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  1. Popping in here to let you know that I’ll be on a little 2-week hiatus from regular Saturday uploads, as I’m headed back to England in December! Which means that the next two weeks will be focused on finishing up sewing projects and filming lots of things to take with me so that hopefully we can keep on schedule whilst my attention is momentarily fractured across projects for the next two months. 🙂

  2. I would love to see a full video about historical pets like His Lordship Cesario. I never knew guinea pigs have been pets for so long!

  3. I hope it is okay that I thank you for this video with a quick little story. My Yorkie, Shadow, has recently scratched and injured his right eyeball and while it is healing he has to wear that dreadful cone (of shame), which he so desperately loathes (he is only 3 pounds and the cone is rather heavy for his little head so it is completely understandable). Yesterday he was so upset and frustrated and nothing I did was calming him down well enough (or keeping him calm). I eventually thought that maybe I needed to stop hovering and let him vent his frustrations while I just kept a close eye on him. I began to watch this video and I noticed not even a full minute in that he was suddenly so quiet. Opening this video was the only thing that was different so I was curious if the sound of you had something to do with his sudden change in behavior, so I turned up the volume a little bit more and placed my phone down next to him, and for the remaining 35 minutes he was completely calm and quiet. He sat there so relaxed and just listened. 💜

  4. I really enjoyed seeing your set up 😁 I don't know how you made it so cozy, but you did. Makes me want a cup of tea. Hope you have a good trip!

  5. My roommate just asked me, why I keep watching this, as she has never seen me with the needle and indeed I hardly can sew on a button. But hey, Anna, you never going to become a cop, so why do you watch CSI?
    Also, "here are some brooms for sweeping and some for flying". That's why.

  6. So inspiring! Have you considered making a curtain to run under the cutting surface between the dressers to hide extra storage? I am a huge fan of curtains- beautiful fabric/ hidden messes- it is a win-win situation every time! 😉

  7. It looks like a beautiful, well-appointed room 🙂 I was actually at petco the other day, and it took much of my willpower not to acquire a guinea pig of my own! (I need to plan before acquiring a pet) How do you find/acquire the music you use for your vlogs?


    Sorry, I’m an Edgar Allan Poe fan.

  9. Hello Bernadette, I'm am one of your lovely subscribers, I absolutely love you new sewing area and it inspires me to make my own area as organized as your's, well as organized as it can be! But in the meanwhile, I'm focusing on drafting "The Waist" in The "Keystone" Jacket And Dress Cutter, and had a few questions and was wondering if you would be able to make a video explaining on how to draft the basic pattern in this book being as you seem to understand what is try to be conveyed! I am confused as where they got the number 15! This number is given in the italicized font shortly after the beginning of the instructions.

  10. Wonderful job. The aesthetic is a perfect balance of vintage and sophisticated. The carpet truly ties it all together. Lebowski would approve.

  11. Oh by the way if you get command strips for Christmas lights you can put them on your ceiling! the Christmas lights give you a nice glow and is a Wonderful Life Source to work with when sewing not the best but it sure is workable! I recommend getting the command strips that are for outside and are able to withstand a wide range of temperatures, they are the best to hang on the ceiling!

  12. Also why don’t you make a thanksgiving or Christmas outfits? I saw red wool. The brown Cotten liner can work as well, you can make one out of a lot of things. And you can even use the cabbage for the outfit!

    Just an idea.

  13. I ve made a.fabric wall hanging slider/envelope thing it hosts my rulers and scrissors.Its made like a sleeve for a corc board.

  14. I swear we were separated at birth! However, due to the fact I am woefully older than you this cannot be true. 😥
    🤔 unless, am I a time traveler too?!?😏

  15. Just though you would like some help in hiding your cords. Buy a fancy box at dollar store cut a y the way square out of the back put your wires and cords in it put on the cover and walla all gone. Buy the way love your place

  16. Thanks for sharing with us! I learned a word the other day that you may enjoy. It's the Japanese word tsundoku. It's when you buy a bunch of books, don't read them, and pile them up somewhere, and I am a chronic sufferer of it. 😁

  17. Bernadette: I need to shut up about books otherwise this video will be like nine years long.
    Also Bernadette: On this next shelf we have….
    Books are absolutely an integral part of any and all rooms, so a book tour is apropos to a work room tour!

