BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — Heavy Thunderstorm (ASMR Umbrella City Rain Sound) WALKING TOUR【4K】☔️🇦🇷

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — Heavy Thunderstorm (ASMR Umbrella City Rain Sound) WALKING TOUR【4K】☔️🇦🇷

Welcome to Buenos Aires, Argentina 🇦🇷 So, is it better to walk or run in the rain? I prefer to walk ☂️ this walking tour was not planned fortunately, the storm finds me ready,
with the camera and an umbrella Today we’re walking from Larreta
Museum to Barrancas de Belgrano this electric storm gets
bigger in a few minutes This avenue it’s called Juramento somehow, rain makes the
big cities feel more natural Right now the temperature
it’s about 89.6°F or 32°C this neighborhood it’s called Belgrano There are more walking tours of Buenos Aires
and many cities around world on the channel This street it’s called O’Higgins It’s getting darker and it
will rain really hard soon ⚡️ So what’s your Buenos Aires story? I read all the comments so don’t
be shy and say something! Buenos Aires is Argentina’s big,
cosmopolitan capital city This is an interesting city
that worth to visit someday Buenos Aires combines faded European
grandeur with Latin passion Population it’s about
2.900.000 people The City of Buenos Aires has 48
districts or barrios (neighborhoods) Buenos Aires means fair winds,
or literally good airs, in Spanish Be sure to subscribe to Wanna Walk
New videos each week around the world 😉 Facebook, Instagram and Patreon:
WannaWalk.YouTube The official city name is Ciudad Autónoma de
Buenos Aires but locals calls its ‘capital federal’ Buenos Aires It is one of the
largest cities in Latin America This city it’s the point of departure for
traveling to the rest of the country People from Buenos Aires are called
‘porteños’ meaning “people from the port” The city is geographically contained inside the province of Buenos Aires but is autonomous politically The city it’s 19 km (12 mi) from north to south
and 18 km (11 mi) from east to west This street it’s called La Pampa Together with its metropolitan area called
Great Buenos Aires has about 15 million people This is Avenida Cabildo Buenos Aires receives 3.1 million
tourists from all over the world a year Argentina it’s a huge country with a great variety
in cultures, all with their own character Buenos Aires has one of Latin America’s
biggest LGBT communities 🏳️‍🌈 What makes Argentina special? It’s a nation of spectacular
natural wonders The glaciers and mountains of Patagonia are
splendorous and the waterfalls in Iguazu The Tango, the dance that is sweeping
the world, was born here in Buenos Aires Have some good Buenos Aires travel tips? Do you know that you can know
how far away was that lightning? After you see a flash of lightning, count the
number of seconds until you hear the thunder The last one was almost
10 seconds after the lighting For every 5 seconds the
storm is one mile away That means this lighting was
about 2 miles from this place ⚡️ Nice place to leave the car 🥴 Some influential people of Argentina:
(in no particular order) Eva Peron, Maradona, Leo Messi
Viggo Mortensen, Pope Francis Queen Maxima of the Netherlands, Jorge Luis Borges, Che Guevara, Carlos Gardel, among many others Do you know any other? I counted 6 seconds now. That means
the storm it’s getting closer Now it’s really raining Some people walk in the rain,
others just get wet When it’s the best moment
to visit Buenos Aires? The weather in Buenos Aires is ideal in
fall (Mar-May) and spring (Sept-Nov) This is an old Catholic school called:
Our Lady of Mercy Be sure to subscribe to Wanna Walk
and share this video on social networks! When it rains in Buenos Aires, it pours It also tends to rain all day,
forget about a passing shower One of my favorite things to do
when it rains like this is walk random ☂️ What’s yours? Anyway, most people I know would
prefer to stay at home watching Netflix To walk in the rain it’s fantastic just be sure to wear
shoes that won’t get damaged if they get wet In Buenos Aires, loose
sidewalk tiles are an epidemic Buenos Aires has more bookstores
per capita than any other city in the world There are bookstores everywhere you turn Some bookstores are open 24 hours a day! A must see bookstore it’s called ‘Ateneo’
(there is a video on the channel about that place) You’ve likely heard of this one, regularly ranked as
one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world The human body is largely made of water, and yet, many
feel uncomfortable walking in the rain and getting wet I think there is something special
about walking alone in the rain Walking mindfully in the rain is a great
opportunity to get closer to our true nature This is an important intersection:
