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  1. I donโ€™t regret buying the Blue Yeti one bit, I got it for $130 Canadian so it was a pretty good deal. Although, if this had already been released I probably would have gone for this one.

  2. What was that purple phone that you had that had the dual cameras look like an S9 plus but it had the center mounted fingerprint sensor

  3. Currently using the Blue Yeti. Been really happy with it. I would love to know what would be the next level up without breaking the bank.

  4. With regard to the microphone, whenever I'm using my computer for personal reasons I'm not exactly projecting my voice toward the microphone I'm usually looking down at the keyboard. do you think this microphone would help or should I look for another solution? right now I'm using an old webcam mounted on top of my monitor which is fairly serviceable. in fact I'm using it right now to write this as this is being written with speech to text. the bigger thing I want to know is what cameras are you guys using these days because even in this video the camera reminds me of that old Windex commercial where the glasses so clear that the bird flies into it.

  5. I think the BC Master 1635 is a better mic than than the Yetti. I watched a lot of reviews on both. Plus the BC gets me live lag free monitoring

  6. Hey Michael, newly starting YouTuber here, can you recommend a good voiceover mic for me? Price is no object.
    Edit: I currently have a blue snowball something or other

  7. Hey Mr. Mobile, for the same price of either the Blue Yeti or the Yeti Nano, what other microphones would you recommend? I've heard Rode NTs and Audio Technicas provided great USB mics, but never knew the difference between their performance compared to Blue's! Any suggestions?

  8. I still am sticking with my Samson Meteor Mic. Cheaper, smaller, and sounds just as good in my book. I love that they made the Yeti smaller though!

  9. I can't be happier with my Blue Yeti, honestly I like it's weight, though I understand why you'd want a smaller version of it for travel

  10. how does this compare to the beyerdynamic FOX usb microphone? they're similarly priced but the fox looks like it has more features

  11. I just saw this mic at my local Best Buy and was shocked to see this because I am currently using Audio technica USB mic. Which is a good mic to start with but I want to up my audio game. Thanks for the review.

  12. I use a Blue Yeti original, love the sound quality, this is what I'll be using until I can get myself something much better.

  13. You are the best non-salesman-salesman lol. I don't do podcasts, or recordings but now I want to go buy this microphone because of your vid LOL.

  14. Oh man ive been looking for a smaller yeti since the original blue yeti is too big for my deskspace. Now this new Blue Yeti Nano is what ive been looking for!!!
    Btw Nice video as always!!!!

  15. is awesome

    However my i owned blue yeti silver

    3 years ago and to this day that mic is one of the worst mics i have ever tried once i record i hear crazy massive noise and hum , i dont get why the yeti is so popular and most important expensive , anytime i record i hear noise .. I tried everything i used audacity and other softwares , yes with final cut pro x i remove like 80% of noise and hum but it will sacrifice your own voice and make it low

    The blue yeti silver one is the most overrated mic ever and i had the worst experience with it

    I dont know about the nano though

  16. I'm a trumpet player looking for a better way to record myself and my student's (an upgrade from my phone/laptop microphone's). Would this mic be something that would work well for that?

  17. I love your videos Michael, but you are too forgiving. $99.00 or $999.00. It is inexcusable that anything comes apart when you take it out of the box for the first time. Blue's quality has become suspect as of late. I wouldn't be so concerned if Blue made bad sounding mics, I would just say par for the course. But in the hotly contested Sweet spot of microphones, Blue needs to do it perfectly. I am not far away from Samson, Blue's own original Yeti which should not have quality issues, or will it? I won't buy the Mini Yeti because of that experience you had. I don't care if it sounds better than your AKG 418 or whatever it is you really use. Quality has to be there. We deserve it. Being around music and audio for 50 years plus maybe makes me more critical, but it is for the protection of my clients that rely on me. Just as I rely on you. Cheers Mr. Mobile.

  18. Yo! Mr Mobile. Love your work!
    Would pls pls pls do a review of the new Skagen Falster 2! I am dying to know how good ( or bad ) this smartwatch is. Thanks!

  19. One of the best narrative regarding tech review blogs. Hands down for the comedy like texts – full of subtle sarcasm and light jokes. Pure pleasure and great content. You surely can lighten up mood mate. Keep up the good work and never back down!

  20. Sir tech videos are awesome your editing is super awesome the camera angles amazing, the animation superb and i love the colour also and best the detail explation awesome love u …..i wish i could meet you one day .

  21. I just bought mine after having to return my Audio-Technica mic 3 times for factory faults. For only $10 more (AUD) I chose the Blue Yeti Nano hoping for better results. I hope it doesn't distort my voice as I am very loud haha

  22. For those who are watching it in July 2019… Don't buy it, you can buy the Rode
    Podmic for the same price and it's much better.

  23. The nano is not small enough. Really 99% of people using Blue Yeti's use it on cardioid mode 99% of the time.
    The Nano should be just single mode, single capsule and smaller and cheaper. The nano as it exists is just slightly cheaper than the Yeti and Slightly smaller than the Yeti – Only 1 less capsule (2 instead of 3).

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