Book Nerd Problems | Disagreeing With Your Book BFF

Book Nerd Problems | Disagreeing With Your Book BFF

That unicorn, I know, I know.>>You guys talking about
The Serpent Trials?>>Yeah.>>My god, I hated that book.>>I loved it.>>Seriously? You loved it?>>You didn’t? [MUSIC] You should feel it’s like.>>That was one of the most inventive,
it was a metaphor for life and how we interact.>>It was a metaphor for life?>>Yes, I cannot believe, I mean it
must’ve been over your head with all that, because this is one of the most moving
books I’ve ever, ever, ever encountered.>>Can we talk about— because— [MUSIC] Aubrey, I think we should take a break.>>You’re right, this discussion’s
just going in circles and it’s not getting us anywhere.>>No, not from that. From our friendship. I’m sorry I have to do this again, but
I can’t be book BBF’s with you anymore, not until we find another
book we both love. I’m sorry. [MUSIC]

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  1. Beautiful Disaster! OMG I hated that book so much and my book bff loved it and we stopped talking for weeks because we always bring reasons of why I hated it and why she loved it and yes it's awful

  2. STAUPH…you guys are too funny! 😀 LMAO

    Also, the comments are now flowing with "I HATE [Insert book title]. Way to promote books, guys. lol

  3. I loved the Perks of Being a Wallflower and my bestie was all like "why did you tell me to read this it was crap" and I was like but it spoke to me lol

  4. The fault in our stars. For god's sake! My sister doesn't even like the fault in our stars. How indecent of that effing fox. She's no better than monica.

  5. Since we're all confessing which books we hated, I didn't really like Heaven Is For Real. I dunno, it didn't really stick to me, maybe I should pick it up again and give it another whirl.

  6. I didn't enjoy We Were Liars. Also, I did slightly like My Life Next Door but nowhere near as much as everyone else.

  7. I didn't enjoy We Were Liars. Also, I did slightly like My Life Next Door but nowhere near as much as everyone else.

  8. Im not exactly a fan of the rangers apprentice series….
    Oh who am I kidding Im not a fan at all
    Dont kill me plz

  9. I just can't get through We were liars I mean it frustrates me to no end that I can't trust what she is saying to me

  10. umm…I have a confession.

    me and my book BFF like all the same books XD

    WE disagree on characters. >.> Indept book nerd problems.

  11. I hated hush hush series after reading 1 or so chapters,didn't get past Fallen and insurgent and allegiant completely bored me out of my mind.

  12. I hated TFiOS. Sorry not sorry! Pls don't kill me. I hated it bcs I honestly felt like I wasn't in the book's world and couldn't feel anything at all! Come on! How would any couple kiss in Anne Frank's attic, someone who has been tortured a lot?? THAT'S JUST PLAIN RUDE. Plus.. How could any mother let her SICK daughter wander around in a foreign country ALONE with a guy whom she's just met?????? And srsly? Augustus Waters! TOO fictional! EVERYTHING HE SAYS IS TOO CHEESY. And guys who go to PUBLIC school don't speak like that! Ugh. The only thing I like about the book was that it is a dedication to a cancer patient and Gus and Issac's friendship. Sorry not sorry!

  13. I totally hated Shatter Me. I could barely finish it and I skipped like 30% of the book. I also think Divergent is a little overrated. It's not bad. But it's not that good either

  14. My friend LOVES a certain series, but I find it repetitive and boring (books are still being made, and there's at least 7 out already). I didn't even finish the series (I read about 6 of them, it was time to stop). Every time one of us mentions it, we argue a lot about it until we have to stop because it is getting out of hand. To be honest, we need someone to read the series, too, in order to settle it, but we haven't found anybody to read it with us. It's an endless cycle.

  15. my bff (who's also my book bff) loves the divergent. I hate it. It didn't ruin our friendship. I thought everybody can have their  opinion…?

  16. My best friend and I disagree over The Hunger Games. I strongly disliked it but it's one of my friends favorites.

  17. I didn't like The Book Thief hides. I got halfway through it but I was still reading it because I just wanted to get through it and finish it. I think because I was going through such a crappy time whilst reading it, maybe that contributed to me not liking it, but I think in a while I might be inclined to pick it up again and read it.

  18. I hated Love Letters to the dead. I'm sorry, I tried,
    Also when you an your best friend take different sides in the love triangle, the same thing happens.

  19. I've always hated TFiOS but all my friends seemed to love it. I also had people who don't usually read books read it so they would look "cool". Ugh.

  20. My friend and I constantly disagree on THGs trilogy, i love it so much she says its an unhealthytl obsession and she basically hates it

  21. I don't like the Divergent Series that much ( first book was good but the series went downhill for me) but my best friend loves it so much.

    We always have fights on who is better, Tobias Eaton or Percy Jackson.

  22. I didn't really like the Raven Boys. I couldn't even get through the first couple of pages. But, I'll probably force myself to read it.

  23. 50 Shades of Grey. My BFF (who is also my book BFF), LOVES it. I… not so much?
    We just avoid the subject, but I kind of feel a little guilty, so I bought her the trilogy (on paperback, of course) because she read it in pdf. I feel a lot better now.

  24. Emma. My best friend loved the book and movie, but tried reading it twice but failed. I guess I'm not really into the romantic genre.

  25. the girl who hates the book is me, my bff loves all the crappy books and the girl leaving is our mutual friend who doesn't read. Our friendship in one video XD

  26. My BFF thinks that America should've been with Aspen….This is why I put team Maxon posters all over her bedroom.

  27. BFF: OMG read Carry On it's great it's romantic 5/5
    Me: … this was supposed to be great? 1.5/5
    several hours later
    Me: You know what, screw it.

  28. i hate when this happens i go to a book club. and when i hate the book we read they always love it talk about awkward

  29. I didn't like Pride and Prejudice. I tried reading it twice, but never got past the first six chapters.

  30. I hated The Great Gatsby. But who would be surprised by that?
    Also…I seldom ever read Young Adult.

  31. I read Goblet of Fire, some parts were skipable in my opinion

    The parts where everybody hates Harry and/or mocking him. It just felt too much. And Hermiones ridiculous SPEW spree. I get Crouch fired Winky and blamed her on something that she never did but oh my god she annoyed me to no end with SPEW….Saving graces: Yule Ball, First Task, Ron and Harry are friends again, Moody(Barty Crouch Jr) turning Draco into a ferret.

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