books i read during my quarter life crisis | hot pterodactyl boyfriend, ninth house, ACOWAR, & more

books i read during my quarter life crisis | hot pterodactyl boyfriend, ninth house, ACOWAR, & more

Everyone knows that if you want to get away with murder, then you have to get an unregistered boat, take that person on the boat, kill them on international waters, dump the body overboard so that the police won’t be able to trace it back into one legal system and that way you can’t be prosecuted for murder. Is it just me who knows that? ♪ Instrumental Music ♪ Before we get to this video, I want to note that from now on every time I do a monthly wrap-up video I will be partnering with Book Of The Month YA to talk about the month’s new releases as well as do a giveaway. Book Of The Month is a subscription service where every month they pick five of the best new books that are coming out. You get to pick one of the books for a really good price and if you ever want to cancel the subscription or just skip a month, you can do that at any time. I have the five books that they selected for November: The first is “Song of the Crimson Flower” by Julie C. Dao. This is a fantasy and romance novel. “I Have No Secrets” by Penny Joelson. This is a thriller novel. “The Guinevere Deception” by Kirsten White This is a retelling of King Arthur but retold from the perspective of a woman. “When the Stars Lead to You” by Ronni Davis, which is a contemporary debut novel. And a special 20th anniversary edition of “The Perks of Being a Wallflower,” including a note from the author himself. If you want to participate in a giveaway all you have to do is sign a form in my description box and if you want to sign up for a Book Of The Month YA, the first box that you get will be $9.99 as long as you use my code “READWITHCINDY” Alright now let’s get on with the video. Today I’m gonna be talking about all of the books I read in October. I am already dreading how long this video will be. The first book I read is “Hot Pterodactyl Boyfriend” by Alan Cumming When you read this title, which is probably gonna be along the lines of “books I read during my quarter life crisis” you’re probably thinking “Okay, she started the month off reading this book. No wonder her life is shit.” Well, actually the two are not related at all But I can definitely see how it looks that way because of my choices in life I read this book because a few months ago people were subtweeting me about how I purposefully pick up books that I know I will hate in order to get views just because I happen to have read books I didn’t like and those videos happen to be the most popular ones So because I am an asshole I thought maybe I will read a book that’s bad on purpose and I’ll make like an easy rant review and get views from it But I actually ended up reading this book and “Becoming” at the same time and I saw parallels and I ended up making a different type of video instead. I actually enjoyed making that one a lot more but I never really got to say my actual opinions about this book, which is that it’s nonsensical garbage. I know. Who would have really thought? The tag line on the cover says everybody wants one. Do they though? When I was a little girl and I dreamed about marrying my future husband I always imagined him to be tall and handsome and also a fucking pterodactyl so he could shred me to pieces in bed. “Hot Pterodactyl Boyfriend” is a YA fiction story. It follows the main girl named Sheils who is the student body chair, her life becomes in this whole topsy-turvy because she meets that first ever interspecies transfer student who is a pterodactyl. Her life is not the same ever since she meets him. She’s thinking, “Oh my god, there’s something about him. He is so mysterious and primal” and I’m like, yeah, bitch He’s a pterodactyl that’s about as primal as you can get. The blurb in the book says, “To find her true self, first Sheils must lose everything” I’m about to find myself too because I’m losing all these brain cells. The first few lines of the book actually started off normal. “It started as a speck in the east, a hint of black that might easily have been a crow. The sky was full of crows in late September. Crows by the thousands with their squawking nervy calls.” Oh my god I didn’t know “Six of Crows” had a prequel. The book starts off with Sheils in the schoolyard one morning She sees a speck of black in the sky that seems to get bigger. She’s like, “What is that? That’s not a bird. That’s not a plane. Oh my god. That’s hot pterodactyl boyfriend coming in to swoop your girl.” Literally. He comes in to swoop this track runner named Jocelyn she starts freaking out, Sheils runs over and she’s like “Who the fuck are you?” but then Sheils sees that he’s carrying a purple backpack and that purple backpack conveniently happens to have his transfer papers sticking out She takes out the papers and she finds out that he is a new student coming into the school. He can speak two languages English and Pterodactylus. Also, he’s 18 years old. Throughout reading the first 15 pages of this book, that was the most surprising thing to me about it. I was like “Wait, this dude is 18?
He doesn’t look a day over 65 million. ♪ Jazz instrumental ♪ And the other high school boys make fun of him for being different. There is this jock that’s like,
“Hey freshmen. you’re 18 already what you’ve been doing all of these years?” Main girl tries to defend him and says “He had other commitments.” Some high school boy says, “What fighting off wooly mammoths?” Really? Wooly mammoths? His entire family is literally dead and that’s the best insult you can give to him? No wonder the main girl wants to fuck him, high school boys are so uncreative. I don’t even blame her. I mean, have you seen high school boys?