  18. Also, I'm sure I missed it somewhere at some point, but what do you use the playing cards for? I noticed the large, but very tidy stack in the back of the drawer.

  19. Oh sweet, we have the same exact desk!!! By which I mean the light brown (caramel?) drafting table! Not particularly important but it was just fun to see it 😊

  20. Recycling-yes!

    I feel like I would hang my thread exactly where you did but the other me says "you should not store natural thread in sunlight. You should at least hang a linen cloth over them"

  21. Okay, who else is OBSESSED with that teapot lamp?
    I swear I am going to end up with one when I have the space for it! Also Cesario is a sweetheart and I love him. I'm always a fan of the pig content

  22. I love, love, love your sewing apartment. Everything about it is sew wonderful. I need to show this video to my husband so he will leave me alone about my meager (at least in my eyes) fabric and trim stash. I too use newsprint. My local newspaper used to sell their roll ends for 25 cents just to get rid of them. There's a lot of un-printed paper left on one but not enough for the printer to bother using. I stocked up years ago and still have 2 rolls left. I'll be very sad when I run out. I have not tried working with Tarlatan I'll have to try it. Thank you for your videos. You're my favorite enabler.

  23. I live love your work room in Manhattan. I know having this luxury is a huge deal in Manhattan. I live in dead town in the dead area of northwest Ohio. I have been to Manhattan to shop for fabric 5 times and remember them very fondly. Manhattan has diversity we in dead northwest Ohio could ever replicate. I totally enjoy your videos

  24. This video was so fun to view wilst organizing my own sewing space. And, I could watch hours of your guinea pig. Thanks for creating content.

  25. I would seperate the radioactive threads from the other ones…☢️…just to be safe!

    But in all seriousness…wouldn't it be better to don't store them in broad daylight for a longer period? Doesn't it bleach them?

  26. I have three (at least) different copies of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland/Alice in Wonderland + Alice Through the Looking Glass and when I saw your copy I was thrilled beyond belief because one of my copies is identical to yours

  27. I recently had a project that required a lot of sewing, but I'm not quite good enough that I can focus on something like an audio book at the same time. So I played a bunch of your videos on a loop for most of it, and it was perfect for getting into the mood 😊

  28. I noticed the large book that says FASHION on your lovely bookshelf! (6:28) Funny story! I've been watching your channel for a while and you genuinely inspire me to pursue a historical clothing reconstruction as a possible career path. So many months ago, in an attempt to do some research on period clothing, I had actually purchased that very book! So lets just say… when I saw it on your shelf just now I fangirled so.. so very hard.

  29. Your sewing room is beautiful and romantic. I love the pieces of fabric placed just so. It makes the space more authentic. If it were historical, you'd be able to envision the seamstress moving through the space. I don't know if that explains it well. It's a really lovely and fantastical space.

  30. The combination of elegance and practicality in the design of your workroom are inspiring. The serenity of the space makes me want to roll up my sleeves and get to work

  31. Just beautiful. I could only wish for something that amazing. My sewing studio if functional but not beautiful. It's alwise a work in progress!

  32. Awesome and inspiring thank you for sharing. Your gorgeous but even more beautiful on the inside. In another time another place we are kindred spirits. Anne of Green Gables is Amazing!.

  33. If you want to use some of those antique laces and trimmings I think it would be so interesting to see your take on a late Victorian night gown! Just an idea obviously! The room looks so gorgoeus and aesthetically pleasing!

  34. 12:27 there’s a book entitled witches in the “more useful nonfiction” section. That plus brooms for flying and the witch hats are confirming my suspicions that yes, you are a witch

  35. 🇭🇺🥰Oh you have the Barcsay Drawing Atlas! We still have it nowadays at every house in Hungary. My granny was a tailor, she learned they English’ style, her sister the ‘ French’ one. She was making dresses for the Hungarian actresses. I still have four ancient singers here with me. When they put in the papers an other one to sell here in old Europe, I still have the willingness to buy them. Lots of love. Viola

  36. if you do find a new place for the Staymaker's Tale poster, you could re-purpose the hook to hang your yardstick. This would keep it close at hand, without being under foot, and also keep the wood from bowing awkwardly with time and environmental humidity.

