Book of Mormon: An Introduction

Book of Mormon: An Introduction

[MUSIC] The Book of Mormon is
the word of God. Like the Bible, it is
Holy Scripture. It is a record of God’s dealings
with the ancient inhabitants of the Americas and
contains the fullness of the everlasting Gospel. The book was written by many
ancient profits through the spirit of prophecy
and revelation. Their words, written on gold
plates, were quoted unabridged by a profit historian
named Mormon. The crowning event recorded in
the Book of Mormon is the personal ministry of the Lord
Jesus Christ among the Nephites soon after
his Resurrection. It puts forth the doctrines of
the Gospel, outlines the plan of salvation, and tells men and
women what they must do to gain peace in this life
and eternal salvation in the life to come. In due course, the plates were
delivered to Joseph Smith, who translated them by the gift
and power of God. The record is now published in
many languages as a new and additional witness that Jesus
Christ is the Son of the living God and that all who will
come unto Him and obey the laws and ordinances of
His Gospel may be saved. We invite all men and women
everywhere to read the Book of Mormon, to ponder in their
hearts the message it contains, and then to ask God,
the Eternal Father, in the name of Christ, if
the book is true. Those who pursue this course and
ask in faith will gain a testimony of its truths and
affinity by the power of the Holy Ghost. [MUSIC]

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  1. Well think about life, there are so many different people, no two exactly alike. God loves and knows every single one. The reason for more then one holy text is simply that God has worked with more then one group of people. The holy texts are the writing of God's prophets (or mouth pieces). The different books are from different groups of people. The Bible- the people of the middle east (stick of Judah) The Book of Mormon- the people of ancient America (stick of Ephraim) Ezekiel 37:16-17.

  2. I know the Book of Mormon is true. It contains good things for our progress in spirituality. We become closer to our Heavenly Father and we will become a better person.
    Anyone who are of this faith or of this faith why not leave our indifferences and open the book and with a sincere prayer learn of this. Read and be blessed by the gift of knowledge and wisdom embedded in it. This is very important added to our Holy Bible we will surely be better. I promise you that in the name of Jesus Christ,

  3. All the book of mormon is, is another testament of Jesus Christ. The bible as awesome as it is, has been modified and many truths have been taken out or lost, think about it, it's a REALLY old book, there are thousands of versions of the bible. truths have been taken out, not by God, but by men. all the Book of mormon does is help fill in holes or blanks, and testify of the bible, the bible is even quoted in The Book of Mormon. especially chapters of Isaiah.

  4. because the world wasn't ready for it, every prophet that God had sent was killed by the people because of their unwillingness to listen.. think about it.. why did the pilgrims come from England?? because they wanted religious freedoms. America had recently been established as a free nation, prior to that people were forced to worship a certain way, why do you think it was called "the Dark Ages"

  5. maybe you should try to read all of the book of mormon.. Alma 32:21 " And now as I said concerning faith, faith is not to have a perfect knowledge of things; therefore if ye have faith ye hope for things which are not seen, which are true." tell me how that is negative, all the book of mormon is simply is a record, like a journal.Joseph smith translated this form egyptian, and passed maybe the 3rd grade, and gave his life for it. It is God's words. Alma is a prophet from the Book of Mormon.

  6. When christ was on the earth there was 1 church.. one Lord, One faith, and ONE baptism — that's in the bible.. Christ created his church.. and if his church was NEVER broken.. why are there so many now. the book of mormon is an amazing book, it's a record, don't pass judgement till you've read it. cause you don't know until you have

  7. Members of the Flds faith are NOT mormon. obviously they branched off of the original church when Joseph Smith was killed. it's not "the Utah church" there are more mormons outside of the United states than inside, in fact the 2 nations in the world with the highest amount of members are Samoa and Tonga (polynesian islands) really the only way to know anything about spiritual matters.. is to ask the Man himself, God.

