Book Nerd Problems | A Very Divergent Christmas

Book Nerd Problems | A Very Divergent Christmas

This one’s from Dad. [MUSIC]>>It’s like The Hunger Games,
except for it’s for girls.>>[LAUGH]>>I hope you like it. My therapist gave one to his daughter,
and she loves it.>>You can never have too many.>>I heard that was really good. [MUSIC]>>Did you know it’s also a movie?
>>[LAUGH] Thanks, Jake. [MUSIC]

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  1. omygosh but no then you can like have one that you keep all perfect and then you can have one that you write comments in and then you can have one to do blackout poetry in and you can have one that you share with friends and everyone writes in it

  2. That's leads to the art of regifting and spreading the love of a good book to others. Still that has happened to me in a long time. Everyone that would by me a book knows I'm picky and either asks or sends a spy. 

  3. I have many copies of the mortal instruments. All from gifts. And it is taking up space on my bookshelf, ugh. But I feel so bad if I sell them or get rid of them since they are a gifts, ugh

  4. This is why my family makes a physical wishlist and we cross off anything that we buy so no one gets anything double xD

  5. This happened to me!! Except I got the collectors editions who'd I can't really complain about because it's beautiful!!!

  6. If they were different editions it wouldn't bother me. A lot of time the UK has way better covers for fantasy series.

  7. hahaha…lol! I sort of have the same experience but on my birthday last year. I already have the complete books of City of Bones. I keep mentioning it to my baby brother so he assumes maybe I don't have the complete thing. And so he hinted my other brother and bought the set of hardcovers. Now, I have a double copy.

  8. You recibe like four copies, mi dad even can't get one. I have to work hard for even get a book… Now i have a copy from The Death Cure… Only one…

  9. Instead of giving me serveral copies….wich…woudnt be that bad…

    The gave me a bad book. Bad. Bad. I couldnt imagine that was posible until my not so merry christmas gift came. Bad.

    You shuld do a video with the title

    Getting unwanted books

    Real deal.

  10. I got an extra copy of divergent 2 Christmases ago. This year I made a list of specific books so I wouldn't get repeat

  11. Could you please refrain from putting books into categories for boys and girls? Everyone should be able to read whatever they like.

  12. That's why my family mostly does gift cards. That and only my fiance buys me books since she knows what I like.

  13. You can sell the extra copies on Amazon or trade them in at a bookstore.

    At least, you can trade new DVDs for something you don't already have at a store like Barnes & Noble.  It might be the same for books, if you keep it in perfect condition.  And selling on Amazon for the full price, or near it, will allow you to buy something of the same value.

  14. WAIT WAIT WAIT….did I hear him say it's like the hunger games, but for GIRLS?!?!?! Excuse me, but that's my favourite book 😂😂

  15. OMG one year my uncle gave me a 2nd book in a series and like a 9th books on , a series. I just smile and I'm like WTF I haven't even heard of them. So I just smile…

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