A List of Happy Things 📝

A List of Happy Things 📝

Hi everyone, I hope you’re having a great
start to the week. You may be able to hear it raining outside, it’s really
stormy out there. I wanted to sit down today and talk to you about some of my
favorite things from the past few months. I really enjoy doing these and I love
hearing from you in the comments section down below, so let me know what things
you have been enjoying recently. I have some stuff that I have pulled off my
shelves and from my wardrobe and some things that I have to recommend that I
can’t hold in my hands, such as the first one which was a weekend away — definitely
can’t hold that. I was going to say I can’t show it to you, but actually it was vlogged,
just not by me, so I’ll link the video down below. I went to Suffolk for the
weekend at the beginning of November with Lauren and Lauren and Jean and
Mercedes, we went away for a reading weekend, we ate lots of yummy food, we
played board games, we read books, we went to a place called Wynyard Hall which was
very beautiful, it had a farmers market, it was great and Lauren from Lauren Wade
reads vlogged the weekend, I’ll insert a tiny clip of that here but go and check
out her whole video because it’s lovely and it’s lovely to have that memory
actually to watch, as well, which is one of the great things about being on
YouTube and it’s also why I like to film these videos because then I can look
back and remind myself about all the great things, so that was a really lovely
weekend. Mr. M and I also went away to the New Forest for a weekend a few
months ago and we had a really I was going to say bizarre experience, it’s not
that bizarre but it was just quite funny and it felt like it should be in a
children’s book, so in the New Forest all of the farmers release their pigs for
pannage, which is where they release them for six weeks and they roam free
and wild. In the New Forest the ponies and cows are out all year round anyway
so it is just you know animal… I was it was a Animal City… it’s the
countryside but you get what I’m saying and it was just really lovely and we thought
we were going after pannage, which we were but it had been extended because
the weather had been quite mild… you know, climate change… and there was one pig who
we called Penelope who used to wait for us to come for a walk every day, so every
day we went for a walk with her and she was just waiting for us. I have
since look looked up pannage as a hashtag on Instagram, and I have seen her
walk with other people so it wasn’t just us that she loved, she clearly liked
human interaction, so we went for a walk with her and then we also came across
one of our favorite Shetland ponies who is tiny who we call Kevin and Kevin also
came on the walk with us and when I say coming on a walk, I really mean that, we
went walking with this pig I will insert some video evidence here and it
was just kind of hilarious because Kevin and Penelope were basically the same
size as each other, again I will insert some footage here, and Kevin was really
not sure about Penelope but then decided that he would be friends with her and
came along on the walk and I filmed this because I just found the whole thing
really amusing, so I’ll link the Instagram post with all of the short
videos down below. Loved it, it was great. Next favourite, every year Much Ado
Books in Sussex send me a stocking that they have made because they’re absolute
sweethearts, I first met Kate and Nash in 2014, I was on book tour and I was
talking about The Bookshop Book and I stayed with them for a few days and it’s
where I started writing Franklin’s Flying Bookshop and every year they
make stockings to raise money for charity,
I’ll leave details down below, they’re brilliant and then they also gift me a
stocking as well, so this is the one they made for me this year, which is the most
adorable thing, love it so much, so it’s a stocking of Franklin and Luna go to the
Moon, they’re just the best, honestly, aren’t booksellers and librarians just the best?
When I was in Suffolk I mentioned that we went to Wynyard Hall and when I
was there I found this hat and this kind of hat has been what I’ve worn since
then, since the beginning of November this is what I have been wearing. As you
probably know, I wear beanies and head scarves in
the summer, that’s kind of my alopecia style for the summer, it’s kind of too
cold to wear that in the autumn/winter and if I wore that inside I then
need to wear a wooly hat to go out and I’d just be constantly changing and given that I
don’t feel comfortable not wearing a hat in public because of having alopecia the
changing around is just… it’s not a feasible thing, but also wearing woolly
hats exclusively outdoors and indoors feels a little bit odd, so I wanted
something that was in between, something that was warmer than a head scarf but
not as cumbersome as a woolly hat. I used to try and wear a Baker boy hats
when I was younger and I didn’t think I really suited them, I think it’s because
I used to wear them with my hair up and I really like this so this is from a
company called Seeberger, they are a German company and so I bought this one
when I was there and then I found two more of theirs online so I have a navy
one and a maroon one and this is just my uniform now, they’re great, so
I thought I would mention those as a favorite. This Christmas I was given this
mug from my mum, as we all know, I love a good teacup and I have lots of big
teacups, I actually made a video talking you through my teacup collection because
it’s that extensive I will link that video down below if you feel so inclined
but yes this was one that she bought me for Christmas I’m not sure where she got
it maybe TK Maxx, and I just think it’s the
cutest thing. Also a favourite, speaking of Christmas, I was gifted two items of
clothing this Christmas from friends this one is from Leena, if you don’t
follow her channel you should, she’s just Leena Norms and she bought me this
pinafore which is so beautiful, it has this paisley pattern on, it’s corduroy, it
fits like a glove and she found this in a charity shop and it’s by the company
Run and Fly who made the Fox dungarees that I have which you may have seen me
wear before. They’re really, really fabulous and it’s hard to show this so
I’ll insert a picture of me wearing it, I love it, and what a great find. Jean
