Buenos Aires VIP | Argentina #15

Buenos Aires VIP | Argentina #15

Hello Travelers, look, I’m up here! Welcome to Alan x el Mundo VIP Buenos Aires Travelers, I believe that in this VIP episode I’m going to stop being the ‘president’ of the Traveling Republic, to become the ‘prince’ of the Traveling Reign, because this place is a palace! Actually even it’s name states it, it is the Alvear Palace. The hotel is unbelievable, and it is probably the hotel with more history and tradition in all of Buenos Aires. The Alvear, is a synonym of luxury in Buenos Aires, a hotel full of history. It has over 200 rooms, and it is frequently used by celebrities visiting the city. It is the most awarded hotel in Latin America, and in 2003 it was declared a historical monument of Buenos Aires. An area of the hotel was recently renovated, giving it a modern look with exclusive spaces, as well as one of the few roof tops of the city, which is spectacular to have a drink as night falls. Please, check out my room! Welcome to the Traveling Republic’s prince suite. Just look at this! I have a spectacular living room here, right there is my desk, to wrk and edit my videos, and over here, we have my own dining room, here we have a closet, and over here, one of the two bathrooms. Follow me over here, I’m going to show you my amazing bedroom! Rooms starting at $408 usd A huge closet, and just look at this bathroom, Travelers, I have a problem, because, due to my rib injury, I can’t do the mattress test, and this will be the first VIP episode where I can’t do it and that’s creating me a conflict, but health comes first, and Buenos Aires has a lot of VIP options waiting for us, and I want to show them to you, I’m very happy, life is good, life is good, life is good, life is good! This is happiness! Look Travelers, what they sent me, alfajores are a very traditional caramel cookie confections here in Argentina as well as in Uruguay, there are several brands that make them, yet this one, which is called “La Olla de Cobre”, is the one I wanted to take you to in Areco, but was closed, and they sent me some, just look at this beauty! This is really good! I love you alfajor, I love you! Travelers, in a recent video I told you about the important Theater Tradition here in Buenos Aires, yet since we are VIP right now, if we are talking about theaters, the one behind me is the top one. The most beautiful, the most spectacular, the most incredible, so let’s go see the ‘Teatro Colón’. Welcome to the ‘Teatro Colón’, my name is Cynthia, and I will be your guide, we will be exploring the ‘Teatro Colón’, which is an Opera house, so for the most part the shows that are presented here are Operas, Ballets, and symphonic music concerts. This building is 108 years old, they started building it in 1890, and opened on May 25th, 1908. There were several problems, thus, the construction was delayed, because the architect who had presented the blue prints, and was designated for the project died from an illness, so they chose another architect from Italian origin, just like the first one, yet the second architect also died, and at the same age as his predecesor. The second architect was murdered by his wife’s lover, who was his ex-butler, so as you can see, everything was very dramatic and connected to the Opera, right from the beginning, therefore various styles are combined, because there were several people in charge yet the idea was always to combine European styles, therefore it’s an eclectic building. We are now at the foyer, which is the main entrance, and you can see that the main, the honor staircase, is quite wide and spacious, this is because it was thought of as some kind of stage. In 1908, when this theater opened in Buenos Aires, there were not many options to go out to, therefore it was very important to be seen and noticed, that’s why the main entrance is surrounded by balconies, so that the people up there could look down and see who came, and who they came with, what were they wearing. The people with the most expensive tickets enter the theater through here. We are now in the Busts Gallery, people come here mainly during show intermissions to have a drink, or comment on the show. This space is called the Busts Gallery because of all the sculptures, the busts located above the doors, which is a tribute to some of the Opera’s greatest composers, and Buenos Aires people’s favorites. We are now in the Golden Hall, this is a space where people come to socialize during the show’s intermissions, as well as before, and after the shows. Here’s a piano here, and they can put some chairs close to it, because some auditions take place here, master classes and chamber concerts. Chamber concerts are often open to the public and free of charge, so that everyone can come and witness them. Over here we can see the style of the third architect, who studied at a French academy, and he wanted to imitate some of the halls found in Paris, or Versailles, so that the people who came to Buenos Aires back then could feel part of the luxury and architectonic splendor, of those buildings they visited during their travels. So, they also imported all of the materials from Europe. In this case, all the furniture is original. The Teatro Colón goes beyond what the building means, and the impressive architectonic work, it is also an artistic institution concerned with educating and creating the new artists, tomorrow’s artists, as well