Bukan Kahwin Paksa (2020) | Episod 10

Is there a patient
named Dara Safiya here? I’m her husband.
-Yes, she’s in room 207. I have to go. Can’t you stay?
-I think I should go. I’ll come back later. Take care of her. Sayang, how are you? I asked you a question.
Are you okay? How’s the baby?
Is the baby okay? We’ve lost the baby. Why? Because I fell. I told you that someone
was stalking me. But you refused to believe me.
I ran, and I fell. Our baby is gone because you
wouldn’t believe me! Wait, why are you blaming me?
-Why was your phone turned off… …when I called you?
-There wasn’t any line. I didn’t turn it off.
I’m not lying to you. Sayang, please….
-It’s too late! This is all your fault!
Now, our baby is gone! Sayang, please. Say something.
Why did you want to see me? I can’t believe you
met my dad. I already told you
that I’d do anything for this baby. Okay, I believe you.
You win. What do you mean?
-Yes, you’ve won. We’ll get married
as soon as possible. Really?
Are you serious? I’m so happy!
Let’s do our preparations. We’ll attend a pre-marriage
course, undergo a HIV test,… …and I’ll tell my family….
-No. We’ll elope in Thailand. Why Thailand?
-Why do you think? Do you think I want
to meet your dad? My dad is gone.
-Even better! Anyone can be your ‘wali’.
Do you think I want people… …to know why
I’m marrying you? Okay, I’ll ask Maya to help.
-No. -Why? I want nothing to do with Maya. You can spend time with her,
but not when I’m around. She’s my best friend! Enough.
I don’t want to argue with you. I said, I want nothing to do with her.
Understand? I understand. So, prepare all the documents before
we go to Thailand. -Okay. One more thing.
If you want to marry me,… …you have to do everything
that I say. What if I refuse?
-Don’t marry me. And your child
won’t carry my name. I want to go on leave.
-No need! I can take care of you.
-I said, no! But what if you need anything?
-I want Vee. I’m here.
-I want you to call Vee! I don’t need anyone else.
Just Vee. Thanks for coming. Dara only wants you
to be with her. It’s alright. Are you okay
with fetching me every day? It’s okay.
It’s on the way anyway. Can I ask you something?
-What is it? About Dara.
Why is she so angry with me? She won’t let me touch her.
She won’t even look at me. She’s ignoring me,
for the most part. It’s like she’s blaming
me for all this. I didn’t do anything.
-You have to understand. She just lost a baby. Just give her time.
She’ll be okay. I’ve lost my baby too. I know you’re sad.
I’m sad too. You can’t blame me.
I didn’t push you. You said, this all happened
because I didn’t believe you. Even if I did believe you,
and assigned the police… …to guard our house,
isn’t the matter of life and death… …determined by Allah? Our baby was destined
to become a child of Heaven. Our baby is having fun,
playing in Heaven now. Our baby is waiting for us,
praying for us. You have to accept all this. You mustn’t question it. You have to accept it,
as I have. Sayang, I love you so much. I’m begging you.
Please don’t push me away like this. I can’t sleep! You look good.
-Not right now, Rayyan. I’m unwell.
-I won’t do anything. No. Didn’t you
say that you would obey me? No.
-What did you say?! I didn’t hear you.
What did you say? Rayyan, stop!
You’re hurting me! You have to do whatever
I say! Do you have to go?
-I’ve been here all week. But I still need you.
-I just came to visit you. Besides, your husband
can’t keep sending me to work. Isn’t it weird?
-I’m not strong enough. You are the strongest girl
that I’ve known. You just need time.
But you’ll be okay. I’m not sure about that.
I don’t know why… …I feel so angry. I know, but you should be
upset with your stalker,… …not your husband.
Izz did nothing wrong. Besides, he really couldn’t
do anything because…. My baby was destined to be a child
of Heaven. I know. Exactly. But I pity Izz.
He’s really sad. Why?
I didn’t treat him that badly. You completely ignored him. But my child is gone.
-Yes, I know. But you’ve forgotten something.
-What? Your child is Izz’s child too.
He feels what you’re feeling. At least you can talk to me.
Who can he turn to? What happened to your face?
-Have you forgotten? What? You beat me, Rayyan. No, I don’t remember that.
-How can you remember? You were high last night. Maybe you fell,
and you’ve forgotten. Are you crazy?
Do you think I can forget… …how it feels
to get beaten up? This isn’t the first time
I’ve been beaten. I think you need help.
You’re mentally ill. Shut up! You’re giving
me a headache. I said,
I didn’t hit you! I never hit Dara! But I’m not Dara. Hello. Are you okay?
Why are you calling so early? I’m okay. I do feel better.
-Praise be to God. As I said,
you don’t need me. Fine.
I think you were right. I’m always right.
I am Vee. But what was I
right about? I forgot that he has lost
his child too. I’m not the only one.
So, I want to make things right. What’ll you do? Throw a party?
Buy him a new car? Party? Of course not! I’ll just take it slow. I think I’ll prepare
lunch for him. That’s good. Isn’t it? It’s hot! It’s so hot! It’s hot! No! My body is burning! Blanket. Prayer mat! Qiblah. Help me, dear Allah. Help me. Hello, Sayang.
