Book Nerd Problems | Can’t Find Anyone To Talk To About Red Queen

Book Nerd Problems | Can’t Find Anyone To Talk To About Red Queen

I have to talk to somebody about this. [MUSIC] Hey, I can’t help but notice that you’re reading the Red—!
>>Leave me alone. [MUSIC]>>So, Mare and Cal. Can you believe it? I couldn’t. Right?
I was like, my gosh. I think that really,
what’s going to happen is— [MUSIC]

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  1. I WAS FEELING exactly the same a couple of years ago! then I started my blog and my youtube channel about books and I found new friends. but it was frustrated

  2. i looove this book! thankfully I have one friend who loves to read too so we always tell eachother about books we've read etc! so glad I read red queen and told her about t 😀

  3. why give me this complicated feeling again epic reads? why?!?!

    Red Queen gave me the most book hangover off all time.. and i just can't get enough of it.. and Victoria Aveyard is just so cooooooolllll!!!!! i just T^T i want to I want the next one fast! well i can (can't) wait for the next one..

    * goes back to feeling nothing*

  4. I read this book in 24 hours because of this video and I need to talk…to vent! No, I need the second book!!! Very relevant book nerd problem right now. 🙁

  5. This happens to me for pretty much every single book I read. When I go to the bookstore with a friend, I just go down shelves picking out all the books she needs to read ASAP so we can talk about them.

  6. THIS IS LITERALLY MY LIFE!!! I read a book and I can't talk to people about it, so I just talk to my sister and friends about it, even though they have no idea what I'm saying.

  7. Even though Maven turned out to be a liar (and even though I have no idea what he looks like) I still think he's really hot…

  8. Sorry, I didn't get it. Why they dont want to talk about it? 😟☺️ I LOVE RED QUEEN, and I'm so excited for the sequel 😍😍😍

  9. That awkward moment when you've already read Glass Sword and have nobody to talk to about it because it's not out yet 😅

  10. I don't even have a friend who likes to read books, so I have to keep the feelings to myself and just go on the Internet 😩

  11. After finishing the book I just wanted to flip out over Maven omg but no one in my campus even read it (the engineering faculty of the university of Indonesia :P)

  12. The only other book nerds besides me are in advance classes witch I'm not so the only friends I have can't deal with my Fangirling and constant reading and talk of books.

  13. Just finished Red Queen the other day — I know that feel girl; you're not alone! (AMAZING READ, btw)

  14. I will never stop until all I know have read Unwind by Neal Shusterman. I don't trust those who don't read. If they don't read, I don't wanna hear it.

  15. When I read the last few pages I wanted to throw the book across the classroom so badly but I didn't so I just sat there in silence until the end of the period!!!

  16. This was me. I finally convinced my friend to read it… and she did and she loved it so I let her borrow the Glass Sword and she's reading it now and I'm so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so happy.

  17. Me when i read city of bones!! XD
    I was like: Everybody should read this book, it'like the coolest book i've ever read!!

  18. this is so ture, I wanted to talk about Red Queen. I just wanted my feels out😢😢.
    spoiler alert : I am still broken by the fact that Maven betrayed Mare , I started glass sword and what I get , get Mare now you kneeling to Maven and omg Kings Cage wow now Cal is choosing his damn throne over Mare. Victoria pl stop messing with my mind. I'm just 13.

  19. My friend sayed she read Red Queen so I started talking to her about the theory of Farley being pregnant and she asked who's Farley :/ #TrustNoOne

  20. I know the pain. I read it when it came out and none of my friends had read it. It wasn't until this year that one of my friends read it.

  21. I haven't read Red Queen but I feel like her when any book I read. None of my friends or family like to except my cousin. But she doesn't like the same books as me. Why me?!

  22. That was me around Thanksgiving of 2015. I finished reading Red Queen in 3 days and had no one to talk to about it but then I got one of my best friends into the series and now she can’t turn back. She is now a Red Queen series fan after I convert her to read it. 😈📚

  23. I read it once for school. I really liked it but it didnt stick same for another first book in a series i really liked

  24. I'm working on reading "Red Queen" right now, but I am not looking forward to the feeling of having no one to talk to about it.

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