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(playful music) – Hi guys! Welcome back to – [All] that YouTube family! – And today, we’re going to head into town and try to build some forts. So we’re going to do a
girl’s fort, no boys allowed, and a boy’s fort, no girls allowed. And then we’re going to
see who has the best fort. So let’s see if we can go into
town and try to find a place. I’m hoping to go in and find a place to build a fort in a tent. – [Dad] Yeah, let’s go try to
find a sporting goods store. – Let’s see if we can
find a place to build a fort and then we’ll have a competition. And see who has the better fort. – [Dad] If we can’t find
the sporting goods store I know of this bookstore
that might work as well. – Let’s go! – Okay, so we are at a cool store that has a lot of clearance items. And the girls have stacked out a fort. – A treehouse, basically. – Yeah, so this is where
we’re going to build ours. The boys are planning a different spot, let’s see where they end up with. – But, here we go. – What is that? Ooh, a snake. – We can have this protect us. – I like it, add it, decor. – Let me give you a tour. A tour. Okay, so you just have
to climb up the stairs. It’s a little scary
because it starts to creek when you go on them. I don’t know if it’s
going to break down on me. We’re here, let me show you around. Once you get in- Oh, it’s a mini plunger, nice. Oh my God, it’s a plunger. So, once you come in,
you have a lovely window, mom in the corners. – This is my little lounge. – There’s a tiny little bed. Then there’s this pink bed
right here with another window and that’s about it, so
I’ll call the pink bed. – I’ll pick up a chair. – You’re going to carry a chair in here? – Audrey’s bringing in a chair but I think we should curtains
or something for the door. – Oh, she got a broom. – Oh nice. I want to fall through
the back of the window. – How many kids have been in here? – Lots, the pink couch
is just kind of gray now, I’m just saying. Nice. Make sure the house is clean. – Okay, guys, let’s go try to find some curtains or something. – Yeah.
– I’m gonna break this chair. – And maybe some other decorations, like maybe we should pop
something up over here. – I think I found something. A toy. – What about me? What will I find? Candles. Okay, I say we have to get entertainment. – Oh, look. (laughter) – Okay, let’s go shop,
I’m shopping for a door. – Okay, let’s go. – You guys want to see
what’s above the house? – Take us on an adventure. – Here we go. – This is what’s above the house. We get a good view of
everything around us. – I am exhausted and I have
to go outside the house again! – Alright, the girls
found their tree house, we found a castle and this is
where the boys are gonna be. Look Jake, Ty, go in right there. There’s the entranceway. Let’s go see. Let’s go see what’s in here first. Oh my goodness. This is kind of cool, it’s
already kind of made up. We got our kitchen over here. Look at that. I think it needs to be washed a little bit it’s a little dirty. It’s a lot dirty, look at
all that stuff in the sink. I don’t think we’re
gonna cook on the stove. – We need to watch out for snakes. – Oh yeah, watch out for snakes. We’re going upstairs, let’s go upstairs and see what’s up there. How’s this place? Jake’s stuck in there. I’m gonna claim this chair, right here. Big man in the little chair. Jake, come on up. Look at that, there’s cash on the ground. The bed fits Jake. Ty’s got his recliner. It’s puppet time theater,
let’s see what you got. Alright, so what’s your puppet show? This is a puppet show of Tyler. – I’m going to get to the car. – That’s not a very nice tractor. You like that chair better
than the one upstairs? – No. – I’ve got the big sword. – What’s on the menu today? – The menu today is corn. – You’ve got some corn. Okay, are you going to
wash it off in the sink? Your sink is a little dirty, there. Lets go walk around and
bring stuff in here. Make this a little cozier. This is a crazy little fort. I expect there have been a lot of kids that have played in here. So we’re gonna go and see if we can find something to make this our home. – I’m gonna fall. It’s creaking underneath me. We’re gonna find all our items through our transportation carts. – Yeah, let’s go, mom’s gonna push you. Goodness. Don’t know how to turn. – Turn the other way. – We’ve got two cars, it’s a lovely time. – It’s a Minecraft zombie. – Go, Audrey, go! – Okay, we’re gonna go shopping. – We have a curling iron, just in case we need to do our hair in the morning. – We can only go down the main path because this is hard to steer. – Audrey, are you have a fun time? – I feel for us, out of our house. – Hey, I found the boys. – You should see our castle. – You found a castle? – It’s really scary in there. – You guys found a castle? That’s cool. – Our door. – Our door, a surfboard! Yeah, let’s go, okay. We’ve got our door. – Let’s go. (laughter) You can stick them in your cart, mom. Audrey, oh man. (laughter) We ditch the cart, we
don’t need that anymore. You almost knocked over this entire thing, I just saw it like almost
fall all the way down. – Shopping with Audrey. – Okay, so now it’s our
job to find something. Look at these guys, look at those. What are they? Are they pillows? Do you put pillows in them? What do you guys think,
shall we take that back? – No. – No, okay, let’s go this way, over here. Oh look, we can go fishing. There’s like something all over this, you want to take this and
go fishing in our castle? – I don’t think we can go fishing but… – I don’t think we’d catch anything. – That’s crazy, look at all
the weird stuff in the store. – You can nearly find anything. – Too bad we don’t have electricity, we could do bobber lights. Let’s see. – For a second there I
thought this was a missile. – Ty, look at me. You like that? You guys want to go ride some motorcycles? – No, their vision has all
this blurry stuff in it. – It’s probably not very clean. Okay, let’s see if we find
anything else up here. Okay, we’ve got to look
for a pillow and blanket. That’s our quest, ready? Let’s go and try to find
a pillow and blanket. Pillow and blanket. – I found the pillow. – Oh here we go, pillows. Let’s grab a pillow. This is like dress up area. Shall we put Ty in this? – Yeah.
