big queer update!

big queer update!

hey guys it’s alex here. uh I just wanted
to make this quick video to update you on a couple big life things that are going on
with me. um first thing I want to mention about is a new volunteer project that I started
up with my friend fox. basically its going to be an outdoors club for queer and trans
people mostly um in ontario uh mostly focused on the greater toronto area but uh yeah we’re
going to be organizing um short kind of weekend camping trips for queer and trans people in
ontario. Backcountry trips, like canoe trips, backpacking, that kind of thing. um based
on interest from people who are involved. so anyway i wanted to tell you all about that,
i’m going to link the facebook down below and here if i can. there’s also a website
that i’ll link below if you want to check that out. so please go check that out, our
first trip is going to be happening on may long weekend. we’re going to be doing a three
day canoe trip into the interior of algonquin park. um so three days two nights canoeing,
uh spring trip. the cool thing about this group is that we’re really, you know, we’re
not experts by any means but um we really want to uh make it easy and enjoyable for
people who maybe haven’t gone camping before to um make it more accessible for them and
make safe space out in nature because you know, a lot of the time queer people move
to the cities and spend a lot of their lives in the cities because they want that kind
of community. so you know its not very often that you can have that kind of safe space,
that kind of queer trans positive environment um outside of the city. so its really for
people who want to get out of the city more and also want to meet other queer and trans
people and build more community in a different kind of environment. another big life update
that i want to tell you guys about is that i um am now co-owner of glad day bookshop,
which is uh a bookshop, an LGBT bookshop here in toronto. It’s actually the oldest um LGBT
book store in the world, the oldest surviving LGBT book store in the world. i got involved
in that through the trans calendar project which was really amazing and um i’m really
excited about it. it’s run by a group of community activists and organizers, which i’m really
really excited to be working with all of them and there’s some exciting things happening
there, so. that just all wrapped up, its been in the process for several months but um everything
just kind of became finalized recently. so um i’ll also post links to their website and
facebook down below, it would be awesome if you could go and like their facebook page
for me. third thing that kind of somehow relates to that um I don’t know if you knew about
this because i haven’t actually said it on my channel as far as i know but um the trans
calendar project is actually looking for participants for the coming calendar, the 2015 calendar.
we actually only have a week left um for applications, we’re closing it off on april 1 so if you
want to get involved please go and look at this video, I’ll link it right here. it tells
you everything you need to know about what’s involved in being in the project and uh how
you can go about applying and all that. even if you don’t want to apply, then if you know
anybody who might be interested… especially trans women and non binary people because
we have not had a lot of applications from them. um we’re actually thinking of closing
off uh or extending applications deadlines for women and non binary people only um past
our original date. we’ve had quite a few trans men apply but not a lot of women at all so
um I really really encourage you to apply if you are a trans feminine spectrum person
or non binary. the other thing is that i had my final appointment at CAMH for my hysto
approval and had that about a week ago and uh i’m still going to make the video that
kind of sums up the entire process but i think i’m going to leave it now until my surgery
is actually like completely approved and i know when it’s going to happen, just so i
can have everything together in one video to give like a realistic timeline uh of how
long everything takes so. at my last appointment, i’d actually said to him that i was under
the impression um because he did ask me you know, are you mentally prepared for the surgery
and i said yes but you know i was under the impression that it was going to be about a
year from now and he was like, oh no no no like it will probably be um like five to six
months from now. so i’m not sure if i really believe that just because of the fact that
every date they give me is always off so… but i mean, potentially it could be less than
a year at this point which is pretty cool. i will keep you all up to date on that. i
just need to pick my surgeon now, um they gave me two recommendations which i’ll probably
talk about in another video. anyway uh that’s about it for now uh hope y’all are well.

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  1. I suggest that those who have not camped before first try camping in a well developed campground before attempting camping in wilderness areas. 

    Below are some useful links to learn more about the park.

    Algonquin Provincial Park

    Algonquin – Overview 

    The Friends of Algonquin Park

    Algonquin Map Web Site

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  2. I have posted my application video on my channel. For the TCP I'm looking forward to hear from you guys great video I one day want to make a difference and help other transgendered out in the world like how you are doing its awesome

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