as today’s, here in Argentina. Plus, it’s one of the few theaters in the world in which everything related to the wardrobes, the scenography, and utility is all done inside. There are three levels underground, and it is much bigger down there than up here. There are wardrobe workshops, they rehearse here, they do everything here, and in fact, they sometimes rent some of those pieces of wardrobe, to other operas in the world. So from Argentina, to the world. Well, we’ll keep going with the special visit, and we’ll see a place that is closed to the public, because we’ll see the box seat of the president of the nation. This box is reserved for the president and his guests, and never for sale to the public. Let’s see it. Over here they can invite friends, so they have all this space for them, and over here is the box itself. It also has its own bathroom, closet, and an exit, but usually, they just go through the normal one, where everyone in this floor goes, the second floor, and it is the most expensive place to buy seats. Here is the box itself, very close to the stage. I strongly recommend that you visit the Teatro Colón. It is incredible, very impressive, although it wasn’t turned on, seeing how they prepared the lights and everything, it was truly amazing. Cynthia was an amazing guide, and a recommendation, this is open every day from 9 to 5, but, you can buy your tickets online beforehand, which is better, or to get here by noon because it is popular, and they sell out. Right? That’s right. We’ll wait for you here. Thank you Cynthia, incredible guide, what a pleasure. Today I felt very VIP. Wait for my next recital here in Teatro Colón. A VIP traveler is not just one that goes to the best places, but the one that gets involved, who researches, who reads, who is informed about the places he’s going to see. I think that reading along with traveling are the two activities that bring us the most knowledge. So…where do you get books? If you want a borrowed one, you’ll need to go to a library. Or, if you want to buy one, you’ll need to go to a bookstore. And, since we’re VIP, we are in one of the best ones in the world. Welcome to “El Ateneo Grand Splendid”. The store is located where the old theater, “Grand Splendid”, was opened in 1919 , where great figures went, like Carlos Gardel, It was renovated and re-opened as a bookstore in 2000, and titled as the second most beautiful one, according to a British diary. Travelers, this place is incredible. It’s a bookstore. You can buy all the books you want, there’s a cafeteria located in the old stage, entry is free, you can come, take pictures, walk around, read, sit down, and enjoy. Enjoy? Enjoy. I love this place. I truly do. Travelers, this spectacular dinner is in the hotel’s restaurant, called “La Bourgogne”. It is catalogued as one of the 10 best in the city. And so far, everything has been delicious. To start off, I asked for some salmon tartar, which was delicious. My star dish is a flamed loin which is prepared right here on the table, and they put some Cognac, so a lot of fire comes out, and it is a show. Honestly, it is a big piece of meat. It’s a French restaurant, but since we’re in Argentina, they also have their grill, and different kinds of meat so you can eat what you want, or some of the more famous French dishes. Bon appetit, travelers. This dinner has been exquisit, delicious… Obviously accompanied by wine of Mendoza. I’m such an expert now. Sorry, dad! Day 22 If there’s a VIP way to live in Buenos Aires, there is one to die, too. This is the famous cementery, “La Recoleta”. One of the most visited places in the city. Considered by many an outdoors museum. This cementery is located in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the city, and it holds the final resting place of many of the wealthiest families of Buenos Aires, who spent fortunes to make family tombs of high artistic level. It is worth it to go through it, and discover its sculptures. Many of the tombs are in a bad state, and with exposed coffins, which gives it a dismal touch. But the real attractive in this cementery is the art on the mausoleums. There are many stories related to the tombs of this place, that you can know by hiring a guide. Although there is no question that the star of the cementery is the tomb of Evita Peron, filled with commemorative plaques, and memories of those who visit her. If you want to know more about this story, visit her museum in Palermo. Where parts of her controversial wardrobe are exposed, along with personal objects, and they tell you the story of possibly the most well known character in Argentina. Buenos Aires VIP is ending, travelers, too bad, everything must come to an end. Do you realize that in every VIP episode, I start smiling but end up crying? That’s how life is! What once made us laugh will later make us cry, and what once made us cry, will later make us laugh. That’s what life is. But well, the luxury is over. Buenos Aires, what an incredible city you are, what a precious hotel, what a spectacular city. It’s over, but my trip is not. I will continue traveling through Argentina. Bye… Goodbye to my town! My travelers! Next episode: Today is Sunday, and it is the perfect day to show you two incredible places in Buenos Aires. The oldest neighborhood, and the newest one. This is the very famous plaza Dorrego. The heart of San Telmo. Travelers, we are now crossing the “Puente de la Mujer”.