  8. If you believe that, then you DO NOT understand the Latter Day Saint religion, we believe the EXACT same christ that everyone else believes in the bible, the exact same one who died on the cross and who died for yours and my sins. we don't believe in the trinity, and prior to the Nicene creed; neither did the primitive church. Christ is the center of our religion. come to my house, we've got pics of christ everywhere. enter into a mormon church, they are everywhere.

  9. what do you think mormons believe about salvation?? our beliefs regarding salvation.. is in the BIBLE… in Corinthians.

  10. Think about this, Joseph Smith had no formal education and maybe passed the 3rd grade, after reading the book of mormon, you can see how AMAZING that is. No ONE, NO ONE – could have written that book and translated it in 80 days, it's a 500 page book. you should read and see what it says.

  11. Mormons are Christians… it's like asking a catholic, a presbyterian , or a baptist if they are Christian.. they are all Christian religions, but they are all not the same religion.. LDS is also a Christian religion…

  12. If it contains the illness of the everlasting gospel, why does it not address celestial marriage, exaltation or baptism for the dead?

  13. No on knows why our heavenly father does things…some choices may seem weird to us or pointless but our father always does stuff for a reason just do your best to follow the commandments and let the lord deal with the rest i encourage you to read the book of Mormon sincerely and pray to know if it is true

  14. My fellow people The Book of Mormon was published in 1800's for a reason. Heres two answers 1- Because all of what happened in the book of mormon was in the Americas and the europeans didnt even start civiliations until the 15th century in America. 2- Because if the Book of Mormon was published back then i'm pretty sure anyone who believed in it would of been killed. I think God waited until there was a land of Democracy (America) where we could have the right to believe anything we wanted too.

  15. Umm it did exist back in moronis time. In first nephi, Nephi learns that he is related to joseph from the bible.

  16. Man, I love how you guys have so many questions, but go to the WRONG places to get them answered. You have questions? Get LDS Missionaries to come and answer your questions. Don't be going to WRONG sources to get the answers, please. It's like getting to know somebody, would you go around asking people about a person, or would you go and ask that person yourself?

  17. "Mormon" is just a nickname that society is more familiar with. The actual name for a person who belongs to this church is simply "a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints". I hope this clarifies any concerns.

  18. @wilsonzt1 Incorrect; logic is led by the heart. When one uses humble logic you get the same answer as faith. Called a testimony

  19. The LDS church is that fastest growing church in the world, yes. But that is somewhat misleading, as atheism is growing even faster. Because it is not a "church" by any means, means that atheism is not covered with your overview of growth. Religious status, however, does cover all views. And, when talking about religious status, atheism is the fastest growing.

  20. Thank you for your kindness and support! I am a Mormon and I spent one and a half years serving a full time mission, and I really appreciate what you said.

  21. I have read and studied the Book of Mormon. I know it is true and I know
    that this book can bring great happiness and joy into the lives of those
    who choose to follow it doctrine. It has brought great joy into my life
    and the life of my family.

  22. I don't know who wrote the BOM or how long it took to complete… but I do know it's a fraud. Whoever wrote the BOM plagiarized extensively from the KJV. When doing so they unknowingly copied some KJV translation errors into it's text. For example, 2 Nephi 27:27 is taken from Isaiah 29:15,16. Verse 16a contains a translation error (the part about the potter's clay). Modern versions correct the erroneous sentence but notice how the BOM records the KJV's unique translation mistake verbatim.

  23. You can REALLY BELIEVE this. All you have to do is read for yourself. You will know through reading and prayer that The Book of Mormon is TRUE! You have nothing to lose by just giving it a try.

  24. How is your reading coming along. I am LDS and I know without a doubt in my mind that The Book OF Mormon is True, Just remember, Moroni 10:3-5; Christ gives us a promise there that we shall know the truth about this book. Pray and ask for yourself, you will be Happy you did!

  25. Made for this day, eh? It's good to know that for 2,000 years he waited around for YOU guys to show up so he could enlighten the world and save us from sin. Good, logical thinking.

