An Abundance of Caution – This is Only a Test 541 – 3/5/20

An Abundance of Caution – This is Only a Test 541 – 3/5/20

for Thursday at March 5th 2020 welcome
to this is only a test the official podcast of tested dot-com yeah this is only your TAS welcome
singing norm absolutely welcome to this special episode no it’s not special it
was gonna be special this episode’s not special every episode special Jeremy
Williams various play this is a duo cast cast now this is just what we do here
Wow is it no I refuse to believe it it’s the new normal
well if you’re watching the video you can see it’s just Jeremy and I and the
podcast I was hoping that cache or could be here he could not he’s out of office
but we may have him check in in a little bit via satellite via satellite of
course but I was hoping to have everyone of us in today for uh talking about the
10th anniversary of testing oh I – I – I didn’t know I didn’t know I wouldn’t
brought you know give no one knew who remembers are you making a thing of it
on the website on the youtubes channel I mean as thinking about over the weekend
and I tweeted about it last week or maybe was over the weekend yeah but uh
oh my gosh it’s like it’s it’s been 10 years and it’s popped in my head because
we started in March 2010 and then will reminded me it was March 8th 2010 so
that would be a Sunday I want to say this year he didn’t know that though
right I’m sure we’ll knew that really I’m sure I’m sure
it’s it’s ingrained you know if you go back to the if you go on and you
look at our blog post and you go to the very very back of the archive this is
impossible it’s possible absolutely to go to the very first few posts the first
post is on March 4th nothing more anymore and not March 8th and that was
because relaunch post we exactly we’re already working on the site and doing
some putting up some content and putting it back logging it not back logging it
but building up a backlog I guess before we launch that there would be things for
people to read and look at but March 8th is when we launched officially when we
chopped their first video do you know where the first video was was it a slow
motion balloon throwing no I know I was like at least a year and a half or up
two years in I’ve known it was flip phones in condoms using them
as underwater protectors really yeah tested tested this is what we do that’s
a thought that was the idea Jeremy Wow oh my god I went to page 100 and I’m
only in 2018 so yeah it goes back sure that’s page 100 well yeah it P equals
100 you only do Pete was a thousand maybe where does that take us it takes
us to 2011 you’re close yeah smokes I promise also a lot of people who are
who listen to the podcast because this is still a podcast that we would dwell
less on the video aspect I’m really glad we alright sorry behind us that we can
use to do things like FaceTime our friends in and do remote Allen’s and it
just put up some media to reference the things we’re talking about but it’s
really the audio listeners love you to YouTube viewers but the audio listeners
who who support the podcast it’s true and the video listeners they just
complain about the big microphones in our face and the it’s all for the audio
listen all for the audience right exact right right you know most people who
probably watch it on YouTube probably just put it on the background listen to
the audio yes so long way of saying let’s not dwell on the imagery but 10
years of tested also so we’re not doing a big thing because when we think of
anniversaries its tested had said so many has have had so many iterations you
know you could count tested from when we started our YouTube channel which was
not in 2010 we didn’t have a youtube channel properly in 2010 we do G channel
until really after we started working with Adam in 2012 and so like 2012 was
like really when you when you can think of it as one of the ways you can think
of a milestone of when you know the current version of tested started and
also a budget for milestone well congratulations for mansion they’ve been
do you think to be doing if you do anything for 10 years you think you’d be
good at it and the one thing I took away from thinking about it this weekend is
that boy we’re still figuring things out maybe you’ve always been good at it no
just still still figure definitely not always been good at if you look at stuff
back then definitely not that let that first video flip phone
right yeah condoms in condoms jumping into a pool I’ll give you some behind
the scenes that was a two and a half minute video first of all that’s a
little proprietary video player um ouch in the whiskey Media Network
yeah remember we’re still working with our friends at Giant Bomb and and Comic
Vine paying for video uploads paint yep yeah and then host him right and then it
was two cameras it was that video was shot and I believe the backyard of the
general manager of whiskey media Mike Tatum back then mm-hmm it his uh his
pool Vinny Caravela shot that along with Joey it was the first time I met Joey
really that shoot was on that shoe how about that two cameras and what I’m
wearing in that video we cancel it’s on YouTube we did eventually off later
there is a costume of an old-timey swimsuit that I got from my costumes on
Haight which was a costume swimsuit not an actual swimsuit so just soaked up
water oh I was real heavy oh yeah calf it was gross yeah but put
those goggles on held up those flip phones jumped in the pool and recorded
some video huh that’s good yeah norm congratulations I know top story this week podcast isn’t
canceled no I was just admiring that they had GDC
in 2011 at the old block yeah oh so our top story this week is talking about all
the things that have been canceled this past week any surprise here
I was always holding out hope I don’t know at this point you know it’s not so
much a surprise we’d already seen some cancellations but there are some big
ones this week is especially GDC for inner right in our own backyard yeah so
over in the past seven days things events in our sphere things that we
would have followed or even attended that have events that have been canceled
out of an abundance of caution include the Game Developers Conference and that
was in following sponsors and exhibitors pulling out right right so Microsoft EA
Sony Facebook all said they would not participate they would run in remote
events and stream so GDC unfortunately it not only well it’s exactly canceled
with the organizer said is that they would be having it sometime later this
year postpone this pone which is I’m glad that that’s what they’re doing
because one I love GDC it’s a local event it’s a great place to see we’ll
see if it all burns out though because it’s asking a lot yes of the world of
game developers to you know set aside time later at an unknown date in the
year yep and then make new travel plans and arrange to be together I mean that
said it’s an important event to them it is an important that’s a lot of smaller
developers for big companies I think it’s a also a big ask to ask them to
realign their announcement plans and their releases because sure that’s gonna
have those things are gonna happen regardless it’s a networking event
though for those people just to get together yeah yeah and and for that we’d
absolutely want that event it’s like not like GDC only happens in San Francisco
they have other GDC events in Austin and their other big game developments as
well but so but I do hope that that’s something that they will be able to
manage doing and getting those sponsors back and getting exhibitors back because
that’s an organization these these big convention companies you
know not a lot of people know but they’re not all just flush with cash
they can’t just say cancel on the venn and and just chalk it up as oh you know
too bad we’re gonna look to the next one it could disrupt the organization yeah
and we don’t know what the health of these organizations are yeah what the
they’re cutting their losses because if these are the cancellations are due to
coronavirus concerns and they can’t afford to have their staff capsular sick
for two weeks and not just their staff but also the the attendees yeah they
can’t afford their attendees to be and this is all it solve very very practical
and reasonable decision making but it is one of the effects that is that we’re
feeling it now not just reading about it in the news other events that have been
cancelled Google i/o that’s a big one mm-hmm that’s the it was gonna be was
the the date for that nope that’s not the link the proper link and next month
two months ago Google i/o Facebook f8 conference is canceled what else and
those are the those are the big like technology events the Geneva Motor Show
did you see this video this was no I’m fascinated so there’s an empty Motor
Show it was that’s right the city of Geneva due to the concerns said that any
gathering of larger than a thousand people had to be canceled and so this
was right before the Motor Show was gonna start that was mandated yes silly
so the convention center could not operate Wow
but the exhibitors had already shipped out their Freight and had their booth
you know not properly set up but had them in the building and so there’s a
video of you find if you look at it if you search the GF Williams on YouTube of
this photographer walking through kind of what looks like a wasteland of a
giant Auto Show convention the cars were there there’s there’s lots of booths set
up and it’s looks like you know was all the people were setting up just
left for the day mm-hm and aren’t coming back yeah I
don’t know if everyone in the in the world who listens to this podcast has
the same concerns as we might in the Bay Area it’s it’s a we have a different
type of perspective here having had the first you know community contracted case
of corona virus like less than oh we could go just down the road and then in
Seattle of course on our coast to have had the first US deaths from Crona
buyers so I think there are certain nucleuses of love concern for the what’s
what you know a pandemic that could potentially open up and become more of a
more of an issue in the country but yeah I know that there are people who are
saying this much ado about nothing so we will just have to wait and see
and we’re gonna get kind of an update hopefully when we dial shorten later on
in the podcast other events well around the world so
Disneyland and Legoland Universal Studios in Japan have have closed closed
their doors for the time being yeah I think that makes total sense again these
are disruptions that while they may be over cautious it is totally the right
thing to do because you don’t want these big facilities and these parks to be
potentially epicenters of outbreaks and then you know there are conventions that
are still going on for example the Olympics so far yeah are still on
although there’s talk that they may be postponed as well that’s a massive tiny
postpone the Olympic yeah right as an organizational young thankfully it’s the
Summer Olympics right yeah I mean a lot of these events you could imagine they
could do virtual events online that you have to do what an engineer does for at
e3 but but eSports nothing to eSports Olympics having a hard time imagining
what the Olympics does and there are a lot of comprehension I mean Adam was
just that one this past weekend c2e2 but there are things like Emerald City
Comicon which is happening and some exhibitors are not showing up there but
the actual convention itself is still happening so and we know a lot of people
in the Seattle area of who are going to Emerald City Comic Con and we’d love to
hear from you about what that convention is going to be like when you’re there if
you’re still going in the wake of all all these all these
happenings there is a website you can go to it’s is it canceled yet calm there’s
the the top half of the websites useful the bottom half is is for funsies its if
there’s little funsies interjected throughout throughout i like the fun
seats you don’t care about the font not so much from the notes ease yeah III is
on the convention we’re keeping an eye on and so far not canceled yeah you know
odds are probably will be that’s interesting I talked to some game
industry friends and they said maybe not maybe no look at packs like packs its
thriving it’s doing great that’s I saw the to the tweets from
people ID pack then it looks like just as packed yeah as anyone I guess it
packs everyone’s used to just doing the elbow high five right the thing is that
as a community fan event yeah which is a lot of people are asking III to become
that but this might be the year to do it you know just like I say make it up now
hey so if it does if it is a strictly industry event I think that’s the thing
holding it back and it might actually I could see it being canceled don’t see
why not you I mean if you were planning on going would you hesitate about going
if you were still going on to something III are there events that you would
decide not to go to I’m considering not going to pinball league like absolutely
like just like your yeah every weekly I mean if okay League the the weak link in
the chain is the kids because they they go no well that sucks I mean that’s
explain that I don’t know never for at least 15 months well yeah but when when
your son starts going to school that’s a whole new you know a hole in the wall if
they go to the petri dish where all of the diseases are now just coming in and
being shared but they’re the most resilient the children yes yeah yeah but
they bring it home okay it’s a Logan’s Run thing him yes yeah and yeah so
that’s that’s bad news food so it’s I’m wondering what would it take for a
school to get shut down for two weeks you know is it gonna be hundreds of
local cases or is it gonna be so are we gonna get like you know cut our losses
and close early who knows who knows I mean I could see it happening this year
at some point I’m sure there are board members and and groups please citing
that right now have you having this conversation school has said
as much yeah yeah and probably giving parents the option to keep their kids at
home if they if they want not yet not yet really not openly although I’m your
kids asking for it I mean kids get sick all the time and stay home so I’m sure
they would treat it like that but a certain awareness I guess in the
elementary middle school yeah community and the kids themselves of corner virus
and what it may mean absolutely yeah and yeah I think that the kids are probably
their opinions are reflective of their parents opinions and whatever they’re
talking about at home and like I said you know some people think it’s much ado
