BOOK HAUL // Books By Weight Sale VLOG // Where to buy books for cheap in Mumbai?

BOOK HAUL // Books By Weight Sale VLOG // Where to buy books for cheap in Mumbai?

Hey Guys So Done with some shopping Now it’s sorting time I don’t have stools to sit (to sort the books) here I just realized they do not have stools (or anything)to site out here so let us go and sort this So the first one is The Unexpected Inheritance of Inspector Chopra I do plan on buying this because I have heard a lot about this but the books have to go through a huge filter to be one my list so that is how that is so let’s just start sorting something I need, I am gonna keep it here This is Karin Slaughter’s Broken. I had read Pretty Girls so that is why I am planning on taking this So this City of Bones, here i Like this cover a lot (never seen it before) but the cover is not great so I am just going to go ahead and change the cover (get another edition) So I have finally selected the books I need Hell! I am done shopping for the books there you go These many books and the bill just came upto 770 Rs So yes we stayed in our budget and that’s the complete yay point and so now I am just going to head home and uh, show you guys all the books I bought This is so exciting, so yeah Hey guys, I am just on my way home and there you go Books loads of books so let’s get into this

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  1. I go to the Churchgate one, The books I bought were in good condition. I always make sure to leaf through the books to check them for damage so no issues. 😀

  2. Hi Jyotsna I had visited this place yesterday, one has to catch bus from Lower Parel station to Acharya Atre Chowk and then do the subsequent walking. I bought books of 100/-kg which are Historical and fiction too. Thank you for making this vlog, else I was unaware of this place. Secondly, I checked the prices of same books in the cost would have skyrocketed if I had purchased from that site, but I bought 6 books for 450 rupees from Butterfly bookstore.

  3. I bought 8 books of sophie kinsella for 250 in weight sale only. I realized Delhi has cheaper books than Mumbai. Happy reading. 🙂

  4. Hey Jyotsna.. I just watched your video and I'm really impressed by your way of buying books and choices for the same.. Could you tell me is this sale still available in Jan'18?

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  6. Just had a teeny-tiny doubt in mind regarding that magnet thing…. Did you personally inspect those books, bought from that place, and verify for the 'magnet talk' ? As far as I understand, the magnet should be visible under naked eyes. So, maybe they manipulated the hardcover books by inserting tiny magnetic particles inside the outer shell cover, or they may have sprinkled with a lot of tiny magnetic particles inside the paperbacks. But, yet, they should be clearly visible. I hope my logic made some sense, if at all.

  7. Nice video about buying old books in Mumbai. However, I want to tell you that I found an online portal, named BookMandee where one can buy and sell old books online.
    Do check out.

  8. Does this places have inspirational books too with that per kg offer? Like monk who sold his Ferrari, rich dad poor dad, 4 hrs work week etc etc?

  9. Hi Jyotsna,
    Thanks for the vlog really helpful.
    Can u tell me recent dates of this butterfly sales going to be in Mumbai?

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