yes” but we cannot say that machine by made from stone? (by voice actor from Storytel) ” The Murders in the Rue Morgue” I chosed that books speccialy if you want to improve yourself in cinema. Because writer Edgar Allan Poe is source of inspiration to a lot of scenarist. He created detective stories and also added worth to sci-fi stories. It is the first modern detective story. If you like Sjerlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot characters you should read the creator of them. After you read, pass from 19th century to 21th century and look for local writer’s lines: “Kan ve Gül” Fantastic Turkish detective story. Written by Alper Canıgüz is master of dark comedy, you will finish at one time or in 5h 17 min. Then you dont be able to slow down and continue with “Dublörün Dilemması” I think it is the best novel of Murat Menteş. I was thinking 12 summer ago “If Quentin Tarantino see that book, he will make a movie of it” but until that time there is no one make it. so I am planning to wear my headphones and making movie of the book while I am listening. Of course, here in my mind! On 19 may,my video is name “Yürüyelim Arkadaşlar” I talked about benefits of walking much. “Marcher Une Philosophie”is getting deeper. Walking is not going only between two point. It is a creative action at same time. The book says “because” ( I couldn’t find the original sentences from book than I translated directly :(…) The people who walks figure out whole of the concern, grudge and ball of fears above and tie the person’ existence to endless heart and also new everytime of world. We walk to tie that knot.” ” After die how I will understand my mission is completed? I wonder if is dying possible without die? or can I die without me?” 3 years ago , when I called the novel “Sivrisinek Şehirde” in this channel , the creature with wings is still continue to find his murder in the city. Symbollicaly. If it is possible, listen or read that book not in the city, do in out of the city under of the tree’s shadow silently. Yes I read before these books that I suggest to you. But now for next book i started to listen new. The book “Fasa Fiso” is a memory book of Teoman’s life. In addition he read with his voice. I like his voice from his Rock Songs now I also like his writings. It is getting good, I recommend. I almost forget to say…. still staying on my table and need to listen the recommends of İlber Ortaylı’s book “Bir Ömür Nasıl Yaşanır?” as I talked about suggestions. It is full of offer for young, old people and students in their own lifes to make true choises. How man improve oneself? How to study? How to travel
Where we need to see? Which choises we should get for education? “What should watch, listen,read?” part is given classic music list with 32 albums. If you need informations on wide areas For making true choises in life I offer that book also has a second part and name is called “Öneriler” In Storytel, İlber Ortaylı vocalized the preface. In the rest of the book written in an interview format,Mazlum Kiper performs İlber Ortaylı. And also if you make the exercise that I told you can listen from 3 different voice. Until now I suggested 10 book. Look, If you even spare your 37 min you can finish that 10 books in 90 days. By the way, Last 2 books for longer time… Everytime for the question “If you were on an island and could only bring 3 things, what would you bring?” I answer everytime like I will take”Robinson Cruose” with me wittily. Because of the story about man that has to live in deserted island alone for 28 years. It has no limitation to read for age and place or listen. For complete translation, you should reserve 19h 43 min. I also prepared detailed video from our(Turkish) classical book “Saatleri Ayarlama Enstitüsü” before. “I was born in a family that become poor. Nevertheless, my childhood was quite felicitous.” That book was fictionalised from memories of Hayri İrdal in II. Abdülhamit’s
(which is monarch in Ottoman Empire) reign, also live in constitutional period and republic period, It challenge against time and it underline how people can change their faces with pressure of popularity and money suddenly. Still continue. These were the books I chosed for you. Don’t forget these books are special for summer. So you can finish in every case as long as be relax. When you finish,from 6 local 6 foreign writers, as well as modern, classic, fictional or nonfictional you will add your knowledge store. If you complete in 90 days, until end of summer You will get reading habit for good. Soo this habit is the only key to be able to earn everything in life.

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