Booktubers Who Don’t (Always) Read My Genre | SHOUTOUTS PT. II [CC]

Booktubers Who Don’t (Always) Read My Genre | SHOUTOUTS PT. II [CC]

Hiya folks, it’s Jocelyn. Welcome back to yogi with a book Today I have a video that I’ve been thinking about for a very long time, ever since I did my first one in April, and that is another shoutout video So I think I mentioned in that one as well But shoutout videos are not something that I can do all the time because they do get me a little bit anxious. I hate leaving people out. But what was so nice about that one is that it was so specific So for my very first shoutout video, which I will link above you haven’t seen it yet, I talked about some of my SFF or science fiction and fantasy booktubers and especially people with smaller channels This second shoutout video I wanted to do in a similar vein So once again smaller-ish channels, I think everyone is under 2,500 subscribers SFF is sort of my comfort space, though I do occasionally branch out into different genres What I wanted to do here is talk about people who I associate most with reading in those other genres So I think my working title for this is booktubers who don’t read my genre, which isn’t to say that these people do not read SFF, plenty of them do, but I don’t necessarily go to any of these channels for sci-fi or fantasy recommendations These are people that especially I go to for romance, classics, and nonfiction and I wanted to do this video now because it’s about to be nonfiction November So if you’re looking for more people to follow, especially for this time, and maybe you want more recommendations on like nonfiction to pick up, here’s a list of people that I genuinely enjoy watching and I think have some excellent things to say on genres that are not SFF And the first person I’m going to talk about is Paola Mancera. I love Paola I think I found her last year after she had started the Latinx Book Bingo with a couple other people, Sofia and Allie Paola is so much fun She is a Mexican booktuber who does a lot of vlogs, especially for readathons and when I think of Paola I generally firstly think of romance. I’m pretty sure she’s a big fan of the Zoe Castille books But just listening to Paola talk about books in general is just so wonderful Not only do I go to Paola for romance recommendations, or just to hear her talk about romance books, but she’s also a really great resource for other Latinx books because while her and I are both Latinx people and both read widely in like, Latinx authors We don’t usually pick up the same things or feel the same way about them There have been a couple times that Paola has put out like rants on books that she didn’t like, and even when I don’t agree with her, She’s just so entertaining to watch and I love her so much. She does not get enough love I feel like in general So go check out Paola, could not recommend her more highly Next is Kazen over at Always Doing and Kazen, once again, reads a lot of romance Which I do associate her with, but I also think of her especially for medical nonfiction So I think Kazen is an interpreter in the medical field She definitely works in medicine somehow but she’s not a doctor. She’s an American living in Japan So she also reads both English and Japanese books, but she also happens to find some very odd medical nonfiction books They’re not generally things that I want to pick up or am ever going to pick up But I love hearing her insight about them. She doesn’t just read medical nonfiction, in fact when she puts out her anticipated releases for every month, there’s plenty of romance, sci-fi and fantasy, and nonfiction that is not medical, and oftentimes especially with those anticipated release videos, I’m finding books that are just not on my radar because of Kazen She’s incredibly friendly and warm and welcoming And again if you wanted some reading vlogs, she has done some very in-depth reviews in her reading vlogs Especially for this year’s first annual booktube awards Which she was a judge for, so she has full vlogs on all of her thoughts on all these literary fiction titles Again not at all my genre, but hearing Kazen talk about these things – A+ Next is my good friend Priscilla over at Bookie Charm and Will I be able to talk coherently about her? I don’t know because I love her so much Priscilla is so effortlessly fun and gracious and eloquent and just Everything I aspire to be if I’m being honest. Priscilla is very intentional with her videos She reads a lot – and I’m talking about majority – from writers of color And this is between all of the genres you can imagine. She doesn’t read as much sci-fi and fantasy as I do Though she does pick it up every now and then, but I often associate her with literary fiction, with nonfiction, poetry, children’s books. If you’re looking for picture book recommendations She’s been doing a lot of really amazing series recently where she talks about different picture books and she’ll do flip throughs too and her aesthetic in those videos is just A+, wonderful I love them so much and I love how much effort she puts into finding books from people who don’t always get the same sort of page time as like white male authors Priscilla is constantly introducing me to new things and especially when we’re talking picture books There have been a couple times that I’ve ordered stuff in from the store based on her recommendation alone Poetry is the same If I haven’t heard of a poetry collection, but I’ve seen that Priscilla has read it and enjoyed it, I’m absolutely adding that one to the TBR I feel like Priscilla is constantly elevating the conversations that are happening on booktube But in a very quiet way. She’s undoubtedly under-recommended I feel like on booktube and under-talked about for just the amount of just spirit and love that she has – and I have so much for her Priscilla is genuinely one of my favorite people on booktube Please check her out if you’re looking for honestly any recommendations It doesn’t even matter what genre; she’s read all of them and her taste in books is just exceptional Next I have Ashley from Downright Bookish Ashley is not as consistent of an uploader as some of these other people I’m mentioning But her videos are always very calming for me. I love her presence behind the camera It really does feel like you’re in the room with a friend and just low-key chatting about books. Her dog also often shows up in videos, which I love and is just the cutest thing ever But the thing that I associate most with Ashley is specifically historical nonfiction So I know a while ago one of the things she was really going hard for was Egyptian history, and this isn’t just like mythology, but looking into the different pharaohs and sort of all of the different big events that were happening in Egypt But besides history itself She does read fantasy every now and then too and she has some excellent review videos Then I had Marissa over at Blatantly Bookish Who is the only person that I put on this list that I fully associate with the classics The first thing I think of when I think of Marissa is Jane Austen Partially this is because she is one of the people who runs Jane Austen July every year, which is exactly what you think of, which is just reading Jane Austen for the month of July but also because I feel like Marissa is such a resource for not only Jane Austen, but just like old classics in general Some of the deep dive videos that she’s done have just been so informative and educational I don’t even know how she does it There was one on spinsterhood in Jane Austen and how that’s a theme and how different characters are treated But I feel like Marissa would also just be like the professor I would want if I were taking some like classic English literature because not only does she know the source material, but she also knows the history in it Which gives such great context Especially for someone like me who does not read classics and often as I want to Marissa is very soft-spoken But she’s also so confident and you can feel her knowledge as soon as she starts talking Next I have Justin or Ghost Reader, who is a really fun and fantastic person He’s also the first dude I’ve put on this video. So congratulations, Justin Justin again I definitely go to for reviews, especially because more often than not he’s reviewing books that I just don’t really know about or I’ve heard of but I’m not sure if they’re going to be for me I think Justin and I have very different tastes in books, which isn’t to say that I’ll dislike a book and he’ll like it But rather that he will be looking at a book and think it’s interesting for one reason and I’ll see that book and think it’s not interesting for the same reason Like our taste just does not overlap very often But I think he does a very good job with his reviews, especially And for him I specifically think of US history for nonfiction He did a while ago, I think last year He did an entire series of videos on World War… Two, maybe? Where he was talking about different books that were set around that time or books that covered that time period. And again, very much gave context to it in the same sort of way that Marissa does with classics he was doing with… I think it was WWII. I’m sorry I totally forget, but it was a war Regardless if you want more history recs, both like on the world stage but also on the US, absolutely check out Justin’s channel And finally I have Deboki over at okidokiboki I only met her this year at BookNet Fest. We were on a panel together and she is delightful So Deboki and I definitely don’t read too many of the same things There is a little bit of books that we do have in common, but most often I associate her with romance, Which she picks up a lot, and also science nonfiction I don’t remember exactly what field she works in because for me all science talk is very, very similar (It is not my field) But she is in the sciences and so she also reads a lot of science nonfiction She recently posted her nonfiction TBR and recommendations list And that video is just completely wonderful, I could not recommend it enough Just the breadth of nonfiction that she wants to be reading in November is truly astounding to me One thing I really, really love about Deboki’s channel is that range She can talk about science and something that’s completely over my head in one breath, and then change it around and somehow relate it to pop culture or to romance, and just her mind works on a completely different level Like everyone else on this list too, Deboki does some fantastic reviews And actually her review for The Priory of the Orange Tree got at so many different points that I couldn’t put into words when I read that book But just she hit the nail on the head so easily I love listening to Deboki talk and I love listening to the associations she has with things because she’s both very well informed and entertaining So there you are. I think that is it for today I hope I did all of these people justice I truly truly love each and every one of their channels As I tried to mention as I went through, I do go to them for different things But one of the things that I love so much about each and every one of these channels that I’ve mentioned here Is that while we do agree on some things, All have convinced me to pick up something that I might not otherwise because the amount of passion and knowledge that they all bring to their respective genres and comfort zones I just feel like is really catching So if you are like me and mostly a fantasy reader, but you want people who don’t always or don’t mostly read fantasy, this is my top list of smaller channels that I think you should check out But otherwise that’s going to be it for me today So thank you all so much for watching and I’ll be back with another video shortly. Bye