about nothing a lot of the kids say that and a lot of the kids who have parents
who are more concerned or saying well this could be real hmm so yeah it’s who
knows all right well we’ll keep tabs on things that are cancelled schools and
conventions and podcast it and like the podcast we can do a roughly Jeremy okay
I’m gonna make it do the podcast the people out there the audio listener is
need neither even if there’s no work commute they’re gonna be listening yeah
somehow hey before we’re gonna move on to our next segment well how’s your your
you were gone last week what would you do it’s ho ho oh yeah well we go every
other year or so to ski that is where one in San Francisco typically goes yeah
to ski yeah and we had a delightful time I had a birthday turn 46 congratulation
thanks and yeah we had a great time it’s very slushy up there which our
resort did you go to Northstar ah that’s a good one
we I think we’re gonna mix it up if we go back we’re gonna go somewhere else
but it’s a yeah we had a great time the kids just love it they’d love it cuz
they don’t get to see snow ever ever people in there we don’t know what snow
we don’t get snow no yeah we don’t get seasons really right yeah what is that
thing a lot of it a lot of people this time of year none none I told you it was
slushy it was like 60 degrees oh then not a lot of snow skiing to be
had no well they made snow you know and then they groom them at night and you
can see it’s okay in the afternoon because it’s not like ice but I rights
it’s whatever that’s not as fun you want powder well yes yes you do yes but you
take what you get yeah yes you go Spring Break at this point almost yeah yeah
all right well happy birthday happy belated birthday and welcome back I want to start off the segment with a
little bit of a down note as I had the parting of kind of an icon in in
entertainment news and entertainment discussion James Lipton who for longest
time hosted inside actor studio who was an actor himself cameos and things like
Arrested Development had done work in soap operas and yeah and really kind of
what in our generation we think of as when the first who did celebrity
interviews actor interviews in a serious way
we’re actually in a way that a lot of people do now in great conversations he
passed away at the age of 93 I used to watch this show every week like it was
back in my Tivo days right like I would haven’t subscribed to it we watch all
the inside actor studios I it was a an hour-long you know interview program
with no scandalous material it wasn’t comedy and although it had its moments
but I mean he got actors to open up in a way that I just absolutely got addicted
to and I loved that show and I will I miss I miss watching it but I you know
he was man I the world is better to have had him in it for sure
yeah what are the interview shows that you go to now if there are any I fill
that void I mean I don’t I have no idea that’s a good question I mean there’s
hot ones which i think is that is that’s that’s for the millennial generation for
sure I mean I think it’s great I think what they’ve done is it’s a really smart
thing yeah but it is not inside the actress to do that it like James Lipton
took himself very seriously but at the same time like he got the actors to give
in immensely personal interviews and open up about themselves think I’m like
the Robin Williams episode alone was one of the best Robin Williams performances
like on film but is there an archive of this that’s a good question yeah I’m
sure I’m sure there is yeah yeah fantastic show yeah no idea he was 93
Wow me neither directors and actors themselves now are
have lots of platforms to talk about their work
and one of them that I like a lot is varieties program they have a director
series where directors look at specific scenes of movies and they break them
down so they like have a almost like a screen in front of them and they
literally have a dry erase marker that they could say annotate on the scene
they and they pick a would be it could be a an old movie could be a new movie
like for example Ryan Coogler for black panther did the big fight scene inside
the south korean casino there’s been a great one production designer force gum
talked about this scene where they where force goes to Vietnam and kind of the
whole set dressing of that is a really really in-depth and fun kind of just
many documentaries almost and it’s not an area of interview format it is
literally the filmmaker just talking to you and there’s one that was really
released recently by Rian Johnson not for last Jedi but for nine nights out
out have you seen knives out yet yes saw the future enjoyed it I didn’t
I’m sorry okay I think we talked about I thought it was alright but I it was one
of the rare cases where I saw like I figured it out like you know I saw the
ending coming I that’s not usually me that’s usually you so as I watched it
actually that thought I wonder if norm is enjoying this at all because it seems
like I love myself roll with it it seems rather predictable did you not
but like think okay this makes perfect sense I like the way that I rolled with
the movie where the moments where I felt like I I was had a ha moment oh it’s
gonna go this way Rian Johnson was smart enough to
anticipate that or at least that’s what he’s seated in right he gave you the
clues to know that okay if this clue is planted here the audience at least some
part ons is gonna figure it out very soon after and so I’m just gonna tell
them and and not not have the weights all at the end okay big reveal yeah like
maybe he kept he kept that pace with his reveals okay at least that’s what I felt
I enjoyed the acting immensely I would I would go see the sequel as
soon as it’s out and and and they’re working on it yeah it’s gonna be another
Daniel Craig playing the detective and but the the reason we’re talking about
this is he broke down the scene and eyes out the the the the Chris Evans scene
where he pops in and he starts cursing out everyone and it’s a 23 minute video
where he talks break down like the blocking of the scene and which they may
not it’s it’s one it’s in the trailer he’s likes like fu fu fu no yeah on your
shit and your shit right right and and it’s right before the will read it the
reading yeah yeah okay and he mentions he drops this this kind of anecdote in
this video where he says that Apple refuses or not in the guys it isn’t an
interview this is not about knives out this is not about knives out but he says
this yeah he says that said Apple will not let you use their phones for the
villain it’s crazy this is this sounds like a rumor but he’s saying this is
fact in Hollywood that Apple will not elect will not let movies portray will
not allow villains and movies use iPhones so that they won’t be associated
with evildoers one I can’t imagine this is actually tried their head there are
villains in films clearly using iPhones no he says they can’t no I think
absolutely there are villains in films using you gotta be I haven’t tried you
picture one in my head and maybe I can like call one out right now but there
has to be okay maybe what do you meant was that Apple
will not give you like promotional consideration right like they won’t let
you show the Apple logo or they won’t pay to have their products in your movie
mmm if your villain uses an iPhone I mean it’s just it is interesting to me
how much we think we’re Apple thinks that that that this makes a difference
like clearly that there there’s some grain of truth to whatever Rian Johnson
is saying Apple has at some point suggested they what they don’t want
villains using their iPhones right right I mean we we can at least take that for
granted that there’s that’s that conversation was sad at some
right so that means that Apple thinks that if villains did use iPhones people
would like the iPhone less people were doing harness to reputation they would
sell less iPhones and and you go back to like Apple TV plus being its own
streaming service and there are the rumors when they were spinning up these
news shows that the shows had to meet some type of you know family-friendly
guideline because animal is a family-friendly Brennan and that’s not
the case at all these shows are tons of cursing yeah
swearing there they tackle very tough subjects and they’re kind of really all
over the place and apples okay with that so I don’t know if he’s saying is
actually is actually true but I did make some headlines if yeah okay so okay so
we’re gonna say it’s not true I don’t I don’t think it’s true okay
oh I would yeah and and and from a legal perspective Apple could not come in and
say you’re not allowed to use an iPhone no so that’s the question if it were
true but with the leverage be like what does Apple have that the movies Jia’s
need because they apparently like there’s not distribution it’s not like
oh we’re not gonna put your movie on iTunes right if you’re villains using an
iPhone right I don’t know it’s weird so I think the leverage is probably if
there is an existing relationship maybe in that case like like if there is
promotional consideration the Ars Technica article that talked about this
they have a quote from somebody an attorney who says that you movie studios
do not technically need they don’t need the permission approval in order to use
everyday devices on screen if they are used as the device was intended right
yeah okay is that is that true so like you couldn’t like turn a phone into like
something that’s not is that what you mean that’s exactly huh
yeah oh yeah okay we’re making a big plot point communicate with outer space
could I communicate with aliens with an iPhone as a villain like would Apple
allow you know it mean evitable et remake for an iPhone to be used as the
have you seen those commercials but the VR ones
well yeah he’s getting VR head yes yes I love it
I knew it’s my Twitter banner that’s right this is for Comcast or Verizon
it’s from one of those big media company he’s a boy Elliott’s all grown up now
they dig they brought him back good for him good for the actor whose name I
don’t know good for him we get to get a cash a paycheck and they rebuilt et oh
yeah why assume that they rebuilt it yeah I mean it wasn’t CG though no it
was it was a product that’s nice yeah yeah all right we’re going off the rails
here other bits of pop culture news Amazon Prime
as a subscription service is launching a bunch of new science fiction shows
they’re one of the the few services where I feel like maybe it’s this is
like Jeff Bezos direction because Jeff Bezos is such a known science fiction
fan mm-hmm he was he cameoed in Star Trek beyond as an alien and Wow and he’s
definitely like he’s a guy who who loves science fiction and you know for his
service maybe it’s under his direction but he wants to see science fiction on
there and that’s why they had that felt connect series the anthology series and
there’s a new series coming out called tales from the loop okay
tales from the loop I’m super excited about this because this is a series
based on concept art from an artist’s a Swedish artist named Simon Stalin Hogg
okay and actually featured one of his books on one of my favorite things I
once a year or 2 years ago but it’s you’ve probably seen this concept art if
I floating around and get these these wonderfully painted scenes were it’s a
mix of kind of otherworldly robots with just very grounded on Earth scenes you
know farmland amongst cars there’s an anachronistic aspect to it there’s a
cars farmland yeah industry and then you have like a giant robot in the
background yeah and then it’s an alternate world right of what if these
or robots although it gives it’s a realism that some sci-fi just lacks yes
for sure right it’s almost a Neill Blomkamp style district exactly what if
these you know very fantastical things live very long side you know and the
earthly population without having to make a Blade Runner star
aesthetic right and he released this book called tales from a loop and it was
a book of concept art with some of his kind of world building behind it that
connected some of these pieces together it wasn’t a graphic novel it wasn’t a
story within a story no Kaley behind it and Amazon licensed that art yeah and
now it’s making this show that’s gonna be out on April 3rd and there was a
trailer and it’s produced by some Swedish filmmakers I could never let me
go the director of never let me go Matt Reeves who stood in the Batman it was
also a producer on it and it’s about a town who lives it’s gonna be a not
really anthology series but each episode I think it’s gonna tell us different
story about people who live in this town that are all connected by these by these
robots and these creatures now I was gonna ask because you said there was a
story to the book and they licensed the book and so if every image is kind of
disconnected are the episodes gonna be innocent I think I think that’s the idea
they’re taking like a piece of art and then using that as an inspiration for an
episode yeah but then creating their own
mythology for how these things can be connected but it was in the trailer you
see essentially these these these concept art pieces you know realize and
put on the screen and it’s just it’s really lovely that’s awesome yeah here’s
another book I I also like the electric toast I want to say I’m cool with that
quickly extricate the electric state it’s about traveling a roadtrip journey
across the west coast and that’s also licensed as well to do options as well
to turn into a movie I believe the Russo brothers are turning that into a movie
it is producing that it looks awesome I mean the the aesthetic of it they have
a lot of children in there that are using technology in a way that they’re
very comfortable with which makes a lot of sense
it looks like it might be you know there might be some scary moments but it
doesn’t doesn’t look like a horror show so yeah
I think this is totally in the vein of like black mirror in terms of like
technology interfacing yeah with everyday life but let hope less so much
of I can a cautionary tale and more in the vein of like a science fiction
novella of like they’re just trying to tell a story you might expect that from
Amazon yeah yeah Indiana Jones v is being filmed
well we’ll be starting filming in a couple months I mean we have to
acknowledge for it does doesn’t it yes yeah we watched for a couple months back
and I enjoy for what it is get out I’ll do the rest of this show myself it’s
still Steven Spielberg the worst Spielberg movie is still I mean there is
still he’s such you can’t not enjoy watching a Spielberg movie just for his