  37. Friendly recommendation from a professional archivist! Keeping manuscript material/old books out of the sun is great! but I might also recommend lignen-free/acid free enclosures over plastic! enclosed plastic creates a microenvironment that can actually cause paper to degrade at a faster rate because the paper cannot safely off-gas and humidity may be captured. Paper materials produced from 1900– on tend to be the most acidic/brittle!

  38. Please, please store your antique publications in archival material. The plastic bags will ruin them because plastic does not breathe. Old paper releases gasses that if not allowed to escape, will eventually destroy everything. I'm hoping that any antique fabrics are not kept in plastic due to same breathing issue…

  39. Bernadette on her destash: Those ribbons on sale were like 2$! 🙂
    Bernadette, editing her video: Those ribbons on sale were like 5$! 🙂

  40. 22:51 I see great potential in #BernadetteBanner's Cabbage Patch! A Sherlock hat and coat for Cesario! You know, for those days when #procrastination is strong, but you still want to be #productive by creating something? Cesario would look cute in any Lilliputian copy of your garments. Also, men would proudly wear dresses in a Shakespeare play. Oooooh, Cabbage Patch Curtain's for the restaurant where Cesario could film "Mukbangs" wearing Cabbage Patch clothes that you make him! Cesario could have his own clothing line #collab with you! #BernadetteBannersCabbagePatchCritterCreations

  41. As a museum professional, I recommend a better storage solution for your historical documents. Plastic bags aren't super great for preservation. I recommend Gaylord Archival Flip-Top Pamphlet File boxes as well as some acid-free paper or card to separate the objects. The boxes are all under $10 per box and will help you keep your antique paper goods preserved for a very long time!

  42. I love this so much, and it was entirely worth the wait, and hooray for happy guinea pig noises ♥️♥️♥️

  43. I don't sew. I don't understand fashion or even history. Still I find you such a delight of a person that I had to subscribe to you. The way you light up when you talk about Historically Accurate Stuff brightens up my whole day.

  44. This was lovely. I deeply appreciate how much time you spent on your books. (and I love that you have two full sets of HP!)

  45. The juxtaposition of the exquisite Victorian inspired interior against the gorgeous New York city back drop is just heavenly.

  46. One more #Cesario idea! Taking your "Classical Art & Real-Life Doppelgänger: Bringing ‘Portrait of a Young Woman in White’ to Life" video, and please add to it; continued on with "Oh, no! Some Wizard overwrought with rage from unrequited love turned the Young Woman in White into a Guinea Pig!" And, you film a video of Cesario in front of a cheeky book with a full page picture of #PortraitOfAYoungWomanInWhite wearing your #LilliputianCouture creation.
    Then, when you next visit your sister, you can film a cheeky chat over tea and biscuits/crumpets where you recount your fantastical adventure of finding the transformation counter spell with which you return your sister back to human form. Ooooh, this could turn into an illustrated children's book featuring Cesario! What is his last name? One simply should not just assume that because Cesario lives with you that he shares your last name. Although, mind you that it is quite a perfectly logical assumption.

  47. I'm currently re-reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows as well! (Also, do you have 2 full sets of Harry Potter books? I would love to collect all of them in French and also British English since I already have the American English language version.) Cheers, and thank you for the tour. It all came together quite nicely.

  48. You are an inspiration! I have found myself watching quite a few of your videos and I have found myself inspired to pick my sewing back up and actually start learning!

  49. Bernadette, have you looked into music stand trays? It looks a comparable size to your IV pole, and probably has more options.

  50. You should realize that not everyone is interested in your personal peccadillo's. And even tho you made mention of not divulging your personal relationships (yay) there are those in the world of the internet that will dig up everything they can about you Ive seen it happen to more than a few here on YT. Have fun in England

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