Av. Cabildo & Av. Federico Lacroze This street it’s called:
Av. Federico Lacroze Can you smell rain coming? Some people can smell the ‘petrichor’ which it’s the
earthy scent produced when rain falls on dry soil Should I cross? I don’t want to ruin my new sneakers 😅 I’m tempted to take a break
and have a coffee but let’s continue! What are the things to do when it is raining?
Let me know in the comments please A few ideas: You can sit by the window and enjoy down pouring
of your yard, garden, office with a good coffee ☕️ You can grab a good book to
read with a pot of steaming tea If you are a wanderer, you can go on a
long drive, play good music in your car Netflix binge-watching or marathon
viewing it’s always a good idea Rainy days are an awesome opportunity to go
explore since everyone is going home to watch tv How much rain is considered a flood? Two or three inches of rain per hour
creates some minor street flooding These lights looks beautiful My snickers are already
wet so let’s cross Puddle jumping 🏆 This street it’s called:
11 de Septiembre de 1888 Buenos Aires has an average of about
1150 mm or 45 in of rainfall per year And about 95 mm or
3.8 in of rain per month As you can see, this is an
elegant and residential zone Sign says:
Philippines Embany’s Property Based on Google Maps, we are now
walking in Palermo neighborhood there are many embassies in this
area and the architecture it’s stunning This street it’s called Olleros For these who want to know, this video has
been recorded using a GoPro Black 4K 60 FPS All my equipment it’s waterproof
down to 10m or 33ft 🐠 Im also using a special microphone
RØDE to record the sound of the rain Be sure to subscribe to Wanna Walk
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patreon.com/WannaWalk So far, whats your favourite
part of the video and why? We are now crossing:
Av. Luis María Campos Bad day for your car to break
in the middle of the street 🚙 This street it’s called:
Soldado de la Independencia We are now crossing:
Av. Federico Lacroze The Buenos Aires Metro was the
first in South America, opened in 1913 Buenos Aires is one of the largest metropolises in
South America and tourist destination of great interest This watch repair store looks really
strange, it looks like frozen in time We are now crossing:
Teodoro García St This is how you usually
cross a street in Argentina Buenos Aires is the city with more
soccer stadiums in the world ⚽️ What Makes Buenos Aires
the Paris of South America? This city has a strong European feel thanks to the
many European immigrants, most from Spain and Italy Most landmarks were built when Argentina
was one of the wealthiest countries in the world They used Europe and specially
Paris for inspiration Buenos Aires has a little bit of any European city,
not only Paris. Its architecture is eclectic We are now crossing Zabala St Academicism architecture, that can be found mainly
in Recoleta, Retiro and Barrio Norte neighbourhoods That area resembles Paris incredibly
because it was designed from scratch In Argentina everybody seems to kiss
everybody in the cheek as a greeting This could be strange at first (specially being a men
and being kissed by another barely known men 👀 I only saw this particular habit in South Italy,
culture that has a lot in common with Argentina We are now crossing Virrey Loreto So it’s Buenos Aires safe? Yes, for South American standards, it’s a safe city With common sense Buenos Aires is not a dangerous
city, most common crime is probably pickpocketing I has been recording and taking photos and never had
a problem but you are warned to be alert to street crime This guy didn’t see the red light? 🚦 We are now crossing Virrey del Pino St There is a pretty cool video on the channel
showing this area and the new train station As you can see, it is
an area of high traffic We are now crossing La Pampa St Ahead we have the Buenos Aires Chinatown
and there is a video showing it on the channel This beautiful park it’s called Barrancas de Belgrano
and it has a slope that makes this park unique It was told that the park wa
totally renewed months ago There’s tango night once or twice a week
and many people gather here under a pergola There are neighbors meetings too, where
they discuss the situation in the area I would totally recommend you to
visit this park in a sunny day ☀️ That’s the new train station Juramento and there
is a video on the channel showing the inauguration if you enjoyed this video please share
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Patreon.com/WannaWalk Charles Chaplin once said: I always like walking
in the rain, so no one can see me crying 🥺 Thank you
for watching Thank you for watching!
See you soon 😉

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