visual composition just for like the inventiveness he has and this filmmaking
there’s there’s there’s good stuff in that movie I’m not saying it’s a good
movie I’m saying there’s good stuff well in that you’re gonna make an Indiana
Jones film it has to meet a minimum bar it just has to be a minimum there’s a
minimum quality that men and that unfortunately for you if you’re making a
stand Indiana Jones film that minimum bar is quite high yeah yeah it’s
actually pretty good I’m a higher lower than a Star Wars movie well they’re both
Lucasfilm products that’s a good point like that’s very good that’s an
interesting thing but because of the nostalgia and because of the love you
have for the first film the first three okay all great all three are fantastic I
mean the you think all three set a bar yes yeah there’s an expectation involved
here and it was point man that’s that’s absolutely sure but you expect with
Spielberg like he liked Lucas it could have been hands off enough to let it be
good but maybe maybe alright maybe it was Lucas is contaminating of that
fourth movie is he involved in the fifth he Kate’s not right man look at one he’s
out yeah and Spielberg might be done to yeah because the report is now that
Spielberg himself is interacting it right that James Mangold who directed a
for V Ferrari and will take the helm it’ll be Harrison Ford back he’ll still
be Indiana Jones you know in his mid 70s and late
seventies maybe he’s gonna take on the Sean Connery role he’s gonna be tweed
jacket right you know he’s gonna be Professor Jones and and me he’s not
gonna be swinging on ropes chillin yeah uh yeah right I don’t think and it’s not
been confirmed by don’t think Shia LaBeouf is back and this one that was
the big that was that was a problem we all hadn’t read let’s be honest that was
the problem we had with Indiana Jones for it well I mean whatever I mean if
I’m not gonna blame on a Shia LaBeouf I think they made some very crucial
directing decisions have store decisions plot decisions or all I remember is
swinging on the vines and that’s and that was that that everyone talks about
swinging of Mines that is by far the worst part of the movie I don’t remember
that because people talk about it I remember that because I saw it I didn’t
I didn’t see it with any expectation I was always hoping to be Indian Jones
good food good movie but that I’m saying that everyone talks about because that
is what we all remember because that was the worst part of the movie it was bad
CG it was unbelievable action it was if you look at like the action sequences
that Spielberg has put together kind of like the the chase stuff one of the best
things he’s done is in Tintin do you remember that chase sequence in
Adventures of Tintin hi well they’re going through the town
Tintin had that Polar Express in Bali so I never watched it all you should watch
it but it has that uncanny valley doesn’t it yeah but their carts 2/3
there they’re cut they’re not supposed to be photo real characters they’re
still kind of with the I should say that you should see all right with art-style
fair guy I I don’t think that all of India Jones for it’s bad okay I think
there are some really fun sequences what a move on what tell me about any Jones
five well we don’t know anything about five but my point is without Spielberg
why make Indiana Jones five at all I can’t understand I think it may be Mego
Indiana Jones movies is a young man’s game I think that’s it it’s fine for
them to pass the mantle they did it with Star Wars and it got
better well at that point then why even make a
mean Indiana Jones are so tight unlike Star Wars which was not just tied to
Luke Skywalker or Han Solo or Carrie Fisher
or Princess Leia Indiana Jones is tied to the namesake right there the one
actor the one character unless you’re gonna go a full reboot go prequel or
complete reimagining and recast it if you’re gonna do
Harrison Ford Indiana Jones you also got to do Spielberg because then you want to
close a story you want to say okay maybe we didn’t get do what we wanted you in
for we want to end Indy on a good note this
is your one chance before yours gentle gentle you’re like James Lipton like he
would never criticize anybody’s work on the on his show and you are I were so
kind I’m not saying it’s a good movie I’m just saying I understand that a lot
there’s a lot people did a lot of hard work on that film and you know creative
decisions that’s where I made Lipton’s coming from I think he has that that it
that inner you know view on the industry and he appreciates all the effort that
went into it and I will say even you know and I’m not afraid to be critical
of a performance like Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones for I think gave a better
performance than he did in force awakens or Blade Runner Wow all right there you
go at least at least it felt like even he cared somewhat really I remember
thinking he knew this was nonsense and but that’s Indiana Jones that’s the
character to whenever he lives in and crazy the only sensitive help novel my
always is comic surprise is this the in Spielberg not doing it is that I mean
clearly he could do it if he wants his Steven Spielberg he can decide what to
direct and what not to direct he the fact that he doesn’t want to do it tells
me something like I don’t know it cuz he must know he must know that’s his worst
movie and now I’m gonna rank steelwork movies yeah what do you think is his
worst movie I think probably that one no loss traffic part two lost world I doubt
it I don’t remember hating that movie while I was a kid so I did I did enjoy
that movie but what if I rewatched those movies I so I’m just surprised that he
doesn’t want another shot you know it’s like Michael Jackson coming back to play
bass Paul again like he I can’t surprise
Spielberg doesn’t wonder at least just cleanse himself of Indiana Jones by
doing it again but or so what this tells me is that maybe he’s he’s beyond that
he’s like above it he’s wise enough to pass it on
well if he is still involved at least you know on a producing side and at this
point maybe he had done enough work on the film already to lay the groundwork
and it’s just the day-to-day you know he’s already blocked out all the that
kind of types of scenes and the visual flair that he wanted and then James
Mangold is that really there it’s just to direct the performances then I could
see that in terms of steel Brooks war films did you google it
I mean I look at his list of films yeah if you’re talking about the films he
directed like of course of course he’s produced and some no producing means
nothing right putting your name behind there’s that can range from you know you
read the script and made some notes to you were heavily involved day to day
like that absolutely as a title doesn’t mean much to me crystal skull is
definitely up there in terms of the worst yeah I never saw The BFG he didn’t
do the jaws sequels right no no no no yeah I don’t like hulls films yeah
Munich oh yeah even the terminal what’s wrong with the terminal great and it’s
kinda Sun spectacular yeah yeah it’s a solid right film you know hook people
don’t like but I love hook well that that was like high school for me it so I
I dug look I had the soundtrack and everything oh yeah elementary school
it’s quite the soundtrack but you know for me it was being lost kids war the
world’s some people might say is his worst one Tom Cruise War of the Worlds
movie what do you think that’s that I see I get that in an independence day
mixed up I Penza he’s not him that’s roland emmerich yeah I know it’s not him
but doesn’t thinking of them of the movie I forget that one people say was a
disappointment because it was so little focused on the the war with
the yeah the Martians it was just you know and it was a small sort it was it
was a Spielberg story right it was a father and his kids trying to survive in
this apocalypse I think the takeaway here is that a bad Spielberg film is a
rare thing and it must be something strange there must be something else
contaminating the wall he’s made unremarkable films I would say bridge of
spies it was up for Oscars yeah but I found it kind of unmarked it was okay it
was fine it didn’t like it didn’t need Spielberg right I don’t know about that
that that’s that’s your taste speaking there I think it was still a high
quality film thank you can’t mentioned bridge of spies and Crystal Skull and
like say that like they just don’t even seem like the same director they seem
completely in odds with each other if I had the option of watching bridge of
spies or Crystal Skull as just like yeah a Sunday afternoon you’re a nerd I would
watch Crystal Skull because that’s at least a fun romp right British spies too
too serious okay good performances but doesn’t scream Spielberg it’s me
anyway hopefully we can get Steven on the podcast you know talk about it okay
Lipton’s not here anymore you know right this podcasting can take
up the mantle inside the director studio one trailer want to talk about before we
leave pop culture segment this is a new animated film from Sony Pictures
animation it’s called connected and even though I
literally just two minutes ago said that producers I take producing involvement
with a grain of salt this one is being produced by Phil Lord and Chris Miller
Lee oh wow Lego guys the directors of lego movie 1 & 2 21 Jump Street 22 Jump
Street the first directors of solo unfortunately and also the co writers on
and producers on the into the spider-verse film so they have produced
this film they’re not writing it or directing it ah who’s directing you know
one of the guys who did gravity falls the cards don’t know funny okay yeah so
has that sense of humor yeah we’re playing the trailer behind us
you should definitely look at YouTube but it’s I like this style of
animation it’s different this is Sony going with a very different style of
animation again using like compared to spider-man it’s way different from
spider-man well so when you think of like I’m not saying all animation
studios have ones have like their look but illumination definitely has a look
okay now the people who do those are the people who do the minions films and the
secret life of pets films right I think their style their their art direction
yeah and the way they do animals or expressions have a look DreamWorks I
think also somewhat has a look when you look at things like the Croods and how
to change well known that they have a look they had they have a facial
expression yes that yeah very you know Dom and dreamers feel yeah and pics are
to some extent no look no look it’s quality I’m not saying it’s not quality
but if you look at how they do the humans in inside out and how they do the
humans and soul soul they they are similar are they I think they’re a
little bit similar and that’s not that’s absolutely true like if you look at
Incredibles obviously very different visual style right that was the first
film where they really even did a lot of humans yeah yeah yeah this yeah and even
like going to Disney Animation Studios right like if we look at Moana tangled
frozen those characters have a Disney look yes or them right right and that’s
a that’s inherited from the Disney right and style I think issue yeah for sure
right even though the the the rendering and effects may mean I think I’m very
intentional you sure Sony it seems like very different in a paramount also like
he looks literally a Transylvania film or what’s one of the ones they do but
anyway Sony the Norman thing there was a yeah there was a polar bear Ryan called
yeah yeah III Ice Age right but that’s fall Karen Norman so when I was there oh
that’s Leica oh yeah how was the top motion that will stop motion no no
paranormal so I didn’t know the combination I didn’t seem oh you should
watch it we should stop motion stuff Leica also there’s a look yeah right if
you look at the Kubo and ParaNorman yeah Coraline Sony
super interesting this has a similar kind of look to the cloudy of the chance
of meatballs okay but they’re doing I think some of what they did with into
the spider-verse and using CG animation them but makes it look like a different
medium in the into the spider-verse with CG but it looks like comic art right so
they’re doing a lot here with like hard edges and the eyes almost look solid
white so I think they’re doing a lot of things that would traditionally be used
in 2d illustration but they’re bringing it if there’s almost a painterly stuff
to mention yeah yeah if you look like that even the backgrounds like the wood
paneling there’s a whole it looks like water colors right I’m really really
into this style like the lines are all squiggly a little bit mm-hmm on their
shirts and on it and I’m really into the visual styling yeah I hadn’t noticed
that you’re look at those trees in the background those are paintings like yeah
there’s that is not a CG model right it’s not like they did a matte painting
with C but it’s all in CG and I really appreciate that these artists are
allowed to kind of experiment with the result even they’re still using computer
rendered ya know environments and characters so but the story the story
itself the trailer itself almost plays like a short film like it tells you a
lot about what’s going on it’s a two minute forty second trailer and it’s a
dad who is uh you know probably very familiar to a lot of people in the
podcast audience especially in the you know in the West Coast where we don’t
allow technology at the table and we’re trying to come you didn’t relate join
kids yeah I’m trying to communicate with kids and get them to do interpersonal
things in the out of watching tick-tock yeah yeah and so like that is the
dynamic they have phantom family a mother and father with two kids and I
guess that there’s some daughter told in college yeah wants to leave the family
leave the nest the father wants to feel connected to his family that’s name of
the film yeah well the kids are connected to the Internet and he’s
devices he goes too far ends up accidentally breaking
they’re going on the road it’s a road trip how do I solve this I got a connect
she’s gonna go to college yes road trip to college yes on its face I do think it
did sound a little derivative it’s like oh this is an obvious story a parable
about our times and the addictions that we have to our device is I think unlike
most cartoons I think families might go to see it because they can obviously
relate to it like on that level though but the trailer does he’s these
fantastical elements that think that they are going to excite me or people
who may not relate to this yet right and they have their robots in this mm-hmm
