A short animation about what love is [ Love is in small things / Puuung ]

A short animation about what love is [ Love is in small things / Puuung ]

Pillow Fight! Win. I don’t like to exercise! I’ll help you. I’ll make you some hot chocolate. You should never leave me. Don’t worry.
I am not the main character in the drama. I’m sorry … You are always pretty. It’s so good! Wake up. I’m so happy to eat good food with you! Wake up. Cheers. I got the flu. Please God, may him get better soon! I love you. Cheese~ It is a gift for you. A beach is still cold.
But the beach that you and I walked together was beautiful. I really wanted to kiss you. What kind of clothes does he like? What should I wear? Hold on. You and me. I’ve missed you. Sparklers are so pretty! Finished! Welcome! The flight was delayed by bad weather. It’s boring. We danced while listening to the waves. I’m ready! I had a hard day today. You need to rest. I need to lose some weight. A diet starts tomorrow! Shall we eat dessert?

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  1. Everything is so wholesome…
    Everything is so bright and friendly…
    Everything is filled with absolute, heartwarming love….
    Reality is often disappointing….

  2. I can't wait for the day when I meet someone like this and finally feel true love instead of being taken advantage of constantly

  3. This is cute and all but it’s just him taking care of her. Like does she do anything for him? Healthy relationships are all about interdependence and independence. Either way I love the animation

  4. This video is so calming and sweet, too bad it reminds me of a girl I have strong feelings for. Gosh I truly do love her and I've confessed to her.. she says she feels the same way but doesn't show she truly cares. I know she really loves all these cutesy things with couples and all but if only she would give me a chance to give her the world.

  5. I may be a dumb kid, but I've always dreamed of having a life like this. Of course, the only two girlfriends thought it was unrealistic, especially for a nervous and introverted person like me. Loneliness hurts, and watching others be happy is hard.

  6. I can’t wait. And although these type of things do not cone often, I will wait patiently and continue to be the person better than I was before.

  7. Only if life was this perfect

    Some people do live this life in a happy relationship but most don’t, and its sad but it’s just how life works

  8. This video its bullshit. Love is suffering. The innocent childlike mentality to create this sort of fairytale scenario its just toxic to behold.

  9. I feel like why a lot of people automatically go to a relationship yearning when they’re lonely is partially because of how influenced that thought is. so many songs are about love, it’s over social media, etc.. but in my perspective I can see people wanting to in a way to get more human contact & affection. people can do stuff like this w their friends, like take care of them when sick & hug them,,, etc. but it’s not that common anymore, at least I feel like. so everyone, stay focused on yourself & the loved ones u have around you, this will come when it does:))

  10. Siendo sincero, quiero reslizar todo esto con la persona con quien estoy siendo feliz en este momento.
    A pesar de todo lo que puedan de ir acerca de nuestra relación, nunca, nunca sabran que tan feliz estoy siendo y seré todo el tiempo que la niña más hermosa de mi vída, se quede a mi lado.

  11. The art is so cosy and cute . The story is so…..beautiful . All in all wonderful job . I hope i get to see more stories such as this .

  12. Dammnit friggin YouTube, you know how single and lonely I am yet you just HAD to reccomend this video to me at 1 in the morning. Gee thanks for making me feel more single than I already am 🤧

  13. So basically, The boy always has to be caring?
    The girl faces so many problems and the boy stands by her.

    But,the boy is always good,no problems ever!!!

  14. This video makes me so thankful for my boyfriend being in life. The things that I find so normal like shown in the video, a lot of others don’t get. I honestly love him with all of my heart.

  15. Come on guys this video only focus on love life.. don't be mean about having no friends or works. Because this thing only based on the days they are together it's sweet though❤️🤗

  16. 12:08 The guy should've said "this sparkler only brightens up a small part of the world, but you brighten up my whole world"

  17. All I could think about was that I didn't want anything to happen to them. Every time he took his eyes off the road I was just praying that they wouldn't get into an accident and lose each other. 🙁

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