– No. – Put him in the dress? – All I need is a blanket, not a pillow. Okay, well let’s go find one. What do you guys think,
should I get one of these? – Yeah, yeah. – Nice blonde hair. We found some blankets,
they’re all wrapped up. I don’t know if I want to
take them out of the wrapping. – I found a doorway, super sweet. – And we’ve got a lil pet owl. I think he’s missing an eye. – I’ve got decorations,
I’m gonna go hang them up. – It’s a grilled cheese sandwich pillow, we’re putting this in our fort, okay? Look how cute. – I covered the skylight. – No, that was my skylight, that was mine. – I put the decoration on the skylight it’s awesome now, we
have like more privacy. – Guys, this is the most amazing thing, it’s a grilled cheese sandwich- are you kidding, are you locking me out? It’s a grilled cheese sandwich pillow. We have to add this it’s
just too cute for me. – I love it, it’s going on my bed. – A sword to ward off our predators with. – Audrey’s finding useless items. Let’s be practical. – Protection. – Practical. – Transportation. – Practical, guys. – It’s for all the rings I want to put on. – Or someone that will hold your hand. Roasted, roasted. I’s finally somebody
that will hold your hand. – Roasted. – Burn. – A doormat, I’m putting it in. – Let’s do it. A beanbag. – Tablet beanbag. – Oh no, okay. We kinda need to block this. – Easy. – Done. – It’s looking really good in there. – I say we venture down by the boys fort and see if we can find anything good. – Let’s see if we can take
stuff from their fort. Food. – Let’s go. – We’re leaving you. Our fort’s that way, ours
is so cool, our tree house. I don’t know, I think it’s top secret. How do you get inside? What? Dude, you guys, they got
couches in there, on top. – The entrance behind
this, they’re blocked off. – Go. The real entryway is right back there, but we’re gonna sneak in. – I found some binoculars so we can spy on them from our tree fort. – Can’t let people know we’re here. – You guys, we’ve got an advantage, they can’t block their window. – What have they got? Oh, they’re coming, guys hide! Hide. Hide. Are they coming back? – Do you think they’ll catch us? – Okay, we almost got
caught in this castle fort but we’re hiding. – They can see through the hole. (laughter) – Fort wars. Take it, let’s go. – This is not a sturdy sword. – Out a different door, go go. – Give us our stuff back. – What, we don’t have anything! – This is supposed to be the main entrance but they blocked it. – Let’s go you guys. – You’re coming in this way,
I’ve gotta go out this way. – Giddy-up. – We’ve got horses. Didn’t really help. – We’re sneaking out the window. I can’t get out. – I know, you got stuck in there. You gotta go through the other entrance. (horse sound effect) – How come yours makes
noise and mine doesn’t? – You’ve gotta press the ear. Making our escape, let’s go! Don’t forget your horse. You have to grab it to go extra speedy. We gotta go extra speedy. Come on, let’s go guys, let’s go. Go guys, go. – Well that’s even better, space pack! – Wait, what did we take from their fort? – Binoculars. – Binoculars and that’s it? – Jet pack. – Oh, we got a jet pack. Oh yeah, ditch the horses,
we want a jet pack. No, mine. Ready, come on. – They just blasted off without me. I’ve gotta catch up. They’re too fast. – Jet packs are really powerful, wow. – That was so hard to catch up. You guys were so fast. – Are you okay? – Here’s our binoculars,
here’s our binoculars. – No thanks.
