Book Sourcing Ride Along – 22 Books I found at a Goodwill to Sell on Amazon

Book Sourcing Ride Along – 22 Books I found at a Goodwill to Sell on Amazon

(Gary V) Boom, I sold $650,000
in used books on Amazon in 2015. Good sh… Rezzy Resells. You see that?
That’s hustle. (music) [Luna] Daddy?
[Reezy] Yeah. [Luna] When we go home, can
you throw me in the air? [Reezy] Of course. Anytime sweetie. (music) What’s up guys, Reezy here. I’m about
to head into one of my favourite Goodwill to source and just going
to let you know what I got. I got that trusty KDC 200 scanner
Bluetooth scanner super small. Made by a company called Koamtac, you
can pick them up refurbished on eBay for like $60, definitely under a $100. Works pretty good. I also got
a generic battery charger. This thing is like 3,800 milliamps
so this thing gets a job done multiple times over. And of course
you’re going to need your phone and a cable to connect to it but other
than that you just put your head down and you scan and you pull
those books off the shelf. Hopefully, I come out with a big haul. You never know but I’m going to let
you guys follow me, so let’s go. What’s up guys, we’re heading in.
Oooh, check it out. There’s Rosa, woooh she’s got a couple
of textbooks. Woooh that’s my baby. (music) What’s up guys, we’re done. I got 22
books, 15 paperback and 7 hardback. I paid right under $50 and I
got one book in here that’s… [Luna] Hey guys! (laughs) [Reezy] I got one book in here
that’s going to pull in $60. Overall, I think it’s about $300-$350
in revenue, not profit, in revenue but I paid $50 for it
so that’s pretty good. I also picked up a couple coats because
thanks to my man Steve Raiken, I’m getting into clothing. I don’t
really know what I’m doing yet maybe you guys can give me some
tips but I picked this up for $10. I think I might be able to sell it
for $50 plus and this one actually has me kind of excited. It’s Burberry, I also paid $10 for this coat so… Hoping that I can pop off this
Burberry coat for at least a $100. Some of the sales that I saw on eBay,
some of the completed sales were like a couple hundred,
few hundred, $500 and even some of them were a $1,000 for
a pre-owned Burberry wolf suit coats which is… which is
what I got right here. So we’ll see, either… either I’ll
make some money or I’ll learn a lesson so it’s going to be a
win-win either way. If you guys don’t know
who Steve Raiken is, you should check out his
channel Raiken Profit. You could learn a lot from the man. What’s up guys, I’m back at the
garage now dumping off the haul and I just wanted to go through what
I got and show you guys the titles. I’m not going to show you the
prices and what everything’s worth but I am going to show you
every single item I bought. That way you know what to look for, you
can train your eyes so here we go. One of my favourite books
we picked up today is this Artisan Pizza and Flatbread
in Five Minutes, I paid $5.50 for that one actually. Average price was $2 for each book
but I paid $5.50 for that one. I’m probably going to read
this book myself check it out, make a couple of the recipes. If I
like it, I’ll buy it from the company. If not, I’ll sell it. On to the next book… Building Straw Bale Houses. This was a higher ranked book
but a good profit there. (music) And one non book item
I picked up for $3.50 was NBA Hang Time for Nintendo 64.
That’s a great Nintendo 64 game. It’s actually one of my favourite games and it’s going to sell for
around $10-$15 maybe even $20. I hope you guys enjoyed this
sourcing trip/haul video and I can inspire you guys to get out to
those thrift stores and get some profit. If you enjoyed this video,
please give it a thumbs up, leave some comments down below.
I reply to every comment I get. I love engaging with you guys
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  1. good video man. I'm still trying to figure out the FBA app. but I'm almost there. I'm going to start off with one item and go from there. I appreciate you're videos to the max.

  2. as we see your camera walk away… I gotta question tho, does the scanner beep or what to let you know it's a hit, and are you able to adjust the level that your looking for?

  3. Good ish Reezy Resells. llJust wondering why you switch back and forth from the opticon and KDC scanners. Which one do you like more?

  4. You had bought a few novels. I never scanned those before, because I heard that it was tough to find valuable used novels. Do you scan all the novels? Do you use any criteria to select novels other than scanning them all?

  5. The fact that you literally just started reselling clothes and you already found a Saint Laurent blazier is really upsetting lol. I've been selling them for months and haven't even found a blazier worth selling with goodwills prices.

  6. Just purchased the same scanner you are using, but….can't get it to work with Scanpower, can't it to work…period. Do you know if there is a video that shows me just what to do. As you can see, I'm am soooo new to this business. Really like your videos, can't believe that you can find that many books at one place. Will keep trying.

  7. Great video. Where are you located. Agree Raiken is excellent. I have been a member of the Green Room for several years. I have learned a lot following you for about 6+ months.

  8. 4:52 – It's easy to see why you've been so successful reselling with a mindset like this. Reminds me of what coach John Kavanagh always says, we win or we learn.

  9. Reezy, great haul. I just came to the end of my eval period with FBAScan. Can you recommend how to set the basic triggers?

  10. Wow you pulling into that Goodwill looks Like Ive been to it. I don't live in Calif but on Vacation stopped at a few goodwill's, just can't remember where it was. San Jose, Santa Cruz. Dang looks familiar though.

  11. Hey. I go to this goodwill all the time! If I ever see you I hope you don't mind me asking you a bunch of questions. I never meet anyone who resells around here.

  12. hey man great video!
    Also, what items do you sell on ebay? Atm I don't have an amazon seller's account so I put books, phone cases etc all on ebay

  13. I see you spend different amounts, as a company how much do you keep aside for sourcing inventory. Hope that is not to personal if so disregard.

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