Bob The Train | Adventure Series | ABC Adventure | Shapes Song | Bob Cartoons

Bob The Train | Adventure Series | ABC Adventure | Shapes Song | Bob Cartoons

Hi kids! I am Bob! Today we are going to learn the Alphabets. ‘A’ is the first letter we need to find. Lets go and find ‘A’. Kids can you see ‘A’? He is hiding behind the Lamp Post. Boooo! Hi, Bob!
‘A’ will you join me? Yes Bob! What are you doing up there ‘B’? I was looking for you and here you are! Look kids there ‘C’ is!
He seems to be going somewhere. Hi, Bob! Hi ‘C’ Where are you going? I’m going to the park. Why don’t you join us instead? Yeaahhh! ‘D’ What are you doing behind the trees?
I am playing Hide & Seek. Will you join me on a fun ride? Yes! Hi ‘E’! How are you?
Would you like to join us? Hi Bob! I’m fine. Thank you.
Yes, I would love to join you. Kids, what is that? Oh my goodness it’s ‘F’ Hi Bob! Hi ‘G’!
Where are you going? Hi Bob! I am going to meet ‘H’,
Come along. Hi ‘H’, Hi Bob!
‘G’ lets join Bob! Yes! Kids the next letters are ‘I’ and ‘J’ We’re waiting for the bus. That will take us to the floating islands. I’m going to the floating islands too.
Both of you join us! Kids look at ‘K’.
He is on the swing. Bob can I join my friends ‘I’ and ‘J’ Yes! Yeah! Wait for me. I wanna come too. Hi ‘M’ What are you doing?
Hi Bob! I’m going home. Why don’t you join us instead?
Yes! Woooohoooo! Hi ‘ N’ Hi ‘O’
Hi Bob! Hi Bob! Hi ‘P’, Where is ‘Q’? Hi Bob! I’m trying to find ‘Q’ can you help me find ‘Q’ Where ‘Q’ is?
Hiding behind the house. Look kids there’s ‘S’ Hi, Bob! I am waiting for ‘R’ Hi, Bob! Hi ‘T’ are you going somewhere? Hi Bob! I’m going to the city to meet ‘U’ and ‘V’ Let’s go meet ‘U’ and ‘V’ together! Hi ‘U’ and ‘V’ will you come with me to meet ‘W’ Yes! We are going to meet ‘W’ too! Let’s go together! Hi ‘W’ Hi Bob! I am waiting for my friends ‘T’ , ‘V’ and ‘U’ Have you seen them? Yes!
They are aboard, why don’t you join them? Yeahhhhhh! Woooohooo! Look at all our friends, could we join them too Bob? Yes! ‘X’, ‘Y’ & ‘Z’ This was fun! See you next time.

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