gifted me this which is a jumper that she also found in a charity shop but
then she embroidered on it, so she sewed lavender
because this is a lavender coloured jumper and I just thought this was a
really lovely gift to have something that has been personalized by a friend,
so I look forward to reading this when the weather… reading this? I’m so used to
saying that, I look forward to wearing this is what I
meant to say. When we were in Suffolk Lauren from Lauren and the Berks
introduced me to a new board game which has become a favourite and this is Harry
Potter Labyrinth, it’s kind of hard to show it to you in its box so I’ll do a
cutaway so that you can see what it looks like, essentially you have to
move pieces around the board in order to create pathways for you to get to a
character, it’s not high-stakes, it’s quite relaxed, very easy to learn and I
think suitable for lots of different ages as well, in fact on the front it
says from ages 7 to 99 so there we go. There is a non Harry Potter version of
Labyrinth as well but this one was fun, I enjoyed it so much that
I bought it pretty much immediately and another game that I have fallen in love
with recently is this one here called Quacks of Quenlinberg, it’s my favourite
game of the moment. Mr. M and I bought it in Orcs Nest which is a wonderful
board game shop in Seven Dials in Covent Garden, and it won quite a few Awards so
we trusted that it would be good and this one is not Harry Potter related but
you can kind of pretend it’s Harry Potter related, again I’ll do a cutaway
so you can see what it looks like, each of you is given a cauldron, you can pick
either red, green, blue or yellow and then you have to put potions ingredients into
your cauldron, the more ingredients you put in the more points you get, but if
you put in the wrong combination of ingredients then your cauldron explodes,
it is so much fun, I’ll talk about it more in my favourite board games video
which I will film in the next few weeks because this is definitely one of my
favourite board games. Now, where is my notebook because I know I had a few
other things to mention that I don’t have and to hand oh yes something that
I’ve been enjoying over the past few months is the Harry Potter ASMR rooms,
I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned them in the previous favourites but I found them
really comforting during the winter months
especially when I was reading, they helped me focus as well as help with
anxiety and all of that stuff. My favorite over Christmas was the
Grimmauld Place Christmas Harry Potter ASMR room. You may not want to have that
on in the background anymore because it had Christmas music in but there are so
many other ones there are lots of different ones for all the different
common rooms, it’s lovely, I’ll link the channel down below and
speaking of Christmas and vlogmas I really enjoyed Lauren over at Lauren and
the books vlogmas videos, my favourite of hers was a cooking challenge that she
did it was like Ready Steady Cook, which is a show in the UK in the 90s I think
where contestants had to buy ingredients for under 10 pounds and then present
them to a chef and they had to make something with those ingredients, so she
did that challenge with her friend and then they had a competition and I loved
watching that, it was so creative, I’ll link that video in the description box down
below. Ok, so you’re getting this really high quality cut in right now, I am
editing the video and realised that I didn’t speak about His Dark Materials
the TV series and so many of you have been messaging me asking me if I will
talk about it because you know it’s my favourite book series of all time and so,
yeah, I did mean to include it it was definitely a favourite — not a favourite of
all time, but I really enjoyed it, I especially loved the first episode, here
are my quick slightly incoherent thoughts. Roger was the best, the actor playing
Roger was brilliant, I love Lee Scorsby and I love Lin Manuel Miranda and I was
just not sure that I was going to love both of those things together because they’re
so not what I pictured, he’s so much younger than I imagined but
he was incredible, I loved him as Lee Scorsby. I thought Iorek was fantastic,
for the most part I thought that the actress who played Lyra was good, I think
that the two main flaws for me in the series with that the dialogue wasn’t
that great and I felt as though some of the time
the actors over-acted in order to convey their emotion because they had so few
lines and my other quibble, which i think is many people’s quibble…quibble
is that’s a funny word… is that daemons weren’t shown enough and I know it’s
expensive, it’s CGI, but I did feel as though that meant that if you hadn’t
read the books you wouldn’t understand how important daemons were. I loved that
they included Will in the first series, it made complete sense to me so that
they don’t have to do his backstory at the beginning of The Subtle Knife, I
thought that was wonderful, I thought Lord Boreal was great. I wasn’t
completely sold on the Magisterium scenes but I just don’t know how you
would film that in a way that didn’t feel a little bit hyperbolic, so I was
okay with that. I just thought on the whole it was so well done, my
expectations I had deliberately tried to keep them quite low because I wasn’t a
fan of the film, I thought this is brilliant and Ruth Wilson… I love that
woman, I love that woman so much and she makes such a great Mrs. Coulter, so on
the whole yes I really enjoyed it so if you are also a big fan of the books, you
felt let down by the film and you’ve been scared to watch the TV series, I
would give it a go, honestly, I think they’re doing a fabulous job. And my
final favourite is Hoppers, which is a Sri Lankan restaurant in London. They have a
few different locations at the moment and I think they’re opening one in Kings
Cross next month, and it’s just really delicious.
I would recommend getting the set menu and get a hopper, which
shares similarities with an Ethiopian pancake but it’s fluffier,
check out their website, I’ll link it down below, it’s delicious. So those are all of
my winter favourites, I would love to know what kind of things you have been
enjoying in a comment down below, please let me know. I hope you all have a great
week and I will speak to you very soon lots bookish love. Bye! x

