Book Nerd Problems | Getting A Book Wet

Book Nerd Problems | Getting A Book Wet

[MUSIC] God! I need help, I need help, I need help now!
>>We’ll take it from here. We’ll do everything we can.
>>I never got to say that I loved you [SOB].
>>What’s the prognosis?>>I don’t know. We’ll have to get her in there and
open her up.>>Let’s get her on the table.>>All right, we don’t have much time. [MUSIC]>>It was touch and go for a while there.
>>We were able to salvage her.>>Thank you, thank you. [MUSIC]

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  1. I was walking – okay, more like jogging – up the stairs with a paperback book in my left hand and a coffee in my right hand. I accidentally tripped and my book got completely drenched in the coffee. Luckily for me it was a book I wasn't particularly fond of.

  2. When it was raining at my school I put my paperback book in my backpack to keep it safe, but when I pulled it out the bottom part of the book was wet and a little part of the blue cover turned a little green.

  3. I dropped a library book in the toilet once (clean water, no pee). I brought it in the bathroom and it slid off the towel that was on the sink counter. I was freaking out and I dried it with a hair dryer the best I could and put it under heavy books to re-flatten the cover. I was still reading this book but when I returned it and got a call from the library saying that I had to pay for the damage…which meant I had to pay for the whole book. I got to keep the damaged book. It was No One Else Can Have You. 

  4. My Dad once knocked over his glass of water on the book I was reading at a restaurant.
    It was a library book too.

  5. Oh gosh haha this one was so great! Totally can relate, wish I had some book doctors to help me wish my water damaged books!

  6. I was reading a paperback one time, took it into the bathroom with me to get something real quick and I set it on the counter. When I went to grab it, my hand bumped it and it went flying off the counter, into the (clean) toilet. Page side down 😐 Omgod, I literally cried. I didn't save that one, after mourning I went and bought a new one from Barnes and Noble. Never take a book into the bathroom again.

  7. I normally just trip while I'm reading, then my book falls in a puddle, the cover gets ripped off, the pages are folded, there are grass stains and after it gets wet again by my tears.

  8. More tea time episodes … I love
    Epic reads because of you guys im now officially a huge huge fan of mad mans daughter trilogy 😄

  9. Oh my gosh! The one time I was out to lunch with mom and she accidentally spilt her Pepsi all over the table, me, and my bag which had my book in it. The book was soaked with it! It was horrible! Haha!

  10. My mother once put my book open on a wet painting :'( But that's actually kinda cool because it was red paint and it now looks like there's blood dripping from the page.

  11. Spilt hot chocolate on the top of one of my bigger paperbacks. Thankfully it was tightly closed so it only stained the top of the pages, but it was a scary time indeed. 

  12. Amazing!
    Once while I was reading, a character said something really funny and I just spilled coffee when I burst out laughing. Just a few drops, but the fear was intense.

  13. On my trip to iceland with my class i knocked a glass of water on my mockingjay book! I spend an hour putting paper between each page. 😁we will do everything to save our books!

  14. I think a good book nerd problem video would be: Waiting for the Next book in a series. You are constantly googling for any information about it: release dates, teaser chapters. Rereading the previous books over and over again. Thinking out loud what will might happen next, or discussing it with friends.

  15. Does anyone know how to properly dry a book?

    This is me I will have a water bottle next to important papers but next to my book…NEVER

    If someone wets my book I silently plan their death insert evil laugh

    I'm kidding I am totally kidding

  16. Am I the only one who had a heart attack when I saw water dripping from the book? It's 2015 THIS IS THE FUTURE! The fact that water proof books HAVEN"T been invented is horrifying. 

  17. UGH… What's even worse is when you've JUST bought the book and you are walking to your car and your plastic bag just happens to have a hole in it  and the bag breaks and falls on the GROUND. Right in the MUD PUDDLES. Oh… AND THE BOOK IS PAPERBACK.

  18. I do remember when my mom left Pride and Prejudice outside and it rained all night, my sister freaked so much! now is double-sized.

  19. I once got caught in a sudden mega-rainstorm with a canvas bag full of new books.  I tried so valiantly to keep them dry, huddling into shelter, tucking them as far under my coat as they'd go.  At the moment I realised I was so saturated that I could feel water trickling into my bra UNDER MY COAT AND A SHIRT I knew it was all over and that the only thing left to do was to hope that the pages would still be legible.  My poor sweet babies… 🙁

  20. I got irn bru all on sisters red, dropped carries war in the bath, left Heidi in the rain and I don't even know on the two towers. I'm not the luckiest at this.

  21. I was reading my book one day, and some one said they wanted to see it. She only held for a moment, but she dropped my hitchhiker's guide into a a bowl full of salsa.

  22. I placed my water bottle in my bag with my book,I forgot to screw it correctly then everything just splatted and it was a paperback.

  23. I was reading The One by Kiera Cass the other day, and my tears fell on one of the pages and I had to put it under the sun!

  24. I once spilled my water bottle on Gregor and The Code of Claw and I screamed. The cover fell of and some pages got ripped. I had to use a lot of tape….. At least it's readable

  25. The only time I got a book wet was when I slipped in my bathtub, and all I was doing was laying down, but wasn't moving.

  26. I've accidentally torn brand new books… The first thing I do is hunt down a piece of tape… My copy of Unwind I fucked up on the corner so the lettering is slightly off. I read that book so many times it's falling apart. My copy of The Third Twin I didn't even have for a full day before I tore a page… Page 176… I was so pissed off at myself. This time you can't even tell there's tape unless your feeling up the bottom of the book.

  27. my friends book which i borrowed got soaked in the rain today, and its a paperback, sooo.. yeah spent 3 hours ironing and blowdrying it 😂

  28. I once spilled tea on a book I had just gotten that week…..luckily I owned that copy, it was a Neil Gaiman book, and I know that he wouldn't mind. 😉

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