You take a skinny acne ridden high school boy and put him next to a muscular, buff, Pterodactyl who was 18 and legal. I’m just saying if I had to fuck someone I I don’t know. I don’t know, it’s just the lesser of two evils, you know? she wants to start a foreign exchange program and she explains to people that’s because she’s really worried that he will be bullied and ostracized and I’m like “Damn. I wish people felt this passionately about people of color.” This bitch is like I will accept racism, but I draw the line at animal cruelty. This bitch is over here complaining about speciesism and him being discriminated. Can you imagine if you were like a Muslim student and then you read this shit? Really gives you perspective. I already went into detail about this book and I also read out loud excerpts in my other video but I think some things that I didn’t cover was that not only does the Pterodactyl end up having sex with Jocelyn, the track runner, and then later Sheils at the high school dance where he becomes part of a band, which by the way, was really fast, like he just went to school and then already he’s like the lead singer of a band. How did that even happen? They have sex on stage and what I didn’t mention in the video is that apparently when you have relations with a pterodactyl your nose turns purple afterward. It’s kind of like “The Scarlet Letter” to shame you for fucking an animal. It’s kind of like how my nose is red because I’m a clown for reading this book. At some point he becomes enlisted on the football team Honestly, he was a more well-rounded student that I was. He’s the lead singer of a band, he becomes a fucking quarterback of a football team, he’s dating the track runner. This dude – He adjusted to school way better than I have, but something really bad happens when he is playing football. One of the other students grabs his wing, he freaks out he ends up accidentally tearing off the arm of that boy. The parents are super mad about it. He ends up going to jail and he has a 90 thousand dollar bond. Sheils tries to raise money in order to break him out of jail. She tries to do this by suggesting to give up all of the money that she’s saved up for college in order to get him out of jail. But her parents forbid her from doing that because they’re like, “Don’t be a stupid bitch.” Since she’s not 18 yet, she does not have any legal rights to actually take money out of her account until she turns 18 so she devises this new plan where she gets her boyfriend Sheldon to give up all of his money from his college fund to break Pike (Pterodactyl) out of jail instead. For some reason he agrees to it, but then later he chickens out and he’s like “Actually, you know what this ain’t a good idea.” There are some students that end up crowdfunding a bunch of money to get him out of jail, but they still need a lot more because $90,000 is a lot. Sheils ends up contributing enough money to get him out of jail because she gets her parents’ credit card and she maxes it out and that’s how he’s able to be free, and she takes him back to her house Her parents are really mad her mom, especially disapproves But then later even her mom starts to get attached to the pterodactyl and you can tell that because her nose also turns purple. And she starts praising Pike about how he’s such a nice, young man. She really comes… around to accept him. That’s pretty much all the highlights that I can remember that I didn’t cover in my other video. And you can tell that the author was just writing it as a stream of consciousness because there are so many of run-on sentences and so many phrases that just don’t make any sense. There were a lot of spelling errors too, which goes to show that even the editor didn’t give a fuck. You know, with NaNoWriMo coming around if you ever feel any doubtful about your writing or your story, don’t even bother, because of this shit can get published, you can publish anything That’s some inspiration for you. Although it ended up being the worst book I ever read I also happen to be reading “Becoming” by Michelle Obama at the same time. This turned out to be one of the best books that I’ve ever read. I listen to this entire book on audio, I was so engrossed in her narration and honestly, like I don’t know this it’s creepy But like sometimes, I’ll be in the dark, about to fall asleep, and I just play this in the background and I have Michelle Obama just narrate to me to sleep. I don’t know if that’s creepy to say.
But you know – the point is I was hooked. There was such a human way of approaching this as a story. Not just about her politics, but also just how she grew up and how her life experience has formed her as a person and how they’ve shaped the way that she views the world. Because there are too many things to cover about this book, I’m just gonna simplify it a little bit by talking about some of the things that particularly resonated with me. I actually teared up two times because a bitch was having feelings. The first time that I teared up reading this book was when she was talking about one of her friends who passed away. When this friend was alive, Michelle used to kind of judge her for not working as hard. For example she would choose a school that is a bit easier for her to get into even though she’s kind of overqualified for it. She also took this one year where she just didn’t go to school at all and she went traveling across the world with her mom. When she came back from her trip, she found out that both herself and her mom had cancer. When Michelle was talking about finding out the news and also losing her friend at the age of – I believe it was 25. She died really young along with her mom. You could hear the sadness in her voice. She realized that her friend had been right all along because all this time she had always pursued the kind of life that she wanted. This kind of became the catalyst for Michelle’s own quarter life crisis where she realized that she does not like being a lawyer. All this time until now she had worked super hard in school by going to Princeton and then Harvard and now she’s an associate lawyer at this fancy law firm and she’s getting paid a lot of money. But she realizes that it doesn’t fulfill her. Losing her friend and seeing how short life can be really made her come to terms about her own life decisions and realizing “Actually, I don’t like this lawyer bullshit after all.” After a lot of deliberation she actually ends up quitting her lawyer job, and she takes on a position at a non-profit instead. This is a huge change for her because she had money and she fucking threw all that away just to go for a non-profit. I commend her a lot for that. A lot of the things that she was talking about resonated with me because I also for a long time haven’t been feeling happy at my job even though it is such a nice job to have. To see her let go of a fancy comfortable job that pays a lot of money to pursue something that she has no idea will turn out well, but it’s something that her heart wants instead, was really admirable for me. That is similar to what I am doing as well because Spoiler alert: I also just recently quit my job Every