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hello my name is tubby I live
here in this wonderful library and I love to eat books I live here with my
friends gumbo and freckles gumbo freckles come out come out
wherever you are over there on that great book is grand old holy you three
again will you ever let me sleep in peace oh holy please don’t sleep we
really want to hear a story from the Bible again this story is about the fall
of Adam and Eve and you must listen carefully as I will ask you a question
at the end of the story all the animals God made he made the
snake the most cunning one day the snake asked Eve Dear eve is it true that he
cannot eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge
Eve replied yes we can eat the fruit of any other tree but this one if we do God
says we will die the snake said that’s silly
God has tricked you if you eat the food you will gain knowledge but why would he
lie to us because he doesn’t want you to be wise like him eat it is what I would
say Eve took some fruit from the tree and
ate it she took some for Adam too as soon as they ate it they realized they
were not wearing any clothes so they took some leaves and covered themselves
when God came Adam and Eve hid behind some trees because they were ashamed of
what they had done what did you do I told you not to eat the fruit of that
tree it’s not my fault eve gave it to me is not my fault either
the snake tricked me God was angry that they disobeyed him so he sent them away
from the garden from that day onwards Adam would have to hunt for food and
things would not be easy anymore and now the question for all of you of all the
animals which was the most cunning I know this snake was the most cunning of
all well done anyway today I will tell you a really interesting story of how
God saved all the creatures and a good man named noah a long time had passed since Adam and
Eve were created the land was now full of wicked people this made God very
unhappy there was only one good man called Noah
he blessed Noah for being a good person and said I will destroy all bad and
wicked people only you and your family will be saved so he asked Noah to build a huge boat called the arc god then said bring your family and two of every kind of animal to the
ark he also asked him to gather enough food to last for a very long time he
then told him that in seven days he would send rain which would go on for
forty days and forty nights the rain would bring a huge flood but only Noah and his
family and the animals on the boat would survive Noah did everything that God had
asked him to do he spent many days building the ark he gathered two animals
of every kind gathered food and got inside the ark with his family God sent
the rains for 40 days and 40 nights Noah and his family was safe inside the arc after the
rain had stopped to know what was going on outside Noah would send out a dove every day but the Dove would come back with nothing
one day the Dove came back to him with an olive leaf
no one knew that the earth was finally drying out they stepped out of the boat
after a year very happy to have survived the flood I hope you have been listening
very carefully because this question is a little tough tubby if you answer this
question correctly I will sing along with you ok
here is a question how did Noah know it was time to leave the ark i know i know he sent out
a dove and came back with an olive branch to very good yes its story time well today I shall tell you a story about how God was angry
with the Israelites and thought of punishing them long ago
the people of Israel found it very difficult to follow the first
commandment of God it was hard for them to worship a God who could not be seen
they needed to learn how to do it so they all went to Aaron Moses’s brother
and told him to make a god for them this would make it easier for them to worship
so Aaron said bring me all the gold earrings that your wives
daughters and sons are wearing people got him all that he asked for Aaron
melted the earrings and poured them into a mold and made a golden calf he also
built an altar in front of the calf and said there shall be a festival to honor
the Lord the next morning the people gathered to honor the golden calf this
angered God because the people had not followed his commandment of not
worshiping idols he wanted to punish them for not listening to him and
breaking the first commandment Moses pleaded to God not to be angry with them
and that he would go and talk to the people himself Moses came to the place
where the people were worshiping the golden calf he took the golden calf
melted it ground it into fine powder and mixed it with water then he made the
people of Israel drink it till no signs of the idol remained now you know
children that you should listen to what God tells you and try not to disobey Him
yes we know and love God so today’s question is what did Aaron make out of
the gold earrings he made a golden calf for the people to
worship very good freckles what is today’s story about today’s
story is about how a fish saved Jonah and spit him out What a fish spit him out stop it tubby just list to the story ok children a long long time ago God had given a man called Jonah a job
to do instead of listening to God Jonas set
off in another direction suddenly there was a dangerous storm and the waves were
running very high the boat was tossing and turning in the middle of the scene
everyone on the boat was they did not know what to do they tried
to lighten the boat by throwing stuff overboard but it did not help they asked
Jonah to pray to his God to rescue them Jonah in his heart know its because of him that the lives of others in danger he told his fellow sailors throw me into the water johna knew thod was with him he would rescue Jonah the sailors tried hard to get to the shore but they where very tired not grow any longer praying for
forgiveness god they drew Jonah into the water
to everyone’s amazement the sea stop raging at once God heard
Jonah’s prayers and sent a huge fish to rescue him Jonah was inside the belly of
the fish for three days and three nights Jonah prayed to God for help from inside
the fish’s belly God spoke to the fish when the time came and it was safe for
Jonah to come out into the world the fish spit him out and now here is a
question for you what did Jonah do when he was inside the
fish’s belly i think he ate of the fish from inside no silly
he prayed to God so that God would rescue him oh you’re absolutely right
gumbo let’s start with today’s story
listen to it very carefully yes please we are ready to hear todays story okay a long long time ago Darius was a
king of Jerusalem he had passed a new law against praying
towards Jerusalem in spite of this new law Daniel continued to pray three times
every day we’re a few men who would jealous of
Danny so they went to the king and complained against him for not obeying the
law when dereyes heard this he was very upset
Daniel was one of his presidents and he did not want to punish him from not
obeying the law the king tried very hard to save him but the wicked men of his
court were insisting upon Daniel’s punishment seeing no other option the King had to
punish Daniel he was thrown into a den of lions the mouth of the cave was then
sealed with a big stone but King dereyes was worried about Daniel
he could not sleep the entire night next morning he ran to the den he called out
for Daniel and to his amazement instead of hearing the lion’s roar he heard
Daniels voice Daniel told the King God save me by sending an angel to shut the
lion’s mouth the lion’s cant hurt me at all King Darius very happily took Daniel out
from the cave and punished those wicked men who had plotted against him Daniel
was a good man that’s why God saved him holy so what is today’s question
today’s question is how did God save Daniel from the Lions I know he sent an
angel to shut the lion’s mouth yes you are correct all right pay attention the
story I’m about to tell you today is about the lost sheep now Jesus often use
stories to explain to people about God’s love
he often also compared God to a shepherd looking after his sheep he once told his
people this story long time there was a shepherd with hundred sheep every morning
the Shepherd took him to places where the grass was good to eat and every
evening he took him back to safety of their home as the she walked the
Shepherd counted them to make sure they were all there one evening he counted
ninety-nine sheep one was missing immediately the Shepherd left the
ninety-nine sheep and went looking for the one lost sheep he looked for hours
of last he found the sheep but was really scared he put it on his shoulders and happily
carried him back the shepherd finally got home he was so happy that he called
all his family and friends come and celebrate with me i have found the lost lamp after telling the
story Jesus said God loves each one of us he feels happier over that one person
who comes back to him than over all the people who were already safe and warm in
his care now that was a beautiful story wasn’t it ooh i loved it I will ask a question now how
many sheep did the shepherd own i know 99 no wait wait 100, a 100 calm down dear gumbo a hundred is right good boy
do try not to get lost and if you do we will always find you that’s why we will
stay best friends forever that’s wonderful have fun kids
see soon

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