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  1. This was just a delightful video to watch on a cold gloomy Jan night 😍 Thank you for sharing this with us. Loved the added commentary about His Dark Materials. I have wanted to hear your thoughts and completely agree with what you said xxx

  2. Great favourites!! I also loved using the Harry Potter ASMRs when participating in cosy reading night🥰 I too have recently been wearing a similar style hat in a hounds tooth print after finding it after not seeing it for a while and instantly fell back in love with it. In my spare time, rummaging through the books section in local charity shops has also been a favourite 📚

  3. Hi, great that you talk about His Dark Materials 💚, I read the books last year, thanks to your recomendations and i loved them, so now I am ready to watch the series 💚💚💚

  4. Totally agree about the stilted dialogue in His Dark Materials. My other big complaint about that show is the underwhelming bear fight!

  5. I noticed the hats, love them and they look good on you!

    December and January are bonkers work months, so I've been enjoying the small stuff. Jigsaw puzzles, the birds in the garden when I'm home by daylight, sleeping in a bed with fresh sheets wearing a clean pyjama after a warm shower, stuff like that. And I'm enjoying the 30 days of yoga with Adrienne. I'm a couple of days behind, but I'm sticking to it instead of stopping at the height of the work madness. I intend to continue for at least 4 sessions a week this year.

    Looking forward to February, because I got a library subscription for my birthday after a couple of decades without. So I'm going on an adventure to see what my local one has to offer.

  6. Those animals must have been so confused when you and Mr M went home. Hopefully they found new people to go on walks with.

    Those hats look so good on you. 🙂 I love your style.

  7. The Little Women movie is probably the best happiness-inducing thing for me from the last couple of months (also tear-inducing haha!)

  8. I had fun filming this and playing around with the editing a bit. Let me know what your recent favourites are in a comment below 🙂 x

  9. I'm torn on Lee Scoresby in the series i always imagined him to be a bit like Aragorn from lord of the rings in temperament. Where as in the series hes more like a Han Solo scoundrel sort which I'm not really a fan of. On the topic of the deamons i can understand them not always being in frame when main characters are talking thats fine, but what bugged me was the random people walking in the background of Jordan college that clearing don't have deamons. Finally there is one thing that the movie did better and that is the steampunk aesthetic, its what i always pictured Lyras world to be. I much prefer that to the 1950s look of the series.

  10. I finally got HBO streaming and plan to watch HDM this week! Glad to know you approve. The book has been my favorite since I was like 13 (I'm 32 now). Actually, I started watching your channel because of the collab you did with Penguin about Oxford, which I also visited when I was in the UK recently. 🙂

  11. Oh my god it’s so lovely to see all the booktubers I love hanging out with each other. A group of book lovers friend… how lovely 😊

  12. NEED THAT QUACKS POTIONS GAME. Thanks so much for the Cooking Challenge love, we should do that together at some point! I'm going to revisit our lovely cosy trip via Lauren's video now, BYE! xxx

  13. I love watching these videos, they make me happy! 🙂 One of my favorite things right now is a new black tea that I've found, with the taste of Lemon and Maple. I love it! And that stocking is amazing! 😀

  14. Hi Jen, this is Jen from Toronto. I stumbled upon the Asmr videos over Christmas, the Harry.Potter ones and they were wonderful. I would put one on in background to go to sleep or to read. So fantastic. I still listen to ones with fires or winter storms. Even though I currently sit in 20 cm of snow here lol. Enjoy your channel!

  15. I need your help Jen (or anyone else). I am desperate to find the name of a book you mentioned in one of your previous videos with this storyline: it's about a woman who has an affair with a man and she goes to his place to discover he has been killed. She doesn't call the police but just leaves. Does anyone know what the book is?!

  16. Hi, Jen! Who doesn't love a series set in a bookshop?! Sign me up! You always find such unique & wonderful recommendations. Looking forward to adding these in to my 2020 reading list… Thanks so much! ✨😎✨

  17. What are the biggest complaints about the movie? Maybe it is because I saw it before I read the book, but I liked the movie and I've heard from a lot of people who love the books that they really didn't like the movie. Why is that? I'm waiting to watch the show until I finish reading the series. Thanks for sharing what you love.

  18. I love Lauren's vlog, looks like you had such a wonderful time 🥰
    that mug is adorable!
    wow that HP game looks amazing ^^
    so many lovely things here, loved this video 💗

  19. Loved the Harry Potter asmr stuff, absolutely did NOT like the tv version of His Dark Materials! Not a patch on the books I’m afraid (only my opinion, but just NO).

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