Are you okay? Did you fall? Don’t keep quiet.
Are you okay? I’m okay.
-Why are you laughing? It’s nothing.
You picked up really fast. I was afraid
you’d get hurt again. Are you busy? Not bad. Can you come home for lunch?
We’ll eat together or something. I’m sorry. I’m so busy. Sorry, okay?
I’ve so much work right now. Really?
It’s okay. We’ll just meet tonight. Are you sure?
-Yes. Don’t forget to eat, okay?
-You too. Bye, Sayang. I’ve cooked so much.
Who’ll finish all this food? Hi, baby. Would you like
to have lunch with me? Izz….
-Why are you in KL? I need to see you.
-No, I’m married now. You shouldn’t have come.
I really can’t see you. Izz, give me
just one hour. Give me a chance
to speak, please. Do you hate me that much? You’re already looking
at your watch. No, I’m actually really busy.
I just came down to get food. Izz,
why do you love your wife? Please, how many times
must we talk about this? Stop it. I just need to know.
Please answer. Okay. Well,…. Dara is unique.
-Unique? Yes. She may seem cute,
but she’s actually fierce. Only God knows
how fierce she is. But even so,
she has a very good heart. She likes to help others,
even those who have troubled her. If they ask for help,
she’ll help them. She can overlook
all of their past actions. All that she can see is
someone who needs her help. Something like that. She’s affectionate. Nevertheless,
she’s also strong and independent. But with me,
she likes to act clingy. She craves my attention.
She likes to tell me things. She wants me to protect her,
even though she’s strong. Izz, are you okay?
-Yes, I’m okay. I was just thinking.
To me, Dara is so strong… …and independent that
I forgot that I’m supposed… …to make her feel safe.
-What do you mean? Never mind.
It’s not important. Azz makes me feel safe.
-Along is a saviour. I never told this to anyone.
And I don’t think Azz… …has told anyone.
-What is it? I called off the engagement. But recently,
I’m having second thoughts. Would it be foolish of me
to wait for you? No, not foolish.
But you wouldn’t be very smart. Have you noticed something?
-What? I’ve been telling you
all these things about Dara. But you don’t feel sad at all. Our time has passed. I don’t know why it’s still
hard for me to let go of you. It’s not hard to let go. You’re just still angry,
still holding a grudge. Do you really love your wife?
-Very much. I’m sorry to say this, okay? I’ve never loved anyone
as much as I love Dara. I don’t know how to explain it,
but that’s how I feel. I really hope you’ll feel
the same way about Along. No one else will love you
as much as he does. Are you going home?
-I guess so. I have a lot of orders.
I do run a flower shop. Are you okay? Izz is drinking
with his colleague. That’s not his colleague. That’s Ariana,
his future sister-in-law. Okay, so? Ariana is his ex-girlfriend. Go confront him right now.
-No, I want to go home. You just had a miscarriage
and he’s seeing his ex? What’s going on? Let’s go!
-No, just leave him be. I want to go home. Sayang! I have to go.
-Go! It’s okay. Where are you going?
-Back to Mama’s house. Let me explain.
-I don’t want to hear it. Can’t you calm down?
It’s just a misunderstanding. Misunderstanding?
I know what I saw. Vee saw it too.
What misunderstanding? Ariana suddenly came.
I couldn’t avoid it. Seriously?
Does she want you back? Yes, I know she’s your ex.
So she does want you back. No. -You made such a fuss
about Rayyan. You’re a hypocrite. Watch your mouth!
I’m still your husband! If it’s about you,
I have to watch my mouth. When you were angry,
you punched Rayyan! Why do you keep
mentioning Rayyan?! Do you pity him
because he’s your ex-boyfriend? See? You’re turning
this around on me! You should become a lawyer
instead of an accountant! Don’t be rude
to your husband! Don’t be a hypocrite! Our marriage
is becoming very toxic. No wonder our child
was taken from us. We don’t deserve
to become parents! Abang, I didn’t…. I still have the key
to my old place. I’ll sleep over there.
You can sleep here. Just stay here! What book are you looking for?
-I’m looking for a book. There are many books here
because this is a book shop. What book?
Motivations for women? Stories about the Prophet? Or are you looking
for interpretation of the Quran? I’m looking for a book
about prayer. I want one on prayers
of repentance too. There are many prayer
related books here. Do you sell prayer veils? Yes. We have prayer veils,
prayer mats and prayer beads. We have a lot of things.
Come, let me show you. Good night, Abang.
I’m sorry. Izz left the house?
And you slapped him? Seriously? He’s your husband.
-I didn’t mean to. My reflexes kicked in
too quickly. Poor Izz. -What about me?
Don’t you pity me? I do, but you’re amazing.
You got separated already. Even celebs aren’t like that. Who said anything
about separation? Izz left the house,
didn’t he? Doesn’t that mean you two
are separated? -No! Maybe. I don’t know. Let’s say it was
a misunderstanding. He said that woman suddenly
came and he couldn’t avoid her. Allegedly.
-Well, Rayyan has done that too,… …and you couldn’t
avoid him either. I was upset too when I saw
him with another woman. After all, she’s his ex.
Of course I was angry. But all of this may be
just a misunderstanding. Are you saying that
Izz is innocent? So, who’s in the wrong?

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