Atakan’a bu projede yer verin! O projede değil! / Kerem Önder

Atakan’a bu projede yer verin! O projede değil! / Kerem Önder

Okay … Okay, okay let’s get you that way. I believe I have done it right by reading these books! Okay, okay, let’s get you that way. You will send your children to the Koran course! Have you had a child, he was 5-6 years old! There will be a plan in your mind. Where can I send this child to the Koran course? Get his scientific background, get his religious background. She wants to be in the bookshops 24/7, and unfortunately in the past 6 months, I am doing this even though it is not officially available! And I will continue to do so! If they don’t take this infrastructure firmly, they will make this child my atheist, deist, communist, fascist … “Izms”, man-made religions, concepts take over the mind of this child and become a soldier of the algebra! Because his spirit is happy this way. In line with our psychologists who are not subject to the state, they asked me to go this way, and I do so! “Where does your interest in philosophy come from?” Dialectical purpose “Maybe we have viewers who don’t know”
May investigate! “But maybe they want to hear from you too,
what is dialectic? ” Materialism!!!

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  1. Herkesin beklediği gibi  hz MEHDİ 2019 da bütün alametler ile zuhur etti. KaimMuhammedmustafa diye bir kanal var ordan bütün soruları tek tek cevaplıyor. Çok bilgili birisi. İzlemeden karar vermeyin derim

  2. Hedef Hafizlik olsun… Atakan bizim evladimiz atakan bir Indigo… Milli egitim El atti insallah bu Millete vatana hayirli bir evlat olur… Dua edelim… Hocam Allah yolunuzu acik etsin… Allah razi olsun… Kalben Iman

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