time I go through life and I think about an issue, I got I think to myself “What would Michelle Obama do?” The second time that I teared up was towards the end when she talks about how America is right now. More specifically I turned up at the parts where she talked about the recent school shootings have happened. These are so pretty shitty and I don’t think there’s any denial of that. I’m glad that Michelle addressed that. At the same time, she concluded it with this message of inspiration and optimism. As someone who is very much a cynic, I am always doubtful of optimism. I always automatically go to negativity. You see so many people and suffering and you see so many injustices, that it’s hard to stay optimistic. Hearing her message of optimism, it comes from an authentic place because as much awful as there is in the world, there are lots of people who are fighting for a better change in the country and are working tirelessly every day for activism and there have been so many inspirational people that she’s met and talked about throughout the book that she chooses to have hope every day and to focus on those things and choose to move onward. Despite all the bad things, it should not discredit all the good things that she has seen and that she has made. There’s awful shit happening but then there’s also a lot of really strong resilient people who are fighting to make sure that it doesn’t happen anymore and I don’t want to discredit that. I want to focus on the people who are fighting the good fight rather than the people who are dragging things down. I gave this book five stars! I think a lot of the themes will resonate with many women of color because it’s definitely resonated with me. The next book that I read is a YA fantasy called “To Kill a Kingdom” It follows an adventure and love story between two characters. The first character is Lyra, who is a siren. Sirens are basically creatures under the sea that lure human beings and entrances them and then just steals their heart and they build up a little collection of them. So they’re very devious and manipulative. Lyra is the daughter of the Sea Queen, who is like this total bitch Like I don’t even know what else to describe her as. A straight-up bitch. Like the Queen does not give a fuck about anything but herself. There’s this one flashback where she commands her daughter Lyra to kill her cousin. Lyra is like “But I don’t want to kill my cousin” and this iron Queen is like “I don’t give a fuck. My daughter is not gonna be a pussy. So kill your cousin or you’re a little bitch.” So that just really shows how messy her childhood was, which is why she is so ruthless today. On the other hand, there is Prince Elian who comes from the most powerful kingdom in the world but he is not interested in being a prince at all. He actually spends most of its time on a ship leading a team of other pirates. He thinks it’s his calling to hunt down sirens and kill them in order to protect people. He feels like he’s doing way more by actually getting in the action and doing that rather than just being a prince in the kingdom, and I’m like, “you know what? Respect for that. Also, you’re hot. So that helps.” One day Lyra messes up and accidentally kills a mermaid The mermaid was actually gonna kill the prince, but Lyra was like “No, that’s my man to kill so you back off because if anybody is killing him, it’s gonna be me.” And so she ends up killing the mermaid. The Queen punishes her by turning her into the worst kind of thing you could possibly be, which is a human. Lyra’s goal is to seduce the prince without having to use her siren capabilities and steal his heart in order to be allowed to return to the sea. So she plans to steal his heart. But little does she know he’s going to steal hers. Oh my god, who could have predicted this?
Who could have known? Listen did I predict everything in this book would happen exactly? Yes. Do I care? No. Some people think I’m a critical reader, but that is not true. I am a simple ho, and if I can read a story about two characters who go on an adventure together and fall in love along the way then I am appeased. It is really that simple for me. I flew through the first 15 chapters so quickly. I was like, why didn’t anybody tell me this shit was good? Both main characters are really ruthless and gritty and I usually don’t care about the enemies-to-lovers trope, but this was the first time where I was really into it. I was super intrigued and curious about how these two people were gonna fall in love. Both of them would cut a bitch and what made me want to read more is how would they even fall in love? Like how is this even going to work? The transition of them being enemies to allies to lovers was natural and it made sense. They start off insulting each other out of hatred and then it kind of transitions into this banter. There’s this one part where the prince takes out a vial of poison that he has. Lyra makes a joke about it She’s like, “Oh, did you save that for your future wife?” He takes offense to that. He says, “I would never poison my wife.” But then he takes a pause and he smiles at her and he’s like “Well, unless you were my wife.” and then she says, “Don’t worry, if I were your wife, I would take the poison myself.” and I’m like, “Okay, so, you two bitches are talking about getting married already.” Hmm. Suspicious. I really enjoyed reading about the characters and their dialogue. I honestly wouldn’t really change much of it. I ultimately rated this like 4 or 4.5. A reason why I’m not going all the way with 5 stars is because I felt like it was a very linear storyline. The beginning was super exciting because I was just excited about the potential of where the story could go, but I found the middle part to be kind of meandering a little bit where you’re just going from point A to point B. It just felt really linear. “An Enchantment of Ravens” is the same kind of way But I feel like it’s different because “An Enchantment of Ravens” is more so a pure fairy tale story so it kind of makes sense for it to be more straightforward and going from point A to point B whereas “To Kill A Kingdom” is framed as more of like an adventure story and I think when you write an adventure you should come into it with the notion that you’ll go for a point A to point B but then while you go to point B some crazy shit happens that really changes the entire adventure in the first place. I think that’s what constitutes a good adventure story. There