Catch the student who leaves the library for the 101st! [Happy Together / 2017.08.24]

Catch the student who leaves the library for the 101st! [Happy Together / 2017.08.24]

(Current time is 11:45 p.m.) People are studying so late. Some people are coming to study now? (Students ready to study at midnight) (Amazing) That’s amazing. This is delicious. (They keep eating) (Yongman too) Why are you eating so much? This doesn’t get me full. It’s the pizza-eating Yongman for 2017. Yongman sure eats a bunch of stuff. (Let’s eat the next one) Did I mishear? Did you say, “Let’s eat the next one?” Do you think you can beat us that easily? (Surprised) (No, no) (It’s a misunderstanding) Wanna One, which category? – Hearing? / – Decode is good too. – We’ll do decode. / – Figuring things out. (Rice rolls, spicy rice cakes and blood sausages) (A much-loved combo of snacks) The holy trinity! Throw this pizza out. (The perfect combination of food) (That’s only in Korea) (Rice rolls, spicy rice cakes and blood sausages) Throw this pizza out. (They all want the street food snacks) (Please grant them to me) (Thank you, Happy Together) Happy Together is the best. (What’s Daniel doing?) (Still eating with energy) Daniel keeps slurping down that broth. It’s really good. What’s “decode”? We’ll give you only consonants on screen. (Aha) You have to guess what it says. We’re experts at this. They’re all movie titles. You have to guess the movie title. With the street food snacks on the line. This is a movie? The movie title starts with T? – Shivering? / – What was that? T, T? – Jisung! / – Jisung. “The Thieves!” (Wanna One is correct) How’d you know before you saw it all? – Hold on. / – Cancel this one. (Yongman takes action) They say it’ll be on here, but they hold these up. We’re trying to get a better look… They showed them the answer? – Shivering? / – What was that? (He sees the sketchbook and shouts the answer) You didn’t even show the other guys. You only showed Wanna One. They got it right before we even saw the question. (They were staring at the monitor) (Controversy over the Big Mouths class 2) – So… / – Cancel that. That doesn’t count. So we’ll say that one doesn’t count. – Be precise. / – I will. Your Honor, please be precise. Don’t worry. I’m an expert at this stuff. For this question… We didn’t even get to see the entire question. (He admits it) Let’s see the next one. It’s coming on the screen, right? Look at the sketchbook. 1, 2, 3. (A, V, G, S) This looks like a hard one. What is this? Minhyun. (He knows already?) Japanese emotions? What was that? These are movie titles. This was a series. A series? It was shot in Korea too. Jisung! “The Avengers”! (Wanna One is correct) (Our leader is the best) Jisung is good at this. Here’s the next one. (R, C) Seokjin. “The Mummy.” (Wrong) Wrong letters. Oh, right. (Mumbling) – “Plot.” / – No. There’s no period piece called “Plot?” Oh! Is it a period piece? – It must be a period piece. / – It looks like. Here’s a hint. 10 million… Did you say 10 million? Seokjin. “Roaring Currents.” (The Big Mouths are correct) (Oh, right) (You got one) (Too bad) Here’s your next one. Look at that. Let’s do this. Don’t forget. The food is ready. Give us the question. (F, R, Z, N) 7007? (A different way to interpret it) (This is hard) 7007? That made it more confusing. Gu… This is hard. – Is this a famous movie? / – Very famous. Very famous? I think it’s a foreign movie. Here’s a hint. The theme song… It was a huge hit. There’s that one… Theme song? Is it, “Let it Go”? Jisung! Is it, “Let it Go”? Jisung! I know, I know, I know, I know! Jisung! (Devastated) (So happy) – What is it? / – “Frozen”! (Wanna One is correct) You idiot! You idiot! – You have poop for brains! / – Traitor! (I give up) (Such a crying shame) “Frozen.” Why would you mention “Let it Go”? It’s a famous song. You almost had it. This could be the last question. Give us the question. This is a tough one. (K, A, T, C) Why is it always 4 characters? (Thinks of something) Daniel. “King and the Clown.” (Wanna One is correct) Daniel. “King and the Clown.” (The Big Mouths lose fair and square) So the street food goes to Wanna One! (Hurray) (Here comes the food) No, no, no. The soup. We need soup. Thank you for the food. (Thank you for the food) So you had set seats for eating. (Nom) They know how to eat. (Delicious) We knew but we didn’t raise our hands first. Did you know? – When he said “Let it Go.” / – Should’ve answered. They were faster after we said “Let it Go.” It went to them. The lobby looks quieter than last time. It’s the next day now. (Currently 12:04 a.m.) Now… (The 97th student leaves) – 97th. / – 4 people left. It’s starting. (The 98th student leaves to catch the last bus) – They’re coming out. / – One person came out. 3 people left. If 3 more people leave… (We’re going out now) (Daniel and Jisung) (Go with Jaeseok) Now 2 more people need to come out. (Quiet) (They quietly move to the library entrance) Oh! (Someone’s leaving) – How many is that? / – Coming out, coming out. That’s the 100th one. (Students trickle out to catch the last bus) (So nervous) (I’m nervous too) (And the 101st person) (Leaves the library) (It’s him?) (I think it’s him) (They rush him) (Hello) This way. We’re from Happy Together. Could we interview you for a moment? Sure. – You’re coming out from the library? / – Yes. – You just left? / – Yes. Come with us for a moment. (What’s going on?) (Clapping) Here they come. (They all wait with confetti) It’s a guy. Wanna One would’ve loved it if it was a girl. Here he comes. (Welcome) (They welcome him with confetti) (Excited) You have no idea what’s going on, do you? (Has no idea) This is a segment called Sleepless You. We’d get the last person to leave the library, encourage that person and give them a gift. Today, we waited for the 101st person to leave the library since we got here. And you are that person. Your name is? Hong Juyeong. Congratulations, Hong Juyeong. (We welcome today’s winner) Please introduce yourself. I’m a theology graduate student. I’m class of 2016. My name is Hong Juyeong. – Class of 2016… / – He’s a graduate student. Class of 2009 for university. Oh, class of 2009. How old are you? I’m 28. Born in 1990. – One year from me. / – A year older than Jisung. (Nice to meet you) I showed up with Daniel, Jisung and a camera but you weren’t that surprised. It was nothing to go crazy over. What did you think at first when you saw them? That it was a Yu Jaeseok look-alike. Is that what you thought? I thought the school network was shooting. Oh, the school network. You were very calm. Since he’s a theology student. Are you preparing for an exam? I have term papers to write next semester. Say a few words to the people studying out there. Life is hard these days and you might think studying won’t help you. But studying can change the world and yourself. Mostly, you can learn where your thinking is wrong and try to rethink that part about yourself. I wish people would focus more on the process of studying rather than the results. Thank you for those great words. It was like a short sermon. I felt it. (A neck pillow to assist long hours of studying) It’s comfortable. Wanna One, you five worked very hard today. Thank you. Let’s keep in touch. Just invite us and we’ll be there. You’re our brothers now. You know blood brothers? Make sure to tell the other members. Alright. We hope you keep performing well for your fans. We’ll see you all next time. Thank you! (Thank you to Hong Juyeong and Wanna One) (“Energetic” by Wanna One)