  26. If you have a smart phone, there is a free app called LDS Gospel Library. It contains both the Bible and Book of Mormon audio along with text. It is a great app and it's completely free!

  27. does anyone know if lds will still send free books of mormon? i want one, can someone please tell me how to get one for free if possible? thank you.

  28. You can know for yourself just like anyone else who testifies of it knows. You don't need to have any doubt in your mind. Read it and follow Moroni' s promise at the end. It will answer your question and change your life, like it's done for me. I know it's true without a doubt, but I had to do a lot of pondering and studying to be able to say that.

  29. The Book of Mormon is a FRIEND to the Bible. Evidence of the Book of Mormon is ALSO evidence of the Bible. It CONFIRMS the basic history, message, and doctrines of the Bible. The 12 eyewitnesses to its divine discovery and production reaffirmed, over and over again and again, that BOTH the Bible and Book of Mormon are true, because they SAW divine events confirming BOTH. None of the 12 eyewitnesses ever said he had been deceived. All went to their graves reaffirming the truth of both books.

  30. I know what you mean when you say "chapters and verses have been added", but that statement could be misinterpreted. It would be more accurate to say that the DIVISIONS of the text, into chapters and verses, are newer than the original edition text. The current system of chapters and verses was established by the Apostle Orson Pratt. I think that work was completed in 1879. Original editions had different chapter divisions but no numeration of verses.

  31. Eight eyewitnesses who examined them said: "Joseph Smith Junior, the translator of this work, has shown unto us the plates of which hath been spoken, which have the appearance of gold; and as many of the leaves as the said Smith has translated we did handle with our hands; and we also saw the engravings thereon, all of which has the appearance of ancient work, and of curious workmanship."

  32. My speculation: When the Lehites arrived in America, the land was "virgin" and had not been searched for gold. Gold may have been relatively prevalent at first. I believe it was used for preservation of their records due to its obvious durability. It is known that the middle eastern cultures from which the Lehites emerged had used metal plates for similar purposes.

  33. The Book of Mormon suggests that Mormon, a righteous, inspired historian and military leader, gathered and condensed older sets of records to create the bulk of what we now call "The Book of Mormon" in the late 4th century. He was killed in 385 AD. During the next 36 years, his son "Moroni" added additional chapters. The last notations are believed to have been written in 421 AD.

  34. It is interesting to note that Jesus Christ never saw "The Bible" as we now know it during his earthly ministry. Neither did Peter or Paul, etc. Those who ascribe the word "Christian" only to current Biblical compendiums would exclude those early followers of Christ. The evidence is also clear that MANY early Christian leaders did not subscribe to the definition of the "Trinity" as codified in the contentious council of Nice in 325 AD. Were they Christians? Not by that definition!

  35. Use the Book of Mormon as the basis of your test. When it was published in 1830, 12 eyewitnesses testified that they had all seen superhuman details of its divine publication. Since that time, NO ordinary explanation has ever accounted for the existence, contents, and eyewitnesses of the Book of Mormon without reference to superhuman power. Study it. Pray about it. Then ask yourself: "WHO wrote this? HOW were the 12 eyewitnesses so irreversibly convinced?" Divine power will be evident!

  36. It is well known that prominent, precolumbian Mayan murals, recently discovered, include vivid images depicting both light-skinned and dark-skinned ancient Americans co-mingling. A huge mural dominating the official museum at Mexico's "Chichen Itza" (a reproduction commissioned by the modern Mexican government with reference to original sources still available in the ruins) is a fine example that was still displayed when I last visited there a few years back.

  37. Miracles are like that. They are, well…. "miraculous". And the Book of Mormon is a miracle.

    The miracles that brought us the Book of Mormon are generally consistent with other well-known miracles as described in the Bible. I hope you can find faith to accept the general notion of divine miracles. The Book of Mormon can be helpful in that regard, because the evidence of its eyewitnesses and supportive, modern discoveries, ADDS, in general, to the body of evidence in support of other miracles.