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  2. Aun no me entra en la cabeza que la guia del teatro colon no te haya encendido las luces del teatro!!! ufff es impactante realmente te perdiste lo mejor del teatro… una pena.

  3. El restaurante que muestra el vídeo del Alvear Palace Hotel es La Bourgogne que ya cerró y hoy se llama Alvear Grill, ambos son lujosos y de calidad como todo el Alvear Palace Hotel.

    Pero el mejor restaurante del Alvear Palace Hotel es L'Orangerie porque es el más lujoso no solo del Alvear sino de toda la Ciudad de Buenos Aires.

    L'ORANGERIE es un restaurante catalogado como el mejor de Latinoamérica y luego de un hotel de París como el segundo del mundo en cuanto a su desayuno y buffet junto a su lujoso ambiente, vajilla, mantelería y cristalería.

  4. Qué tal pibe, todo bien? Hay algo difícil de describir en tu forma de hablar, de comportarte….tranquilidad, respeto…. Podría decir que te merecés que la vida te trate tan bien. Abrazo hermano mexicano.

  5. El teatro colon es uno de los mas bellos edificios de la ciudad de BA, antes la sociedad porteña y en general asistía a las obras de este hermoso edificio; lastimosamente hoy en día entra en este magnifico lugar cualquier grasa o cualquier verdulero 😒😒

  6. Mi bella Baires, hasta los 27 años vivi en zona sur y no fui capaz de visitar el Bellísimo Colón. Hoy desde la diaspora lo conozco vía Internet. Que jodidamente complicados somos los humanos.

  7. todo es relativo, nada es absoluto… el mismo EEUU es un primer mundo pero dentro tambien tiene un 3cer y 4to mundo… y así toda Europa,, a sus alajitas las tienen bien escondidas… bueno… en cuanto a Argentina y otros países similares, no son absolutamente 3cer o 4to mundistas,, también tienen sectores con vida de "primer mundo" y el Teatro Colón es una muestra…los grandes y famosos hoteles como el Faena, el Alvear, etc… o Puerto Madero… y muchos otros lados dentro del país….

  8. No voy a hacer un listado de las cosas que te faltaron recorrer porque como toda ciudad importante la lista puede ser UF, pero ahi al lado del cementerio tenias unas de las iglesias mas exclusivas tambien, muy bella. Y la libreria teatro….lastima que no fuiste al escenario. Uno puede ver incluso la bajada a camarines….etc. Cosas que nunca se ven en la vida si no eres artista. Pero bueno excelente video, imagenes, musicalizacion!

  9. El teatro se parece muchísimo al de mi Ciudad Morena!😍😍
    El teatro de acá es preciosisimo muy lujoso!!!😍💎Si deseas visitar Santa Ana, Ciudad Heroica con una Catedral más bellas de toda la nación! Mi pulgarcito,El Salvador💕✈👌

  10. Bien caro te habra salido el Alvear😄. Es un gran hotel en una ubicacion inigualable. En el cementerio, estan las tumbas de mas de 15 presidentes argentinos. Muy lindo video saludos de una porteña😚

  11. He tenido la oportunidad de estar en dos ocasiones en BsAs y me encanta. Ya extraño un buen asado. Para mi mala suerte en ninguna de las dos ocasiones pude conocer el Teatro Colón, por lo que habrá que planear un tercer viaje a la Argentina. Saludos desde México.

  12. con orgullo puedo decir que ambas, el Teatro Colon y la libreria Gran Splendid fueron catalogadas ( actualizado) como el Teatro y libreria respectivamente mejores del mundo.
    el Teatro colon pasando a la Opera de Paris.