has to be some kind of twist to it that I think would really go the extra mile because it was pretty straightforward and linear and predictable it wasn’t as epic as it could be but I still think it’s a pretty solid fantasy story, especially if you just want a quick read. So if you liked the romance in “An Enchantment of Ravens” and you want something a bit darker and more lethal, then you should pick up “To Kill a Kingdom” The next book that I picked up is “Freelance and Business and Stuff.” I pick this up during my quarter life crisis. I’ve just been literally dreaming of doing anything else, but my job. One of the things that I’ve been fantasizing about is freelancing. Freelancing is basically where you get to work for yourself and you get to choose your clients As opposed to working at an agency where the agency gets the clients for you. I personally like working at a regular company and at an agency because I don’t have to worry about finding new business and that’s somebody else’s job instead, but the nice thing about freelancing is that there’s a lot more creative freedom that comes along with it because whatever projects you pick that’s your own choice. Which means that if you wanted to you can only pick projects that only you feel passionately about. What I really appreciate about this book is that it outlines all of the logistical hurdles that you would have to do if you ever wanted to start your own business or just freelance for the first time. I rated this five stars because even though it’s not the type of book that I would gush over, it’s basically a nonfiction book that has everything I want in a self-help book. It’s clearly organized, it has advice that is actionable, and it outlines everything step by step. I really think it’s like the true prime example of a very practical book because it doesn’t waste a bunch of pages talking about fluff. It just goes straight to the point with these are all the things that you need to do in order to start a business. Making a budget, pricing and pitching, how to create a business plan, branding your business, growing your audience, promoting yourself, getting work, taxes, accounting, and measuring financial health. It REALLY gets into it. I appreciate that because it really showed me that I’m too dumb to freelance. That’s not to say that this is like a demotivating book. They really encourage that you can do this and it is possible. They also reassure that more stupid people have done this before So if that’s any kind of comfort to you, that’s something good to know. You know, like anytime you’re nervous about something just tell yourself more stupid people have pulled this off. Even though I don’t think freelancing is in the cards for me anytime soon I still wanted to give this five stars because I think it is a super helpful, super practical, and is the prime example of what a self-help book should be. The next book that I read was “A Court of Wings and Ruin” by Sarah J. Maas. I ended up having to read it because I was on a plane ride to San Francisco because I started interviewing for my new job. I had several hours to kill and what better way to kill all those several hours and brain cells with a 700 page book about fairy porn. I will go more in depth about this book in my vlog and also my separate book review. I took extensive notes while I read this book, and I also have a few tabs for specific scenes that I want to call out. We’ll cover all of that in my review. To give a general overview of my thoughts on this book though: It was pretty much a universal opinion among the book community that this book was the worst out of the whole trilogy. Now, here’s the thing. I might be on crack because I thought this was the best book out of the trilogy. Did I like this book? No. Did I think it was good? No. But you know, compared to the first two I thought it was like the decent one. When I talked about this on Goodreads people were so shocked Some of them were saying that the pacing was so slow and dragged on for this book, and I’m like “bitch, what are you talking about?” “A Court of Mist and Fury” was the one that dragged on. That book, you were just stuck in Feyre’s head. At least in this one some shit happened. There was another comment that I think hit the nail on the head. They said that it makes more sense for me to enjoy this book better because “A Court of Mist and Fury” was more character-driven but I don’t give a shit about the characters. So, of course, I found it boring. Whereas this book is more “plot driven.” So there were more things for me to react to, because more things were happening, But the ultimate explanation was this other person who wrote that I should just admit that I like this book because it had more smut scenes and you know what? You’re fucking right. I was able to tolerate this book better because Feyre kind of, you know, was less of a wishy-washy character and it just focused on her being like a power couple with Rhysand instead. So they did more – metaphorically and physically if you know what I mean. It was more entertaining in my opinion. but also I could be brain dead, so who knows. More details will come in a future book review so look forward to that. The next book that I read is “A Pleasure and a Calling” by Phil Hogan. This is a book about a real estate agent who sells houses to people but he keeps the keys for every house so that even after the house is sold to another person he can still go through your house and look through your shit. The plot was interesting to me because it wasn’t something that was necessarily violent but it was more so invasive. Someone’s going through your privacy and they get to know all these intimate details about you. So I was really curious about why he was doing this shit. Like is he just sniffing people’s panties, what’s going on? Unfortunately it kind of meandered a little bit. You get these flashbacks to his childhood. I thought I was building up for something but looking back on it, I felt like it was a bit pointless. It didn’t really add any depth of his character. It was more so just that add on to the creep factor If the flashbacks had shown more complexity to his character that would have added more meat to the story. And then another thing that I wasn’t quite a fan of was that he made so my stupid mistakes throughout this book. Like he would forget his keys somewhere or make some kind of amateur mistake. And it makes me think how is it possible that you would do