– Nobody wants binoculars. – How do you trust somebody
who put their face in that? – Oh, I did! – So I’ve brought back this pillow. – Okay, so you’re gonna sleep snugly. What did you bring back, Ty? – A pillow and a toy. – A pillow and a toy? Okay and then I ended
up grabbing that cover. The animal cover, I’m gonna
put it here on my chair. It acts as a pillow as well as a blanket. Okay, and then I got a yo-yo. I’m gonna see if I can do yo-yo tricks. I’ve got my yo-yo all wrapped
up, let’s see if it works. Kind of, needs a little bit
of tuning up but there we go. It’s working. – We’re gonna go raid
the girls, come on Jake. – You guys ready to go? – Here comes the knights,
the knights are coming. – Wait, she’s got a phone call. – Call, whale. – Whale. – We’ve got sheep so we could
come and sleep at night. Keep calm and carry on. – Guys, close the door, let’s spy. – I don’t even get a couch or a chair. – Close the door Audrey! – An old rickety chair
without my starlight. – Close the door. Now nobody knows we’re here. – Sure, nobody knows we’re here. – They can’t see us shh. – The broom will hide us. – Let’s spy on people. – I bet I can get more stuff from outside. – What do you mean? – Maybe some decorations. – She reaching out for mystery items. – What? What is that? – Guys, we can’t get
caught, they’re right there. – Get your binoculars. – Audrey, we don’t need that right now, we need the binoculars. There’s a little boy.
– Did someone say security? – I just saw a little boy run by and I’m worried that he’s
gonna come in our fort. It’s alright, he can join,
he can sit right here. – It’s girls only, no boys allowed. – We’ll just have to go to the castle. – Shh he’s right there. – We’re spying on him. – Come join our fort! – Go on top, Audrey. Do the spy-cam up top. Go, Audrey, go. – Take it up. – Let’s see if we can find one. – I think the girl saw
me, but I’m not sure. – Are they surrounding us? – Yeah. – We’ve got to be quiet, guys. – We’ve gotta ditch this! – Put this back! – Out the window, go out the window. – Goes up top. – Added some nice flower-arrangements. Does anyone want a drink of water? – The mystery, what has she got? – There’s a hole in the
bottom but that’s okay. I think this for like a light bulb. – I only have candles
on my side, it’s fun. – Well, I got a pizza, a grilled cheese. – That’s a grilled cheese, I found this. – I’ve got an announcement to make. – They saw me. – Earthquake. – It’s a worker. There he goes. – The boys are coming! The boys are coming! – The boys are coming! The boys are coming! The boys are coming! – Take this grilled cheese. – I’ll fight you with my sword. See, I told you this is useful. – You can’t come in our hideout. Oh no, they’re taking us over. – Okay, so the boys invaded our fort. – What? – They took it over so
now we have no fort. – Yeah. – So I think we’re gonna go home and we’ll open up some mail. – [All] Mail time. – This first letter comes
from Clara in Louisiana and she says, “Jake is clever, creative. “Ty’s a hoot and ambitious. “Jordan, she loves your slime videos. “Audrey, your bath bomb
videos were so funny.” Hi Logan. And then she tells us
who her real favorite is. And we have to keep this
one quiet, it’s dad. – What? – Dad’s the favorite. – I totally agree, I approve this message. Thank you. – Alright, thank you so
much for your letter, Clara. – This is from Annakey in Alabama. Annakay says that Audrey is cute, she says I am brave, Ty, you are kind, and Jordan, you are funny. – Awesome, and Annakay is eight years old. – Awesome. – Thank you so much for
your letter, Annakay. – Thank you. – This is from Cindy in Idaho and she really, really loves our channel. And she’s nine years old
and she draw this picture. – Nice.
– That’s cute. – There’s something else
that’s in the envelope. – Let’s see what it is! – Oh, there’s two things. Jordan. Audrey. – Oh, it’s a little squishy, that’s cute. – Look at this, it’s so cute. – Thank you, Cindy. – This letter is from Terryn in Kansas and she says that she loves our videos and her favorite one is when we went to the Doctor’s
office and got a lot of stuff and she drew this picture of us. Thank you so much, Terryn. – This package is from Abbey in Missouri. They were wondering if we can
make more sardines videos. I say, definitely. And let’s see what they
said in the package. Bubble wrap. Oh my gosh. There’s Rainbow Loom
bracelets in here and slime! And then there’s a bunch
of bracelets for all of us. Thank you so much. – This last letter comes
from Kerrin and Regan who live in Missouri and their sisters and are subscribed to all of our channels. They gave us this wild
magnet that says ‘cool’ on it and then they gave this charm to Jordan. And they also asked us some questions. Jake, what’s your favorite candy? – My favorite candy is the
Hershey’s chocolate bar. – Ty, how old are you? – Eight. – When did we get Logan? – We got Logan four years ago. – And my favorite animal is a lion. And lastly, they drew some pictures of us. They are super good artists,
thank you guys so much. So that’s it for today’s video,
we hope you guys enjoyed it and if you did, give it a big thumbs up. Remember to like, subscribe and share. – [All] Bye.

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