Brighton Bookshop Crawl πŸ“š | #BookBreak

Brighton Bookshop Crawl πŸ“š | #BookBreak

Well if you can’t tell from the seagulls,
Book Break is in Brighton today. It’s a little bit wet and rainier than I had
in mind for my trip to the seaside, but I guess that’s pretty typical of any time an
English person tries to go to the beach. So we are here today, I’m going to be joined
by a very special guest YouTuber, who is giving me a tour of all of the best indie bookshops
in Brighton. And I absolutely love this city so I’m so
excited to get the bookish inside tour. So this is Harriet! Hey This is Harriet Rosie, who is a Brighton based
booktuber herself, and has very kindly agreed to show me around, so I’m so excited. It is so nice here, I am so jealous that you
get to live here. I know. We are starting here at The Book Nook, which
looks adorable, so can you tell me about this place? Yeah, so it’s an independent children’s bookseller
in Hove. It’s won children’s bookseller of the year three times, and it’s a really nice
place because they do a lot of events, like parents bringing their kids in here. They do readings and events and, and yeah,
it’s just like a nice little place to be. It feels like a lot more than just a bookshop. Yeah, lovely, it looks so cute and I love
the name Book Nook as well, so perfect for it. Let’s go have a look inside! We’ve just left Book Nook. That was so cute in there I loved it! What a lovely shop, so colourful, I just could
have spent hours in there in the cafe. So where are we off to next? Now we’re going to City Books, it’s only like
a five minute walk this way. Fantastic. And that’s it, it’s an adult bookstore. There are literally stacks of books here,
I could be here all day. I can see why this bookshop is so famous,
it is amazing, I literally want to move in and live here. Yeah, you can spend hours here. Yeah, it’s just like piles of books. And they’re doing this really amazing thing,
they just gave me this poster, for independent bookshop week, where they’re going to have
their recommended summer reads up, and if you buy one of those books, they give you
a really cute little postcard, and then if you send them a review of the book they’ll
put it up on the shelf. So we are going to go over lunch and write
our own postcards for books that we’ve chosen. So I’ve picked to review A Thousand Ships,
because I absolutely loved this one. This one has already been mentioned on Book
Break, and I will link to that video, but it is a Greek myth retelling that retells
the story of the Trojan War from the perspectives of all of the women, and it’s so much fun,
so that’s going to be my review. And I’m going to be recommended It’s Not About
the Burqa by Mariam Khan, which is a nonfiction essay collection, Mariam Khan is the editor. And they’re all about what it’s like to be
a Muslim woman, living in England today. And it’s amazing. It really is, it’s so good. So we’re going to go have lunch now and write
our postcards. So that was an amazing bookshop. Yeah. And it’s won loads of awards, including I
think last year it won Best Book in Sussex, and you can see why. Oh yeah, absolutely. All that browsing made me hungry, so where
are we going to go for lunch? We’re going to go to The Trading Post, further
into Brighton. So, we’re at The Trading Post cafe, and we’re
going to write our postcards with our recommendations to send to City Books. OK, it has finally started raining, so we’re
now sheltering inside, so what is this bookshop? So we’re in Books for Amnesty, which, like
it says on the tin, the money goes to Amnesty, they sell new books and second hand books,
and the money goes to charity. Amazing, so we’re actually like doing a good
deed by being here. Yeah, sure. It’s really nice in here, they’ve got such
a good selection! We’ve already both found something that we
wanted to buy. And it’s just got such a nice welcoming vibe
I really like, the signs everywhere saying I Welcome Refugees, it’s just really really
nice shop. Yeah. Great choice! OK, onto the next. OK, so where are we now? We’re at Dave’s Comics, which is an independent
comic store. They do all kinds of comics, weekly issues,
and they also do like kids books, and they do, they do such a nice range, they do like
nonfiction graphic novels, they do everything here. I’m a complete graphic novel beginner, so
I feel like you’re going to have to show me around on this one. Oh yeah, I used to come here all the time,
I really miss it. I love these comics so much. Graphic novel shops are very colourful, I
love that! Really fun bright places to be. Yeah! And I didn’t realise there are so many graphic
novels about like interesting social justice topics and stuff, that’s really cool. Loads of nonfiction and memoir type graphic
novels, loads of stuff. Yeah, that’s awesome. Really cool shop. So we’re at the Open Market, which is a big
open but covered area which is good when it’s raining like today. So we’re going to go and find UBU Books and
The Smallest Bookshop in Brighton. Yep. Let’s go. That was UBU Books and The Smallest Bookshop
in Brighton kind of combined, they share a space. Yeah. Honestly, for such a tiny space, they have
so many books. It’s quite amazing. They go really high up the wall. Yeah, you literally had to like squeeze your
way between the shelves. OK, final stop, where are we now? So we’re at the Kemptown Bookshop. They have
their own press, called the Bookroom Art Press. OK, amazing. And they have, they specialise in doing fine
art from Brighton artists, and they sell them up and print books, and share Brighton art. Thank you for showing me all of those bookshops. You’re welcome. I have loved all of them, it’s been really
nice, Brighton is so lovely! I feel like I have, like each of the bookshops
were a favourite for different reasons. Yeah, they’re all so different. Book Nook was like the most fun and lively.
Yeah. And then City Books was the most like I could
just be lost in there for literal hours. Yeah and they have stacks of books that you
can just search through. So much stuff.
Yeah. Books for Amnesty felt the most like warm,
it made me feel really happy, it was this really nice welcoming environment. And the people behind the counter wanted to
talk to you about the books. Yeah, so that was really nice. Dave’s Comics was just like a really new experience
for me which was really cool, and like the most – The most different things. Yeah. Really nice unique stuff in there. Smallest Bookshop in Brighton, the most like,
most amount of books I’ve ever seen in such a small space. That was cool. Yeah. And then this one, Kemptown Bookshop, is definitely
the prettiest. Yeah, and it has such a calm atmosphere. Oh yeah, you could like sit here and read
I think for a long time. Yeah. Feel very relaxed, very relaxed. So yeah, they’ve all been absolutely lovely,
such a nice selection of bookshops. So thanks for coming along on this bookish
tour of Brighton. Do give this video a thumbs up and leave a
comment below if you have a favourite Brighton bookshop of your own. And of course, do hit that subscribe button
for new videos every Thursday. Coming up next week, we have got your summer
packing sorted, with a list of all of the best books to bring in your holiday suitcase
this year. And while you’re waiting for that you can
always go and follow us over on Instagram @bookbreakuk. See you next time!

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  1. I'm already planning a future trip to Brighton, this time to explore all of the bookshops! 😍 Haven't been to Brighton in 4 years!! 😨

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