there’s there’s some type of yeah it ends up he’s right it ends up like he’s
clearly justified you’re thinking that technology is bad because technology
turns bad yeah yeah yeah so yeah and I hope that the guidance of Chris Nolan
for Lord with their humor their irreverence and also just kind of being
bold storytelling they do yeah because I love Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs I
hope that makes it through West film what I hope to see from this film is not
just that he’s right but that the kids are also the kids are right sir they’re
also their form of right like so that they can sort of because I’d love to
understand what it’s like to grow up with a cell phone like I don’t know what
that’s like and so I would like a new perspective on on how that is actually
not all that just like you would hope the kids would love to know what it’s
like to have them grown up with dial-up or no internet if only you could make if
we can make a whole generation of people appreciate you know we’re the last
generation Jeremy I was I was telling my son about that I was like he was
downloading you know I don’t know far cry or something on Steam and I pointed
out how fast he was downloading you know I was like with gigabit yeah like to
thank sonic megabytes a second yeah and I said you how big a megabyte is like
it’s a million most inconsequential Tim yeah it’s a million by ear I’ve got a
million bytes yes and then I was like do you know when I downloaded games I had
to download games at 300 megabits oh you’re you’re lucky Jeremy do you
remember when the quake 3 q3 test came out
q3 test its software released its own download manager for q3 test yeah and
back then that was mold play her only this is back in 2000 I
want to say and this was the first demo anyone who was in the PC gaming was
looking forward to this you hit two maps to play in quake 3 to check out and this
is when the graphics cards for discrete graphics were first blown up yeah when
people were buying voodoo ones voodoo twos for this and NVIDIA Reaper one to
eight and downloading do you remember how big the q3 test was um I’m guessing
it was maybe a Meg no no it wasn’t more that was like 20 Meg’s was it yeah holy
what yeah that okay you say so I’m gonna confirm q3 test was 22 May look at that
Oh 22 to 22 Meg’s you know why I know this because it took me two weeks to
download it two weeks because it started and stopped okay but I actually on on
28k tell up as long as we’re just one-upping each other here what I
actually misspoke I I meant what I was telling my son was I downloaded things
at 300 it’s a second yeah okay I was like 300 baud not there’s your KB no
yeah 300 baud so I downloaded 64 K game took me 45 minutes I mean there’s
nothing I would of course sound download things overnight to two weeks though –
well it would start so I would leave it on during day go to school yeah come
back and it would fail it’s I got me started as those tubes of trial and
error to get it did you have like a dedicated phone line
no no so your parents were like picking up the phone and yes yes what yes if you
don’t know that they say that you had to share imagine the cell phone equivalent
to that right that you could not text which was equivalent of making phone
loss you if someone texted you while you were trying to watch YouTube video that
would ruin the ability to watch a YouTube video that’s the equivalent
that’s that’s the equivalent of Navi and will download and make a phone call
mm-hmm right so no snapchat you choose snapchat or YouTube or twitch you can of
both that’s what it was like to have dial-up and and even after our
downloaded the q3 test and ran this benchmark was that like 95
99 well the Q 3 2 3 task gotcha yeah yeah not that was the one I was excited
for well you had a job by then what you a Pandora and PC gamers I’d point four
years I was at PC abraca you like a year later your little guy yeah
talked about anyway on my interview q3 test but what are the last generation
what are the last genders who were members who lived you know a significant
part of our life yeah with out internet mmm and then our living of course the
rest our lives with Internet I love it I would not want to on the perspective I
wouldn’t want to be in any other generation honest to god like even in
the far future because to be the generation that grew up bridge the guy
that saw video games be in and go it like when asteroids was like something
amazing yeah missile command like the defender like
when these things were brand new is this is this the equivalent of someone
growing up in the 1,800 1,700 since all the printing press and like we had the
right down books manually and then you could buy a book I suppose so I suppose
there’s there’s a similarity there but I think I’m not sure if books have ever
been as popular as videogames are in terms of like consuming generation or
two now yeah it definitely not cars like there are people you know 100 years ago
who live in the world with horses yeah and then automobile right and that
changed the world for sure or Industrial Revolution right which is not to say
that books aren’t better than video games even but I just don’t know if like
if they’ve ever if do you think do you think books were the video games before
video games yeah form of entertainment mm-hmm and
creative output yeah what are you presenting yeah they still are but
happens like have they been usurped I mean every kid plays maybe the age of
mechanical reproduction right the Lunia manuscripts versus the printed printed
image yeah bring your page right I mean mass production democratizing of
publishing right no their analog there but it definitely is pervasive as
digital technologies video game just being one part of it an Internet
connectivity digital devices it’s all about
vengeance it’s all about feeding getting those neurons firing and you know just
feeding that it was an also connection and how easily it is to connect to
millions of people yes we were doing right now and then how the world before
that how isolated but still how’s the strength of those connections maybe were
more stronger the strength of one’s relationship with the characters in a
book you mean or or no to you you’d the leaf the five friends you had over a
message board oh just strength of those connections or
over the kind of more ephemeral connection so we have today yeah being
everyone being interconnected perhaps so yeah maybe that’s why the vr community
is so tight like there could be it too yeah what would that be for my child yes
no idea it’s scary connected in theaters that does it for
our pop culture segment and before we move on to technology news I’ll let you
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people do every day turbo tax all people are tax people sorry I was I was communicating with
Kishore ah let him know we’re just starting
yes tech news yeah get him ready – yes get his voice you know what he does
before the pot yeah takes a injure ginger candy look gargle
yeah yeah yeah yeah Oh aye Scott off move I got an email that the new Mickey
and Minnie Wright is opening at Hollywood studios there’s an another new
ride there’s a new ride it’s replacing the American movie classics the old
animatronic ride going through them but I I sigh because I love that old ride
and what a Hollywood studios I’m a few never even in all these years yeah
Hollywood Studios was a half-day park before the open galaxy’s edge and one of
the premier rides was this kind of it was a dark ride that went through the
history of film and they had animatronics replicating some iconic
scenes in film from Wizard of Oz singing in the rain
aliens yeah and this great showcase of the animatronics and they close and it
was inside the their version of the man Chinese Theater guy right in Hollywood
they’re versatile I would Studios now got shut down and been replaced with the
first Mickey Mouse ride Mickey and Minnie’s Hollywood studios runaway
railway which is kind of a kid-friendly sounds about a little bit of a roller
roller coaster but you know you’re on the train a train ride yeah not fun
around though no no no no all right yeah all right I missed it by two weeks and
also I’m bummed that the other ride is less god that’s what I would say and
Camille that that right all right some video game news two things off here
half life video game news kinda kinda what me alright yeah yeah yeah
death trending which Kojima and his Studios developed and released on PS
please stationed at PS 4 highly regarded game of 2019 yeah
they later got many awards at the games awards you know the hiking simulator
Batman simulator yeah but I think that that’s not selling it correctly I think
that the apparently I haven’t played it either but the very first part of the
game with a lot of that but it opens up into a something entirely different
when looking forward so what’s that entirely different maybe people who play
it really liked it well it’s very it’s a Kojima game right so Big Ideas interest
in art style game with the turtles in this game as well as Norman Reedus he
went to my high school Guillermo de Toro yep no normally this Mikey what but here
del Toro with my high school how different different tell Jefferson del
Toro therefore different del Toro that’s how dare you it’s being ported to PC and
it will release on June 2nd on Steam and the epic game store awesome now on Steam
there’ll be some bonuses including half-life is high in what does that mean
but I don’t know it makes it look a little silly I didn’t I thought the game
was took himself more seriously than this maybe not I think there are
accessories you can trust your character in you can’t make them look more
alluring freemen glasses headcrab hat there’s you can wear the gravity gloves
from half-life Alex so definitely they’ve got assets and
have partnered with valve to put these half-life and universe assets into
deaths stranding yeah and it’s launching simultaneously with epic yes so they
don’t get the exclusive on this one yeah yeah yeah I’m definitely gonna forward
to playing this or at least first couple hours the hiking simulator if it’s
relaxing if it’s like a thing and just zone out and and and do yeah and is that
what you want from life that’s where I want from video games these days yeah
cool the photos loaded as well for people who want to take these really
cool photos yeah and there goes Norman Reedus with a headcrab mom and that’s
June 2nd some Apple rumors Apple of course or always looking to the
next thing not talking iPhone this week but we’re
talking displays on lap book laptops lap box Mac books and also the iMac the
latest rumor out of analysts and from the supply chain is that Apple
is gonna start looking too many LED screens releasing later this year on the
iPad Pro and maybe even the the MacBook Pro is the 16 inch and whatever the 13
inch might become what does that mean to me in the consumer norm so there’s gonna
be some confusion because micro mini LEDs are different from micro LEDs you
followed CES this past year micro LEDs were a hot new technology and kind of
the the successor to OLED a lot of display manufacturers are investing a
lot of money doing research and building up factories for micro LED production
and they have all the benefits of OLED without the burnin outstanding but many
LEDs are basically our traditional LEDs except that the back lights you know you
have back light to light up the panel’s but you don’t with OLED and I assume you
don’t with micro LED correct correct but we’re not there oh that’s are very
expensive and oh let’s have burnin issues over a long time and my qualities
are very expensive because they’re not even out yet and there’s the fabs are
still being okay right now yeah so the cheaper more cost-effective and still
standard is LCDs yep and the LCDs are backlit with LED lights ah yes and the
LED lights on whether it’s your TV or their laptop have basically zone so they
used to be one big light and with the development of LED lights they could
have smaller lights yeah to backlight and then you have to find a good balance
to diffuse that that backlight and to not have to have even lighting
throughout right so you don’t have these kind of weird dark spots around the
edges as well as local dimming which allows for better battery usage and also
a better contrast so are you telling me that that mini le many LEDs are the
backlight yeah for LCD displays and it is if video leds is just the all I’ll
catch-all name for LCD displays with now smaller back lights okay small to a
point where that can be 2 millimeter whoa wow that is mini so
so talking about maybe a doubling of or quadrupling of zones of backlights yeah
because that used to be the one size to get zones at all used to sort of pay a
premium right yes used to be like a global backlight and then the zone
answered premium but now you’re saying it’s like super zoned yes and super zone
and that would be the standard okay for at least Apple products on things like
the iPad and the MacBook Pro interesting which just means perhaps you get better
you know better contrast right header black levels yep yep and maybe brighter
brighter screens as well the bigger news they come out of this and no burden of
course and there I mean you rockin burnin on these screens cos only maybe
iPhone uses OLED and this cheaper I would imagine because LCDs are basically
free now like I don’t know if you there like that yeah there’s you if you go to
Best Buy you can get 55 65 inch TVs for like nothing yeah I mean it’s the
factories are yeah they have a lot of expertise of experiencing cut them at
any size and it really yeah it’s it’s a commodity product right at this the LCD
panel itself so these Opium’s and Apple need to find ways to make them
interesting and improve the quality on this right good and let’s let’s say
they’re bad products LCDs are great well I mean I have all my devices you know
aside from the iPhone choose LCDs your TV is not my TV is not true
but you know my laptop desktop all LCDs LCDs fine I’ll see you strolling fine
but the bigger rumor is that in addition to the 16 inch MacBook Pro getting list
display the 13-inch MacBook Pro which is what you’re using right now yep
may get a similar upgrade what the six inch got which is that it’s screen might
get bigger while the form factor stays the same and the Apple may be looking to
bump up and revamp the 13-inch MacBook Pro and make it a fourteen point one
inch that seems like there mo is to make bigger screens keep the same phone
Packers yeah I make it maybe slightly thicker for for battery purposes do you
have not a lot of bezel on your screen no I mean I’m gonna say it’s not
terrible but there’s certainly wall there’s definitely room for improvement