something fucking stupid like this? But get away with going through people’s houses for so long. There’s like a dead body in the middle of the story and he ends up burying it at another person’s house that he sold the house to. Why are you surprised that you are now a suspect? when you fucking bury the body at a house that was part of your property. Also, this guy sucks as a murderer. Everyone knows that if you want to get away with murder then you have to get an unregistered boat, take that person on the boat, kill them on international waters, dump the body overboard so that the police won’t be able to trace it back into one legal system and that way you can’t be prosecuted for murder Is it just me who knows that? I think there should have been more of a serious threat to him being exposed by an opponent that could out creep him. What if the main guy was the super intelligent yet creepy person that could go through your shit and he finds someone who he doesn’t have the keys for who can also out stop him. So then it’s kind of like a battle of the creeps. I read this three stars, but if somebody, you know, put a gun to my head and told me I had to rate a two stars I wouldn’t be opposed. The next book that I read was “Ninth House” by Leigh Bardugo. This was gifted to me by Noriya. So thank you so much. I really needed it for the Paper Cut Live Show, because I wasn’t gonna buy it. This is Leigh Bardugo’s adult debut novel about a girl named Alex Stern who has had a really rough life because she dropped out of school early. She’s gone through drug dealer boyfriends and she’s pretty much given up on life. One day she becomes the survivor of a multiple homicide. When she wakes up in the hospital bed she meets a person who offers her to go to Yale and the reason why she is offered to go to Yale is because she has an ability to see ghosts which are also known as “Grays”. She joins this group called Lethe which is a group that monitors the activities of secret societies within Yale. One of the secret societies is called “Book and Snake” and I know that these societies are based on actual organizations that existed in Yale, but I could not take some of these names seriously “Book and Snake” really? You know what?
If booktube and book twitter were a secret society they would be part of Book and Snake because we like reading and subtweeting. Those are our only hobbies. Alex can see “Grays” and she gets to go to Yale but meanwhile, I see gays and I go to UC Davis. I like how it routinely gets mentioned that Alex is smelly and never takes a shower, because that way I feel represented by her. This book covers dual timelines where you get to read present-day where she has already been integrated into Yale and then you get to read about the past time where you see more of her background story. Part of me wonders if this book would have been more easily digestible if it had been a linear narrative instead. Normally, I like reading different timelines that jump back and forth, but I felt like here the world building is so complex. There’s an interesting contrast between who Alex is as a person versus the environment that she’s in with this prestigious school and how she doesn’t fit in.
I personally would have been really intrigued by reading about how she got in her accident, how she got recruited to Yale and then her getting acclimated to this university, because there’s lots of characters and world building and multiple societies that there’s just a lot to go through and learn so if it were like a linear narrative and you were introduced to everything at the same time that Alex was, I think It would have been easier to go through the book. But then again that might be my excuse because I’m a dumb reader. There’s this other character who’s kind of a mentor to her at Yale named Darlington And I personally really like the way that those two contrasted with each other. Alex was like this Hot Topic bitch.
And Darlington is like Bergdorf Goodman. You see this transition between her going from a broke-ass high school mall to now being part of the luxury department stores on Fifth Avenue In present-day, Alex is on her own because Darlington is missing. It is hinted that the reason why he’s missing is her fault. She gets in the middle of solving a murder mystery for this random girl that dies and she suspects there’s more going on than her murder. She thinks that the secret societies are tied to this. Basically some shit goes down. Literally shit goes down someone’s throat. I’m not making this up, somebody ate some poopoo. And that’s one of the trigger warnings for you. I do want to note though that before he disappeared there was a flashback that happened. Darlington and Alex went to this party and the Darlington ended up being drugged and it made him have this erection and he freaks out because he’s super embarrassed by it and I’m like, “Dude, we just solved the mystery right here. Clearly, Darlington disappeared because he was so embarrassed by the erection that he had to run away.” And now Alex has to follow wherever it last pointed like a compass. Manuscript party? More like erection party! Ultimately the themes of the story focuses on the abuse that people in power have and how a lot of time it’s girls that face the brunt of that. Which is why there are trigger warnings for sexual assault because a lot of dark shit happens. I did see people complain about that but I think that was kind of the point of the book because the main character Alex has gone through so much. She’s pretty much been screwed over by the world. She sees other girls who are also getting screwed over and they don’t get the justice that they deserve. It’s kind of like her journey from being someone who wants to be a passive character and just wants to go through an easy life at Yale becoming more of an active character who takes a stand for the girls who end up being missing or being murdered or being raped and does something about it and takes justice in her own hands. This is basically a story about a character who has nothing, who has been screwed over so many times, now having the opportunity to burn a bitch down. To have the opportunity to burn down a place that represents the privilege and prestige that many people have in our society and use to abuse others. That being said, I don’t think that it’s a perfect book. The murder mystery aspect of it is a bit weak. I personally kind of found the twist to be predictable and towards the end. There’s