  38. Sadly, MANY details of the early church of Jesus of Christ have been lost, including ALL of the original manuscripts of the Old and New Testaments. Perhaps we may one day find the place(s) where one or more were hidden anciently, but until that day, we must have faith in the various copies and derivative works. The divine events that uncovered the Book of Mormon HELP in that process, contributing support to the Bible, etc. Faith is required in all of these cases equally.

  39. I read the BOM at a time when I was also studying the KJVO movement. Immediately I noticed that the BOM plagiarized from the KJV often. Unfortunately whoever wrote the BOM didn't take into account (or didn't know) that the KJV contains translation errors. Interestingly enough several KJV translation mistakes are found (sometimes verbatim) in the BOM. This was sufficient evidence for me to conclude that the BOM is not the ancient record Smith claimed it to be.

  40. Unless I miss read, your statement makes no sense…
    There where many Prophets, and many of them scribes who obviously witnessed the same thing. All the Gospels that were translated were done so with the limited knowledge that they had of the language(s) at the time of translation. So yes! Many of it would be Verbatim. So what your statement tells me is that it is in fact possible that the Book of Mormon is in fact legit.

  41. Lots of bashers on here. Whether the Book of Mormon is true or not will always be argued by believer and non believers. But something that nobody can deny or argue is the fact that whoever reads and follows the teachings contained in the Book of Mormon will surely feel the spirit and draw closer to God. This happened to me and I witnessed the same think happen to hundreds of others on my mission. Why bash something that has brought peace and happiness to millions of people? I'll never understand

  42. This book is the greatest treasure on the earth today. It is an ancient record of people in America that has a great dealing with God and their community. Only those who will seek, read and ponder this book shall know of a surety that the God of heaven are mindful to each of us and teaching us how to come back to him once again.

  43. The invitation is to read the Book of Mormon and decide for yourself if it is true. If you put forth the effort with all sincerity you will receive an answer to it's truthfulness.

  44. With all respect, you never read the BOM with a sincere desire to know of its truth. You read it to find fault and you will not receive a witness of its truth – you lack faith and genuine desire. Did you ask in faith? Having read the KJV and the BOM, I fail to see the plagiarism. NO other book has brought me closer to the Savior or Heavenly Father.

  45. Amen! I am so happy you have found the fulfillment of the Gospel and it has blessed your life 🙂 It is wonderful, and changes lives.

  46. Many commenters state that the Book of Mormon has brought them closer to
    God. The problems in these scriptures concerning genetic links between the
    Americas and middle Eastern people, the lack of a linguistic link between these same peoples, the complete absence of any external evidence concerning places or people in these scriptures is quite unique. The bible has verifiable people and places. The Book of Mormon does not. Still many claim to have been brought closer to God.

  47. Nephi 1 3:7 and it came to pass, that i nephi said unto my father: i will go and do the things wich th lord hath commanded. for i know that the lor giveth no commandment unto the xhildren of men, save he shall prepare a way for them, that the may acomplish th thing which he commanded them. now who could fake that. i was born a mormon and i will die a mormon. and i will never deny the truth of the gospel

  48. Before you condemn revelations from on High, give a fair test, as shown in Moroni 10:4,5. By the way the first five books come from the plates of brass in posession of Laban, in Jerusalem in 600 BC. It is the same source as the same record carried into the Bible. I conclude it is powerful. Dont miss it. Your conclusion needs your reconsideration in an honest search. It is a powerful witness of the living Christ. If you knew what it contains you would say Why was I not told? I ask you to read.

  49. Goes the same in reverse too though, doesn't it? If you are praying to know it is true, your WILL eventually convince yourself that it is. Let me ask, what would you say to someone that said they read the book, prayed, and concluded it was NOT true? If you are honest, you will realize there are no acceptable reasons for that conclusion. "you didn't pray hard enough, you don't really want to know, you need to keep reading, you don't have faith…etc, etc." No testimony? You are doing it wrong

  50. Love this book and these messages. How can you not feel the spirit of truth when watching this? How great it is that we have this book. It changes lives for the better!

