Anything but Books Tag

Anything but Books Tag

Hey everyone, let’s do a tag today. The Anything But Books tag. Because I really like the questions and Sue tagged me to do it. At least Sue is the only one I know of that tagged me so if you have also tagged me, thank you! The tag was created by ReadorRot I’ll leave the links and the questions and everything in the description. But let’s get started on the questions. The first question is to name a cartoon that you love. I honestly haven’t watched any cartoons in a very long time. But I really used to like Marvin the Martian. I don’t really know why, but I had this thing for him. Number two is to name your favorite song right now. I usually don’t really have favorite songs and I wouldn’t even call this one my favorite, but for some reason I’ve been listening to it on repeat for days … and I don’t even know the title or the singer, I’ll look it up. But I found the song through one of my favorite movies “A Lot Like Love” and when it came up I was just like: I want to have this song, this just fits my mood right now. It’s been doing that for days, so yeah, I like it. Question number three is: Tell us something that you can do for hours that isn’t reading. For me that is probably walking. I tend to get restless, especially when I’m on vacation. I want to see everything, so I start walking in the morning and then by nighttime I notice that I’ve been walking the whole day basically. Yeah. I tend to do that when I get restless and need to leave the house. I go for walks and forget time. Question number four is: Tell us something that you love to do that your followers would be surprised by. I honestly don’t know if I could surprise you with anything that I love to do, I keep telling you about everything. So my question is what would surprise you if I loved to do that. Question number five is: What is your favorite unnecessary specific thing to learn about. Honestly, I like to have an overall knowledge but not very deep knowledge. So I like to learn a lot of different things, basics and the superficial knowledge stuff. But going unnecessarily deep into the specific knowledge … I’m usually not that interested in things. That’s bad, isn’t it? Question number six i’m drawing a blank: What is something unusual that you know how to do? I don’t know. I don’t think that I know anything that is unusual to do but that’s because I know how to do it. So it couldn’t be unusual … I probably know some unusual things, but I always think everybody else knows those too. It’s a flaw. Question number seven is: Name something that you have made last year and show us. I couldn’t think of anything but the cheesecake I made yesterday for the birthday of a friend of mine. So here’s the cheesecake. Question number eight: What is your most recent personal project? I think that’s probably getting back in shape. I’ve been sick on and off for the last two years and this last cold in December really put me out and I’m in the worst shape I’ve ever been in. So what I’m trying to do now, is get back in shape, get some energy back, and yeah get fit again. Question number nine is: Tell us something you think about often. I think that’s probably life. Like where we are, why we’re here, how does it work. Trying to figure it all out. I can do that for hours. Question number ten: Give us something that is your favorite, but make it oddly specific. So I could only think of food here. This is basically the way I eat things is oddly specific sometimes. Like I eat this kind of food this way, and that kind of food that way. Could be dinner food, lunch food, breakfast food, chocolate, ice cream. I don’t know. It’s one way for each. Does that make any sense? Probably not. Question eleven is: Say something that pops into your mind. I find that very difficult to answer, because I’ve been thinking about this tag for a while, so there is no oddly spontaneous thing going on in my mind right now. Thank you all for watching. I hope you enjoyed this tag. If you want to do it, just do it, and tell me in comments whatever comment you have. Bye bye.

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  1. I would be surprised if you told us you love to lay on a beach all day suntanning and just staring off into space. lol… basically any activity that is not active would surprise me because you seem fairly athletic and you like to keep busy, I think. 🙂

  2. There is nothing better than long walks! I love walking so much that I volunteer to walk the neighbors' dogs!  (p.s. – Golly, that cheesecake looks so yummy! What a good friend you are!)

  3. I was right there with you on Marvin, Breathe, walking, shallow knowledge of many things, getting in shape, thinking about life, but then you mentioned socks — if my socks didn't match the world might end — I'll search & search for the matching sock! I'd be surprised if you were a beekeeper, & that's an odd thought that popped into my head. Enjoyed getting to know you (a little) better.

  4. 1) The Simpsons 2) Sia's Chandelier 3) Sleep 4) I don't have followers 5) Physics, philosophy and history 6) Cook 7) N/A 8) Writing a tesis chapter 9) food, coffee and beer 10) Pop corn.

  5. The food thing totally makes sense to me!
    I'm super weird about food though so to me it's almost weird when people arent at least a little?
    (I like quite a lot of foods, but then when someone is like 'oh, let's eat that!' I'm like, 'well, i like that food, but not in that way..' or something has to be eaten in a certain order (like savory first and then sweet. i can't eat something sweet first and then go to savory because it will taste terrible) or how I hate banana's usually, but after a workout I love them. etc. etc. ;P)

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