a lot of space up that’s right Tim Cook yeah that was all my guy look at that
there’s at least another inch in one point one inch of improvement I could
see on that display there I’m sure that’s just how the conversation yes
look at that they get the team measure out there yeah yeah I want I want this
part God you can keep that part and keep that part for a front-facing camera okay
maybe go for your for your FaceTime camera afford that would be that would
be pretty good a lot people love that 13 that’s the like the super popular form
factor for the MacBook Pro line good for airplanes the question is whether this
will include discrete graphics or not you have to screw graphics on your nose
it plays video games on a Mac it’s not just for video games Oh
for rendering rendering what you know if you could oh you mean like rendering
video yeah random over and it’s not just ordering video but also like if you do
cinema 4d if you do Maya work on your Mac Pro yeah some people do that I guess
they do yeah you know Nvidia has different drivers now for whether you
want to do games or studio work no yes like desktop drivers yes and they say
like if you use these new drivers with blender or you know other 3d um studio
apps that you actually get like 6x the performance what yeah go figure why not
just have one package in no application specifically what you’re using and then
you know I like your thinking I do like your thinking what inhibits I
have no idea it has to be done at the driver level like there must have been
some techie engineers there that said we know we can do this but we got to make a
different build can we do it sir and then like the corporation met and they
said let’s try it I wanted it’s a competing departments like we made the
better the driver said right I like it well you made it no wheelies boat and
see which one gets downloaded yeah I don’t that’s that’s how it works I found
traffic’s I’m curious if anyone knows I love to hear yeah
Apple sticking with Apple they had to they had to give a settlement a 500
million dollar settlement from a class-action lawsuit even my third worth
like in on this he wants it’s $25 yeah over decision to throttle performance
based on battery segregation so we’ve got what’s before in Iowa
software over time as your battery got worse Apple decided to total performance
as opposed to letting your battery overheat and some people didn’t want
that and so you can get up to 25 dollars for each iPhone owned yeah and Apple
actually backed off on that they allowed you to unthought oh yeah yeah yeah
pretty soon after this came in oh yes I wonder if if that was a that was a bad
for them you know if that led if that was used as evidence in the lawsuit that
they had done wrongdoing I don’t know though I kinda how that case went I also
know that they also in addition to letting people not throw their phones
they’re not completely upfront with the fact that batteries are consumable now
and that their programs built in place for you to replace your battery if you
want to go through that inconvenience and pay Apple or a certified a repair
center to do that because Apple rather you just swap out the phone and buy a
new phone yes yeah but replace the battery how do you find out if you’re
eligible that’s a good question III don’t know
I’d have you have to type in the serial number because who would know their old
serial number you must be able to just say that I bought one and be able to
show a receipt yeah and yes but there’s got to be a website once website gets
launched up for people to start following their claims we’ll share that
but up to 25 dollars you could claim per phone
I want my twenty-five dollars you’re gonna do it yeah $25 is $25.00 from that
absolutely yeah there’s a rumor out there in Apple world
the Apple will be making a smart Keyboard for the next iPad that will
have a built-in trackpad a smart keyboard with a built-in trackpad for
the iPhone basically are for the iPad turning the iPad into essentially it
doesn’t have that right now no you can buy the the iPad cover yeah now’s the
keyboard but no dinotrap Eddie no I mean trackpad support right now like it’s
pretty limited its accessibility yeah it’s not a it’s it’s not very user
facing mm-hm well there it is they’re turning the
iPad into that laptop more than one I don’t do you want a cursor up on your
iPad do you ever feel like you need the cursor is touching with the screen and
dragging not good enough you do get a cursor like in a text thing like in
notes if you hold down spacebar and then you move the cursor but you can use that
with arrow key or the arrow keys to move that around do it using a touchscreen to
move that thing around it’s fantastic yeah
yeah I would want to use the arrow keys no the sound like but the iPad itself is
a touch yes so did you why do you need a trackpad
you know convenience if I’m down here at the keyboard right to stay down there I
don’t think it fingerprints on my the screen I don’t know seems like good idea
to me do you think it speaks to more mouse like functionality though I think
it opens the floodgates different types of some confusion you
have some application that may be optimized for these things and they have
the pencil what about the Adobe apps do they support Mouse but for those Adobe
apps you have the pencil I mean like I can’t imagine cur like active Mouse
support on an iPad application to feel as good as it is on a desktop class
system right but what’s holding us is there anything
technically holding iOS the iPad pro back from running OS 10 apps yeah
they’re the ones that arm ones on x86 that’s you can’t we don’t like that
Apple solve that internally I mean they would be going the other way they’re
trying to get yes but they’re completely different user interfaces like I you
don’t want Photoshop on an iPad the same way you use Photoshop on on your desktop
but I’m just I am waiting for one of these two products either iPad or the PC
to start supporting the other ecosystem because it just seems so obvious to me
that you could do that and open up a whole world of software you want to use
iPad applications on your desktop on your MacBook I don’t see why not as long
I mean you would need touch screens will give you touch screen exactly but that’s
what it would like they could certainly do it in a heartbeat
they wanted to this is what makes the move from Intel to armed on the mac OS
side on Mac books and IMAX and Mac Pros seemed like such a big challenge like
which is still a rumor that’s that’s the rumor is that’s gonna happen yeah next
year that we’re gonna see the first Mac books and weeds I think sure I talked
about this if they do it would it be across the entire line would it just be
like an end with a segment you know the entry-level Mac books would have it
would be the other the Chromebook style that’s whose arm its compatibility or
what would you with someone be buying a four thousand dollar 16 inch MacBook Pro
and not get full functionality on day one because developers are still
scrambling to port the applications that you’re never gonna get support for some
legacy applications right yeah that’s that’s a big challenge for Apple and
then the argument that oh if they got arm working on their Mac books the fact
that you could run then iPad applications with a cursor that’s not it
that’s that’s that’s such a Google way of thinking about things as a crutch to
say now you have you know these millions of iPad apps on your MacBook that’s
that’s not a good solution okay I thought that’s not a value-add do you
say so me I don’t think I need the touch trackpad on the smart Keyboard yeah well
I’m just saying what does this signal yeah yeah if they do haven’t make it
happen Google speaking of which they updated
the pixel phones lots of new updates one of which and their software is basically
3d touch which Apple got rid of they ever replace the force touch with it was
called 3d touch yeah phones was it yes well they got rid of that they got were
that whole sensor that can detect pressure sensitivity right on the screen
of the phone they just changed it to duration long press yeah right which
kind of works doesn’t really work makes things very confusing like on the camera
application the long press for recording video
versus for doing the lots of shutters hi sugar they tried to make 3d touch a
killer feature of a new generation of phones we reviewed it for the iPhone
success and then what they did was they destroy lies so few people were using it
let’s just make it bad now was a UI problem because it wasn’t clear how to
use it the best implementation of 3d touch was on the lockscreen when you
would hard press a button to turn on the flashlight
or quickly access the camera you say that but I bet most people still don’t
know it that that was there like I think it was just an invisible feature and so
what but what they did was they made they made the feature available to
everybody with long time with long touch yeah yeah well for Google on the pixel
phones well as a part of this big feature drop they have basically their
version of 3d touch yeah no the pixel phones don’t have that sensor don’t have
actual pressure sensitivity but it’s not duration it’s not is eration
force yes and the way their approximate in the force yeah is how much of your
how much of a mom touches it actually smooshed on to the screen and makes
sense and they train that third machine learning yeah I don’t know why Apple
didn’t do it that way because Apple doesn’t have the machine learning
resources that Google has parent is that why I don’t find out about that but okay
that’s kind of like night sight the night mode night sight on Google still I
think better the night mode on on iOS and they were first to market and their
first market and that is 100% of machine learning enabled feature
yeah and Google’s speech recognition is better too yeah if Apple had the ability
list they would have used this as as the replacement for 3d touch or made an
option at least a long side long touch it’s just weird to me I do think that
long touches is more it’s easier to grok as a user especially people who aren’t
terribly technical I don’t think that the idea of pressing a screen with
varying pressure makes a whole lot of like logical sense to people because it
doesn’t appear to respond to pressure in any
way that you can see or even really feel unless you incorporate those haptics
right I don’t remember all the phone there’s enough you the whole scream
press down when you press the screen oh yeah
there’s an old Android phone huh yeah where you press like Anna move and the
whole screen dipped down just a little bit like you mean a visual effect no
like like huh physically ok screen depressed yeah
whole screen depressed to make it feel like you were pushing her than something
people have been trained since forever that touch screens are just sort of like
there’s not a tap liked it lady stop there’s not an analog like it’s just
their tap interface so yeah it’s a it’s a hard nut to crack
yeah yeah and last bit of tech news about Tesla cars because of the corona
virus it turns out that Tesla can’t manufacture enough of their new computer
systems that you need for a full full self-driving and so some people who’ve
bought the new model threes who are supposed to have the new processors in
there don’t get that chip and said they have the first gen chip people
complained already and so Tesla made a statement and said that the hardware
would be upgraded free of charge later when the supply chain was back in
operation but right now you’re gonna get the 2.5 chip as opposed to the 3.0 chip
what they what does that mean you know they upgraded the the Harshaw
hardware that the new 3.0 hardware inside that was gonna you need that for
full self-driving even if you paid for how long has that been in since last
April ok I believe okay yeah yeah are we dialing oh so I’m just pre-empting I’m
getting ready healing up and then the last bit of technology is also with
Tesla if you bought a Model S or X previously to like I think two years ago
you had the old infotainment system meaning like you’re the speed of your
touchscreen interface wasn’t as fast as when they upgraded that processor and
you could actually upgrade that now Wow 2500 bucks would you pay on your Chevy
to upgrade no yeah my god that’s a huge crowd
and you lose something like I think you lose like am/fm radio and you have to
replace that with streaming radio oh that’s funny yeah but then you do get
better century mode and you get a lot of other and more spots to touch rain and
and but that’s that’s a that’s I read that the new seats are good did you read
about that they they actually changed the model three seats this year this
year yes so they’ll change them the first year they came out well I saw a
thing like what’s different from 2017 to 2022 different spot there’s different
different support it’s supposed to feel better yeah you got old seats dude
that’s okay after 2018 model I’ve my’s of the 2020 model my 2017 bolt was great
until this year we’re now the 2020 bolts have HD backup cameras Oh built into the
rear view Muir both the rear view mirror and the backup camera which is like in
the main concept you seen in person no well you don’t know you’re resting out
on I’ve seen all you know is that the intellectual information that you are
now inferior you’re furious and you don’t even know what the benefit is I
know I want it you just never Wow could it could mean completely meaningless
unlikely this is a high-definition man now it’s time for a moment of silence
sure oh no hold on okay here you speak hey I’m speaking there he goes
Hika sure you it’s so nice of you to join us yeah it’s great to be with you
Jeremy and norm old sea tan over there what are you wait what do you call me
old seats oh oh oh thank you yes yeah yes maybe the old seats were only the
passenger seats and and not the drivers seats in which case I don’t care that’s
what I’m gonna vote choose to believe how are you doing – sure I’m doing well
sorry I can’t be there something came up well I’m excited to be here I don’t get
my music Jeremy what’s going on what did I play know he played Roma science you
may because shorts couldn’t hear you couldn’t hear us funny did you hear us
talking you heard I heard you talk I did play the music you’re good you’re good
okay well is there any kind of science stuff that we should talk about this
week nothing going on right we talked about things being canceled is our top
story but why things are canceled is why we have you dialed in what’s the state
of things so there’s a few things I’m gonna do my standard qualification you
