Borrowing using the FastLane Self-Service System in Trinity College Library Dublin

Here at Trinity College Library, the FastLane
Self-Service System makes borrowing, renewing and returning books quick and easy.
Now we’ll look at borrowing books. When you are at the FastLane machine choose
the Checkout option on the touchscreen and put your TCD ID card on the platform with
the barcode under the red line. Once scanned, FastLane will make this sound
[…] if it worked properly and another ‘success’ sound […] when your account is retrieved.
You can now take your card back. Now, open the book you want to borrow.
Inside the cover or on the first few pages will be a barcode at the bottom.
Move the book, barcode first along the platform, until the barcode is under the red line.
Hold it there, and most of the time FastLane will make a ‘thunk’ […].
If all went well, then you will hear its ‘success’ sound […].
The title of the book you’ve borrowed will appear on the right of the screen.
Keep going with the same borrowing procedure for your other books and touch Finished on
the screen when you’re done. If you wait too long, a message will appear:
Touch CONTINUE if you have more items, or touch DONE to end session.
If you don’t respond to this message, the session will be ended automatically.
The machine will print out a receipt showing you the titles you’ve borrowed and a summary
of your Library Account. Pop that in one of the books in case of any
queries and as a reminder of the due date. And that’s it!
Just like at the Library Counter, you can only take out books if you are entitled to
do so, and you may be prevented from borrowing if you owe fines or if you have other overdue
books. If you have any problems, go to the Library
Counter where the Library staff will be happy to help.

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