like this super villain monologue where the villain just outlines everything they did to pull off this murder. Which is very Scooby-Doo. My main gripe about this book was the character motivations could have used a lot more work She’s kind of just wandering around through Yale. She doesn’t really have a purpose or a motivation and she is so persistent about wanting to find the truth behind the girl’s murder. The only reason she is so persistent about it is just because she has a hunch that there’s more to it. It just doesn’t really make sense with how her character is because she’s supposed to be the type of girl who is just trying to survive Yale and just looking out for herself. Obviously, there’s probably some psychological reasoning that the girl reminds her of a friend from her background story. But I do think that I could have been explored a bit better because that part was only explained later on. I totally understand why people would love this book, but I also understand why people would not be into it. So I’m just like right in the middle, honestly. I’m just here to have a good time. The last book that I read is “Full Time You” which is a self-discovery work book by Meg Lewis that covers how to build your own personal brand strategy, life fulfillment, and career mission. I made my workplace ordered this book which is kind of ironic because that was right before I decided to quit my job. (cough) So, um, thank you guys. This is a workbook that was created by a designer and career coach. I’ve been following her for a while. I think that she is super cool. She’s super talented. She really emphasizes building a career path that you love and makes you happy. The way that she hopes guide you to do that is by breaking it down through a few exercises and really just discover more about yourself so you can figure out the career that is just right for you. She goes through a few exercises that make you think about what are your different strengths as a person? What are the activities that make you feel fulfilled? What are qualities about yourself that are unlike other people? When you’re able to pinpoint the qualities that make you unique you can translate them into a career that only you can have and all this kind of builds up to helping you define your life’s purpose. What I thought it was unique about Meg Lewis’s philosophy is that she talked about the concept of work-life balance. The work-life balance is something that a lot of people use to cope with their life when their job isn’t very meaningful. A lot of times when you get a job you’re able to utilize some of your skills but not all of them. And if you aren’t able to use all of them or it doesn’t cover all of your passions then you don’t feel fulfilled by it. And as a result, you kind of need to depend on a work-life balance in order to have some kind of outlet for yourself. But she argues that if you’re able to find work that is meaningful to your values and your life and just encompasses everything that you are and everything that you want to do then there’s no need for a work-life balance because you’ve been able to create work for something that you want to surround your whole life by and I thought that was a super interesting way to look at it. I think the main takeaway that I got from this was this idea of defining your life’s purpose and using that as a Northern Star for you, that will influence all of your career and life decisions because once you’re able to figure out what makes you happy and what makes you fulfilled and then create some kind of purpose out of that, that can be something that you always refer to every time you’re stuck in a tough place and you don’t know what to do I ended up reading this book a few days before I had to make a big decision whether I should leave my job and accept another job in San Francisco. There was a lot of anxiety that I had leading up to making this decision because it was the first time that I have ever really left a stable and safe and good job. The work was good, the clients were good, I was super comfortable at my office.
The idea of having to start all over in San Francisco where I’m not guaranteed a high level of success was really scary to me But when I was doing the workbook and I was trying to figure out what my purpose was I was so busy worrying about which job will give me more awards or which job will have the best types of clients that I wasn’t questioning well, is this something that I want to do in the long run? Is this like a step in the right direction for what I want to do ultimately with my life. I liked this notion of reframing success as something that is uniquely different to you because everyone’s version of success is gonna be different.
It’s not necessarily based on status or money It’s based on what will make you feel happiest and most fulfilled which is different for everybody. I gave this four stars. The reason why I ended up not rating this five stars is because I do think that it still could have had a bit more substance. This workbook comes with a video series that is supposed to be like a bit more supplementary. I found the video series to be a bit lacking, it was kind of like extraneous material that you didn’t need at all and there were also some testimonials from her other designer friends that have talked about finding careers that have made them completely fulfilled. Well, it was nice to read those testimonials. I think what would have added more meat is if we had actual examples to pull off from. I personally feel most inspired when I can see solidified examples of other people who are fulfilling their dreams. That’s why I loved “Becoming” by Michelle Obama. I already know that Meg Lewis is a super talented designer I personally would love to read about how she applied the advice that she gives to where she is today. Alongside how all her other friends were able to find their dream jobs, how were they able to apply that advice to their own lives? Overall, I still think her philosophy is super empowering and I think that it helped me make the right decision in the end That is the conclusion of my quarter life crisis. Don’t forget to unsubscribe from my channel and goodbye. [Outro song:
Honesty Remix by Pink Sweat$ ft. Jessie Reyez]
♪ eyes only see sus activity ♪ usually on my guard, but you’re tryna be a friend to me ♪ You said I was similar and wanna show me sympathy ♪ stories over hennessey but all of it’s in enemeies ♪ I’m fucking with your energy