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  1. MY HEART IS SWELLING!!! YOURE TOO KIND ❤️ (but also ooohhh what rants have you disagreed with I am CURIOUS!!!)

  2. This was the first thing I saw when I woke up this morning and !!💕!!💕!!💕!! This may be the best description of my reading taste that I've heard – I can't even get my head around it and you've wrapped it up amazingly. And I'm in such amazing company – Priscilla (yes to ALL of this), Justin, and new-to-me folks to check out. Thank you so much for the incredibly kind words 💞

  3. YAYYYY I love shoutout videos!! 💜💜 yayyyy Percilla love her!! I love when dogs show up in videos!! Ayyyy Justin!! 💜💜

  4. aaaaaahhhh thank you so much! I'm so glad we were on the same panel at Booknet Fest, and not just for the in-the-moment catharsis 🙂 Also, you are very good at describing everyone's channels, and I'm very jealous of that skill.

  5. 🥰🥰🥰 It’s taken me a few days to comment because I don’t know how to handle such thoughtful compliments. I even, stupidly, clicked out because I was blushing so hard. THANK YOU 💕💕

    Now that I’m watching it all the way through, I love all these recommendations and will be checking out the others you mentioned here that I was unaware of too!

  6. Omg thanks for shouting me out! When you said I didn't post regularly, I almost died laughing. 😂It's kind of a joke between my friends and family that I'm the worst YouTuber because I NEVER post lol. But really thank you! I love your videos too btw! ❤️

    Also really great recommendations I'm subbing all these booktubers!

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