ASMR(Sub) 동화작가의 작업 방 (동화읽기, 키보드,사무실 소리) fairy tale writer room

Hello? Yes Yes, I think it will finish today Then I will get back to you after finishing it. Yes Title is… Butterfly’s Dream There lived a beautiful butterfly living in the field The butterfly flew from flower garden to hill and from hill to the flower garden to be shined with warm spring sun. It danced all day and consoled to the flowers. One day, The goddess looked at me And said ‘Your job is to dance cheerfully and make many flowers happy’ It thought ‘I have done everything I can to please all the flowers until now! But, I want to do something better.’ Since that day.. It has been thinking about doing ‘better work’ It was one night. The butterfly.. The butterfly was exhausted by the evening as it danced joyfully all day long. So it lay by the yellow stem of cabbage patch and went to sleep early and snored lightly. And then, it had a dream like this. The butterfly was flying around here and there like before and arrived at a place that it did not see before. It was lonely like the countryside and there was a small house on a low hill. “Huh? How did I get here!” and the butterfly felt it weird. It caught a glimpse and there was a camellia in the back yard of the small house And a lot of red camellia flowers were bloomed on the tree, so the butterfly was resting its wings on top of the flower. It was warm with the sunlight, the neighborhood was quiet, and the small house was silent as if no one was there. Suddenly, There was a low and gentle voice of a girl from the house that seemed empty. “Hey Minsoo, wouldn’t you get better if you take the medicine?” “Hey Minsoo, wouldn’t you get better if you take the medicine?” “If you are sick like this, wouldn’t I feel lonely?” It was a concerning sound coming from the bedside of an ill brother. And then that ill brother answered back with a little strength. “Sister, I don’t want to take medicine! It’s so bitter” (Uhm.. Should I use the honorific… Let’s use the honorific) “I want to go to the hill instead of taking the medicine” “I want to go up the hill to hear the sound of birds and see the butterflies fly around like last year” The butterfly felt sad after hearing this weak and poor sound. It woke up and opened its eyes. The day has broken and the world was bright again. The butterfly thought about the dream from the beginning in a calm and orderly way. As it kept thinking, it felt like there would be that poor brother and sister somewhere. So, the butterfly visited the friend nightingale and talked about the dream. After the kind-hearted nightingale listened to it, It said “There should be that poor brother and sister somewhere” And then Said “Since the brother wanted to hear the sound of bird and see the butterfly, let’s try to find them” The butterfly and nightingale went around looking for the house from the dream. But, how could they have known where the house is? They were lost and suddenly, they saw a wild goose flying by so they called to the wild goose. Looking for cool country.. uhm.. cold country… The wild goose that was on a long journey to the North came down after hearing the nightingale’s sound. “Have you seen a small house on a hill where the brother is ill and the sister is crying as you were coming from the south? We are trying to look for that house” And then explained the dream in detail. After hearing that, “Yes, I know. I was worried about those kind-hearted children. Go on. Go south. It will be about 4km. If you go straight from here, you will see the hill. Go ahead.” It told about this and said it has a long way to the North so it went away. The butterfly and nightingale was happy and flew to the south as if they could go in a single breath After a while, there was a hill. On top of the hill, there was a small house from the dream, and there was a camellia flower in the back yard. It was so good to see it… “It’s right here!!” The butterfly and nightingale set on the camellia flower “It’s right here!!” The butterfly and nightingale set on the camellia flower And called out “Lady, lady, please open the door.” But, no one answered back from the room. And then the nightingale said “How could they understand us?” And started singing with its beautiful voice. “Warbling and warbling……” There was a surprised sound from the room and the door slid open. The nightingale kept on singing. The girl who looked out to the door was a calm girl who was about 12 years old. She was very delighted to see the nightingale and butterfly side by side And said “Aww, it is so thankful to see nightingale and butterfly. You don’t know how much Minsoo wanted to see you guys” “Aww, it’s so thankful. Nightingale and butterfly came. You won’t know how much Minsoo wanted to see you guys” (Uhm.. Let’s go with the first one) And said “It would be good if you can come into the room so Minsoo can see you guys” The butterfly and nightingale flew inside the room. It was just a small room and there was a little boy who was about 9 years old and he seemed to be asleep with a skinny and bluish face with his eyes closed. “Minsoo, open your eyes. Nightingale and butterfly came.” The girl softly woke up the little brother. The nightingale sang bravely and entertainingly with a sweet voice.
“Warbling and warbling……” And sang with sincerity. The butterfly danced joyfully to the sound of the music and swirled around the ill boy. It was the music that could not be heard from the world and it was a quaint art. The faintly opened eyes of the ill boy started to get bigger and his eyes followed along with the dancing butterfly And was carefully listening to the beautiful sound of the nightingale. The nightingale and butterfly sang and danced with painstaking care. Then the ill boy’s eyes started to shine And his bluish face returned back to reddish and lively face And finally, his eyes and mouth started to smile which was not seen from the long winter. That night, with the warm offer from the boy, they slept by the edge of the eaves They sang and danced again on the second day. The boy’s sickness was getting better and his energy and mind were renewed every day. The butterfly and nightingale consoled the boy the day after and the day after continuously. After a while, he recovered from the sickness. He was able to run to the hill and garden holding his sister’s hand and he played with nightingale and butterfly.

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