  51. I know the Book of Mormon is true because I have put it to the test. Even when I have been a member of the church all of my life, I have prayed about other churches, specialy while being a missionary because I wanted to be able to say to those I was preaching to that I had prayed for many churches and that I have received as an answer that the only true church on the earth is The Church of Jesus-Christ Latter-Day Saints. I have helped many to receive a witness of this, but most of them are too affraid to accept it, they are more worried about what others will think or say. Few others won't accept it and will fight against the lds church because they use their beliefs to gain money and so on.

  52. As the Prophet Joseph Smith declared, this is "the keystone of our religion". This is also the "keystone" of my testimony of the Restored church of Jesus Christ, and the fulness of His Gospel. I know that because the Book of Mormon is true that Joseph Smith was indeed a prophet of God, and that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.
    I love the Book of Mormon.

  53. I was a worried at first because I wanted to sure that the book was true. I prayed, and I was told I a dream that it was true and to have faith. God came from heaven down a staircase and gave a family the first book of Nephi. the family I do not know, and I never saw gods face, but the father of the family said, " the Lord is teaching us to have faith" the last I remember was a vision of a river and God saying have faith. I am a believer.

  54. The Book of Mormon stands as Another Testament of Jesus Christ along with the Old and New Testaments. I am so thankful that we have this record in our day of an ancient people here in America prophesying concerning our day. The Book if full of witness and testimony of our Savior, Jesus Christ. I love reading from it and the spirit of the Holy Ghost that testifies to me of its truthfulness and divinity. I feel the same fruits of the spirit when I read The Book of Mormon when I do the Holy Bible and therefore I know its from our loving Heavenly Father. #FaithToAct #Christian #Bible #Peace

  55. This book has blessed my life! It's helped me overcome many weaknesses and has brought peace to me and my family.

  56. I know the Book Of Mormon is true with all my heart as a convert . My life has change so much from reading and living the teaching that I learn from the Book Of Mormon.

  57. I love The book of Mormon! This book change my life! This book is the keystone of my faith and my Testimony! I am grateful for this book and I testify this book is true and The church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints is Jesus' true church!

  58. In the July/August 2018 edition of "Biblical Archaeology Review" on page 33, is an article "Egyptian Papyrus Sheds New Light on Jewish History." The author is Karel van der Toorn. The article is about a papyrus roll discovered in the late 19th century at Luxor (ancient Thebes). It took more than 120 years to decipher the text. It was discovered that Egyptian Demotic script had been used to write Aramaic text! The translation turned out to be three Israelite psalms written about 400BC.
    This is an example of "Reformed Egyptian" used by Israelites and discovered by non-Mormons!!

  59. I have been reading the Book of Mormón every day now for about 4 months. And I can testify it has blessed my life.I feel closer to my God in heaven and his Son. This holy scripture testifies of Christ and what we must do to gain a favorable judgement by him. Repentance is one of the most important things we can do, along with following God’s commandments. Thank my God for this book, all the holy scriptures, this blessed Church, and Profets, and Apostles to remind and keep us in the Lords way.

  60. President Holland- I love you so much and each and every message you put forth! Thank you so much for your precious personality ♥️I love all our prophets and apostles.

    I testify with every part of my heart and being that Jesus is the Christ and He and the Lord Live. So grateful for the Lords words in the Book of Mormon and Bible.

    The Savior brought my family back together.

  61. Six months ago I was introduce this book by two Elders who came up to me as I was getting out of my car. Now at first when random people just walk up on me my first instinct is like Can I help you? But when we started talking from that day on it has changed my life in so many ways that I couldn't asked. When I started reading this book it sent chills through me a few times. The more I read the book I started to pick up on it and started to understanding it. I know that the more I continue to read The Book of Mormon that it's true. I ended up being Baptized August 31st of this year and officially a Christian/LDS.

  62. So when are you going to go over the fact the person who wrote that book married a 14 year old child while he was already married to a woman close to his age?

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