Books on Islam // Part 1 // TBR BookShelfie

Books on Islam // Part 1 // TBR BookShelfie

Hi, everyone it’s Farah, and today I’m going to be sharing another TBR deconstructed video or as i would like to rename it a TBR BookShelfie. TBR BookShelfie is a series that I’ve created, which Was previously called TBR Deconstructed and it is a look at my Bookshelf, my TBR bookshelf, but in little bite-sized categories so you can see all of the books that I still have to read. Which are plenty. Too much, even. So in this video today I’m going to be showing you “part one” of all of the books that I have that on the topic of Islam or being muslim as it is Ramadan. Ramadan Kareem to all of you by the way. It’s just started. I’m very excited. I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited about ramadan ever in my life. I was counting down the days until it started. I was really really excited. I really needed this, guys. The Holy Month of Ramadan is typically known as the month of fasting for muslims so, we fast from sunrise Until sundown. But it’s so much more than that. It’s about spiritual cleansing, being close to Allah, Giving charity, all of these amazing things, right. So I was really excite. I really needed this guys. I really needed this month. But today I thought I would show you
Some of the books that have to do with Islam or being muslim that I will most likely dip into or pick up during this Month so in a way this is my Ramadan TBR video as well, maybe My sole focus of course is going to be reading the Qur’an. I’m going To try to read the Qur’an as many times as I can During this month, typically, I get around to reading it twice but I’m going To try to read it as many times as I can. So in addition to reading the Qur’an I thought maybe What if I’m feeling like i want to pick up another book you know When I’m feeling very energetic in the evening. So here are some books that I own that have to do with Islam that I’m most likely going to be picking up during this month. The first one is called Just Your Average Muslim By Zia chaudhary. This book, I picked up recently so I haven’t hauled this yet but this book, is just about What it’s like being a muslim just a Typical average muslim, not the very angry type, not the ones that you see on TV. Just an everyday guy, like a doctor or Someone who works in finance for example. So this says here, “Muslims seem to be an angry bunch, don’t they? There is a perception that all they ever do is gripe, moan, demonstrate, protest, and ultimately lash out violently.” This is a look and insight into The life of just your average muslim “An antidote to common but exhausted stereotypes. It Challenges non-muslims to re-examine their perceived ideas of what they think they know about muslims and muslims to examine how They portray themselves to the world.” So it encourages us to focus on Similarities rather than differences and I read the first page of this and it was very interesting so I might pick this one Up soon just because it’s a very short read and yeah! The next book is A Brief History of The Great Moguls, India’s most flamboyant rulers, by Bamber Gascoigne I think that’s how You say his last name. I actually bought This book from India when I was there two years ago, I want to say or maybe last year. I’ve got like No perception of time ever since 2018 started. I went to India, I bought this because I remember being there and being so interested and Inspired by all of the Islamic influences that I saw in New Delhi While I was there. Ihe architecture, the history, the Symbolism, I just, I was really interested in learning more so I picked this one up because it talks about the great moguls who were Predominantly muslim. I don’t really know much about them if anything at all and this book will shed some light into it and it’s got some images and illustrations In here that seemed to really add into the experience of it all. Next book is I am Malala By Malala Yousufzai. This is the story, the true story, of the girl, who stood up to the taliban Who shot her in the face because she wanted education for a Woman. If that isn’t inspiring, I don’t know What is. So this is a very inspiring read. It was turned into a movie or a documentary, I Am Malala, and it’s written by Malala herself and I would like to pick this one up to learn more because I just know the blurb, really, just the one-liner about Malala Yousafzai And I’d like to learn more about her life, her childhood, how she was raised by her father, Being Muslim in Afghanistan. I might end up Book-clubbing it with my mom because she also has it and it’d be nice to read together. The next book is a Book that I’ve already started to listen to on audiobook and it is No God But God by Reza Aslan. Reza Aslan is a an academic scholar and a writer and he writes about religious topics Frequently. He wrote a book about Jesus, I believe, called Zealot. Not sure. This is about the origins, evolution, And future of islam. Like I said, I’ve already started listening to this on audiobook during my car rides and stuff and This talks mostly about Islam but also the ever-changing Political situations and how it effects Islam. It also Highlights the shift in perception after 9/11 occurred and I think the before and after, Woman in Islam, that sort of thing. I’m not really sure but I’m still in the first few pages into it, and I will report back, so yeah.Finally, the last book I’m going to show You today is Letters to a Young Muslim by Omar Saif Ghobash. Omar Said Ghobash is the UAE ambassador to Russia and He is a father, and he wrote this book as a series of letters to his older son telling him About what it’s like to be a muslim in this day and age from a father’s point of view but Also, from a diplomat’s point point of view. I’ve Also read the first page of this one and I feel like I’m most likely going to
Pick the pick this one up this month Because I’ve just been putting it off for the longest time and I’ve really been wanting to read it so Yeah, this seems like a really interesting read, and I’m really excited to pick this one up as Well. Let me know if you’ve read it. I know quite a few people have read it as it’s been making its rounds and Yeah! And it’s a beautiful cover. Look at how Beautiful this cover is. Here are five books that I own on Islam and being a muslim that I have on my TBR shelf And one’s I may be dipping in and out of during the month of Ramadan. I will let you know of course, I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Please let me know if you’ve read any of the books or any books on Islam and Muslims or has a Character that’s a muslim for example let me know down Below I’d be really really interested. Thank you so much for watching, I hope you enjoyed this video and don’t forget to subscribe and leave a thumbs up and i’ll see you with my next one! Bye!