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  1. It was fun playing the Decode game, glad the subs put the initials of the English titles and not the romanization of the Korean ones

  2. aww Jihoon so kyut, though he doesn't talk much but still, he's learning 😭🤗 and the soup part killed me LOL daniel and the soup while Jisung grabbed it 😂 thy soup shall not b taken

  3. lol when Daniel was eating I felt he dropped some food on his shirt because he was looking down… and I was right😀
    In 10:58 we can see a stain on his shirt…😂😂😂 how can I ever stop fangirling on our foddie Daniel…😍😘😘😘

  4. The 101th man tho. He made me want to study for real-
    that aside, I love how Happy Together is not confined to the same sauna/ living room anymore. It's so nice to see them out and about. Definitely getting back to Happy Together.

  5. OMG i was right Avengers is the answer HOLY shiteu i didn't know that like WTF?!!😱

    Omg even in Frozen I was right OMG Like i promise could end my life but I'm not lying i was correct OMG!!!

  6. The Theology grad student really has his priorities straight — "it was nothing to get crazy over". He shared such profound words. Words from the wise. 👏👏👏

  7. I never knew how those letter game works. Literally. I get confused how the hell people know how to decode them. But then when I saw the a,b,j,s at first I was confused. Then they said it was a series I was like a,b,j,s AVENGERS!!!! OMO I'M SO PROUD OF MYSELF LOL HAHAHAHA

  8. Ahjumma Jisung knew that Daniel wants the broth so he took it and gave it to daniel! Ohh mama bird and baby bird

  9. The 101st person motivation was made me cry, thank you for gave me comfort with your words because i'm going to take a test to university, please pray for me 🙏jesus bless you

  10. "Life is hard these days and you think might studying won't help you, but Studying can change the world and yourself. Mostly you can learn where your thinking is wrong and try to rething thatt part about yourself and focus studing than the result" -Hong juyeong

  11. Looking back in August 2017 is making me sad because they are still a new group at this point but now THEY ARE DISBANDING ALREADYYY😭😭😭

  12. I think I became wanna ones fan lol minhyung, jisung, jihoon and DANIEL ESPECIALLY SOOO ADORABLE

  13. Idek the korean title of frozen but the moment I heard “foreign” and “theme song” I was like gosh it’s frozen isn’t it

  14. been 2 years and missing them so much 🙁 now rewatching their videos makes it rather strange knowing they're on their own path… but will always support them all!🙏

  15. Those growing babies were hungry. I hear this was shot at midnight.
    I miss them so much. Until, I can't understand why, they had to disband. They were doing so great. I know there was contract, but why there weren't given more years. Anyway, I just wish each of them, will grow more as an artist.

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