Booklover’s Tour of London | Kings Cross – Bloomsbury – Charing Cross Road | Walks in London #6

Booklover’s Tour of London | Kings Cross – Bloomsbury – Charing Cross Road | Walks in London #6

Hi everyone it’s Lauren and welcome back
to another in my series of walks through London! I have a very special video for
you today we’re going on a book lover’s tour of all different book shops in
London, so to help me with this I have recruited Jean from BookishThoughts We’re gonna go and look at all the books, buy
all the books… Yeah, and then read all the books! probably not read all the books, let’s be honest
just pile them up and then look at them later. So we’re starting today in
Kings Cross and inside if you want to do a little bit of a detour on this walk
there is platform 9 3/4 where you can have your picture taken and go in the
Harry Potter shop, but following on from here we’re going to go to the British
Library and the Wellcome library which I’ve never been in before
so that’ll be exciting. We’re going to take a route down through, let’s hit all
the book shops that we’re gonna see we’re gonna try and do Gay’s the Word,
Persephone Books, the London Review Bookshop, Forbidden Planet, Bookmarks
Foyles, and then we’re going to take a journey down Charing Cross Road
to where all of the second hand and antiquarian book shops are, so Any Amount
of Books and some of the other book shops in Cecil Court, probably stop this
and lunch in Covent Garden…thank you for the demonstration! This
isn’t a very very long walk, but we do hit a lots of different book shops.
We need time to pause in our bookshops! As always I’ll leave links to all of the
places we visit in the description box below along with a link to the map of
the walk that we’re doing so you can follow along if you’d like to…if you’d
like to! If you’d like to join us A book shop walk? You all wanna come Just for a little fact for for your walk,
this building, these sculptures are based on the caryatids from the Athenian
Acropolis which is part of a temple on the Acropolis called the erechtheion
and it has these same women as columns on it and these have been modeled after
the caryatids. That’s my fact basically Plagiarism! We love facts! It’s started raining. It’s been
raining it’s gonna be raining all day Yeah, perfect British bookshopping!
Exactly but we’ve got hoods, and we’ve got our umbrella so we’ll be fine we just have to
protect the camera. And so the British Library and the Wellcome library are all on
the same Road on Euston Road and now we’re going to go back on ourselves
and down to Gay’s The Word oh yeah so these are the Books Are My
Bag tote bags for this year I just got sent one by Books Are My Bag! I don’t even know where you find them! It’s like you blend in with it What? It’s like you blend in, like you’re part of their branding! We’ve stopped for a break to shelter from the rain and have some cake and some lovely hot apple juice and some coffee in the London Review Bookshop So we thought we’d show you what books we’ve bought so far because we have bought some books! I’ve only bought one so far! Oh ok, well I’ve bought two I am gonna buy more, I can promise!
So we both bought books in Gay’s The Word and these amazing postcards! Oh that’s not my postcard! What did you get, Jean? I got…. Zami: A New Spelling of my Name a biomythology by Audre Lorde, which is Audre
Lorde’s autobiography, it’s Penguin Modern Classics I really like the cover I also got some Audre Lorde, this is just by coincidence but this is a very pretty book
Your Silence Will Not Protect You, which is a collection of all of her
most important poetry, speeches and essays.
Like The Master’s Tools Will Not Dismantle the Master’s House
That’s the one I’ve read before so I read a small Penguin Modern Classics version
yeah so I’m really excited about this, to read a little bit more about her.
I like that this has got poems in it as well It’s got a bit of everything in it, it looks like interviews in here as well, interview transcripts and then also in London Review I picked up
Melmoth by Sarah Perry which comes out today. No, not today, it was Thursday it came out, wasn’t it? It came out on Thursday this week and she’s the author of The Essex Serpent, which I really, really loved! and this is her new one! And it’s a signed
copy – win! What I’d really like to come away with today is a comic book, a fantasy novel and maybe
something radical out of Bookmarks Well that’s exciting, I think you’ll find one in Bookmarks That’s lucky because we’re going to go to Bookmarks next! I mean you won’t know what you’re saying
so I don’t know if you’l agree with the message or not! What’s the next stop, Jean? Next we’re going to Forbidden Planet We’ve just been to Bookmarks and we might have bought some books! I feel like a little eskimo! The Bars of the Boneplane!
Oh my god, it’s beautiful! So pretty! Jean is being such a bad influence I’m getting a Juliet Marillier and
Patricia A McKillip Alphabet of Thorn which is about someone in a library apparently.
What more could you need? This is what all my bookshelves are gonna look like now!
Like proper old skill fantasy, I love them! I mean I think the answer is
yes, because then we can read it together! Okay that would be quite nice actually, to
do a fantasy buddy read…okay! we’ve had a bit of a detour to go get
some lunch in by CHLOE in Covent Garden so we’ve gone a little bit out of the way of our walk
we started about half the ten I think and it’s like gone four o’clock now!
I think it was earlier, I think it was quarter past ten We spent a long time in each bookshop meandering around. We’re just taking an opportunity while we’re outside of the rain to film because it’s
the rain’s pretty heavy out there so it’s making it difficult to film the actual walking but
we are about to go back toward Charing Cross Road now and look in Any Amount of
Books and hopefully have a look at some of the antiquarian bookshops as well on Cecil Court Change it up a little bit! This is like a fantasy tour of London
This looks really funny, I love the cover it looks like amazingly terrible I think we’re about done
you think we’re about done, Jean? We’re having quite a lot of fun I down this
little road because there’s so many really specialists book shops like
they’re really interesting to come and look at, there’s not any book shops
down here that you’d go and browse and buy loads of stuff from but there’s lots
of very specific things, it’s really cool Like a little art gallery almost
It’s a really cool place to come and visit and have a little look around so
we’re quite wet and we’re quite cold and we’re quite
tired but we’ve had a really nice time so I hope you had a nice time watching
us as well. This walk has taken us about I want to say six and a half hours
but we’d actually haven’t travelled that far so I wouldn’t necessarily lot
that amount of time if you’re gonna do this walk yourself
Yeah we’ve wondered in at least six seven bookshop so we’ve had tea and cake
we’ve had lunch and we’ve been filming and just like wandering around. It was a nice day
out in the rain! We powered through, this is realistic, this is
what it’s like in London the most the time The nearest station from where we are now
is probably Leicester Square station which is back on Charing Cross Road
it’s quite easy and as I said you can check the map of where we’ve been if
you’d like to follow along yourself and we’ll see you next time, bye!

