Amazon KDP Publishing: Removing Honest Reviews?!

Amazon KDP Publishing: Removing Honest Reviews?!

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  1. Have you had reviews stripped from your book on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing? If so, how many? And, why do you think?
    Get deeper insights on Amazon KDP and their dirty little:

  2. You can use my whole name. Lol I don't mind at all. Great video, though. I have had some success with business cards that have my book cover on the back (they look awesome, I have pictures on Instagram, just search my name). Most customers don't want to search for a book, though.

  3. Honestly, it's sad Amazon had to go to these lengths, thereby, we have to go to certain lengths, because of bad seeds with no integrity. Thanks again, Dale. #WHOA!

  4. I get my links from the Bookshelf. I click the "view in US" and get a short, clean link. I probably learned that from you.

  5. I'm a self publishing myself, unfortunately my book is not translated yet, I'm Portuguese.
    Nice channel. thank you very much

  6. Right on time. I’m making adjustments to my kindle formatted book and I was going to share the super URL with my family and friends once it is uploaded.

  7. What about linking to your Amazon Author Page? Would that cause problems? I suppose if the book isn't on page one it might work against you. shrugs

  8. Question: I thought you couldn't use a pretty link for an Amazon Affiliate link. I thought they only allowed their links.

  9. ATTENTION: Due to help from viewer @Kim Forthofer, I found out redirects are NOT in compliance with Amazon Associates links.
    Soooooo…scratch that ninja level stuff. I'm not trying to get anyone in hot water with Amazon Associates.

    Here's what Amazon Associates says:
    (e) any Product purchased by a customer who is referred to an Amazon Site by a link that sends users indirectly to an Amazon Site via an intermediate site, without requiring the customer to click on a link or take some other affirmative action on that intermediate site (a “Redirecting Link”)

    When I'm wrong, I like to correct the mistake and move forward.

    To be clear, you can still use Amazon Associates for sharing THEIR short link and for monetizing your book brand beyond KDP.

    Big thanks to Kim. Thanks for the heads up.

  10. #WHOA…I’ve actually had a review from one of my books taken down repeatedly by Amazon. Ironically, it’s a valid review and the only 4 star review on my book. The other 44 reviews are all 5 stars. So the 4 star was actually helping my book look more legit as people are skeptical of all 5 stars.

    I’ve asked KDP to investigate. They do, then put the review back and then a few months later it’s gone again…very odd.

  11. It was good to hear about keeping URL's clean again. Repetition is a good way to learn and remember. It sounded easier the more I hear it.

  12. You can’t promote your book on Facebook and if some ones looks at gives reviews so you should be the one to promote your own book

  13. Hi Dale
    i am new in Kindle formatting, i have many questions so my first Question is when i insert image in word and set it into center of the page but after conversion word file into mobi file the picture appears on left side of kindle page instead in the center of page.
    2nd problem is When i set heading in big fonts and in some beautiful fonts type but after conversion that file into mobi and all heading fonts, size and alignment turn into mess.
    please help me.

  14. Hi Dale! Great video! I never knew about the dirty links and have totally accidentally handed those out. But I have intentionally given friends non-affiliate links (that I didn't realize were dirty) because of the rule about associate links re: friends and family. You are not allowed to share your associate link with people you know. So, my question is is "search by author name" the best way from both SEO and clean route standpoints? Thanks!

  15. Hey Dale, I tried the "dp" to "gp" switch and so far I cannot figure out how to get readers to the right spot to give me a review…still confused and want to role out a promotion next week, so I need to figure this out! Any idea what I might be doing wrong? Maybe because I am starting with the sales page URL? Thank you for all the info!

  16. If you get an associate link off a book product page that's got a dirty link in the address bar that dirty link can get buried in the AA link.

    Get the clean link via visiting your book product page via the Bookshelf in KDP. Then click the Text option for the AA link off the clean product page.

  17. Hello Sir, how are you ?😊 Sir I have another doubt . Please help me sir ….Sir I want to create ebook with the summary of many books, which are free copyright , Can I publish this ebook ? There is any copyright issue ??? …pl2 sir 🙏

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