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  1. such a cool idea for a video! pls do more!
    also if you could do a video recommendation with the books that you've already read prior to this video, it would be really nice. Maybe even books on "Islam 101" to western people like me who would like to understand more about the people, the religion and the culture behind Islam and hopefully deconstruct our prejudices/pre-concepts.

    aaand I was thinking, maybe next year you could do a read-a-long or even a slow readathon on Ramadan! I don't know, man, just some ideas… ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. I loved this TBR, and ahhh, I've always wanted to read I am Malala. I hope you get to read it with your mum. That sounds so fun. Ramadan Kareem, Farah!

  3. Ramadan Mubarak! I would strongly recommend the sealed nectar for the biography of the prophet (peace be upon him), lost Islamic history by firas alkhateeb and the autobiography of Malcolm X

    looking forward to hear what you think of I am Malala ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Thank you so much for this list – I'm always on the lookout for some great Islamic books. Maybe you can do a video on ones you have read and recommend/do not recommend? Ramadan Kareem!! <3

  5. Happy Ramadan! ๐Ÿ™‚ Those books sound very interesting and it might be great to read them since I would definitely like to learn more about Islamic culture.

  6. Just Your Average Muslim sounds interesting. I like reading books about different religions because I think itโ€™s important to learn about other worldviews. Iโ€™ve only read one book about Islam so far so I appreciate the recommendations!

  7. I can't believe there are so many muslimah on YouTube especially reading by reading the comments.
    I'll check the books since you place so much effort. also I read a lot.
    It makes me remember a statement ( boys study girls while girls study their books)
    Lol… ๐Ÿ˜

  8. Hi. I just discovered your channel and am so happy because you are the first Muslim/hijabi booktuber I have ever seen. I am a Muslim too but I was raised in a non Muslim country so I don't know the history of Islam. Could you please recommend me books about the history and origin of Islam? I didn't receive Islamic education in school and I would very like to know about my religion. Thank you!

  9. I was raised in an Islamic household as a Muslim and I've always wanted to really connect with that part of my identity, but it's been a struggle between what I have been taught, what I had always wanted to learn, and everything in between. Thanks so much for this! I feel that reading books about Islam and the real people Muslims (not the nonsense on TV) will help me with this journey! I've added these books to my library list. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. God accepts obedience and Ramadan cream
    ุงู„ู„ู‡ ูŠู‚ุจู„ ุงู„ุทุงุนุฉ ูˆุฑู…ุถุงู† ูƒุฑูŠู…

  11. finally someone who recommended awesome books thanks dear … may Allah blessed you with success and happiness ๐Ÿ๐ŸŒธ

  12. I become very happy when I see young muslims reading beside the study literatures at uni. We are the nation of 'Iqra'/Read. May Allah give you success in your reading sister! Make also sure to add some more islamic knowledge based books from time to time, such as books on Tawhid, Seerah, Tafsir, Fiqh etc. This is something that is in my own reading programme. My book collection is based on the following categories: Islamic knowledge (as mentioned above), islamic history (including Seerah of the prophet, Khulafa ar-Rashideen etc), biographies (all kinds), personality development (based on islamic teachings) and motivational books (how to be succesful in wordly matters), and different sciences such as psychology (my current book is from an islamic perspective), politics and philosophy (from islamic perspective though).

  13. one thing that bothers me is when everyone talks about diversity in book tube it's only about asians and black people, we never talk about arabs
    or muslims

  14. I am not muslim but one of my favorite authors is Orhan Pamuk! I am not sure if it counts but he writes about islam a lot.

  15. You can find anything and everything related to Fasting and Ramadan in detail here. Subscribe, Listen & Share with others.



    Muhammad: His Life Based on the Earliest Sources:


  17. I'm so happy to find find muslim booktuber ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ instant subscribe! I already love you ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  18. Are you a Khawarij?
    None of these books other than Quran are the primary source of Islam yet you made a video which says "Books in Islam." That really doesn't make any sense.

  19. Reza Aslan's book is bad. It's made to appeal to westerners who don't know Islam and just see it as something unique they might read about. I am a revert, and I became a Muslim for many reasons but a big one was that I saw Islam always told the truth and had complete transparency, which Christianity doesn't have and also never had. What did NOT make me convert was some Pahlavist lying about how Islam is "just a religion with no political aspects" and how we should totally become a bunch of consumerist hedonists just like this West because it's so "progressive" and goes on to say we would have embraced the enlightenment lifestyle if it werent for "western imperialism". I vehemently disagree with all that he says. Deen does not mean religion, it means a way of life. Islam does not have a lot of rules, nor does it have any unjust rules, but it certainly has rules, and as Muslims we need to live by these things and not dismiss them as being "behind the times." This is what happened to the West and is the reason why many of its problems exist today, and we should not let this happen to the ummah. Aslan gets caught up in sounding poetic so much so that he forgets to actually tell the truth half the time

    TL;DR I do not recommend "No God but God" by Reza Aslan

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