should when it comes to the corona virus you should get information from highly
vetted sources like the CDC or the w-h-o I’m adding a new level of of caveat here
I think most people should stay the fuck off Twitter for rotavirus information I
think it makes you crazier frankly the w-h-o actually added a line on their
guidelines telling people to stay off social media when it comes to sources of
information because it changes so rapidly but you know I want to say I
just told my wife to join Twitter and subscribe to science quiche to find out
information about coronavirus so that I will now pass on the new advice well I
have some other Twitter people to follow if you’re really looking for information
there is a doctor Tara Smith who’s in a infectious epidemiologist etiology is
her handle Maya Majumdar who is at the Harvard School of Public Health does a
lot of great reporting from the public health perspective
Helen brands well from stat is probably one of the leading journalists who’s
been reporting on infectious diseases for a long time but and I’ll share a
link that we can jam in the YouTube comments and elsewhere Public Health
researchers have been maintaining a Twitter list of experts that are curated
by public health experts and it’s a really good resource if you want a deep
dive so all that being said my first comment is that there is the single most
logical phrase and all the entire galaxy and that’s dope panic and that’s the
right thing to do even now there’s a few stages that we’re kind of going through
with the corona virus the first stage which you know if you wind back this
podcast a few weeks ago you could hear me talk about is when scientists start
talking about the mathematical models they start talking about are not and the
prevalence of the disease and the potential prevalence of the disease as
it spreads a class of globe the next phase tends to be much more about
testing this is where the u.s. is right now is how do we test as many people as
possible to get a handle on who has it how they got it
and how we can contain them for example South Korea has been testing 10,000
people a day for four coronavirus so the testing phase is really ramping up
worldwide the next phase was really a public health phase where you’re really
trying to trace the contacts of anyone that does test positive you you put in
place things like social distancing to kind of keep people apart and then you
try to control the infection as much as possible this is where China has been
for the past few weeks and then finally it’s really about treating the patients
that do have the disease so we’re going through these phases and that’s sort of
the road head it’s not a linear process but that
sort of gives you a roadmap of where we’re going I want to start with what’s
been commonly reported you may have seen the w-h-o mentioned that the mortality
rate for this disease was three point four percent that was an article that
came out yesterday and that three point four percent is the what’s called the
case fatality rate what they do is they take the total number of deaths and they
divide that by the total number of cases so if you look on that Hopkins real-time
map right now there’s three thousand two hundred fourteen people that have died
from the disease and ninety four thousand two hundred sixty one cases as
of this podcast that’s a a CF our rate of 3.4%
which is higher than what the two percent we’ve been hearing and that’s
because there’s two different sort of numbers being thrown around there’s a
case fatality rate which is just that number and then there’s the population
mortality rate which is a prediction of if you get the disease what are the
chances of you getting sick and dying from it and so those numbers oftentimes
get confused and right now people are focusing on that three point four
percent number but it’s gonna change a lot and it’s misleading for two main
reasons one is that even now we have a wide underreporting of cases worldwide
which means if we have more cases than you think like people that have mild
symptoms that never got Cod or just people that are out there that never
have found that means that a denominator is going to get a lot higher it’s gonna
be a lot bigger than this ninety four thousand which means the CF our rate is
gonna go down the other thing is that it’s a snapshot of where we are right
now meaning that there’s a bunch of people that are sick I think there’s
something like 42,000 people that have recovered at this point but that means
they’re still like 50 some thousand people that are classified as having the
virus in our under care and under sick some of those people are going to die
meaning the numerator here is going to go up as well which means that number
might go up and then the CF our changes when public health interventions come
into place and it also changes when it gets into different populations so all
of this is for me to say that number doesn’t mean a whole lot to you and me
so we shouldn’t look if it’s 3% 4% 2% 1% it really doesn’t mean much and it’s
gonna change a lot so monitoring that number is not worthwhile I see it on
Twitter a lot of people actually trying to do the math like it should well if
it’s 3.4 percent of worldwide that means there should be this many cases in the
US you can’t really do that with the kind of accuracy we need here the one
thing that is worthwhile noting that that 3% you know even though it’ll move
is a lot of factors bigger than the point 1 percent it is for the flu
meaning that you should take this extremely seriously but at the same time
that number is gonna change now I want to talk about the u.s. specifically so
in the u.s. we is widely anticipated from a lot of scientists that we are
widely under reporting the number of cases because we haven’t been able to
test enough people and I’m gonna take you into like a little bit of a
detective story to show you i Jeremy I don’t know if you can put that article
up on the screen next to me but I’ll sort of narrate it as we go through this
work was done by Trevor Bedford who is a computational biologist based in Seattle
and he’s using something called genomic epidemiology to track the spread of the
disease so typically the disease has an
incubation period of 5 to 7 days that means like from somebody getting exposed
they’ll incubate the virus for 5 days before they start to get symptoms that’s
a really rough estimate but they know from characterizing the virus that the
virus mutates about twice a month meaning that you know a a or T and it’s
RNA sequence is gonna mutate to a you know a different letter and because of
that if you scroll down there’s this sort of branched graph
Jeremie that you might see okay what they’re able to do is take the open data
that’s been shared from China and other countries worldwide and track the
mutations of that disease by putting it through these genes sequencing and that
branched graph you see is basically the tracking of how that virus is changing
over time as it goes country to country worldwide this is an incredible graph
and this technology that they’re using is fully open source so this map is
completely open-source so any scientist around the world is able to contribute
to it so let’s go to the US so the first case in the US emerged around January
15th I think it was January 21st is when the first swab took happen and the CDC
released results on January 24th and the gene the genomic sequence was exactly
the same as a case in Wuhan and they knew that a traveler had gone from Wuhan
over to Seattle so they’re able to say okay this person has the same virus and
we understand that about two weeks later maybe three weeks later another case
showed up in Seattle I think it was on February 28th is when it was diagnosed
so this is not this only a few days ago and this is what was called community
spread meaning they didn’t have an understanding of where this case came
from and they they sort of took into account potential mutations this had and
it had a three percent chance of being mutated where it came from other strains
that had traveled to other countries but it only had to go undergo one mutation
from that original wuhan case that had come to Seattle and so they think based
on probability that that case was somebody that was infected by that
person that came from Wuhan to Seattle and there’s an intervening period of
about five to six weeks where that person was sort of quote-unquote on the
loops just out of sort of containment and based on like sort of mathematical
models of how that person might interact with
environment not knowing the person at all they think that we should have
somewhere between you know somewhere around 500 cases in the Seattle region
right now well because of that and we’re able to determine that doing this kind
of detective work of tracking the mutations through now that sounds really
scary but that’s actually really comforting to see because as the testing
goes if we start to see like a collapse of what the mathematical models predict
and what the testing is producing we’re actually in a really good place that
means we’re starting to get a handle of where this disease is in the u.s. really
quickly and then we can move into that phase of public health interventions do
the mutations have anything to do with the fact that some of the cases have
been misdiagnosed no no these mutations are like normal mutations that any virus
will go through got it as it goes propose to host or just through its
daily course of life so this is all about that at this point I think my sort
of suspicion and you shouldn’t take my suspicion as any sort of gospel here is
that we’re going to see a a spike in cases in the US as as testing ramps up
in the next few days and that’s normal and that’s to be expected and frankly
like it’s not the fault of the administration that the number of cases
are going to go up this was sort of an inevitability once we it sort of started
spreading globally the key is is we are farther behind some other countries like
South Korea and our ability to test a large number of people quickly so South
Korea yesterday I said tested 10,000 cases they found 300 people that tested
positive but the only reason they found those 300 people is they tested 10,000
people for it and so we’re gonna need to see like a ramp up in that kind of way
to kind of get a handle of it ideally I assume we should be testing everybody
with flu-like symptoms is that what South Korea is doing
yeah flu-like symptoms that present with like certain symptoms so not just any
flu but a flu that has like a certain kind of kaufe sociated to it China you
started using CT scans to spot the sign of pneumonia because the kovat 19
disease actually embeds slightly deeper in the lungs than than a typical viral
pneumonia might but how it presents for somebody that’s older versus younger we
don’t know what that’s gonna look like because we can’t fully extrapolate what
happened in China to what’s what’s happening here the best article I read
about this and one that actually gave me a lot of that calm me down was an
article in Fox that one of the there was an interview with a member of the w-h-o
team that went to China and examined the practices they took I think there’s been
a lot of reporting about how China didn’t take necessary steps it is
extraordinary what China did and I think in a couple years we’re gonna look back
at what China did and they’re gonna be hailed as heroes because the way they
approached the disease in containing it probably saved a lot of lives and in the
w-h-o interview kind of underscored that and we’re seeing that from a lot of
Asian countries right now now it’s our turn here in the USA so I just want to
end by saying like I’m not panicking I’m actually like reasonably calm here but
preparing and preparing smartly as if there will be disruptions who to life
coming up soon shout out to all the health workers that are dealing with
this they’re no less than heroes there’s so many stories emerging of what they’re
dealing with and hospitals that are overrun and yeah this is going to be a
tough next few months that’s the only way to sort of put it I wish I could put
like a more positive spin on this but I’m not panicked but I’m also realistic
about where we are all right well thank you sure yeah that was a lot more than I
thought we’d get but that’s actually makes me feel much better
how’s everything else you should feel bit much better hey cash
or when you disconnect you can go look at pictures of the new Batmobile that
Matt Reeves tweeted out so I saw it I thought it Hey
I’m mostly on board unless I’m bored with the soup that I am with the
Batmobile where did you come down norm I literally just saw the picture pop up
and I like it I like it looks very appropriate for early Batman for the
first couple years of the crime-fighting all right well I’ll let you get to VR I
heard there’s some game coming out in a couple weeks that you’re probably
talking about but even though we’re on video chat I’m still gonna wash my hands
now so I’ll see all right fist bump elbow
see you later cash or secret alright alrighty and literally just as we were
talking to cash or news broke that not only their new pictures of the Batmobile
that’s the movie that’s being filmed right now but the new James Bond film
which was slated for release in early April it has now been pushed to November
ok because of corner buyers concerned what yeah what do you mean people go
into theaters they’re afraid people will stop onethere’s
that actually brings up a good point I was I was talking to my family about
this I wonder what business models are on the verge of extinction anyway and I
wonder if this will just push them over the edge and movie theatres is one of
them I don’t think extinction but definitely will impact the business for
sure the movie theater still makes so much I mean that the for Hollywood they
make so much money and and are you sure about that
III know that Hollywood makes money and they need it if I would will prop up
that business model to me to ensure that I still making money
I wonder yeah yeah maybe you’re right maybe they’re just keeping them on life
support and in keeping their their revenues is just as low as they can but
enough to keep them alive and theaters are doing all right with the food sales
it’s one of the very few places including you know a theme parks where
people are okay paying right exorbitant amounts of money for things that cost
very little $6 for sodas in the San Francisco I don’t know man I bet you’re
gonna see theaters closed this summer because of this yeah and another one the
mall wouldn’t be see some the mall said definitely some
