Anthony Daniels (aka C-3PO!) Talks Star Wars & Practical Effects!

Anthony Daniels (aka C-3PO!) Talks Star Wars & Practical Effects!

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hello, Marvelites. I am Ryan Penagos, AKA, Agent M,
and it is my incredible delight to be sitting here at
Marvel headquarters with the legendary Anthony Daniels. How are you, sir? I am absolutely superb
today, and I love your office here, particularly very subtle. I love it. Yeah. You know, we figured
he has a good home. I feel welcome.
Thank you. RYAN PENAGOS: Good.
I am very glad. Now, you just released I
Am C-3PO, brand new book. ANTHONY DANIELS: Yeah. RYAN PENAGOS: Very cool. You’re in the middle
of a book tour? I am in the middle
of the book tour. Right now, I’m here in New York,
and we are going other places. And the crazy thing is
it comes out six weeks before the final
Skywalker movie, and I had to kind of get JJ
to agree that I could write sequences about The
Rise of Skywalker, because I don’t want
to spoil anything. I am not a spoiler. Everything Marvel
has spoiled for me– because of– I don’t have
Star Wars spoiled for me. It is a delight. It is a treasure. You know, I want
nothing to be ruined. I haven’t even watched the last
trailer, because I don’t want– Oh, the last– right. The last trailer is
actually– it’s quite good. And that’s when
you see, the bits hopefully that ILM have added. You know, the special effects
are not endless blue screen soulless additions. I love practical
effects and all of that. And so yeah, I
think it must be– being on those sets and
seeing those creations has got to be so thrilling. And more and more,
in the later films, they did use puppeteers, because
with puppeteers you get– again the word
visceral sense of more than a computer animator–
brilliant, brilliant though that they are. But when you have a
puppet, and you’ve got a human kind of attached,
even with sticks or it’s– I always remembered trying
to do Salacious Crumb. You know, [GROWL]
snarky little [GROWL].. All that going on. Tim Rose did that. It was a glove puppet. Yeah. I tried it. It was rubbish. It didn’t exist. It wasn’t– it wasn’t
Salacious Crumb. And of course, with
Frank Oz being Yoda, you know, there’s
lots of examples. I talk about Jabba the
Hutt, who is, I think, created by five puppeteers. RYAN PENAGOS: Gosh. But all working together,
and there are other creatures, critters, whatever
you want to call them, that aren’t just done with a
team of people working closely. I mean physically closely
and wearing green, and they will be exed out. But just to see it is– wow, look at this. Look at this art happening. Look at this skill that’s
creating something down here, and you’ll all be disappeared. All right. Your name will be
up on the credits, but nobody knows you were there. Anthony, thank
you for being here. Thank you for chatting with me. And thank you for
writing I Am C-3PO. Everybody can pick up the book. It’s available now wherever
you get your books. And– In a bookshop is good. I like bookshops. Agreed. Yes– Some people have
to use the internet. But if there’s a bookshop
near you, go to a bookshop. Smell the paper. Perfect. Anthony, thank you so much. I’ve had a blast. Thank you. Appreciate it. I’m Ryan, and this is
Marvel, Your Universe. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. I dont know how you can sit so casually next to someone who is basically a living legend in the movie industry and pop culture. Its like you have Jesus infront of you.

  2. This should literally be on the star wars channel. This is the second star wars focused video in the last 24 hours. I know marvel makes star wars comics and Disney owns marvel but still.

  3. sight… i really have to repeat this again? Fine:

    One: They've been uploaded Star Wars videos since 2017, so don't acting you surprised.

    Two: they're not connect to the Marvel Universe, Marvel only publishes a comic books, much like Dark Horse Comics were produced Star Wars comics that aren't connect to Hellboy or Alien/Predator universe.

  4. I and my stepson met Anthony in person at the Star Wars In Concert some years ago in Denver, CO as VIPs were allowed in early and I asked him where was the VIP room was that includes the buffet? He told us we were the first ones there and directed us where to go and to enjoy the show and not to forget to check out the displays of Star Wars history? Nice person he is… he had to go and say to see all of us; VIP guests for pictures and autographs later prior to the show or after the show that the VIP liaison will inform us?
    We were all told for his apologies that he could not make it… so no selfies or autograph signings but have a lot of cool pics of the displays and cos-players that were there…

  5. As much as i loved Russo Brothers in The Star Wars Show, This crossover with Anthony Daniels in the Marvel Show is also fantastic! 😀
    Pliese make more crossovers like this in the near future! 🙂

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