Billy Idol – Eyes Without A Face (Official Music Video)

Billy Idol – Eyes Without A Face (Official Music Video)

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  1. I was born in 72. Was 11 when this album came out. One of my soundtracks for the summer of 84. I first kissed a girl, got drunk, and started smoking while listening to this. Ask me anything.

  2. Adoro essa canção pq ela é profunda e Reflexiva e tantas e tantas se coicide com várias histórias como a minha e a sua Viva o Rock Clássico,Viva todo o Legado Rock pra Sempre.🤘😚💖

  3. I never heard this song until a woman I follow was playing it on her Instagram story and I just knew I had to listen to it .

  4. The woman singing in french "les yeux sans visage" has a beautiful voice that makes this track pop ^^ I could listen to it over & over on repeat for a long time!

  5. I bartend sober and love hearing this song at work because it’s always on my YouTube playlist for drinking at home when no one is looking

  6. I first saw Billy Idol in 1978 when he was lead singer of Generation X. I was 14 and gatecrashed a gig in a small country town hall in the UK (Malvern Wintergardens). It was the punk era. It was mayhem with everyone pogoing and then spitting and one of the bouncers booted one of the lads in the face from the stage with his doc martin boots and it erupted into a mass brawl. I was only 14 but 6ft 4" so i couldn't escape plus i was dead center front of stage. The following morning the band was on a kids show called TisWas looking worst for ware.. Those were the days. I wonder if he remembers it? Love ya Billy.

  7. I am really hoping that Ryan Murphy can at least do a small music video for AHS 1984. Evan Peters as Billy Idol singing this song at Camp Redwood performing for all the ghosts, I think that s*** would be epic

  8. そのクチは何なんだと、当時は思って見てましたが、やはり今でも思いますがな。

  9. Quem após ouvir essas músicas incríveis de antigamente consegue aceitar essas merdas que a mídia nos empurra hoje em dia?só sendo muito burro e ignorante.

  10. I  Remember Billy when this video 1st release in 1984, I was in the Dominican republic awesome time can't forget those greater hits.

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