those I mean Nancy Pelosi just came here to San Francisco to go to Chinatown to
demonstrate that it’s ok tourists we need to get back you know start spending
your money again yeah yeah I said scary time for there will be a reckoning for
sure yes the VR minute virtual reality this week okay before we talk about half-life Alex
I’ll give one story Oh this past Monday I was able to go check
out in the new void location in San Francisco and we’ve been waiting for
this to open it’s in the Westfield Mall in downtown San Francisco for a long
time there were four locations now in Las Vegas
Downtown Disney and Anaheim Oh Disney springs in Florida New York has one and
this is the the the big LBE for VR with location based experience based
experience with interactive VR where they build out physical rooms and then
things that you can touch while you’re in headset you’re wearing a you know a
backpack essentially with a haptic best I think
listen to this segment know what the void is it’s just for those who don’t
like it really is one of the best VR experiences you can have right now it’s
only one of the best first VR experiences y’all can have because it
does what the home environment can’t do which is make virtual reality tactile
touchable yes and you don’t know one of the decisions they made is that you
don’t hold controllers well uses you pick up pick up
controllers you pick up these the weapons weapons like that clay you’ll
like rifles yeah but by nature they use by default they use leap motion sensor I
mean yeah and that you get hand tracking when you put your hands in front of you
so the experience I did was the relatively new one launched last fall
the Avengers there’s a name for it forget what it is it’s not a canonical
MCU story but it is set in the MCU Avengers damage control okay so they use
actors they used characters from the MCU it’s just not tied to one of them the
storylines I won’t spoil what happens here but you asked me before because you
know just do this of how did it compare to the Star Wars secrets of the empire
which is the only void experience I’ve done and they have a bunch out down
right there’s a Jumanji one there’s a wreck-it Ralph one they have their own
kind of Lovecraftian horror one Nicodemus yes okay miss Nicodemus we
could EMS the Avengers 1 surprise me because if you look at the image then
that you watch the trailer there’s like a youtube video they show you in like
Iron Man style suits not makes a lot of sense right you’re wearing a backpack
and there’s Ghostbusters 1 you were its backpack so and you’re wearing VR
headsets so of course they can put up Iron Man style HUDs and you put your
hands in front of you you can do you know repulsor rays you can blast or not
to be flying or anything like Iron Man but I thought it was gonna be kind of
like a wave based shooter where you’re standing on a platform yeah just fine
and there are aspects of that this 15 and 20 min experience which is just that
we’re just kind of standing in and firing at robots and right in enemies
which is fun but as you’re part of the voice of people is natural other people
locomotion where you actually walking around a space and there is that as well
more of that in this than I thought basically caught very comparable to the
secrets of the Empire ok but def a different a very different version
architecture like a different set of different set completely ok like if you
have done secret Empire and you kind of like have a sensing for ahead of where
you walked and how far you walk right they do things very differently here
it’s all say why and why is that all you’re gonna say because I want to spoil
the experience what what do you mean is it is it a larger space no it’s not a
larger space do you move more frequently do you know it’s very much a Disney ride
stopping where you are there’s action and then storytelling and action and the
storytelling right ok and in between that you do do some walking they’re
never there never they can’t by design give you a space to run in they don’t
want another run that’s right it’s corridors
yeah it’s they do some fake elevation stuff where you feel like you are I
thought an elevator where you feel like you’re walking up or down a ramp but
you’re really not and it’s just it’s just in your head do they do the the
heat lamp kind of there is definitely the heat lamp type of thing for
environmental called atmospheric effects a let’s call it that yeah and being
Avengers you know there are there are portals you know so it’s those Doctor
Strange like portals so that’s another way they can have you traverse through
that world without you actually having to Ironman fly through the world so one
of the best parts of Secrets what is it secret to the empire an empire is a the
cooperative moment where you kind of some people have to help take out the
enemies while the other person is solving a puzzle yes is there that kind
of thing there’s definitely cooperative moment
where one person is doing one thing and other person is doing another okay for
sure sounds good is it a four person up to four people and yeah if we play with
three people and we can tell the places where it’s designed to maximize for four
people but were they fill in the gaps and one
of the characters will know how many people were playing with and we’ll say
the three of you are here that’s opposed to the four of you are here i budget
experience yeah they they did four different vocal recordings for that one
did they use any Hollywood actors yes okay yes you see you will see familiar
faces in character cool more so than that expected mm-hm because I thought I
was just gonna be one of two but it definitely feels like an Avengers in
Star Wars I think there’s one actor in as part of the introductory video yes
they’re very similar here in terms of that yeah yeah in terms of the video
they paid they play for the the onboarding for that one it was Diego
Rivera alright yeah yeah from rogue one yeah and for here it’s shiri from Oni
black panther yeah an infinity war so we’re gonna give you more coverage on
this I’m trying to see if I can get some kind of behind-the-scenes look on how
they run this facility and how they design yet I want to know about what the
set looks like and I want to know about how they transition because it appears
to me that they only run star wars on odd days and then they run Avengers on
even no no no it’s not so the one at least in San Francisco it’s too full set
ups right but they have four experiences and they rotate on a schedule place it’s
not like every other day it’s on like multiple week basis so I’ll do like
two-week engagement with this then a multiple week engagement with that it’s
not exactly that interval but it’s not a every other day type turnover it’s like
little they’ll need like a full day of breakdown and reset up well that’s my
question I want to see what that process yeah it looks like well it’s it’s it’s
definitely less complex than resetting up a Disney ride for
sure absolutely I’m sure walls are being moved and like heat lamps are being
moved and what is their thinking about how to make that faster you know because
I they must want to make that as new I need to make that faster I would think
so I would think that they would want that be as modular as possible I think
from a business standpoint they got to figure out what the the walking model is
if it’s all walkins and it’s all new people like the one in Downtown Disney
right outside Disneyland you can high interest from Star Wars yeah right right
and so they could run Star Wars forever there’ll be record brown and in wreck-it
Ralph the government Star Wars record are forever there and they’d be fine or
Avengers right you say that but I mean you know that there’s people that want
to do a game that they don’t have running right now yeah they walk away
and so if they could press a button and have robots move all the pieces where
they need to go he’s so expensive yes I would not be what it would not be
economically beneficial then I mean it’s like a Broadway performance right like
well there’s no robot that’s gonna change from Hamilton to look you know to
Matilda because I want to see Matilda one night in Hamilton the other night
you just got to work with the schedule part of the appeal of this experience is
that the world is actually much less elaborate than you think it is the
virtual aspect yes because what you see is you can reach out and touch it but it
doesn’t actually have to physically embody the thing you’re looking at it
can be two by fours and it can look like you know something much more expensive
but yeah it could be unpainted and so all of this all these elements like they
lend themselves to rapid change and deployment so the hot but the more
complexity you have in the tangibility that there’s a point in which that
there’s diminishing returns for that because you’re only getting 15 to 20
minutes of an engagement yeah for a group right I’m not gonna be touching
every single wall in every panel I don’t need like two dozen different sights and
sounds and smells and and atmospheric effects you know a few of those will
work so there’s definitely a sweet spot for that I agree at the same time you
know they could dumb it down and say every one of these experiences has maybe
the same layout we’re gonna go for big area to small
area a big area one and that’s what you don’t want and so I think in terms of
from the it’s perspective they got to design
things where they have a modular so they have Lego blocks essentially right X
number of walls X number of effects and they know that from a business
standpoint it’s only gonna make sense to have this number of trend elements that
are different you know they have this number of elevator style vibrating floor
pads right and ever experience will have one of those and then they choose where
in the experience that is and they can’t go completely wild in terms of the
design I was joking about the robots I just joke about that but if they did
have I I’m not I imagine that they could put things on Rails that they could be
hooks that it could load obsession basically big Lego pieces that but they
have so they have this set of parts that they can put to use that they know that
they’ll have on every set mm-hmm but then that could be changed much more
rapidly I can’t imagine they don’t want that because that would just mean more
business and if they were a ride inside Disneyland where they’re guaranteed to
have tens of thousands of people going through and waiting in line and then
that would make so much sense but at this point I think they just want people
to try it yeah there’s want people to to go there
and try VR and for the vast majority people trying I bet it’s gonna be their
only time going into the void you know there might and may be to to experience
is there because they’re not cheap it’s forty dollars a person or like what 15
20 minutes or 15 20 minutes of this stuff and there’s one that’s twenty
dollars the the Nicodemus one and and I may be a licensing thing you know Disney
need sir cut to as well and we stated two for one you know a group package or
something yeah right some type of group this it’s ripe for coupons these things
are absolutely right yeah the thing that they’re competing with really isn’t
theme parks its scape worms yeah scape room to take a lot longer
scape from using a lot longer and they cost out the same as if you get a good
if you get a group yeah yeah yeah so if anything I would like for them to go for
longer experiences and and yes it’s more expensive to design for yeah and maybe
VR is less conducive that because you’re wearing a backpack and you have a
headset on the whole time but that’s where I would love
for this to get toward a an hour-long the his path long you never did the
Assassin’s Creed I didn’t I did that one that was longer than voice yes yeah and
that one was just in a standard via arcade where you just needed one room
scale thing yes yeah it’s very different than the void in essence but it was
co-op and it was it was definitely a virtual escape room that one was one
where if they had sold it just over Steam to people it would have
technically worked but the production value and the they wanted everyone to
have a set amount of space to walk in right meant that they wanted to make an
LBE yeah companies are still figuring out the business model you know the void
is a very flashy setup because they have investment and and there’s a big WOW
factor there and they have the brands like it’s only a place I think the Star
Wars ones people are it’s a great experience and people are happy to pay
for it is now I just don’t know what that means a year or two from now you
need to follow up you know people are gonna be paying for endgame two years
after endgame games up it comes out you need another you need another one
really I don’t I feel like they do have this follow up in the form of wreck-it
Ralph and the Avengers I mean I intend to go to go play The Avengers when as
soon as I can yeah about I think that they will be
wise to have another Star Wars one then they can use some props
yes right right or some of the same props yep yeah you should play as the
bad guys oh that would be cool cool dark forces mm-hmm dark forces the void yeah
okay half-life Alex it’s coming out and what oh my gosh two and a half weeks now
23rd right March 23rd and this week we saw more more video than ever we had 19
minutes of new footage 10 of them from valve nine of them from IGN yeah and
you’ve probably watched us now let’s talk about it so three videos from three
different parts of the game each showing a different locomotion the first two
feel very similar like I guess it’s all from the early part of the game
I’m it seems like they about our IGN said the first 10 minutes but I got the
sense that it was more like chapter 2 but still early in the game oh there
from the first first first ten minutes of the game right I can confirm that
okay the one where the first video of a video
number one from valve where you’re going through the subway yeah train we should
add some of that we showed in our video from December and that I can confirm is
or early on in the game yeah and a lot of the stuff it seems like the enemies
are very low level but they’re just Sambi so there’s people headcrabs on top
of zombies so they’re getting gamers accustomed to yes world right and
the rules of the world yeah but part of what I saw for the
first time was some of the weapon upgrade function yes yes yes so there’s
an upgrade station that upgrade station just looks cool like the animation wanna
see it come to life you’re like valve you’re back that is awesome the
