A London Bookshop Crawl! | sweetlovebooks [CC]

A London Bookshop Crawl! | sweetlovebooks [CC]

Hi friends, so today is a bit of a
different video. So back in October I went to London to do various things and I
ended up having a free day while I was there and I decided to do one of my
favorite things to do in London and that is a book shop crawl. So if you
don’t know, I’m originally from London, I grew up there, I lived there till I was
20 so I know it very well. But there are a lot of bookshops I still haven’t been to
so I decided to go to four of my old favorites and four new ones and I
thought I would take you guys along with me, so yeah enjoy! So the first bookshop that I went to was
called Word on the Water, it is literally a houseboat that has
been converted into a bookshop which I just think is genius. It’s located near
Kings Cross on the canals just behind the station and I think this was my
favorite new-to-me bookshop that I went to. It has a selection of both new books as
well as secondhand which I really really loved because I do love a bargain.
There’s a lovely a children’s section, although it’s not the best for YA so I
wouldn’t recommend it for that but it had some really lovely children’s books in
there as well. It just felt so cozy and snug. It also has a really really great
classics section and most of which are secondhand but in great condition. I was
really really tempted to buy some. I think when I finish University and sort of
am more in the mind set to give classics a go again I’ll definitely come
back here and get them because they had such a good selection for such a good
price. *music playing* I then went to Gay’s the Word, which is
based right in the middle of Euston, Kings Cross and Russell Square station.
I’ve been to this bookshop a few times, I came here in the summer for an
event which was so nice. This place has so much history, if you’ve seen the
film ‘Pride’, which if you haven’t I’d definitely recommend, it’s the book shop
in that. It just always feels like such a safe space and even though it’s pretty
small in terms of floor space it utilizes it really well and has a great
selection. Every time I go in, their YA section it has just expanded and when I
went in this time it was the first time I saw Anna-Marie McLemore on a shelf in a
UK bookshop which was just so cool. I definitely recommend coming here if
you’re interested in queer literature or just queer history and culture in
general. They have loads of pins you can buy and lots of events going on so if
you’re staying in London or you live in London then I’d definitely go and check
those out. *music playing* So then I went to Persephone Books. This
is another new one to me. This bookshop is also a publisher and focuses on
publishing female writers from the 20th century whose voices have generally gone
unheard of until recently. Their books are beautiful and the whole shop just
has this beautiful aesthetic. There were a number of books that caught my eye but I
just know I wouldn’t be even in the headspace to read them until I finish
my degree. They also stock other books by modern
female writers that are making waves like Jen Campbell’s book and Crudo and
other books like that. It was just a very cool and very aesthetically pleasing
place. *music playing* I’m just heading on to my fourth bookshop which is Blackwell’s books. So Blackwell’s is a chain in the UK but I think this is
one of their main shops. The one I went to is the one in High Holborn. I really
liked this one the whole shop just felt very spacious and there were a lot of
different deals and offers which were very tempting. In particular I thought
that their adult literary and general fiction stock was really great, there were
a number of books I was really tempted by but I was trying to be strict with
myself. Again their YA section wasn’t very expensive but that is
perfectly okay because they had such a great selection in other areas, in
particular I really liked their setup of the tables, it felt very clear what genre
was featured on each table and I think they had a good selection between
books I had heard about and some less familiar ones and overall I just really
liked this one and will definitely be going back. We then have Oxfam books, this
is one of my favorites, it’s a charity bookshop based in Bloomsbury and pretty
close to Tottenham Court Road station. It’s normally a fairly quiet shop but on
the day I went it was really really busy I guess because it was a weekend and I
normally do go during the week. But you can really find some gems in their YA
section, it does depend on the day, but again their adult section is usually really
really good, I’ve found some lesser-known titles that were on my Amazon wishlist
in this shop which is always really exciting and of course because this is a
charity bookshop the books tend to be cheaper than retail price and you know
your money is going to a good cause. *music playing* Of course I couldn’t do one of these
videos without mentioning Foyles on Charing Cross Road, this is I think my
favorite bookshop at the moment just because I read a lot of American books
that are not published in the UK and they get so many American imports into
their YA section and it’s probably my favorite YA section of any bookshop I’ve been in. It’s just so expansive and the shop itself is, there’s
like five floors and they’re stock across the board is great. I love
browsing in their fantasy and adult sections and I really love their graphic
novel section as well. I will say they’re not always the best on deals so if you’re
price conscious like myself just be aware of that but they do offer a
student discount so if that applies to you then it’s definitely worth looking
into. Next we have Gosh! comics which is a new shop for me it is dedicated to
comics and graphic novels and just looks so cool. It’s based right in the heart of
Soho and it was so busy when I went in, there were so many graphic novels that I
had heard of or seen on booktube but never actually seen in a bookshop and
there’s always something so special about that I think. In particular I
thought that their stock of contemporary and historical graphic novels was really
good, I think some bookshops tend to kind of focus more on sci-fi and fantasy
graphic novels and there’s nothing wrong with that, I just noticed that they had a
really wide range of genres which was great. If you go downstairs, that’s the
comic section and I just had a quick look. I won’t lie I’m not super into
superheroes and comics but there was clearly a wealth of stuff down there, I
just really liked the vibe of this place it was very cool and contemporary. And
finally I stopped off at London’s oldest book shop which is Hatchard’s. This is
actually owned now by Waterstones but it still feels very much like its own
entity which i think is really really nice. It’s in this incredibly old
building like you can feel the history seeping through everywhere which I love
of course. They in particular have a lot of special editions and get lots of books
signed which is really cool and there’s just so much selection, the bookshop is
so much bigger than it looks like on the outside, there’s all these cubby holes
and nooks and crannies that you aren’t expecting when you’re looking at it from
the outside. Again like Foyles I will say if you’re money conscious this doesn’t
tend to have many offers or deals but it is really nice to just walk around and
get a feel of the place, they have sofas and stuff on a few floors which are
really nice to just sit on and have a read if ya fancy, I did on this day. I
loved their children’s section in particular, it’s just adorable, I thought
it was so wonderfully decorated and laid out and I was so excited about it I can
only imagine how nice it is if you’re a child. Honestly I just kind of feel like
this place is a book lover’s dream and even though I don’t tend to buy a tonne from here I always try and make a visit just cuz it’s like book heaven. *music playing* So that was my little bookshop crawl that I did back in October. I’m sorry this is so
late I kept meaning to edit it and then just kept forgetting. I hope this gave
you some recommendations and some insights into various book shops across
London, whether you live there or you’re visiting or whatever, do let me know what one
looks like your favorite down in the comments below or if you’ve been to any of
them which ones are your favorites and recommend me any that aren’t in this
video, I would love to hear about more borkshops in London, there are so many
great ones I still haven’t been to yet. I hope you’re all having a lovely day wherever
you are and I’ll see you soon in my next video. Bye!

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  1. Ahhhh, I love this video! I already loved Word on the Water, Foyles, and Hatchards, but I found so many new ones I need to check out! Gay’s the Word is at the TOP OF MY LIST for next time I’m in London!

  2. I’ve been to London so many times, but I’ve never been to any of these bookshops. Shame on me T^T I always head straight to the massive Waterstones.

  3. I loooove this! I really want to go to London one day purely to do a bookshop crawl. They look so amazing and there's a real lack of bookshops other than Waterstones in my city.

  4. my best friend and I went to London this year and our main goal was to visit beautiful bookstores <3 you're making me miss it even more! great video ^^

  5. i am 25 from pakistan and i LOve reading books and i just loved this book shop and can spend hours here looking at the books!.

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