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  15. La mayor poblacion esta entre bs.as hasta mar del plata..todo eso..
    (—- para alli solo habria pueblos o ciudades con menos de 100.000 poblantes..excepto bahia blanca..solo digo para los que vengan a vivir a bs.as

  16. Esperaba ver el precio real de tu habitación como cada vídeo VIP. 🙁 Me pareció muy barata la habitación con esos 408 dólares. Debió costar unos 2000 🤔

    Excelente video Alan, hace unas dos semanas que conocí tu canal y estoy viendo todos tus vídeos en orden 😂 quiero terminar rápido para ponerme al día con Myanmar 👌

  17. Buenos aires no teiene nada q envidiarle a las ciudades europeas, no por nada es la paris del rio de la olata o de las americas…argentina el mejor pais

  18. El Colon es una maravilla….estuve hace poco alli…..El show de tango cerca obelisco otra maravilla con buena comida….saludos desde Canada

  19. Muchas gracias Alan por mostrar nuestra maravillosa ciudad con tanto entusiasmo, cariño y respeto. Amo especialmente el teatro Colón, me enorgullece profundamente!
    Tus vídeos son buenísimos!

  20. menos marketing por favor….!!! hay infinidad de lugares para mostrar sin ser tan explicitos…..!! Gracias

  21. Trabajé en el Alvear Palace, los empleados del hotel vivieron en el rooftop "experiencias paranormales"
    Pocos querían ir ahí de noche y tambien hay videos de "fantasmas" incluso captados por las camaras de seguridad. Tal es el caso de un señor vestido a la época antigua de aspecto muy distinguido, que aparece y luego desaparece entrando en las paredes.
    No son malos parece, pero ahí andan.

  22. Y pensar que en una epoca fuimos la quinta potencia mundial …. y despues, bueno despues llego Peron y toda su mafia.

  23. Vivo en buenos aires y es una mierda. No se coman el cuento,hay mucha inseguridad, muchos motochorros, una villa a un par de cuadras de la casa rosada, calles saturada de tránsito, contaminación, una cagada todo

  24. Ése hotel me encantó ooooooo !!!
    Pero me encantó de verdad !!!
    A muchos no les gusta porque es antiguo. …pero a mi me da encanta todo lo antiguo.
    Hacían unas edificaciones para TODADAAAA la vida !!!
    Ése teatro! .
    Muy lindas tus explicaciones! .
    No sé si es VIP, para mis padres fue accesible…pero aunque sea VIP, yo no soy VIP, y realmente me siento feliz porque soy FELIZ! !!!

  25. 11:25
    Me encantó la espontaneidad con la que dijo :
    le colocan coñac y entonces sale fuego!
    😍 Que linda gente!

  26. Los shopping de Buenos Aires son muy lujosos! Es como estar en un palacio con hermosas marcas de ropa. Pd: al Argentino le encanta comprar 😂

  27. He nacido en esta bendita Argentina, hace 70 años y luego de conocer varios países de Europa, no dejo de reconocer lo hermosa que es mi tierra. Pero como contrapartida lo peor que hemos tenido han sido nuestros gobernantes. Inoperantes, incapaces, corruptos, ladrones, que solo les interesa el poder y muy poco el país.

  28. Hola Alan, gracias por mostrarnos el Alvear, un lugar al que siendo Argentina nunca voy a poder conocer porque soy pobre xD

  29. De chico, en los 80, mi madre me llevaba a ver obras de Opera al teatro Colón, hasta los 90, la clase media argentina estaba conformada por el 80% de la población, una pobreza del 5% y niveles de analfabetización que no superaba los 2 o 3 puntos, luego la masonería y los políticos cipayos destruyeron este hermoso país, el cuál ya volveremos a recuperar cuando liquidemos a todos éstos políticos de cuarta, sean K/M/M+, por traición a la patria…

  30. Excelente tu cobertura Alan, gracias por este footage. Explora nuestro canal para recorrer las calles de Buenos Aires y en las proximas visitas recorrer sus otros atractivos, abrazos

  31. hola Alan, hace solo 3 días que he descubierto tu canal!!!. Tu forma tan espontánea y directa para contar lo que mostras hace que sean muy agradables de ver y que uno quiera conocer los lugares que estás mostrando. Te felicito por tus videos. Te hago una consulta: ¿que equipo usas para tus filmaciones y audio?. gracias

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  33. Como hiciste para hospedarte ahí?, seguro sos algún príncipe mexicano y no sabías. Ja ja. Saludos desde Argentina!!!

  34. Amo a mi Ciudad, aunque algunos sitios que vos pudiste conocer no son lugares a los que podamos acceder la gente común de mi país (los que no somos VIP) Pero tenemos muchísimo lugares belllos para recorrer.

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