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  1. “The murder mystery aspect was weak”
    *Explains in perfect, seamless detail how to pull off and get away with murder*

  2. You should read And I Darken by Kiersten White. It's a retelling of Vlad the Impaler but Vlad is a woman, and the characters a amazing. It is much better than the Guinevere deception.
    P.s. great video as always♥️

  3. hearing you talk about the pterodactyl boyfriend book made me feel a certain way. disbelief? confusion? amazement because of the many ways a human being can express the inner working of their mind to conjure up the complex story of hot pterodactyl boyfriend? humans are amazing

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  7. Even if you were reading books you'd hate to make rant reviews for views, I don't see why that's such a bad thing or why anyone would need to subtweet you about it. Like I subscribe to a podcast that's entirely just roasting bad books, what's wrong with that if it's fun? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  8. okay but what i want to know is what does a pterodactyl boyfriend look like? is he an actual, full-blown pterodactyl like in jurassic park or is he like a man but with pterodactyl wings?? also, does this mean i have to make my book really shitty in order to get it published? need to know

  9. I'm a month away from graduating from college and I've been losing my fucking mind so I'm glad this quarter life crisis thing isn't just happening to me.
    Also. wow. I felt myself losing brain cells as you talked about Hot Pterodactyl Boyfriend and yet I enjoyed every second. What does that even say about me lmaooo

  10. Extra thanks for illustrations, as a Russian i don't have any associations with many American things 😀

  11. My sister and I were rewatching Glee. . . and during the Britney episode, when they sang Toxic. . . and the whole school went crazy, all I could think about was about that scene you told us about in Hot Pterodactyl Boyfriend. . . and I was like "OMG, Cindy ruined Glee for me!" even though I never liked that scene anyway. But now that Glee dance scene and that band scene with the little Pterodactyl arms is forever intertwined in my mind.

  12. I had been wondering this entire time if you had quit your job cause I didn't know if that was really the case or if it was a contract job between your ad company and Twitter. That's so brave of you. I really don't know if I will ever be able to sacrifice such security if the decision ever comes by me. Wish you the best at twitter but not like you really need it considering your talents lol.

    But anyway very helpful wrap-up as always! I just signed up for a library card form my local library so I'll be using that for Becoming.

  13. Honestly, if booktubers ONLY reviewed 'books that everyone agrees is good', i would call into question their critical thinking skills. Consumption of content should be varied because it teaches us how to separate the great from the…well, nonsensical garbage lol. It's us as consumers who have to figure out what underlying themes we take away/what we think authors are implying to us in their writings. In conclusion – i live for your rants/reviews, and your approach to these garbage books, so you keep your chin up and you do you Cindy!! 👏👏

    Edit: I'm super stoked that you have an idea of what you don't wanna do careerwise with regards to your old job and defs look forward to where your journey leads!

  14. Your new job is somehow connected with the murders (be careful with detective Monk in San Francisco) , because it’s a pity if your knowledge how to hide a corpse will be wasted? By the way, I advise you to switch to a more high-calorie diet because you have all the bones are visible 😉

  15. Ok, 20 min in: Hot Pterodactyl Boyfriend is not a real book… it can't be. It's #fakenews right? Plz? To Kill a Kingdom is giving me Matthais and Nina vibes… but are the characters likeable enough??? Also… if you're 25 I feel hella old (30…)

  16. Omg that was my goodreads comment AHAHA I FEEL SO ATTACKED but i still stand by it tho… i only really started to get interested around the third act when it really started to pick up, the rest of it honestly just felt like fairy porn lmao FIGHT ME

  17. Hold on girl. I haven't even finished the video yet, but you quit your job at the Tweeter factory? First off, I commend you on having the courage to say fuck it. I always tell people, you can make money doing anything in life, even more so if it's something you're passionate about. There are literally millionaires out there who made their money off rocks and dirt (landscapers). Now back to the video….