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  1. I still remember when all of the books in Foyles were laid out by publisher – god it was a nightmare to find things πŸ˜‰ thanks for the video

  2. Magnificent thank you oh to live somewhere where you can walk to bookstores. There were a couple of times I thought Jean was going bounce up and down and clap her hands in sheer delight and joy.

  3. Non of my friends are really into books, I wish I could have a day like that!!! Anyone from Glasgow who wants to start a buddy book tour around the city??

  4. I've only discovered your channel recently, and let me tell you, your content is therapeutic. Now i wish i could magically move to London and have one of these walks!

  5. London just shot up to the top of my travel destination list solely because of the bookshops in this video! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  6. Well this was a JOY. Did you love the Wellcome? I think it is one of my favourite places in London, I love the chance to have a sit and read in the reading rooms and they always have a good selection of magazines. You are both raincoat ambassadors looking so fantastic in the rain πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›

  7. This sounds like you had a really lovely day! I've been to london 4 or 5 times now and haven't managed to visit any of these shops so I'll definitely keep them in mind for the next time!

  8. Oh girlies, this makes me miss London soooo muuuuch <3 *a nostalgic tear rolls down her face πŸ™‚
    Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  9. These are some of my favourite videos on your channel (especially if Jean is in them). So many great bookshops I still haven't visited, loved the specialist ones at the end.