animations for that and also the HEV the health mounted thing the health station
where you put in right the slug you put your hand down yeah all the animations
are top-notch yeah not something in VR you get a lot
of bang for your buck out of Vegas it’s it’s all three they play a psychological
trick with that because they have a bunch of needles that come out and poke
your hand and you I know if you’re in VR that’s gonna feel like it doesn’t I
don’t mean for the first time maybe you don’t think so I mean they for for new
people and maybe I think that that’s why they do it though because they were no
haptics if there are happy clubs it would be a perfect place they want to
make you feel like you’re gonna get poked yeah what I saw okay also was the
site that they equipped that the pistol grip with and that looks awesome because
I mean if you think about it you get it from the video but you you know that’s
kind of this feel right in VR because there’s a perspective you need to get as
with any site where things align and you can then see through and you can tell
that the depth is just gonna look awesome well you can also tell that on
that site and this is not a zoo site this is a red dot sight right the way
they have it mounted on the pistol is layers of panels mm-hmm which tells you
when you want you want to align them you have to line the panels which is
something you would have to do anyway but visually it tells you that you get
extra benefit for that and then I’ll know if you notice in the video when you
then hover that site over an enemy you can identify the weak spots right
because a globe orange and there are other weak spots I that wouldn’t have
noticed on the zombies on their leg because it’s dark with dark environments
really cool yeah and then the whole unlocking mechanic which is
your you know that they’re thinking what could we do in VR that really eats good
job look at the puzzles yeah you couldn’t the special puzzles couldn’t do
it with the gamepad and in a reasonable way and that’s where they’re actually in
three dimensions doing something totally novel where they’re moving these orbs
around this sphere and aligning these lines in three dimensions which actually
I think it’s gonna be the kind of thing you have to see in VR to really get
because in two dimensions it looks confusing but it I think it’ll make a
mini game in itself a lot of sense in 3d yeah and I think I don’t think that’s
the only mini game only puzzle I think that their approach to designing puzzles
is all kind of this two-handed interaction with 3d space yeah to take
advantage of VR and that’s all I guess I can say it was great to see the IGN
video transition from teleport to smooth locomotion you even show you the menu
yeah just the turn degrees you get there are ladders you actually get to climb
with ladders with your hands or if you just want to teleport flatter the option
is there as a toggle it’s great what do you say about combat well really the the
video to watch for that is the third game gameplay trailer where you’re
actually up against the combine soldiers and it looks fantastic I mean you got
like soldiers coming at you the guy opens a door to act as a defensive
shield and then like firing blindly around and it just looks what we’ve been
wanting for waiting for I can’t wait I can’t wait you couldn’t throw grenades
catch them throw back the gravity gloves they got a Greely good sense of how you
use the gravity Club yeah and I even feel like at one point maybe an IGN
video he flicked it and missed it which makes me feel good I feel like there’s
like a like you need to grab it when it comes to you you do need to grab it when
it comes to you yeah that’s awesome yes the footage is fantastic
IGN has a more continuous playthrough of that early subway level I think what
we’re showing right now is that puzzle Jeremy you’re talking about they were a
couple there was one for the to activate the actual upgrade machine itself yes
and you saw the the whole resin thing you’re collecting these these
and pieces oh that’s I’m glad you mentioned that because it reminded me of
the The Voice you have a somebody’s helping you Russell Russell’s telling
you about the world and you know Gabe has has said in the past that he thinks
Val’s best game is portal 2 hmm and I feel like they’re taking a little
bit of portal and bringing it into half-life oh for sure but humor yeah
and it’s there yeah well it seems like is that was the guy who did the voice
from New Zealand in a in Portal 2 it’s not yes it’s different guys different
different but it’s the same kind of sense of humor and the same vibe and I’m
I can’t wait because that is one of the best things about portal the levity yeah
is needed between the moments of intensity and you know and or you know
frankly because half-life games have traditionally been written some pretty
scary yeah ominous right the graphics here are
beyond what I expected oh good good that I think a lot of
people take away is also watching this was like wow the fidelity of art if this
was just released for which a lot of people hope it will go for for for a PC
or console it would be triple-a yeah in itself but as you and I know for VR you
you need that high fidelity of art if you’re trying to create this type of it
triple experience in turn you say that because I was gonna say you need to
manage your resources because you have to hit 90 frames a second in stair
system requirements are not low right a lot of memory needed a lot of VRAM for
these assets physics objects as well it’s not bone works right it’s not
everything is physics object but there are plenty of things to that you
manipulate the funny thing is the videos aren’t a playlist right and as I was
watching them they went by wondering what by very quickly because the 10
minutes of footage felt like four minutes to me immersed in the content
yeah and at the third by the end of the third video I was like oh shoot did I
miss the one where they did smooth locomotion and I watched the entire
second video not cognizant of the fact that they changed the locomotion Oh in
the official video yeah yeah yeah like it just it didn’t it didn’t register it
was just I was watching yeah content yeah in some ways it’s a little bit
cutscene like because you’re watching what looks like a trailer
well I think part of what lends it to that is also the cinematography and I
think that they’re running camera smoothing I’ve I’ve never seen VR head
movement look this smooth and it really does ease in and out of positions the
it’s either highly measured or there is right some type of post-processing yarn
but even the IGN video it felt smooth I don’t think the IGN
video was like right Jen playing I think that was given III don’t know knowledge
of this but my suspicion based on having played those level right and knowing how
people in VR play right like I think you’re right anyone who’s played VR a
shooter or anything and has and it’s capture that footage one it looks
jittery because your head naturally there’s a movement and a lot of people
don’t like watching it but yeah why they do if they did it why they and I know
and it’s not a fault or anything this is what they need to do to communicate the
experience yeah yeah if you have a valve index I think by the time you listen to
this valve should have dropped two environments for steam home that are
based in Alex so you’re downloading I think Alice alex
assets whoa so you know the value of the steam home
environment I’m familiar with it right that that courtyard area that’ll house
area yeah I think you’ll have a version of that that is set in the world of Alex
that you can then start looking at the fidelity of objects I’d like that
I think it’s supposed to be released on Wednesday today today well okay
Fantastico yesterday right I guess on Thursday and what I was gonna say oh and
of course you know we were there in December and I did some interviews up
there and that video should be released today as well so there’s a deep dive
half-hour conversation with Robin Walker and Gregg Kumar / valve about designing
Alex for VR and the some of the problems they had to solve and the things they
learn making Alex no spoilers for content for a game for for for story in
that video so I know a lot people are spoiler reverse but I think it’s really
interesting those valve yes is there anything in
these trailers that was a surprise to you I mean I not played two of the
segments oh wow like two days video – and video three we’re from parts of the
game that I not play yet oh wow yeah only so I don’t I don’t know if those
are early on the game because I played a couple hours and I didn’t experience
those parts yet all right but that’s most I guess I could say the one thing
the one thing that stood out to me well yeah well yeah what are those creatures
that are a particles yeah that they have said before that the barnacles won’t
lift you up yes and they purposely didn’t even show
what happens when you touch one they did know maybe that I soon won dude I don’t
think so they shoot them they send to other things they throw things at them
you know there was definitely one where you walk underneath it and then you see
getting Alex can damaged so is that what happens what happens you don’t get like
a third person can know about no you just start getting damaged that doesn’t
make sense I mean raise me up not very uncommon
what happens any of you shoot it you get dropped yes good option hey if it’s
moddable which it will be yeah all right do you want to be you won’t have
somebody drop you are you kidding yes yeah yes all right we’re playing
someone else’s video now that’s half-life Alex out in just two and a
half weeks speaking of steam steam VR home got completely redesigned big
update to that it’s no longer just the big screen epic screen big the TV mode
big picture mode that’s not it’s not big picture mode if you didn’t seem VR it is
in the interface yeah it actually looks a little more like oculus home the whole
new thing huh yeah okay yeah lots of shortcuts to rendering quality so you
can actually change render resolution from within the menu now gift enables a
beta mode or anything else it’s just lighting great yeah yeah it’s steamvr
version 1.1 notice what they’re calling it but it it makes getting into the
dashboard is completed and the launch was new so but Mike’s getting into the
content easier and configuring controls easier and yeah
it’s just overall feels more native VR interface than just grafting the Tia
extra again yeah pick remote picture into VR okay yeah so when you’re in a
game and you pull up the system menu you now get this now you guys that’s sorry
that does it for this episode it does I think so right yeah all right yeah we’re
not gonna unfortunately it’s my fault we’re not gonna talk about card this
week we’re going to do a big Piccard catch up next week crossing fingers sure
will be here or this we’ll be able to talk about it Jeremy got episodes to
catch up on I’m a little behind I’m a little behind I’ve been busy but I would
love to watch it I’m gonna watch it episode 7 is coming out this week which
we’ll talk about next week it’s the one I’m looking forward to the most
but you’ve been saying you’ve been saying that it’s not your favorite Star
Trek show ever made no far from it no it’s far from next-gen ok it’s it’s not
even if five units good as first contact the movie I love first contact the
movies so that’s a high bar yeah but it’s not we’re gonna go address this
once the season is over ten episodes are done like I’m gonna kind of recap entire
series and there will be a season two certainly it’s but is it not what I’m
reconciling what it is certainly like visually scimitar ephie it’s the highest
budget it’s sure the most film or it’s them undoubtedly okay okay production
values yeah the money’s on the screen it’s just that the story they wanted to
tell isn’t the story I wanted to see you’ve never seen a serialized Star Trek
TV show like this have you yes 9 was serialized as much as this not as much
as this but they’re like four-episode arc season long story lines okay you
know what some of the best Star Trek and even things like the Orville have
standalone episodes where episodes have you know their own arcs and lessons
learned and feel like little parables for the science fiction is but then also
tie into the backdrop of a season long all right
Tory yeah I don’t need that from hard because hard I’m fine with it being
serialized but that’s not what I don’t like about it it’s the pessimism
it’s the cynicism it’s the defeated nosov Picard I get that’s where the
character is yeah right now in his point in his life and career and retired we’re
in the middle though you gotta wait got to come out the darkness on the other
end by episode 10 right and I do think I I know there’s arguments against
fanservice and they’re doing a really good amount of fanservice there are lots
of deep dives you can do with the characters and the technologies and the
aliens that they mentioned I just wish they took some of the great hooks from
next generation I’m going back to the chase
they have one of my favorite episodes and they could have things like the Borg
and they could have things like data you know the legacy of data and the legacy
of Picard and I don’t need the original crew but the themes that they set up and
these kind of mysteries a left lingering from next generation I wish they
explored those more mm-hmm yeah I will lay out what I wish the season was at
the end of the season okay well why don’t you watch the whole season
I will I don’t that’s what i’ma do I will see the first we’re gonna talk
about it and then as an aside I’m gonna lay out what I wish Picard was great I’m
sure you’ll be hired to work on season two that’s so that’s my pitch all right
so we got Michael shame on the phone um anything you wanna talk about before we
close the show that’s it all right that’s it I think we’ll hawk
is back unless you played it last week it’s how long is this one is this one a
five-minute one we played a really long one last week I mean this is two minutes
forty seconds you know that’s pretty long but we might have played this one
last week is it called cuts on the bush yeah we played this one oh well it’s a
pretty good one let me go with the classic let’s go to the archives then
let’s see if it’s not like your website where there’s a thousand pages there’s
only 11 or 12 here we go Jeremy jobs in three years ago just in a case be if you walk around the house like this
like folding your team by Lennon glasses yeah I made everyone call me Steve alright bye
see next time

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