  18. When u r from Australia and you get the video like 12 hours after she's posted and you resign yourself to the fact that u will never be early😅 but it doesn't matter either way cause I still get to watch skeleton Cindyyyyyyyy

  19. i think i've said this once before but, read the cruel prince! i think you'll either love it so much, or hate it – and i want to hear you rant about it lmao

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  21. Hey Cindy! I have two questions. 1. How do you reply to 437 comments? And 2. Can you upload every day, because I'd watch your videos every day?
    Anyway, love you babe.

  22. Your videos are ones that I always look forward to watching! Thank you for the top notch quality content Cindy, 11/10 would recommend 💛

  23. Funny that you read Becoming, thought about quitting your good-paying job, and then quit your job. That’s what I did too. Good luck! Hope it’s more fulfilling for you.

  24. lmao when I get my quarter life crisis I'll pick up hot pterodactyl boyfriend and see if i end up wishing for a purple nose

  25. I played your dick soap video for my brother in our YALLFEST hotel room. He doesn't do the Booktube thing, but he immediately went into his account and subscribed. You are a treasure lol

  26. Her mom freaks out because she brought a dinosuar home, who is her boyfriend and for whom she just spend a lot of their parent's money on to get him out of jail. Well, what more do you wish from your daughter's boyfriend.
    I'm loosing brain cells here and wonder why I'm sober

  27. cindy has a code to give us $2 off our uber rides… she acts like i get out of the house other than for classes and work

  28. It's nice to know that in the fight for civil rights, that pterodactyl elicit more sympathy than us POC. Disappointing, but not all that surprising.
    Also, good on you for quitting a job you weren't enjoying! Having watched your previous videos, I would never have expected you to make that choice. Congratulations!

  29. -My life has forever been enriched by hearing you describe your dream man as, "a fucking Pterodactyl"
    -"Kill your cousin or you're a little bitch." Hmm.. that's a tough choice.

    -"Alex is a Hot Topic Bitch" Why does that make so much sense? Lol.
    -Ninth House's Villain was just a bad Bond villain TBH

  30. How the get away with murder, the tv show with several seasons: exists
    Cindy: i'm gonna end this whole show in 20 seconds and save everyone the time

  31. If you do ever need advice on freelancing/starting your own business if you decide you'd be interested, I'd be happy to help! I freelance full-time and love it.

  32. I just finished Ninth House last night and got so excited at the end knowing there will be a sequel. I agree with you about the character motivation point you made, though; that should have been explored more.

  33. Just a li'l side note: I will most certainly never be on a boat with you, Cindy. No doubt you'd want to off me if we ever met IRL, so I ain't takin' no chances. Nnnone.

  34. So I was like, I'll still buy Full Time You even though Cindy said it was just ok. Homie, you played the absolute mess out of your former employer! I saw the price and was like, nope. 🤣Best of luck to you in your new career.

  35. Thinking about reading Hot Pterodactyl Boyfriend for the lols. Also thinking I need to stop finding ways to procrastinate and do my fucking homework.

  36. Huh- That sarcastic conversation about poison was something I thought was attributable to Winston Churchill, but I looked it up and it turns out the joke has been around even longer than that. So I guess it's fair use, but it's definitely not something the author came up with. I wonder if it was used on purpose for the amusement of people who would recognize the jab…Also, who know that historically it has never meant anyone was gonna get married 😅

  37. That Guinevere book looks amazing!! Have you read perks of being a wallflower Ohhh it’s so good!! 💜💜 the Parallels are real … “didn’t know six of crows had a prequel” CINDY!! Always appreciate a good dinosaur joke!! 💜💜 the moms nose turns purple ahhhh … awe you teared up in the becoming. “What would Michelle Obama do?” The question I ask myself everyday!! Ohhhh yo kill a kingdom I’ve heard great things about that one!! 💜💜 a court of wings and ruin is 700 pages … dangggg shes thicc!! A battle of the creep lol!! Darlington is THE BEST!! Ughhh!! 💜💜 I love that you throw in self help and non fiction reads with the classic YA!!

  38. thx for the vid cindy! ☺️ i feel like i need check out becoming. as someone else who’s also struggling w a non-fulfilling job

  39. No Cindy, it's not just you. In fact, literally 4-5 days ago I was telling this exact thing to my grandmother and she was kinda shook at how I knew 'how to get away with murder'. That conversation was followed by a lot of explanation about watching true crime videos so that she isn't weirded out by me.

  40. I literally ordered a used copy of Hot Pterodactyl Boyfriend" just yesterday…I saw another AuthorTube review on it and knew that I HAD to have a copy.

  41. I totally agree with you on ACoMaF being the worst one! The dinner scenes were so long and the action scenes were so few and far between. Beyond that, I could not have cared less about Feyre or her little pack of friends.

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