  10. Looks like a great day! Can you tell me what is the guitar music you are using for your background? It is beautiful. Now I want to come to London and do this book tour (I'm from Boston, Massachusetts).

  11. saying that i loved this video would be quite an understatement since, well… it even brought a few tears to my eyes. Been to all of those bookshops (ok, most of them, a 90%) and walked those streets and… I can't believe it. I miss London so much… Thank you girls. This was really lovely to watch. <3 xx

  12. Fantastic video – made me miss London so much! Judd Books in Bloomsbury is also excellent ( for second-hand books (Bonus tip: you can usually find tomes from the Harvard University Press Loeb Classical Library series at really good prices).

  13. This is pretty much the bookshop tour I do every time I'm in London!! Loved seeing it. Think I must be due another trip soon!!

  14. I love when you do your walking tours. Unfortunately, I’ve not been to London so I really appreciate and enjoy them. Thanks to you two for sharing your day!

  15. It was so rainy and windy that day, my umbrella broke halfway through the day and I was soaked πŸ˜‚ This looks like such a fun walk. I went to Foyles and Any Amount of Books as well but much later so they weren’t as busy. It was my first bookshop crawl and I loved it!

  16. thank you!! this reminds me sooooo much of my last visit to London, we did a very similar tour – in the sunshine, actually – and spontaneously went to see a play at the end of the day. Such a great day!! HOWEVER, I haven't yet read most of the books that I bought that day… shame on me… πŸ˜›

  17. This was perfect, Thanks! Next year is a milestone birthday and I want to do just that… A bookshop tour of London.

  18. Ahhh all the familiar streets of Bloomsbury. I work at UCL and love to wander around there BUT I’ve never been to Gays the Word. How terrible is that?! I’m definitely going to visit there ASAP!

  19. This is so cool. Going to recruit my book obsessed friend to join me in this or be brave and give it a whirl solo.

  20. Oh yay, I loved this! I'm heading to London soon and I intended to watch your older London walk videos to see what you got up to and get some ideas and then this popped up! With another favourite booktuber of mine. I love that you two are friends and that you do these. I'm definitely going to try to make it to Persephone Books and Foyle's while I'm there but I have to be careful as I have too many books already.

    Would you recommend By Chloe? It's so hard to narrow down food options in such a metropolis.

  21. Great day! Loved the video! I wish I could do such a book walk, but in my part of the U.S. we have mostly chain book shops, with a handful of small indie book shops. You'd need to drive quite a while from one to another. (No wonder so many people use Amazon.) Thankfully we have lots of libraries. πŸ“š

    Was excited to see you lunched at By Chloe? How was it?

  22. I was in London two weeks ago, and visited London Review Bookshop and ate a cake and drank a cup of tea. What a cosy and interesting bookshop. Loved it!

  23. It is so incredibly dreary where I live today and this video just gives me the warmest, fuzziest feeling in the world! I visited Persephone Books and Gay's the Word for the first time earlier this year, all because of BookTube. I don't think I would have been aware of them otherwise. I bought Mariana, then found 5 more Persephone books in a charity shop in Hay-on-Wye when I visited later in the year. Such luck! I'm going to dive into one today, it's the perfect weather. Thank you for this video.

  24. Love this video! Thanks for all the suggestions on bookshops in London! I've only been to Foyles when I've visited so I'll definitely have to go to more when I'm next in LondonπŸ™‚

  25. I went to London with a friend of mine this summer and we had such a lovely time exploring bookstores! this made me miss it even more ^^

  26. Me and my mum do secondhand shop tours every now and then which is pretty cool to do! But I'm currently on a book buy ban because I have so many unread books at the moment haha

  27. This was such a lovely video! I wish I had a friend who is as bookish as me, with whom I could do something similar. Meanwhile, yay for booktube 😊

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